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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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8 minutes ago, AnnaSan said:




кр к ShowBiz_Set Weibo

если кто-то может перевести это, пожалуйста :wub:

【天天想你中場休息】 哥們到齊~誒? 還有兩個呢? @陈楚河的帮@megan賴雅妍






[Intermission] every day like you - the man in attendance? There are two it? @ Chen Chu River to help @megan Megan Lai

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39 minutes ago, AnnaSan said:

here is Bii

cr to Hua_621 weibo



cr to ShowBiz_Set weibo

if someone can translate this please :wub:


哥們到齊~誒? 還有兩個呢?


( [think of you everyday...] (a variety show?) The brotherhood/guys are all here~eh where's the other two? )

@陈楚河的帮 @megan賴雅妍





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