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[Current Mainland Chinese Movie 2017] Once Upon A Time 三生三世,十里桃花


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7 hours ago, Cedric Ong said:

The old phoenix Zhen Yan....mmm....so this phoenix is blue green in colour? Acted by Luo Jin 罗晋 who is most famous for lead role in The Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央.


Btw the official weibo website is :


Almost every day now, they are revealing the chars.

WHAT IS THIS!!! Hope he doesn't wear that in the movie 
This didn't do any justice ... 

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If u look at the director in wiki...they list 2..

Zhao Xiao Ding is a cinematographer who won awards for House of Flying Daggers.

Anthony LaMolinara is a special effects artist...he did win oscars for Spider man 2.

So they are the directors?

Mmm...i think together with a bigger budget...the costumes and makeup will tend to be abit exaggerated for some chars. To be honest...i prefer abit restrainted traditional feel. But still maybe the end results might be different.


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Look at their weibo entry this morning....it shows thumbnails of all 7 posters (BaiQian, Yehua, ZhenYan, QingCang, SuJin, XuanNv, A Li) and wrote the cast is revealed, waiting for summer holidays (暑期)...which should be june-july in china.

And i suspect the rest of the chars eg FengJiu, DongHua, BaiZhen, LiJing etc...might play a much smaller role...or even be "invisible" since the movie got less time.

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Hope the movie will be as epic as this OTP! Liu Yi Fei is :wub:

I remember Mark Chao getting so much flak for not being handsome enough as Ye Hua  but he proved them wrong! Everybody fell in love with his intense acting skills and that made the viewers see him in a different light.  

So for the movie I hope everyone will have an open mind and not be biased (just because you love the drama version). It's okay to express one's opinion but let's save our judgment and criticisms once we have seen the movie. I read somewhere that the costumes' concepts closely followed the novel's description. Either way, I love Liu Yi Fei! She looks like a real goddess (not that i have seen one hehe)!  

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I am waiting for this movie for more than a year now... I  personally don't like Mark She's acting in drama...He's one made me cannot concentrate into the drama and including Yang No  (please don't  hate me, I  just express my feelings)...

I'm expecting the sparks between Yang Yang and Liu Yifei...

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During the movie press conference....another guy stood out besides Yang Yang....38yo Yan Yikuan 严屹宽 who played the villain QingCang, looked super smart in his suit. 



And this is one char that would look better in the movie version than the TV one....but then there's the question, who would they choose to act as his 2 sons? would easily be out-shined by their dad....haha.




Actually i came across some news....or rumors (since official website no mentioned yet)....the actor for QingCang's 2nd son LiJing might be.....


Chen Xiao 陈晓. Well....will wait for confirmation. He's known for Yang Guo in The Return of the Condor Heroes (2014).





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