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The 5 most popular (more than 7 millions admission) films of the year  announced at the 38th Blue Dragon Awards on Saturday, 11/25.


1. A Taxi Driver

2. Confidential Assignment


4. Luck Key

5. The Outlaws


Source: kimwoobin_zone

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December 26, 2017


Fantasy Spectacle Captures Christmas Box Office


By Lee Tae-hoon The ChosunIlbo




"Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds," directed by Kim Yong-hwa, attracted 4.61 million viewers until Sunday, just six days after its release.


The pace is similar to the two of the biggest box-office hits in the history of Korean cinema, "Roaring Currents" in 2014 and "Train to Busan" in 2016.


On Christmas Eve alone, 1.27 million tickets were sold for the fantasy extravaganza, a rare feat for a movie in the traditionally slow winter months.

Other films released around this time did not even get close to 1 million viewers, except for crime caper "Master" starring Lee Byung-hun with 930,000 last year.


"Ode to My Father," the most successful winter release to date, took 12 days to hit the 4 million mark in 2014.


Why is the movie so successful? Koreans love a family drama, and the computer graphics are spectacular.


"Having the power to move viewers is a great virtue for commercial films," says film critic Jeon Chan-il. "I want to praise the way the 'cold' digital CGI and 'warm' analogue sentiments are so well mixed in the movie."


The fantasy aspect appeals to young people, the family theme to older ones.


Movie market analyst Kim Hyung-ho says "Along with the Gods" will easily break the 10 million viewer mark.

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January 26, 2018


Actor Kim Woo-bin exempted from mandatory military service


Park Sae-jin Reporter




SEOUL, Jan. 26 (Aju News) -- Actor Kim Woo-bin, who has received drug and radiation treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer, was exempted from his mandatory military service, his management agency said Friday.


Sidus HQ said in a statement that the 28-year-old received an army draft order last year just after he finished his chemotherapy, but he was deemed unfit for military service. "Kim is receiving a follow-up examination and trying his best to recuperate," the agency said. The rare form of cancer occurs in the upper part of the pharynx behind the nose and above the back of the throat.


Kim led the Hallyu (Korean cultural wave) in Asian countries in 2015 and 2016 after he appeared in "Uncontrollably Fond", a hit TV drama, and the action film "Master". He suspended all activities after he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May 2017.

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September 11, 2018 (Related MA$TER excerpt only)


7 K-Dramas & Films With Con Artists Who Never Fail To Charm Us

Full article at soompi by kaityv


If you’re still missing Kim Woo Bin after “The Technicians” we recommend watching “Master.” Caught by the Financial Investigation Unit’s team leader Kim Jae Myung (Kang Dong Won), Park Jang Goon’s (Kim Woo Bin) will to survive is put to the test. He must choose between jail time or turning on his two partners, Chairman Jin (Lee Byung Hun) and Kim Eomma (translates to “Mom” in Korean) (Jin Kyung). The three of them have built a company that they use to commit fraud against the citizens of Korea.


It comes down to con man vs con man, as Jang Goon decides to fight for his freedom instead of the company. It isn’t an easy feat, as no shady behavior can get past Chairman Jin. Jang Goon is constantly holding his breath as he waits for the pin to drop. However, the biggest con man of them all may just be Jae Myung, as he has to use his brains and outsmart both of them to bring justice to the victims. Will Jang Goon and Jae Myung be discovered? Or will Jang Goon go to jail and their victims never be avenged? “Master” will have you holding your breath until the rolling credits!

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January 8, 2019


End-Of-Year Peak Season Scores 
Box Office Results of Korean Films Released in December over the Last 5 Years


by HWANG Hee-yun / KOFIC




December is one of the most profitable periods for Korean films, along with summer. Blockbusters with huge production costs flood the market and reap large box office takes on par with their impressive budgets. The period that saw the all-time biggest commercial successes is indeed December. One only need look at a list of the Korean commercial hits of the last five years that were released in December to get a sense of how crucial this period can be. The Attorney (2013), Ode to My Father (2014) and Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) all managed to get some legs and were still running in the following month, selling over 10 million tickets. In that respect, this year’s slate of December releases, namely The Drug King (Dec. 19), Swing Kids (Dec. 19) and Take Point (Dec. 26), was eagerly anticipated by moviegoers. Add to that the fact that the first two marked the return of SONG Kang-ho and HA Jung-woo, two of the most bankable actors, while the third one was the latest from Sunny (2011) director KANG Hyoung-chul. However, now that the December peak season is behind us and the figures are in, it appears these three movies have performed rather poor. Released a week earlier than Take Point (2018), The Drug King (2018) welcomed 1.86 million viewers while Swing Kids (2018) took in 1.43 million admissions. Take Point, which opened on December 26, also had a rough time as it only sold 1.6 million tickets. Considering that all three movies had production budgets of over KRW 14 billion (USD 12.5 million), this is seen as a major disappointment by people within and outside of the film industry. Because of this box office slump, it was the first time since 2011 that the December admission figures for Korean movies were way behind those for foreign films.

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th_zz_searchdoc.gifRelated MA$TER-mention only ~ full article compilation here



March 9, 2019


10 Korean Movies To Watch If You’re Looking For Some Eye Candy

Source: Soompi by binahearts


Let’s face it, sometimes after a long and stressful day, all we really want is to kick back and put on a flick where there’s a lot of pretty people in it.


The story doesn’t have to be spectacular, but it definitely helps if it is. In the world of Korean movies, there are a lot of movies with eye-candy, but I’ve taken the pleasure of narrowing this list down. Not only do these movies have good-looking people in it, but the story is also pretty decent! Here’s a look at 10 of our picks.






“Master” is the hit 2016 action film starring Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin. With this all-star cast, “Master” made it to No. 32 of the highest-grossing films of all time! And we really wouldn’t expect anything less, especially with this very visually appealing cast.


I mean, really.




Lee Byung Hun plays a con-artist president by the name of Jin, Kang Dong Won plays a detective named Kim Jae Myung, and Kim Woo Bin plays Park Jang Goon, a sidekick of Jin. There’s a reason why it was such a big hit in the box office! The script is so smart and it will keep you wondering what will happen until the end.

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