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[Mainland Cdrama 2016] 亲爱的翻译官 Dear Translator/Interpreter | Watch it LIVE on Hunan Satellite, or its online site at MgTV.com. Exclusive Webcast on LeTV.com


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A new book cover, with drama leads on its cover. Such a beautiful couple :wub: 


CR: DT weibo and as tagged


Liao Ning C-Newspaper had a recent interview write-up on author Mou Juan 缪娟 and a Q&A session. Interesting to know that since kindergarten days she was already interested in spinning stories (LOL starting really young, didn't she?). Male lead was based on her French interpreter idol :) (I'll translate this long interview I guess not. I think interest is on the drama itself. So I'll sub BTS instead :) )

GIIuEG6.jpgThe author,  缪娟 (Móu Juān)


Liao Ning C-Newspaper: Male lead's style of origin came from her French interpreter idol


CR: DT weibo


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17 hours ago, jadecloud said:

Oh? I thought DF or V are subbing all into english? perhaps in due time? I haven't tried searching for eng sub versions. But I understand your interest, curiosity and wish for eng subs. 

I'll look into eng subbing some BTS. I only fear that they may be 'blocked'.  Please be patient :) 


I cannot reach DF and V here :(

Thanks so much for ur help. Xie xie ni :)

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2 hours ago, jadecloud said:

A new book cover, with drama leads on its cover. Such a beautiful couple :wub: CR: DT weibo and as tagged


Liao Ning C-Newspaper had a recent interview write-up on author Mou Juan 缪娟 and a Q&A session. Interesting to know that since kindergarten days she was already interested in spinning stories (LOL starting really young, didn't she?). Male lead was based on her French interpreter idol :) (I'll translate this long interview :) )

缪娟 (Móu Juān)


Liao Ning C-Newspaper: Male lead's style of origin came from her French interpreter idol

CR: DT weibo


Wow, the author is so young :)


Thank you for updating, Jadecloud.

I wish i have the english version book with them as a cover, too.


Btw, i saw HW in that bts, too.

But, sorry HW, why i love to see YM and HX more than YM and u? :(:(  

(This is the one that i hate from myself when i got into my onscreen OTP. Sometimes i cannot be fair to her/his RL offscreen :(:( )

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where can we find a perfect guy like JY.  she rejected his proposal today.  he's willing to wait for her no matter how long. :tears:






So Qiao Fei has to take care of her friend and is away for two weeks - she send JY text saying she's away but didn't pick up his calls.   She promised Jia Yi not to tell Jia Yang, but it's wrong of her to not do so, they're in a serious stage in their relationship and she shouldn't keep things from him though with good intention.  No wonder he lashes out on her.  




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Back from vacation and my conversational mandarin skills allow me to see the raws and understand to a certain extent. Now DF has 48 hours hold over non subscribers but immediate access  for premium users. So I am watching the  raws and I still need to back track to watch again with English subs as I don't get the french and some Chinese terminology.

I know I am going a few episodes back as I was last around ep 18.

But can I saw BTS scenes are adorbs of Huang Xuan. He is so cute! I love his dance moves or being embarrassed after kissing Yang Mi (Qiao Fei) after asking her to be with him (Jia Yang) and the roses in the trunk of the car. I am glad he did not go to Xiao Hua.

I have not seen today's episodes but yeah the previews are all over the place. So she rejects him today. I am glad to hear that he will wait. At least he knows he has love and her love. JY said to her QF once my mom knows the real YOU and removes her prejudices she will love you.

Going back a bit---yeah Jia Yang's nervousness to try to ask her for a date and then saying---let's do OT! Or giving her QF gorgeous flowers specially for her  (to wish her luck) but coming out--oh I am going to a funeral. LOL. Or his excitement to find her after finding out she kept up her promise to the challenge issued to her for doing well. I love JY goofy smile and affection to QF. I cannot get enough of the kisses and affection he has tons of it for her. Or telling her he deliberately had her sit away from the others at that desk so she could be in his line of vision at all times! He is cute when he pouted and texted-how come you are not looking at me? So glad XH did not want to be with him and then later when she tried to outreach he rejected it. (Hello why would JY want to be with a married woman--he gave her chances before she got married. You made your bed and you got to lie in it XH.)

XH is outwardly good but so FAKE. Really you have to spill about QF phobia to her colleagues who are jealous of QF and like OOPS I did not mean for it to slip. Wow  she is "richard simmons". Or when JY asked he for the Dr M info she pretend to be so drunk and leaned on JY who was helpless to chase after QF who saw them. All the while telling him to ignore picking all the calls coming to him (which were QF of course.) While I don't like that her hubby is horrible. Using Jia Yang mom's name recklessly making it seem like they are business partners to others. Or his rough housing XH only to be nice again to her when he thought she was pregnant. Very rude to her dad when asking for money and saying he will wait as long as it takes to get it. Well you made your bed ---XH dad and XH. Yes she is not happy but it shows appearances are not everything. QF mentioned she is envious and feels inferior to the elegant, beauty, well dressed and intelligent with good family background XH. Little does QF know, she doesn't have it all.

QF wardrobe is amazing . Of course in drama land the poor heroine has a lovely killer wardrobe and I love her outfits alot same with some of Jia Yi's clothing too. The colors and so professional.

Jia Yang taking leave and going to find QF was awesome. Also his staying over and doing things causing the QF and her mom thinking it might be a mouse? Such a busy body or changing the light bulbs when QF did not want him to do it. I liked he looked with warm eyes over QF photo album. Or saying seeing her graduation photo--oh you knew my ge Jia Ming at that time. Love how QF is like we were not in that relationship. Love how the mom asks about JY status-single or not etc. What type of person he is? Even QF cute smile saying he is strict but has a good heart behind all that bluster.  I like that JY sees first hand where she lives, how her neighbors all say are you the BF? He does look like potential son in law material carrying groceries and going with QF mom to the market. You have the smartest and best girl around. Or seeing how filial QF is. So when he hugged her and said we WILL face it TOGETHER and you will not alone I loved that about JY.

Of course our heroine has to do the "noble idiocy" a little and not tell him his mom took the money he lent her ---so she took that tour guide job thanks to JIA YI. Luckily of course when they are being harrassed at the club/wine bar it has to be where Jia Yang and his friend XD are hanging out. (only in dramaland) Then QF has to come clean and JiaYi spilled his mom took the money he lent QF back. QF has a great heart and did not want to ruin their relationship. Even when JY sold his car to give the money to help for Aunties surgery, both to don't share the full story. He did not tell his mom was going crazy opposing them but JM came over with glee to tell QF. QF then does have awareness though JY mom is against them.

JY Mom really was told by her hubby that her relative who helped her had a gambling problem and even borrowed money from during that time. It could be highly likely QF did give the money back but he took it and did not tell her. But she still believes the relative at face value. He was like she took the money and then she deliberately went to meet up JM brother fully aware they are brothers. Also when QF wanted to say by at least to JiaMing the relative said and encouraged she just LEAVE and it is better to say NOTHING.

JY Mom wow we knew she would be and upset at JY asking her to BUTT OUT of his private life. He doesn't mind you ignore or not like QF but not treat the money he WILLINGLY gave QF to use for her mom's surgery as constantly saying she is a gold digger and fooling you. (It was kind of hilarious as also JM chimed in her mom is REALLY ill together with JY. But JY mom only says she got you both hypnotized.) UGGGH seriously? But it took the cake when she came and took his suits, wants money every month from him and all his beloved wine. It was cute JY asked to live with QF and Jia Yi. Sure shows how deeply he loves and cherishes QF. Also QF saying she hopes he did not give up the abroad posting due to her he said it was not all you. So when JY talked to his dad it was telling he wants to know it is for  him or what was ALWAYS expected of him.

QF took it in stride that JY sold his car and took the bike and pedaled to work. (Long term not practical solution but cute scene. Who wants to be constantly sweaty going to work?)

The other couple at the institute ---JY giving his space to their colleague and her BF when asked will you wait for me. No I won't but I will go over there during the 2 years to marry you! (AWWWW.) So down low relationships are not uncommon there at the institute. 

JiaYang has tough love methods to help QF overcome her phobia. When she was blindfolded and was ok. Showed she was more psychological than real phobia always asking her how she FELT at each step. He knew it was surmountable. I loved how he said the QF I love is brave and not afraid and will not give up. Or even staying over night waiting for her (she relented) and came his faith and trust is so strong in QF.  Especially when QF was giving excuse upon excuse. Love JY! When she was tested at that event and with Chief Tian she performed well (after initial hesitation). I loved how she teased JY about not doing so great and he was like-how did I train you etc etc. But it was cute goofy once she admitted I was fine after I thought of YOU -JY. The way you taught me and yes even your strict devilish tactics worked for me! (so cute these two).

Our OTP- when he kisses her and does affection I love it. When he kisses her at the supermarket (yup making sure to take tips from her love tips book) LOL. that confession liking her (he knew she would say yes after her confession when she thought him dead.) Or his teasing her making her realize----I love to fight /spar with you. I love you. I am used to having you beside me everyday. I did not understand it all but someone said he teased her to do more CPR on him. Oh these two.

Still JY Mom should have suspected her relative and her repeated attacks as QF is a gold digger. Also she cannot see straight granted she cares about her sons and loves them. Get your fact straight saying she is lying about her mom being sick and thinking she is buying expensive stuff (did not help QF was helping Jia Yi do something with expensive designer shoes as a favor).  Finding out if QF mom is sick would be easy but then again her relative minion would LIE anyways.

QF mom when she asked JY to care for QF if anything went wrong with the surgery I liked how she admitted she liked JY. I am glad QF finally has a great guy around her she deserves. As others have pointed out, JM just says things that only point out that QF should be more honest and tell JY. Granted we would not have a drama if there was no problems. But I did not care for JM having to tell the mom before her surgery he is QF friend and wants to be her BF. Seriously?  I know JM you feel  you love QF. But then he is nice he can be --- with his expertise yet still think he is overboard. Even confronting JY, I am going to chase QF as a man not as your brother. jeez how many times does QF said-even if I am not with JY I would not go date you! 

When they showed the flashbacks how they met, he totally was abusing the doctor/patient relationship. When his supervisor wanted him off the case as he was OVER INVOLVED was correct. QF being naive and appreciating his help thought of him as a friend and he is thinking they are dating due to spending time together. But also when he cornered her at his award ceremony to ask her to be his GF or her repeatedly saying we are not a match or dating. (She never misled him. Other than in her lack of awareness with guys/gals relations and then she realized she should back off but he was too STALKER like for sure.) I must admit she had restraint not telling Jia Yi immediately he was stalker guy when she first saw him-she SHOULD have. 

But with JM, his feelings and relations with QF are same as XH loving him and he is just ignoring her. So it was weird when he saw her (after finding out she is not pregnant) to sit down as friends and he wishes her happiness. (So weird indeed.) So they both are suckers for bad treatment from people who don't love you. Granted QF was nicer about it to JM .

Jia Yi is a great friend. but man that tour guide gig with the handsy guys. UGGGH. Then to get slandered by the lead actress wearing the fur foisting the blame on Jia Yi after getting verbally attacked by a reporter. But Ao Tian that actor saying act as we were never together--wow. But it is reality he liked her enough but not that serious he is more about his fame/face and not about her at all. So I feel bad she is pregnant with his kid. She wants to have the kid but with no money and prospects she cannot. So at least she now seems like won't have the procedure as it seems at the event she miscarried. QF is a great friend allowing Jia Yi to use her name on the paperworkl  Also going to take a day off to be with her. I am glad when she told JM she is an important friend in my life. Go BESTIES! Their unwavering love for each other and support. At times misguided glad she has her she is not perfect but she does love QF.

I mean seriously Jia Yi getting money to give to JM to stop harrassing QF about the money that QF NEVER even took! Love her for it!

Or Xudong (he is cuter than that actor guy personally as well) still liking Jia Yi but upset she is with that guy. His concern for her is real when she fell down. The look when he sees QF  with JM and JY in a car you know Jia Yang will find out. It looks fishy especially since JM is obvious about wanting to date her. Did not help that Jia Yi told QF she CANNOT tell Jia Yang so of course it happens she can only ask JM for help. Also Xudong is begging Jia Yang for help but JY won't help him with Jia Yi. LOL. As we know they will kiss later on due to previews. 

The fainting is worrisome about QF but if it is anemia as mentioned I hope so. I won't know yet til I watch the latest 2 episodes but until tonight though. SIGH.

I like Chief Tian. He is aware of everything and a fair person. After ep 27-28 I appreciated him saying he was aware of their relationship and she QF has a tough time ahead. Also that test for the interpreter booth ---he knew thanks to JY. The colleagues were nice and said if we knew we could have helped you (not sure if that is sincere or not). She finally getting accepted and they did apologize for accusing her unjustly.  Chief Tian wanting to lend money to help out as she is the bread winner for a family is tough. I love his concern for his employees.  Saying we are family. 

So glad I can just spazz and write .  Thanks for humoring me. I got to get back to work.




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Those screenshots and gifs are giving me life :wub:  Who needs a Li Da Ren* in your life when you have Cheng Jia Yang, although he seems to be XH's Li Da Ren.  So he's even better :lol:

@Nodame I really enjoyed reading your post.  I agree with you, JY's affection to QF is extremely sweet and admirable. HX definitely did well securing this role after Imperial Doctress.  I really hated his stupid character but The Interpreter has helped redeem my impression of him.  I hope he gets recognised and given better roles in future.  I'm already anticipating his role in Tribes and Empires.

I was watching the previews on Letv and I'm not look forward to what appears to be JY's meltdown.  QF and JY seem to have switch adversities now and QF seems to be the one with a clear head.  Incoming storm from here on out (after ep30 for those who haven't caught up yet) !


*Li Da Ren is a character from a Taiwanese drama called "In Time with You", I highly recommend it.

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@annieangel Thanks for liking my post. I wrote it for awhile. I am so addicted and I am usually a Kdrama fan that I had to write that during my lunch break to get it out all -the squeeing and happiness watching this drama.

I did see "In Time With You" he is XH's Li Da Ren (but with bigger ego/better dressed/full of pride and more confident) but you know she did not appreciate him. Glad that JY got QF. I agree seeing the previews he is going to weather a big reputation breaking storm and QF will have to be the "cool head" in this situation. I don't get it all but it seems to be pretty serious.

Plus seeing that her former classmate HK is back. QF is too nice and lends him money (even when he was mean and not nice to her at the end.)  HK was bad to mention his prior place during his job gig and he did not realize it would come back to haunt him in the butt trying to get a gig (personal one on the down low). Wow. I also did not like HK bad mouthing JY in front of Chief Tian still blaming him and good for Chief Tian telling him you are wrong about Jia Yang.  (No wonder in the previews JY is not happy to find out the friend QF wants to help and give a job offer to is HK.) But HK does say to QF she agrees, they are in the same boat and no matter what JY will always be different from her due to his privilege and background. 

With the proposal scene, the colleagues took that they were dating on down low in stride (more easily than I thought) and it was nice for Chief Tian to help out. (In prior episodes, QF was always not wanting others to know even when JY wanted to announce it they were dating. Given they were accusing her of using her wiles to get there. I think the other two HAVE to concede she has SKILLS to back up her ability and no need to use her beauty/wiles to get her way.)  I think QF could have handled the proposal better but she was cornered at a big event. Hello, didn't she tell you JY (or maybe not) JM did the same stunt asking her to be his gf at a big event. But at least our leads did get to recover and that female colleague catching them almost kissing was cute. (JY I love how you take every opportunity to kiss QF. So lucky.) Funny how she was like, ugh I did not see it-please continue on what you were doing. LOL.

When QF was chastised by JY for missing for a few days, I cannot blame him. You could not even for a MINUTE within all those days as I doubt your friend needs 24/7 care to find the time to call me. You were vague in your requests and it was hard for me to figure out how many days to request off for you, plus I did not know if you were ok and where you were. I was worried! You are right it is ok now you aer back but do not pull this stunt again. Hello I am your boyfriend. But he has a soft spot for QF and glad they promised each other to have their cells on 24/7 and not have that happen again. It was funny how Chief Tian and the other teacher immediately RUSHED out to let JY talk to QF. 

I feel bad for XH for being hit by her hubby (but that is not surprising actually--sad to say with his violent temper and tendencies. He already pushed her before and even slightly to her dad with overt aggression already.) Also, JY was surprised that XH did not want to report her hubby to the police for fear to put bad publicity for her dad and her hubby's business. Then JY realizes that XH is not who he thought she was. He thought she was strong but she is not actually. Plus it shows his love of QF when he says that no matter her hard life and difficulties she has a bright and positive /can do attitude he has come to admire. (No wonder he sees it first hand and later more so in the future episodes as it seems) She even confesses her envy for QF. Duh that ship has sailed. You try to say you like QF and want to be good to her but it is so fake and no wonder she is uncomfortable and did not want the job from her. Go QF. JY is too nice and cannot see that and only things XH jie is nice to them both. Hello she wants you now. Sigh. 

 It was good of JY to confess to QF he saw XH and cannot say why but spent time with her. Now if only QF does the same to JY. I like how QF is caring and worries about him and vice versa.

XH is overpaying JY for sure for his services and he used it to get a car and wants to get bigger place so QF mom has a place to live not be cramped at her place with Jia Yi. EJia Yang always gets help even in the past when JY mom got his clothes, but now he has to buy his clothes--he had that rip and then color bleeding ---ooops was too funny. Not sure where he bought them due to being cheap but QF laughed saying who buys clothes there? !  Uh Jia Yang?! Cute how QF taught him the internet is a great resource for clothes.  I know I said this before, I do like her outfits. Generally I don't like fashions in dramas but her outfits are lovely but she has the figure to pull them off. Plus the slight curls in her hair at the ends now that she works as a full time employee very flattering.

So with Jia Yi, they dodged the abortion issues and storyline to not do it and then have that miscarriage instead.  I presume what  happened was that QF was the good friend and kept Jia Yi company as she recovered.  Even JY after yelling at QF did ask her -how is your friend doing now? 

When Jia Yi over hears Xudong begging a friend to help her. The friend refuses as she is not a famous star and doesn't feel she has the potential. She leaves  hearing how XD is sweet saying the person I like at least i want her to be able to realize her dreams of being a star. I do agree with you she doesn't have what it takes but still it is something I want to do. Gosh the guy who is rich and a playboy could have anyone really likes her. You know it is a matter of time they are going to get together (as the preview or later scenes show us). QF will support him as he has been good to Jia Yi.

UGGGH of course JY mom has to visit QF's clueless mom that she wants QF to leave JY. Poor QF mom --she had said to QF before, he qualifies to be my son in law. He may not be seeing me every day like Dr Gao but he has a good personality and cares for you. But don't forget QF having a family that also loves and support you is what I want. You were young and had to start relying on yourself and this time is your chance to reinvent and restart you life afresh with a family to love and be there for you. (Guiltily QF cannot tell her that JY mom is opposed to her.) Of course in dramas, she will find out anyways. I wonder what QF's mom will say to JY mom. (Now she can see with her own TWO eyes HELLO QF's mom is sick with a shaved head etc.)

I just saw previews in LETV---as mentioned JY will get some major problems, HK will cause problems for QF with JY as it seems it might be she is trying to help him get a job. Also what is up with GM on a romantic date with QF and she hid in the clothing cabinet. This hiding and not being direct and honest definitely doesn't help their relationship.

Plus I am surprised Xudong did not tell JY that he saw GM, Jia Yi and QF together ---though when he was talking to himself I thought he would when JiaYi was losing miscarrying at the event. Did he not notice QF was wearing Jia Yi's dress too?


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I saw the latest preview - YIKES!  I hope JM is just putting on an act per QF request, either she learns about her illness / feel defeated to JY's mom and doesn't want JY to suffer anymore 

Anyone notice QF's photos hanging in JY's bedroom in his new flat? Not just one, more like five or more.

I love it when JY showers QF with affection - their moments together are the best. <3

LETV is 1 episode behind from Dramafever - guess us oversea fans can watch the finale before domestic fans?  Cool.

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55 minutes ago, apdy said:

LETV is 1 episode behind from Dramafever - guess us oversea fans can watch the finale before domestic fans?  Cool.

Nahhh. Hunan Satellite's own MgTV site is always current, even with previews and BTS. Domestic fans will always be ahead, if not on par with international. Makes sense, don't you think? This drama is roaring ahead in China and has always been within top 3 most watched and at times, breaking records of online watches. 

Totally understandable. JiaFei is a hot and well-liked OTP to kdrama fans, but to chinese fans, it's CP. Yes, their charms ... irresistible :P   

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Thought this is interesting... Congrats Team 'Dear Translator/Interpreter'! C6FK3jc.gif


4g0gey2.gif2016-06-08 [Dear Translator/Interpreter] Received Wide Acclaim: Encompassing Nationwide Viewers.

SRC: Sohu Entertainment News.


Translated ratings portion of article:

YM's first drama since her return to TVland after her recent childbirth, and HX, the nation's 'First Love'(a label gained from a previous drama), the (Chinese) nation's first drama with a plot theme which focuses on the translation/interpretation profession, has lit the internet aflame since it's debut. Todate, it has an average rating of 1.6, and on 2016-6-6 episode, it has broken 3 vital records, and is expected to become the 'drama king' of 2016!  Dg4mZwu.png





4g0gey2.gif Not only that! The entire network platform at MgTV.com has within 24 hours of its debut, broken records of 200M (2亿) plays, and todate the total plays have exceeded 2B (20亿 )! As for microblogging buzz created, the weibo accounts of 'Dear Translator/Interpreter/ and Yang Mi's own have generated (reading) click rates of up to 3B(30亿), and discussion/buzz of over 1.5M(150万). On SINA (新浪微博) , the microblogging platform's Hot Topic listing, it's a Hot Search item. The advertisers and collaborators with MgTV are all riding this hot wave, and laughing all the way to the bank :P 


^^^YM's weibo account


^^^Drama's weibo account


^^^MgTV's Brag Sheet Ad

Btw, the above is an advertisement for MgTV, which is also a brag sheet on the achievement of 3 and the explosive ratings, using homonyms to describe the achievements. Translated, it means: MangoTV's 'Dear Translator/Interpreter' drama, it doesn't matter if it has broken '3' or broken '2B'. It's the real 'Translator' (within the chinese characters,  (translation) sounds like 亿(billion). Pretty clever, isn't it? :P Congrats Team!

PS: There's more to this long article. Above is just the translation regarding the quantifiable wide acclaim, in numbers. WOW! all round. So happy for YM, HX and the rest of the cast and crew. and also for writer Mou Juan. Definitely a writer to watch out for Dg4mZwu.png  

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@Casper168 Thanks for the novel translation to English links. Yeah! Yeah I heard and read on line that the novel is different. Definitely more "mature" and adult than the on screen adaptation.

I saw the most recent episodes and some of the previews. One of the websites, I go to was showing previews  the scenes that were already shown in EP 33 and 34 which was annoying.

-Good for Jiayang proving QF is innocent but the method he did it was not great. He is a bit overbearing with the right intentions. But you cannot do that to your elders. Plus it is his uncle to boot. But the uncle was ridiculous constantly denying until he had to be CORNERED. Plus JY saying I can get the proof and statements/research info in front of your face but that would be more uncomfortable. Then he confessed he needed the money for his son. WOW seriously? After repeatedly before that saying QF took the money. But of course JY mom is NOT going to let go. Her exaggerated and over the top apology to JY and QF was so insincere. JY this doesn't help your mom like QF more who has a prejudice anyways against her. It was not always about the money QF supposedly took for JY Mom it seems like. She just doesn't think highly of her and she is a SNOB. She is like I did not raise my son for the likes of her and she has no family background or anything except be in the same industry as my son.

-The scene of JY mom with QF mom---wow I love her mom. JY mom was so rude. Even when QF tried to hide how difficult it was dealing with JY Mom for her bday meal-QF mom is not blind. Tough road ahead. 

-I cannot believe JY mom would see HJ (I wrote HK before QF old classmate and ex pursuer) to write stuff about JY and QF. Also in previews seeing he warns QF about JY mom. What weird crazy mom would actually want harm to her own son? QF is surprised to the depths the mom will do to get QF away from her precious son. Cutting off his money is not enough but then also taking away his livelihood and reputation? She hinted at doing that when talking to XH when learning up the situations they both faced at their workplace about their relationship.

-JY is getting a bit more reckless. I knew about his temper. Ripping around looking in JM place he did calm down but seeing the high heels did flare it up again. Granted the pressures his mom and QF being secretive don't help. It is telling as he tells Xudong as he is getting drunk I did not want to open to see if QF was in there. I know of her anxiety and she must have some issues or situation to do that and not tell me. Despite temper he still cares. Plus JM said QF and I loved how JY said-I never said QF's name how would you know I am looking for her. Really JM taking a  meeting with QF to treat it as a date every chance you can. I like he is trying to get her to tell her mom and JY but QF is stubborn and threatens to never talk to him again if he does tell them. She should not be shouldering it alone. Then again it would not be noble idiocy otherwise.

-The annoying female colleague screwed up and then asks that male colleague about her error.  He cover her butt  saying he got the email the night before and blame technology. SO not professional . Yes being thrown under the bus, reality is in the end everyone is all for "THEMSELVES" or #1 in the real world.  Plusfor  both QF and JY do horribly (un characteristic) due to this ERROR is not helpful. Granted JY was drunk and QF found out more about her illness. Plus Chief  Tian was right to get mad at JY who admitted for drinking and not resting well the night before. He is like I don't mind you dating but not to the DETRIMENT of your work ethic and affecting the caliber of your work! 

-So Xudong finally tells JY about seeing JM and Jia Yi and Qiao Fei together. Thanks Jia Yi for being loyal (and not confessing why ) and joking as she leaves XD when JY arrives she has a crush on Jia Yang. XD is like nooooo have a crush on ME! LOL.  Duh it is totally lie as JY points out. Xudong has it bad for Jia Yi.  But he says despite liking JiaYi he honors how friendship first. So he is a loyal guy.

-I thought it ridiculous how JY mom treats XH as a single person not as a  "married woman" that she is saying if JY was free would you be willing to be by his side. WHAT?! Totally off her rocker. XH being her FAKE nice persona oh they are in love Auntie Cheng. And on top telling/tattling about QF and JY issues at work and spreading only to sprout what if I took his "JOB" and living then take him to the lowest depths ever. My son will see that QF is not in love with him. JY mom thinks QF would not want to be with someone and not be supportive. QF will leave JY but not for that but more for her love of him and wanting him to be ok. Sigh. 

-Got the back story why QF disappeared for a few days, I did think it weird as even if JiaYi recovered from her miscarriage it would not take that long. Duh when she fainted in the hospital it shows QF has her mom's same brain disease. She doesn't want to have the surgery yet and just spend as much time with her love and make precious memories. But JM says the more you delay the more you are hurting yourself. (From previews she realizes how she cannot keep on going if she wants to live. JM would rather she live longer. Good for you. Also when she gets in her fight with JY who is mad and puts that ultimatum if you go with JM we are OVER. Of course later due to his fiery temper he doesn't mean it. He goes to the hospital to get her & apologize. JY says I should trust you and I say I do but I am not acting like I do. She then mentions let's break up. He doesn't want to as  he says, I love you. She says I don't love you. But he is like-you say we have personality issues and do not match but I love you.)  QF loves him too much to not tell him to suffer dealing with her illness. I hate this noble idiocy. She should not make that decision for him. He should have a say.--We know it resolves itself anyways just how and when. I cannot wait.

-Later previews- QF sees that status and money and hiding real issues shows she REALLY is from different worlds from JY. When QF and JY stop XH husband from hitting her further. QF is flabbergasted that all concede to XH wishes saying she hurt herself nothing is wrong at the police station. QF is stunned at XH dad and XH not prosecuting and not getting her hubby locked up. Seriously all about money and face and affecting their business with poor publicity. So QF gets it but WOW this shocks her and not how she operates over the power of money. 

I mean XH did finally admit the truth of her dislike of her hubby which he deep down knew. But he was wrong to hit her. XH was like you can do all you want with me but when you get to my dad that is the last straw. He knew that he was wanted for his money but not for him. He admitted due to his ice princess wife he goes elsewhere for warmth. He thought he had a chance to build something but in the end did not.

Gosh this drama ends this week. I am not used to how FAST Mainland Chinese dramas go. Wow. Back to work now and thanks for letting me spazz yet again.


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I just watched here and there for the OTP after episode 30, will go back and watch it in full after the finale this week. 

I can't stand the MOM siding with XH.  I can stand the fact that she hates QF and deem her not suitable for her son but XH?  She's a married woman, does this woman even think?  And she's out to destroy her son's reputation thinking that QF will leave him if JY doesn't have wealth and reputation ...... -FRUSTRATIONS-

This noble idiocy needs to move fast.  I need my OTP fluff scenes.  

The first 25 eps are the best!  YM&HX have so much chemistry that they can just sit there and talk about nothing and it'd still makes me feel fuzzy inside.  

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@apdy I agree the mom is cray cray and with XH who is a married woman had her chance and doesn't want QF to have her. 

Noble Idiocy hope it ENDS soon. I miss the fluffy OTP scenes and back to JY yelling makes me sad and him detonating.

I love how cute HX is BTS. His goofy and boyish smile and awesome hair. Sigh. 

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