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Our 2015 K-Celebrity Female Hairstyle Wish List


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2016 is right around the corner. While you’re perfect just the way you are, sometimes it’s nice to add a new fashion or style to that list of New Year’s resolutions.

So, let’s talk hair — and why not take inspiration from some of the most-talked-about trends from our favorite A-list stars and idols in K-pop and Korean television. Thanks to 2014, we dyed our tips bright colors like Red Velvet, took a chance on a big chop like IU, attempted 2NE1‘s Minzy’s fringe, or pondered hair-extension costs to mimic Hyuna’s long locks.

Looking to take on 2016 with a new hair-do? Here are some of our suggestions from what was hot in 2015.

Hani’s Bangs

Since the rise of EXID, Hani has become an established beauty trend-setter. When she posted pictures with her bangs in hair-rollers, it was hard not to love her. Posting pictures with hair-curlers isn’t perhaps the best way to promote yourself as a style icon, but she was fun and laid-back, and her see-through bangs fashion was a hit. And if you’re looking for more inspiration with see-through bangs, be sure to also check out Yoon Eun Hye’s take on the trend in 2013.

Hani BangsHani Hair Roller

Blonde and Tousled

It’s hard to make a fashion-forward list without mentioning Hyuna and her white blonde, tousled look. The tousled look and blonde locks matched her fierce stage well. While a few lucky girls could maybe roll out of bed with similar hair, more could probably achieve it with a hairdryer, circle brush, and hairspray.

Hyuna Instagram HairHyuna Instagram Blonde

Hyuna wasn’t the only female to impress on-stage with the blonde, tousled look. It’s hard to think of blonde and not be reminded of Taemin’s hair in 2014, but it seems like SM Entertainment isn’t done with the look yet. Not only did Girls’ Generation’Taeyeon get a chart-topping solo song, she got a style to match her angelic tone and vocals — perhaps the regal answer to Hyuna’s fierce. Plus, it was hard not to appreciate Taeyeon’s braids at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong.

Girls Generation Taeyeon HairGirls Generation Taeyeon MAMA Hair

From the AOA Bob, to SHORT

No, we’re not talking about f(x)‘s Amber, even though her hair is always superb. However, it’s hard to think 2015 and short hair and not remember Cheetah, the winner of “Unpretty Rapstar.” While AOA‘s Choa got raves for her hair in 2014, Cheetah’s hair goes a little bit shorter and is just as killer. While not every girl may be keen on trying Cheetah’s bold makeup from the survival show, you can find plenty of pictures from post-”Rapstar” photoshoots featuring lighter tones and natural makeup, which proves an everyday look is absolutely achievable.

Cheetah Instagram HairCheetah Hair Solo

Singers weren’t the only ones to set hair trends this year. One of the most talked about styles of the second half of 2015 is from Go Jun Hee in MBC’s “She Was Pretty.” She was shown in numerous everyday roles, from work to dates to a natural “with friends or at home” look with accessories and different makeup; she made her short hair flirty, classy, professional, and lazy-but-still-appealing in all sixteen episodes, and we loved every bit of it.

Go Jun Hee Hair

Color, Color, Everywhere

What is a year in K-pop without a rainbow of color, especially in hair fashion? 2014 gave us the colored tips of Red Velvet’s long locks and it seems 2015 is continuing the color trend. First up, Hyuna. AGAIN, you say? Well, her stylist was on a roll. What can we say? While the rainbow look and mermaid hair become the talk of hair-trends around the world, it’s hard not to appreciate the blended, vibrant hues in Hyuna’s hair in her “Roll Deep” video.

Hyuna Mermaid HairHyuna Hair Color

Let’s also talk Hello Venus. While these girls didn’t rocket to fame like EXID, they still managed to gain more attention with their song “Wiggle Wiggle,” enough that many fans had good expectations for their follow-up. Perhaps “I’m Ill” isn’t your favorite song, but it’s hard not to watch the video and appreciate Lime’s blue with red streaks. It gained so much attention, the group even posted an endearing and artistic picture of Lime’s hair forming hearts.

Lime HairLime Hair Heart

JYP’s new girl group TWICE is the talk of the town, from their height to their looks. While Momo’s blonde is to be admired, a gust of wind blows past the girls and your eye may be drawn to a flash of color. Chances are, it’s Dahyun’s colored streaks in the under layer of her hair. Not keen on dying all of your hair or trying Red Velvet’s tips? Why not test out Dahyun’s hidden coloring? The convenient part is if it goes wrong, you have the top layer to cover most of it.

Dahyun Hair

Hairbands Are Cool

Not everyone is looking to go bright colors or drastic changes; sometimes we just want a little change. Choi Ji Woo in tvN’s “Twenty Again” may be just the inspiration you need. Her simple tool? A hairband. During several episodes she managed to pull off cozy and date-night looks with her use of a hairband and little fuss. Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need to achieve the perfect result.

Choi Ji Woo Hair

Keeping It Natural

Not everyone can color their hair or want a short cut. Some of us just want a simple, nice cut for school or work. Suggestion one — GFRIEND’s Yuju. Not only do we love her vocals, but her sleek hair and bangs go perfectly with the everyday tucked-in-shirt-with-skirt outfit that’s become characteristic of GFRIEND. She’s an everyday kind of girl we can use for inspiration without breaking the bank.

Yuju Fancafe

Next up, another 2015 rookie female — Oh My Girl’s YooA. Her hair’s a simple cut like Yuju’s but with straight-across bangs that run longer at the edges to curve around her face. It’s a ten-minute cut, simple and sweet, but YooA has spent her debut year giving us plenty of style ideas. You can catch pics of her with cute braids, a side pony-tail, back pony-tail, colored-streaks, a dozen hair accessories, or let-down. She’s the girl who takes an everyday look and knows how to change it and have fun.

YooA Hair

One of 2015’s young break-out stars, Kim Sae Ron, is our no bangs, cute as a button No. 3. While YooA and Yuju have different takes on bangs, you can watch “Hi! School: Love On” and appreciate Kim Sae Ron’s styling and hair (when you’re not watching the INFINITE members, of course). She may not have bangs, but she has loose mermaid waves and pulls off a ponytail look well. We’re looking forward to seeing more of her style now that she’s MCing on MBC’s “Music Core.”

Kim Sae Ron Hair

Continuing with young, simple, and lovely, we give you Kim So Hyun from “Who Are You: School 2015.” After making waves as a child-actress and playing younger versions of some of our favorite leading ladies in 2014, Kim So Hyun took on the “School” series, capturing our hearts as both the protective sister and bullied teenager. She follows the see-through bang trend with a long cut, but alternates during the show between straight hair and waves.

Kim So Hyun Hair

Are there any other 2015 fashion trends in hair that caught your eye? If you were to try one, what would it be? How would you make it your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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heytoto currently teaches ELL in South Korea and when she isn’t in line for something, can be found drinking a latte.

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