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[Mainland Cdrama 2016] 亲爱的翻译官 Dear Translator/Interpreter | Watch it LIVE on Hunan Satellite, or its online site at MgTV.com. Exclusive Webcast on LeTV.com


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亲爱的翻译官 | Dear Translator/Interpreter




Poster Slogan: 译者之争,言为爱声 = Translators/Interpreters Dispute, For Love of the Sound of Words.

(PS: The french words literally mean 'The Translator/Interpreter'.)

Drama Info:

Official title: 亲爱的翻译官 , Dear Translator/Interpreter.

Other title: 翻译官、Interprète, Translator, and/or Interpreter. 

Total number of episodes: 44

Genre: Work Life, Romance, Modern.

Place of Production: China

Produced By: Drama Culture, LeTV, Kerry Line Media 剧芯文化、乐视网、嘉行传媒

Director: Wang Ying 王迎

Broadcaster: Hunan Satellite  湖南卫视

Online Broadcaster: LeTV  乐视网

'Dear Translator/Interpreter'《亲爱的翻译官》 is a work life romance drama directed by Wang Ying 王迎 and helmed by main leads Yang Mi 杨幂 and Huang Xuan 黄轩


CR: MgTV.com (Hunan Satellite) ----------- ^^^Online Watch count shown is as of Ep 40's broadcast^^^

播出信息 Broadcast News


播出平台 Broadcaster 播出日期 Broadcast Schedule   播出时间 Time of Broadcast  

湖南卫视 Hunan Satellite

EXCLUSIVE Webcast on LeTV.com

2016 (exact dates to be advised)  5-24

Premiering on Tuesday 5-24!  

Viewable on MgTV.com


每晚1930 hours Nightly (China Standard Time)

Sun - Thurs, 2 episodes nightly. Fri - Sat, 1 episode nightly.



This drama depicts the love story of a French Language Master's graduate, Qiao Fei, who under the tutelage and guidance of 'Translation/Interpretation Genius', Cheng Jia Yang, becomes a high level translator/interpreter. The two of them are bickering opposites who grow to become lovers who support one another. 

Yang Mi 杨幂 as  乔菲 Qiao Fei - "My dream is to become a Translator/Interpreter."

Qiao Fei, intellectual and independent, dares to love or hate. Born to a poor family, beautiful, stubborn, self-empowering French Language Master's graduate, determined since young to become a translator when she grows up. She is the bickering opposite of Cheng Jia Yang, and loves to address him as 'little big brother'.



Huang Xuan 黄轩 as 程家阳 Cheng Jia Yang  - "Since one has chosen to be a translator/interpreter, it's not all just about oneself."

- Cheng Jia Yang, son of foreign minister, calm and capable, has a bit of melancholy temperament, is a translation/interpretation genius, likes Qiao Fei.



Zhou Qi Qi 周奇奇 as 文晓华 Wen Xiao Hua "The secret to winning, for business-minded people like us, is to let go. Only when you let go will you gain."

- Wen Xiao Hua, works with Jia Yang in the high level translation/interpretation office. Both are old acquaintances. Due to their compatible family backgrounds, their life and social paths often cross.



Gao Jia Ming 高家明 as  高伟光 Gao Wei Guang - "Treating an illness is like solving a problem. If I don't get it done beautifully, I'll be sad." 

Gao Wei Guang, a yuppie doctor, with a complicated family background. Later, he gets adopted by the Cheng family. Hence, he becomes the brother of Jia Yang but with a different last name. He's not just suave and magnanimous, but also shrewd. He has the temperament of an elegant gentleman, yet there's also a dark side within him. He is also Qiao Fei's ex-boyfriend.



Wang Xu Dong 王旭东 as  张云龙 Zhang Yun Long - "Who says the second generation of the rich will all depend on their fathers, I'm an authentic entrepreneur." 

- Zhang Yun Long, son of a businessman, very good family background. But he's also a business-minded man who 'does not fight against his dad, and will not pit against his dad'. He's also a buddy of Cheng Jia Yang, whose view of love slowly changes under the guidance of his buddy. 



Li Xi Rui 李溪芮  as 吴嘉怡 Wu Jia Yi -  "I always expect perfection of myself. I'm a small actress now, but will be a BIG star someday."

Newcomer in the entertainment industry, bosom pal of Qiao Fei.


Vids - Preview/News/Etc:

-----to be updated---

CR: Info culled from Production website, Baidu Baike, LeTV, Weibo, Baidu and c-news sites. Please credit accordingly when taking out or reposting. Thanks.

* Please observe SOOMPI's Drama Rules & Conduct*

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tA8meBe.jpg : 'Translator' New Cast Poster Revealed. Helmed By Main Leads Yang Mi & Huang Xuan.   (Premiering on 2016-5-24 at 1930 hours CST on Hunan Satellite & Exclusive Webcast on LeTV Channel)                                                       


CR: Entertainment CRI.CN 


New Teaser: 《亲爱的翻译官》情感篇:杨幂情陷兄弟二人 剪不断理还乱毒舌模式全面开启

Translation of YT Header: 

'Translator' Emotions Chapter: Yang Mi In An Emotional Trap Between Two Brothers, Caught In An Unbreakable And Complicated Entanglement, In Malicious And Argumentative Mode. It's All About To Start.

CR: Oriental Projection


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Watch LIVE STREAM of Press Conference ===>>> HERE :heart:

1000 hours China Standard Time = 9pm US Central Time, 10pm US Eastern Time, 7pm US Pacific Standard Time, and so on.

(While waiting for the press conference and the premiere, head over to watch the highlight video at above link. It's awesome!)


Exclusive Webcast on LeTV.com

* Premieres LIVE WORLDWIDE on Tuesday 2016-5-24 *





:glasses: FYI, Viki.com has recently attained the almost-worldwide license. English subs will be available for international viewers soon. *thumbs up*.:wub:


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[OST/engLYRICS] 亲爱的翻译官 Dear Translator/Interpreter 主题曲 Theme Song:

Mon Chéri 我亲爱的 My Love/My Dear :wub: 

CR: OST creators/owners


Beautiful song! Love it :P :heart:

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                   Main cast of 6, displayed at the entrance to the Press Conference venue.


Shot of main OTP - Yang Mi and Huang Xuan (in spoiler)



 Number of LIVE STREAMERS at the start of the Press Conference ===>>> 48,396 Wow!


The Press Conference MC making his opening introduction.



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