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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]

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20 minutes ago, hyukjaeismine said:

Do you know if she would be alright if I uploaded them to giphy (facebook's gif database)? This way you could use them even on facebook chats. 

The comment in weibo said that she wanted to share it with everyone. Did not say do not post outside of weibo. I guess as long as we give her credit for creating the gifs, it would be okay. I would certainly love to use those stickers at Facebook.

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I am worry about River surgery
and happy to hear that he was successes on surgery. 
I hope he fast recovery and get well soon. 

We are here always support him :) and I sure Megan will stay by his side.

Thank you @littlesame & @niq8803 for the updates.

@pechumori I like a flower boy >< so cute ! 



and I drawing something tonight :) 








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@ploylead Awwwwwe! :wub: Such a cute drawing, so artistic girl! Thanks for sharing la~ especially the "All I need is you Megan" Very cute!

Terribly missing RM and BFFs so much, we're so quiet lately! But, I believe in "no news is good news" After all Baron's been through, good to hear that is surgery was successful and not as serious as initially suspected yayy! *fingers crossed* Baron jai-you! :D

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Sorry for the delay, here's part 2 of 3 of RM's since March journey. 
Video credit to Siu Meng


Rough translation:


March 24th
On the early hours of that day 00:32, girl updated her weibo saying that her voice (her key) still hadn’t returned, and mentioning coffee beans Geisha.

On that same day Baron headed to Japan to film Extraordinary Partners.

March 27th
Baron went to GuangZhou for filming. Finally he changed partners and ended up with Xiao Tian, CP known as “
作之” )a play on words of the Chinese characters in their names approximately meaning “a heavenly match”)

That night Megan updated her weibo, giving herself the name LaiPi, and if you compare it to what Baron said the time he was posting while airborne.....

Megan’s weibo update: Striving, constantly trying in learning something new. With regards to skin-whitening, only Lai-Pi..is able to surpass DuPi
Baron’s post: “LaiPi also likes eye glasses”

March 28th
The press conference in regards to adding additional shows for More than Words
SET’TV’s Ching mom (our co-captain)’s behind-the-scenes gei-yu: About the so-called 0.5 cm performance from our girl…

From behind-the-scenes:
HHJ: So, is it like this? I’ll just feel your face like this.. and like this… (as he touches Megan’s face)
Megan: Let me tell you. **shakes her head* It’s very different
Caption: A certain someone (referring to Baron) wasn’t there, but it felt as though he was present
Co-captain: So this represents…. That before..someone (referring to Baron ;p)
Megan interrupts: Eh
CC: What is it?
Megan: This is because each of them have a different characteristic, and because their characteristics are different, and the different characteristics give a different feeling and then get used to it… it’s.. it’s.. it’s..
HHJ: What is it?
Megan: What?

At the same time that the press conference was happening, Baron updated his weibo.. 29 days after his previous post

March 30th
In Beijing, Baron recorded the game show “To young to simple – Friday show”. On that day, he was in a really good mood and tried his hardest while filming the games. The “sweet vinegar” CP (again playing on Chinese characters of Danson Tang’s name) was on its highest note, was quite dirty/corrupted

March 31st
Megan updated her weibo that night. Sensitive “little fool” (
笨蛋, literal meaning = dumb egg, but it’s a Chinese saying for calling someone foolish, but in a joking manner), should perform well, try to sleep earlier and eat more..

April 1st
Baron participated in an interview a program called Netease. In the interview about mutual communication on weibo:
Baron: I’m not the kind of person to go.. maybe it’s because I’m lazy, but I’m not the type of person to purposely draw attention
Reporter: What about the relationship with the other person
Baron: It’s okay, but whether or not my relationship with the other person is good or not doesn’t have to be proven by reciprocation, don’t need to. Because this kind of situation is like putting it inside a box(?)

Regarding the Megan Lai in his eyes:
Baron: Megan has 3 layers: there’s this one, then this one, then this one (he demonstrates the layers on the wall behind him). This layer, let me tell you..this layer (bottom) should be the most cute about her, but not many people will see it.
Caption: Okay.. so he only wants to tell the whole world that…
Baron: This layer (bottom) is the one that only people can imagine about her. Those who like her see her in the top layer, but once you see her in the bottom layer, it’s the same feeling as initially liking her in the top layer but it’s something else, it’s something different.
Caption: The Megan Lai that he sees is different than who we see…

After this program, he updated his Weibo. He got sick – (sensitive “little fool”) – will help lose weight (eat more)

April 2nd
That night Baron had a Weibo Fans chat while airborne. First time cueing “having a kind gaze” and “non-bothersome” partner

April 6th
Baron at the Extraordinary Partners ceremony and interview. The Du ZiFeng look came back strong.

In regards to being on the same show with Megan:
Baron: Yes, I’d be very happy to partner with her. But I’m also okay with partnering with anyone

When asked how he would treat his partner, Baron cued wifey/girlfriend:
Baron: I don’t think my girlfriend would want to partner in the same show as me…. (skip to another question)… I think we would have a romantic scene in the middle of a war you know? The bomb would fly right past us and would miss us. I’d be holding on to her saying I love you in this situation
Caption: At that time, Baron repeatedly mentioned the words “wife” “girlfriend” and (based on what he described) we can imagine two lovers in a drama acting a “romance in a war zone” scene

After the ceremony he updated his weibo, revealing a spoiler that a game (in the show) in the midst air would show that he has a fear of heights.

That night, Baron flew to Ning Bo for preparations. And at the same time Megan left to Euroupe for personal reasons.

Baron posted on his weibo again that night, mentioning that Caucasians are the most handsome in this world, therefore he felt that as long as his wifey/girlfriend thought that he was handsome that was enough.

April 8th:
Premiere night of Extaordinary partners on TV. Before the premier Baron ridiculed “kindly rolling the eyes” online (attitude towards Zhu?), but true love towards Xiao Tian. That night, while still on the flight, he again mentioned his skills of rolling the eyes, and talked about his puppy Sammy who eats strawberry cake..

Part 3 to be continued...


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3 hours ago, ploylead said:

and I drawing something tonight :) 

When I saw the drawing, I was like, "Jesus!" and laughing so hard.

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@ploylead you made me laugh early in the morning! I love your comic strip girl!  :blush: So, if he doesn't want all those yummies and only need Megan, will he be eating her up? Hahahha!!! I keep remembering the bedroom massage scene. This kind of need or that kind of need. Never mind me. ;)  It's another hot day in my side of the world. 

@amyam01220 I'm giggly again because of you. Thank you for the translation. They did get married in the last scene of Bromance so he can rightfully call her his wifey. Most men are allergic to endearments except when they are foolishly inlove. And for a man to use wifey as an endearment for his woman is "case closed". No other option is available. He'll definitely tie her to him for life. 

RM weibo talk is, for us shippers, full of hints. I can read a lot in those lines. It would be nice to delve on it with all the BFFs over a cup of coffee. 

May you all have a wonderful day! 

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Bii's new album [ I'M BII TO THE DOUBLE i ] Press Conference

Attended by YaNou, Feng Jie and Nana.  Megan gave Bii chestnuts, Linda Liu gave red wine and Katie Chen gave steak.

Today Megan and Bii ~ couple look :P


NhdrpYg.jpgcr: megan賴雅妍百度貼吧


cr: ShowBiz set WB

cr: ShowBiz fb



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cr: Star Ritz


This is by me ~ Hairstyle CP ;)

Megan: "I'll represent both of us to congratulate Bii, you just have a good rest at home"

River: "My girl is so awesome, she even did my hairstyle"


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New Long awaited-clip #Bii:grin:..Enjoy Guys! His latest Music Video......come and catch his double eye.....:heart:

Try to watched this it's chinese songs with english sub.....Have fun!:blush:

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Just a few more shares from SETN article: 


Singer Bii held a press conference for his new release album "I'm Bii to the Double i" today (May 30th). Actress from “Bromance” Megan Lai, Katie Chen and Linda Liu were all there to back him up. Megan Lai gave him a basket of chestnuts, representing “impressiveness”; she laughed and said that chestnuts can be used for yin yang divination?*, and she even demonstrated this on the spot. 

*yin yang divination is not the best way to describe this term, but the best example I can think of is in Because of you where Megan and Baron often throw those red blocks/stones onto the ground in front of Lord Guan to have their questions answered)

Besides Megan giving him a present, Katie and Linda also gave him steak and red wine. During the press conference, Bii was questioned about the “QingNa CP” between him and Katie, as there were quite a few emotional scenes, since the drama have the two of them in contact with each other? Bii replied in honesty “Katie is already filming a new drama, I can’t find her”





Credit as marked

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