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I believe XH faked the whole shenanigans of her husband hitting her. She staged it to get JY to come to her.. the stupidity of this plot. SIGH. 

I know it will be a happy ending base on the previews at the beginning of each episode... the way the producer did that gave the whole plot away. 


So much otp happiness!! I love this drama.. it is actually pretty lighthearted in my opinion.

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Is there shortage of wardrobe sponsors or something?  I noticed some of QF outfits worn twice as well as JY. 

EP 35&36 aren't great either.  She should come clean and tell him about her stuff, because he's suspicious of her [hiding in JM's closet] but doesn't dare to ask afraid of what the answer might be and might eventually lost her if he ask.  Ugh, can't wait for Thursday. 

@Nodame - Yup, HX is like super duper cute in BTS - he's always laughing!  He and the actor who play JM, seems every time they're together, he can't stop laughing. 



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There are many interesting and note-worthy quotes in this drama. First up, and one of which has an official poster of JiaFei CP:heart:... 


在爱的道路上, 最大的过错就是错过.

Translation: On the road of love, the biggest mistake is missing (the opportunity).  

(PS: Another nice and clever play of homonyms between 过错 guòcuò  vs 错过 cuòguò, where the former is 'mistake' and the latter is 'miss out' or 'let slip') 



CR: As tagged/printed

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@apdy i find in chinese dramas and taiwanese dramas they recycle their clothes but in korean dramas I have never seen an actress wearing the  same outfit twice.

ive seen bit and pieces of ep 35 and 36 , certainly not a fun episodes. I might have to wait until the drama ends and marathon the whole thing. can't stand JY's mom and XH too. they should just marry each other. however JY is lucky to have a dad that is so understanding. 


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On the contrary, her 'suffer alone' has left me with frustrations.  Just.  F...ing.  Tell.  Him

These eps are noisy, too much arguments, too much yelling.  Weibo folks are anticipating the 'break up' scene ... will stick to it to the end for HX no matter how ridiculous the story has been.... 

we need these:



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Sigh watched 35/36 last night and I agree missing the CUTE OTP moments.

We have to go through them before the ending. We know they will go away and get married and be happy. Come on when will she tell him or he will find out?! Hmm

When JY quit and asked QF to take a month off to travel with him. You know she wants to do it but she cannot. TELL HIM darn it. You know she wanted to as she called JM immediately to ask if she could and he was like NO! Coincidentally that doctor who is retired and she helped translate that last time is back and she will meet him to see her situation. (From previews we know that that european doctor recommends IMMEDIATE surgery with no delay.)

JY mom and XH should just marry each other is RIGHT What mom does that to her son? I love how at least JY dad is level headed. Look at the guilty look when he was like-I will not use my influence and let it blow over naturally and go its course. Then the extra stab to the heart --it is not like YOU caused this internet defamation to our son. He can survive it. (Wouldn't the dad find it suspicious-he didn't it is a drama) she was so anti JY and QF and then wanting to take away things from him to have QF leave him. Now she is BEGGING JY Dad to intervene? To little too late.

Hao Je ---following JM and QF and confessing. At least he had a conscious and told her that JY mom is scary to be able to do this to her OWN son. JM just supports that yes our mom is CAPABLE of such action. Not surprised at all.

All those wallowing around in frustration and not being honest or listening is realistic but UGGGH.

JY bearing his soul to XH---uggh. She now wants you and fakely says I want the best for you and QF. Still trying to get him to work for her. He loves QF and will put up with everything and as long as she says it --it is true. He will be her hero and doesn't want any bad words or slander towards her. Very noble. But when he painfully shares the only request is she not hang out with my brother JM she doesn't listen. He is a patient man that loves her alot. Doesn't help  QF's noble idiocy.

@jadecloud Thanks for posting that scene of the HILT of QF's noble idiocy. I am watching it with out subs now RAW and will try to go back to watch it with them once it ends.I understand you love him and don't want him to suffer. But you are making him suffer NONETHELESS with your silence and him thinking you are with JM.  (Luckily we know the overcome it due to the cute scenes in Europe.)

Chief Tian is a good man. He is so patient with JY. I like him alot. 

Wonder what tonight will hold for me. Back to lunch break for moi. Glad I can come here and spazz. (On side note, loving KDrama OH HAE YOUNG. OMG OMG.)

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37/38 - Fluff is back for a short period - their vacation.  She dreams of marrying JY in a church - in wedding dress and all.  Now she's determined to break up with him & go away to have surgery.  Ugh!  JUST. TELL. HIM. PLEASE.

lots to cover in the last 4 eps

Break up / XH's dad funeral / Going Abroad with JM for surgery / XH's cray cray husband kidnap QF /  JY save QF  

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@apdy Thanks! Yes I snuck watched 37 and 38

-yeah the dream of the WEDDING and they had a blissful time traveling for their vacation away

-Gosh JiaYang I love you! He is so persistent and loves Qiao Fei. GOSH he doesn't exist! No matter how many times she wants to drop him and says she doesn't love him. He won't accept it. (Well it is out of NOWHERE she says she doesn't love him.) When he reasoned with her at the hot pot place and at the gazebo at her home. He knows her so well why don't you share and tell me what is wrong. OHHHHH QF! I agree you just don't say --I don't love you out of the blue.

-Yes trying to use the excuse you are from different worlds-uh hello you still stuck by him so of course he is not accepting that excuse. Even she when pushed has to remember to not spill the beans to Jia Yang.

-Chief Tian is awesome. I am glad he said he is not mad but disappointed. Yes their institute doesn't pay well and you won't get rich. But reputation and respect and only having the best is among their stellar qualities. He notes that JY listens to QF and hopes their relationship flourishes and continues well so it only makes their life at work and home more in harmony. SIGH

-Today nothing with JY mom but makes me wonder if Hao Je went to JY mom and reported to her and took pics of XH business paperwork. It only makes sense. 

-I can understand QF frustration at XH and her dad not wanting to report bad info about his violence and assault. Of course QF still friends with HJ had to ask him to go to XH to help. Even when JY wants to send off QF and come along you know she is determined to have a successful break up. Poor JY.

-Bestie Jia Yi, I love her. She loves our Fei Fei and wants the best for her. Even though she doesn't agree with QF breaking up with JY as she knows she will spiral out and not be happy as when she is with JiaYang. QF admits he is everything to her and she doesn't want the one she loves the most to deal with that hardship. Cute how Jia Yi is like-am I chopped liver I am not important to you? Her trying to console QF and her love. Also how Jia Yi is still nice to that woman who bilked her and asked her to help her at her store using Xudong's money.

-Xudong- you got it bad. Finally, you mention you want the contract to have Jia Yi for your whole life. (I appreciate his tenacity.) So cute! Jia Yi keeps protesting I don't believe in love or dating. She did give a quick peck and hug (after opening the store) Xudong loved the gesture but complained it was too short. Yeah, the poor guy gets ton of grief but no loving affection. LOL. But frankly she is right, if Jia Yi was easy in in the beginning and not a bit of a challenge, how could she hold playboy rich Xudong's attention beyond her attractive looks. Sigh. 

-The cute was back for ep 37 and I was grateful. But now we have to go to the angsty next few episodes. I did not see the previews with XH dad and other stuff but they will show it soon enough. Only 2 more days. WOW! This got me obsessed for the last few weeks and I admit I usually obsess over Kdramas. I need to get back to work mode. YIKES! Luckily it is not a busy time this year for work PHEW.

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How does QF pay for her surgery? She does not want to borrow money since she might not survive the surgery to pay back. So she should not have the surgery unless she tells JY and lets him take care of the surgery's cost.

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39/40 JY is very persistent.  He doesn't want to break up as he can reads QF.  Even when XH gave him the abortion papers which has QF signature (the one she signs for her friend), he said he trusted QF and wanted to ask her in person.  Wow ~ 

Hope JY is OK?  It looks like a car accident when he's driving to find QF ... 

Finale tomorrow, it has been a fun ride.  Well, not really, frustrations for the last 10 eps but HX made it all better ^^

I demand 10 mins of fluff on the final episodes of them doing fun things, kiss, and whatever to make all the frustrations from the recent episode.!!! 


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19 hours ago, DzungN said:

How does QF pay for her surgery? She does not want to borrow money since she might not survive the surgery to pay back. So she should not have the surgery unless she tells JY and lets him take care of the surgery's cost.

This time, JM probably was her benefactor? I am  saving ep 32-42 for this weekend.

We all know that QF using the abortion under her name would come back to her.. of course, there had to another OTP misunderstanding. Poor QF, always misunderstood for putting her friends first and foremost.

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@apdy  I agree I want OTP lightheartness, kissing as this breaking up bit is draggy.

-Yes the fact Jia Yi used Qiao Fei's identity (true to drama) did come up when she used her name for the abortion to haunt them and bite them in the butt. What happened to doctor and patient confidentiality? I am in the US so not sure how they are in China on patient privacy. Are there no rights to privacy? I cannot believe the doctor conveniently tells Xiao Hua.

-I concur, HX makes it bearable. His JY is loyal and even when QF pushed him and held JM hand to see him to tell him -I don't love you anymore. JY is good and doesn't believe her. JY says even if you don't love me, I still love you as it is enough. He can read her well. Even when JY countered where/when you find the time to be with JM? Every time I ignored and did not pick up your calls. I was with JM.

-When QF chose JM to be the one to go in the ambulance and JM said she fainted due to low blood sugar (EVEN JY knows that is a weak excuse). Plus JY was really hurt by QF choosing JM. But QF did swear to herself no matter how much he would hate /dislike her it is better for her conscious and going to the surgery if he ignored and let her go. Crazy noble idiocy.

-Jia Yi-when she tried to take advantage of charging a major expensive meal with that old BF /actor who wanted to use her web internet popularity to do business together- Such a user! I get that Jia Yi wants revenge but she even tested Xudong's faithfulness and liking her secretly seeing her yucky ex. Xudong was getting sick of being ignored, even called a "dog" and her meal was the last straw. No more currying favor with Jia Yi anymore. Go Xudong! (But the reunion will be cute right?)

-QF mom wanting to see JY making dumplings for him to eat. Even her speech to QF that if you do not want to be with JY consider JM as he really really wants to be with you. Wow I know you mean well mom. But still QF needs to make her decisions (but not the right ones even if she wants to spare JY the pain and suffering seeing her sick. )

-XH dad sorry he died for her but he was overbearing, caring only for money and face. Also her hubby avoiding the wine thing (not sure of details as don't understand French and the Mandarin terms used when talking about it) Even JY mom won't help and with him on his last legs and bad heart/health with lack of exercise I am sure or existing heart condition did not help.

-Hao Je--wow he is thick skinned to blatantly lie to QF saying I am innocent and did not do that to XH. Smart of Jia Yi noting that there are similarities on the web promotion of XH company wine situation exploitation and her and JY dating. (Of course as they are HJ doing.) QF is too nice and a bleeding heart and Jia Yang are right to tell her to avoid him. He is no good.. (Weird to see a promising colleague to stoop to blackmail and stealing people's documents---very low but for some people in this world MONEY makes them ugly or greed.)

-XH trying to make her move on JY even fake--oh I am sorry for my behavior to QF (after she went to hospital and fainted). You should go to her JY. SHe was inwardly happy to hear he would not go to her but she did not like seeing him in pain. When JY said to her how come you can see I am in pain and QF cannot? (Duh she can but she wants you to not know her situation.)

-Glad that JiaYi went with QF to see JM and had pressured QF to consider the surgery ASAP. Jia Yi was surprised that it had to be abroad but she thought it was the money (then JM of course is like-that is not the issue more like your friend QF doesn't want to do it.) It is true QF has honest fears of not waking up. Missing her mom and Jia Yi and later get JY back. She should know that JY loves but he can move on if that love is going away. Look he recovered from XH and he loved her one sided love for a LONG time. It was due to QF he moved on quickly from XH.

-Jia Yi admits she likes/might love Xudong and QF telling her to go get him. QF is envious to do it so they can have a healthy relationship, date, get married and have healthy kids. She says it longingly and JY says think of Jia Yang and get him back once you are recovered.

-I hope JY is ok from the car accident. (I think he will be ok with 2 episodes left I agree hard to not rule out amnesia.) He does see her in Zurich as there is a scene with QF with hospital clothing and woolen cap on her head and JY walks away ticked. The fact he hears she goes to Zurich with JM did not help nor after flight take off QF has the WORST pain ever from her disease ---such as a bond/connection with JiaYang (thinking and sensing something is wrong )

I personally believe sensing something wrong for a loved one though you are not around. I was not told my dad was sick but something told me to go home and visit (1.5 hour bus ride away). I never have the feeling and it turned out my dad was seriously ill . When we got him to the ER he was in ICU (if we waited another few hours he would have died.) So yes I believe in that .

(OK the pink lipstick on the JM is distracting and even on XD very annoying. What is up with it? Is this common for Cdrama? I know I don't see it in Tdramas and Kdramas. Just wondering. As for the clothing being worn more than once, actually it doesn't bother me but for sponsorship but also people in reality rewear clothes and not wear new clothing every day.)

Gosh it has been an interesting intense ride. NOT used to this fast pace of Chinese dramas.

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was streaming on Hunan TV - they are behind on eps?  Only got up to the hospital part -  JY hurt his arm, and XH is in the ER.  Preview: XH can't move after the accident?  She's using her trump card to trap JY to be with her.  YIKES!

Anyways, Dramafever should have the finale in a couple of hours. Can't wait! 

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@apdy I got to rewatch the drama on DRAMAFEVER when I have a chance. I have been watching raws since episode 20.  I will back track to understand the french and all the chinese. As I have conversational mandarin under my belt. I am not a premium member of DRAMAFEVER.

-Thanks for the heads up. Not surprised XH is trying to trap JY. So her hubby is going to kidnap QF and they are on a snowy mountain -she he got her after her surgery? So I know sneak that JY is on the scene

-I cannot wait when Jia Yi and Xudong FINALLY get together. 

-I am curious how JiaYang finds out! Also so XH is injured and JY is ok and chases her to Zurich eh?

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looks like JY's mom knows about XH faking her sickness and for once I support JY's mom as she doesn't want the marriage to happen between XH and her son. 

the wait is killing me for the finale. but sad at the same time that the drama ends. my chen jia yang, if only he exist in real life. :w00t:

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2 hours ago, apdy said:

Dramafever should have the finale in a couple of hours.

Oh? I think finale will not be today. There are a total of 44 eps, per MgTV website(pic below). I think today's(Thurs) broadcast were ep 41 and 42. Tomorrow(Fri) there will only be one ep 43, and the finale ep 44 will be on Sat. That's what I believe will be the schedule, if no changes had been made since it's announcement. From the preview of ep 42, there seems to still be various issues to be settled, doesn't look like a finale ep. After all, Hunan Satellite is the broadcaster, I guess it can't be wrong with its scheduling....  


(On MgTV, there are a total of 44 eps, with 4 more eps to go)^^^

It does however seem like what's showing on LeTV vs MgTV are somewhat different, not sure of Hunan LIVE streaming since I could not stream LIVE. Looking at @Nodame's recaps(thank you :) ) and what I've seen on MgTV (as of yesterday(Wed), till ep 40) . XH's dad's heart attack and JY's accident with XH as his passenger, are in previews for Thurs eps 41 and 42 on MgTV. 


10 hours ago, Nodame said:

Gosh it has been an interesting intense ride. NOT used to this fast pace of Chinese dramas.

I agree, the pace is so so so fast, why do they air the eps in such quick succession? There's like no time for viewers to leisurely partake all the goodness of the drama, nor for cast to enjoy their good ratings and new found/increased fame. What a pity! For me, I can hadrdly be 'current' with watching cdramas.:PBtw, I LOVEEEE AOHY. The OTP is killing it! :) 

In case some are wondering....

Ep 39-40 on MgTV... a very sweet ep 39. A lot of JiaFei CP...and that wedding we see in the opening credit or in the main OST...


^^^May happiness be with the two of you forever.



^^^QF: I dreamed of you.


^^^JY: About us getting married? right here?

UYxBJO9.png What a troll! Will JiaFei end up getting married for real? LOL it's anybody's guess. I think, marriage or none, it'll be a happy ending.


The document that HJ had stolen from XH's office, from her office table is this...



^^^Translation of label: Wen Shi  Enterprise Compensation Document

I believe these are the documents that outlined the agreed compensation that Wen Shi Ent will pay to the Swiss wine company to stop their lawsuit against fraud and deception in marketing the Swiss wine that are bottled with inferior wine and labeled with inaccurate info by Wen Shi Ent. The compensation has to be made because of Wen Shi Ent's upcoming shares flotation in the stock exchange, which if the lawsuit were to be made, will mean immediate bankruptcy of XH's dad's company. Also the reason why XH's dad wants to hush up the domestic violence case by XH's hubby on her.



After JY tells XD she doesn't owe him any money. XD says but she owes him 'affection/favor'. JY asks him so what do you want from me? His reply...


^^^XD: I want you to be responsible for me. (LOL)


^^^JY: Just take it as having been bitten by a dog. (LOL is she unknowingly calling herself a 'bxtxh? haha)



^^^XD: Is there a dog that's so passionate?


^^^JY's look is hilarious :P Love this bickering CP.


Preview ep 41...



^^^JY giving QF's ID card for registration of her abortion.


^^^XH brings to JY's attention the abortion registration form showing QF had the procedure done.



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@jadecloud Thank you for clarifications and info! Yeah. No prob I did not realize my writing would end up being some form of recap-but you are right it is in a way. Granted what I can gather with my 2 years of Mandarin from college many MOONS ago. I liked that I got to practice listening to Mandarin watching this drama. Good practice. Ok 2 more episodes to go! I was psyched to read that JY mom is opposed to XH marrying JY after her faking her illness but I am sure also (big factor) her deceased father's dicey /shady business dealings did not help either. It makes QF look better.

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