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Share This Post function does not work properly



I want to use the function of 'share this post' and share my posts with other social media. But, this function works some time, and doesn't work some of the time. When it doesn't work, the 'share this post' will show a different post content, NOT the specific post to be shared.

Anyone else having this problem too?

SOOMPI, please fix this problem. Thanks.

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I've tried sharing this post with my own FB account in a private message. That seems to work fine.

Now I'm not the most social media active dude around. I have twitter but don't use it, have google+ but use it even less, don't know digg, delicious or stumbleupon and don't have a Reddit account. Mail I do have but haven't tried.

What browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser? Are you logged in on your social media in that browser when you try to share? When it doesn't work, on what social media are you trying to share and in what way (private message, group message, timeline, etc.)? When it does work but posts the wrong link, on what social media are you trying to share and in what way (private message, group message, timeline, etc.)?

Do you see something that always works or doesn't work? For example, if you try to post a link to a FB timeline, does that always fail? Or does it work sometimes and sometimes it doesn't?


Sorry for all the questions but without that info it's rather difficult to find out where the problem lies. It's most likely a browser or cookie problem since I've not seen this problem pop up anywhere else. To rule out, I'd recommend first trying a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/

Firefox: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

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@CamelKnight Hello mod :) Thanks for picking up on my 'cry for help'. Pardon me for not having read your reply earlier. I would have sooner if tagged :( 

I'm not SM-savvy either. Many of those you mentioned, I don't have any account with. I'm fearful of too many digital footprints 'laying around' in the 'cyberspace' :lol:

I use google chrome browser and I'm referring to G+ sharing only. None other yet. Yes, when I'm on chrome, the G+ is one of the many apps within chrome. I'm only trying to share some soompi posts and cross-link/cross-share with my G+ account. Some of the time, the links work fine. But some other time, the links show up an earlier post from the same page within a thread. I've tried logging out and rebooting but the discrepancy persists. I've also tried to copy link and paste over, but the wrong post is pasted over. 

I clear my cache every week. Or when prompted. So, I don't think it's a cookie prob. But what do I know? I'm not an uber-tech-savvy person...:rolleyes:

No worries about questions. Ask away if needed. I really hope this issue will be resolved soon. Please feel free to tag me when needed. Thanks for your kind help.:)


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@jadecloud sorry for not tagging you earlier. I didn't stop to think about that :)

So wait... there are actually people who use Google+ and I've just met one? Can I have your autograph? :D

I'll have to test this, see what's up and what's wrong. I actually have to login to G+ to find out how it works lol. No worries though, shouldn't be too hard. It's not Apple ;)


So I shared a couple of different threads (not posts, a post is a single message by one user whereas a thread is the entire topic) in a group on G+. I created a new group containing only me. Since.. well.. I don't want to bother others with my fetishes :P

Here's the things I noticed:

  1. 1) I get a pop up everytime I try to share a thread. 
  2. 2) In that pop up I can see what thread is being shared and it always has the correct thread for me
  3. 3) after sharing the thread, I refresh G+ (which kinda feels like G-Unit, completely unrelated and too much bling for me but... offtopic. Nevermind...) and the shared thread shows for me.
  4. 4) When I click the shared thread, I go to the first post of that thread, not the specific page I was on when I shared it.

Considering the link in the pop up and the link underneath the button direct to the first post of the thread, it seems to work as intended. At least for me.

After that I tried to share a few posts to see if that works as well. I seem to have no trouble there either.

What I do notice is that the pop up takes a bit of time to load from time to time, depending on what page I was on. If it was the first page, loading would be quick. If I was at the end, it would take a bit longer. Perhaps if you tried to share too quickly, the link is not properly loaded into the pop up, though I'm just guessing at that.
I also noticed that the link for the post I tried to share, contains a link to the actual comment. What *might* have happened is that you tried to link to a comment which has been removed because it didn't follow the rules of the forum. That would be easy to check though. Just browse to the specific post and see if it's still there. Is it still there?
Or perhaps you somehow, unintentionally, altered the link to the comment. 

If all of that is not the case, then I will have to look for another solution as I'm running out of options atm. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of the database behind the forum can answer this. Let me know if any of the above helps at all or not. :)

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@CamelKnight It's singular post that I'm referring to, not threads as a whole. I tried yesterday and today again, same thing. The linking could not capture the 'correct' post, but other earlier posts from some other posters on that same page of the thread itself. Below are two examples of screencaps FYI...






@Hanyeoun I've not tried it on mobile, just PC and iPads(a few different ones). It may be a small issue, but it's still an issue. It happens often. Though if you take the total soompi experience in view, instead of each individual user experience, then yes, you can tabulate it as <1%.

Anyway, no prob. Just raising the issue since I thought soompi wants to know about 'bugs' and it happened to me. I can just drop doing the 'sharing' via that little 'feature' on soompi. Still a lot of good that works :P Thanks guys. I will just drop 'sharing' this way, and will rest this 'issue' now. Have a great day :) 

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