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Historical Drama PD Comments on Whether Song Triplets Will Be Paid for Cameo


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Fans of “The Return of Superman” were recently thrilled to get to see Song Il Gook take his beloved triplets to the set of his new historical drama, “Jang Young Sil,” where they were dressed up as Joseon era beggars and got the chance to act in a scene.

It wasn’t known at the time if Daehan, Minguk, and Manse‘s scene would be making it into their father’s drama, but the show’s PD Kim Young Jo has now revealed his plans for the footage they shot that day.

song triplets

In an interview with TV Report on December 15, Kim Young Jo says, “We’re planning to use the footage of the triplets. Although their appearance was arranged in the spur of the moment, they did a good job.”

song triplets 4

However, Kim Young Jo says he won’t be revealing ahead of time which episode will include the triplets’ cameo. He states that his reason for keeping it a secret is that he worries viewers won’t be able to empathize with what’s happening on screen if they are focused on watching only for the triplets’ scene.

Song Il Gook previously joked on “The Return of Superman” that he wasn’t sure if the triplets would be paid for their appearance on the show. When asked about this, Kim Young Jo vaguely replies with a joke, “I imagine it would be included in Song Il Gook’s paycheck.”

song triplets 3

Kim Young Jo also comments on his impression of Song Il Gook, who is taking the lead role in the drama as the inventor Jang Young Sil himself. “In fitting with his nickname, ‘God of Historical Dramas,’ he has a face that inspires confidence,” he says. “He’s very detailed and always completely prepared.”

song triplets 5

The first episode of “Jang Young Sil” will be airing on KBS on January 2 at 9:40 p.m. KST.

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