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[Mainland Cdrama 2016] 亲爱的翻译官 Dear Translator/Interpreter | Watch it LIVE on Hunan Satellite, or its online site at MgTV.com. Exclusive Webcast on LeTV.com


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@jadecloud Cool! I like Taiwanese mandarin I don't know Taiwanese (I speak--let's eat and thank you only.)

Wow you know alot of languages too! So cool!

I need to rewatch--had no time this weekend. But alot to catch up on. Ok Divorce Lawyers when I have a chance it is.

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On 6/16/2016 at 10:18 PM, Casper168 said:

@jadecloud im rewatching all the bts for now and some of my favourite episodes. i reckon it should just stop at when they went to switzerland for a holiday :wub:. definitely looking forward for season 2. i heard it will be chinese-korean translator. i hope huang xuan will be in it too. saw his weibo, he has unofficial interview in switzerland. they talked about his hands :lol: and how he loves to go travelling. he has been working for 2 years straight and currently he just wants to rest. ( please correct me as my chinese is very limited)

the thing is, no one actually explained properly to jia yang how much qiao fei loves him. jia ming was about to explain it but he cut him off. the explanation that was given by QF at the end of the episode was not bitey enough, it fell flat , like their expression was just flat . jia yi should explained more to Jia yang about how QF suffered and how much she loves her. that would probably make it better. 

anyone watching CDRAMA a better man? i heard good reviews but the subbing was pretty slow. might wait half way and start watching that.

@apdy  hahaha i skipped the credits thanks for informing us about JM. 


watch  dramafever  thier  eng sub  was fast

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This show is an exercise in frustration. I started watching because I heard good things about it and since I have done a bit of study in applied linguistics, it sounded interesting. Watching it has been akin to scaling a high mountain. The first 10 episodes were a really hard slog. The men were awful... dreadful specimens masculinity, complete donkey cousins, male lead included and I was waiting for it to get good. It did for a little bit but it felt like as soon as the leads got together, the male lead stepped up, the female lead became a complete sook.

It's a shame that a show with such a unique premise has given way to cliche soap opera elements like objectionable and overprotective parents, scheming female second lead, scheming second male lead, love triangles, disease of the week and noble idiocy. It's no exaggeration to say that they threw the entire kitchen sink at this show.The best part of the show about the challenges of being an interpreter and dealing with linguistic differences seems to me to be interrupted by all the insane family drama.

Anyhow I'll skip around. I do like the lead actors. I've seen them in other projects and they look good together.

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I am obsessed with this show!! I go on viki for c-dramas and t-dramas and korean dramas I can't watch while on air (busy)
so I really depend viki to have the license for basically forever. 

In ep 20. around 4 min when Cheng Jia Yang has his speech of encouragement I thought it was the best thing ever! 
I know tv isn't real but still. Good encouragement. I know @jadecloud likes quote stuff but I'd quote his words in paragraphs lol. 
I'm such a fan of Yang Mi and Huang Xuan now. will be watching Huang Xuan's future works. 

BTW viki team great job translating! It was interesting how many cognates I heard. I wonder if the connotations in Chinese are the same as those in Korean (huizhen, huendun?) 

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On 7 June 2016 at 4:42 PM, Casper168 said:

@jadecloud thanks for  the recommendations. Im not watching any kdramas atm. Been glued to les interpretes and will look at some other chinese dramas. Might start watching far away love. 

Have anyone read the les interpretes novel? I really want to read it but dont think i can find it in english. I tried to google it and found the first 2 chapters translated in english. 

Agreee with you guys. Their chemistry is just amazing. Everything look so natural . 

@Casper168 There is a completed translation of the book but the drama adaption is pleasantly completely different than the book except for the names of the characters in the book.  


In the book, QF's background was "questionable" and her character is much "colder".  Also, JY "moved on" with the antagonist, XH, who was a journalist and lived in with her while quietly helping QF.  They nearly got married but thank God, JY discovered her treacheries in time and she could not go through with it. I do not like the 'ending' too.

Background: She moonlighted as an escort and more (but I am not sure it was her first time selling her body when she "entertained" JY).  My opinion: Unfortunately, the past will be a blemish in her life.  Let's hope, her first and last client was JY.

Colder: She got pregnant with JY's baby and aborted the fetus without informing JY.   Due to some complications, she might not be able to get pregnant again.

Ending: Like the drama it was a happy ending though both versions were quite a let down; they both finished off quite abruptly. JY ended up adopting a colored child from one of the South African country (Ivory Coast?) whose father held JY and his father for ransom.  The father died in the crossfire during the rescue modus operandi.  Imagine the child (from a guerilla warfare background) being a ticking bomb who might avenge his father when he is much older.  Sorry, I know, I am thinking way ahead...

My conclusion: the drama is much nicer than the book despite it having too many unnecessary makjangs such as her brain tumour, kidnapping, etc.  Also,  JY's character in the drama is much stronger, more determined and don't easily give up on their love. The only set back the drama has is that it is unable to act out at least some part of the red hot bed scenes between the OTP.  In the drama it was never shown that they did it but yet JY actually believed that she had a abortion.  Whose child?  Also, it was ethically wrong for the gynae to tell XH about the abortion and not even to say that she even gave her a printout as a proof to show JY.  Is this how doctors work in China?  So lack of discretion?  If I am JY, I would say "sue the doctor"

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On 17 June 2016 at 5:56 AM, apdy said:


yes!  maybe it has to do with the filming schedule 

they filmed all the Switzerland scenes in the beginning including the ending scene. so maybe at that time, HX and YM wasn't feeling the characters yet ... 

I always liked when dramas filmed the ending last esp. K-dramas - because by then the actors are comfortable with each other and we can feel their chemistry/love more 

It was a good ride.  Some witty dialogues between the OTP.  The last C-dramas I watched was Divorce Lawyers and it was fun too. 

It would have been more realistic if the Swiss location was changed to Geneva or Lausanne since French in the main language there. In Zurich the main language is German. The people there are quite prideful of their heritage so the Swiss Germans will speak German, the Swiss French will speak French and the Swiss Italians will speak Italian for their day to day business communication. So logically, QF would have been sent to a French speaking university/county.

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