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The Most Popular Baby Names in Korea for 2015

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According to the Korean Supreme Court Family Registration statistics, the name “Min Joon” was the most popular baby name in Korea for 2015 (as of December 14).

From the statistics from 430, 893 birth registrations, “Min Joon” was the most popular with 11.95 percent, “Ji Woo” the second with 11.71 percent, “Seo Joon” third with 10.93 percent, and “Seo Yoon” fourth with 10.57 percent. “Ha Joon” was fifth with 9.61 percent, “Joo Won” sixth with 9.49 percent, “Seo Yeon” seventh with 9.43 percent, “Do Yoon” eighth with 9.29 percent, “Ha Yoon” ninth with 8.51 percent, and “Ye Joon” tenth with 8.5 percent.

Here is the breakdown by cities and regions.

Seoul, out of 85,604 birth registrations

Ji Woo – 12.85 percent

Seo Yoon – 10.41 percent

Seo Joon – 10.31 percent

Min Joon – 10.30 percent

Busan, out of 26,265 birth registrations

Min Joon – 13.07 percent

Do Yoon – 10.43 percent

Ji Woo – 10.43 percent

Joo Won – 10.12 percent

Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, out of 21,792 birth registrations

Min Joon – 14.44 percent

Seo Yoon – 11.51 percent

Seo Joon – 10.81 percent

Seo Yeon – 9.86 percent

Jeollanam-do Province, out of 13,456 birth registrations

Seo Joon – 12.12 percent

Ha Joon – 11.42 percent

Ji Woo – 11.02 percent

Do Yoon – 10.13 percent

Sejong City, out of 2,482 birth registrations

Do Yoon – 12.56 percent

Min Joon – 11.06 percent

Seo Joon – 10.55 percent

Joo Won – 10.05 percent

Last year, out of 413,873 birth registrations, “Seo Joon” was the most popular at 12.5 percent, “Min Joon” was second with 12.37 percent. “Seo Yoon” third with 11.25 percent, and “Ji Woo” fourth with 10.49 percent.

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