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[Drama 2016-2017] Hwarang 화랑


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Hwarang  화랑 : The Beginning

The Beautiful Knights




Director:  Yoon Sung Shik

[The King's Face, You're the Best Lee Shoon Shin, Bridal Mask]
Screenwriter: Park Eun Young
[Drama Special Like a Fairytale ,Drama Special Yeongdeok Women's Wrestling Team,Drama Special After the Opera]

Production Company: Oh!Boy Project (오보이프로젝트)
Executive Producer: Jung Hae Ryong
Producer: Kim Hyung Suk, Park Jung Hye (박성혜)
Production Manager: Han Suk Won (한석원)

To be pre-filmed.  the filming will begin in January, finish production in May and begin airing concurrently on KBS and Youku Tudou in Korea and China .
Network: KBS 
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Date: 2016-Sept-14 to 2016-TBA, Wednesday & Thursday 22:00




About the Show

Drama series depicts the story of Hwarang (literally "Flowering Knights") - an elite group of male youth in during the Kingdom of Silla. (Asianwiki)

The period drama about youth depicts the passion, love and brilliant coming-of-age story of Hwarang, the Flower Knights, who were strutting around in Seorabeol, the capital city of Silla Dynasty 1,500 years ago.(Hancinema)


Cast of Characters


Main Cast
Park Seo-joon as Moo-myung (Sun-woo rang)
Go Ara as Ah-ro
Park Hyung-sik as Sammaekjong
Choi Minho as Soo-ho
Supporting Cast
Kim Ji-soo as Queen Mother Jiso
Do Ji-han as Ban-ryu
Kim Tae-hyung as Han-sung
Choi Won-young as Ahn-ji gong
Lee Da-in as Soo-yeon
Jo Yoon-woo
Jin Joo-hyeong as Jang-hyun
Kang Dong-woo as Mu-cheol
Lee Min-ho
Lee Kwang-soo as Mak-mun






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Park Seo-joon, Go Ara, Park Hyung-shik courted for historical drama
by girlfriday | November 2, 2015 |


My first thought with this casting news is, Wow, that’s a pretty cast, followed closely by,Please don’t be 50 episodes long. ‘Cause I want to be watching this drama if they get these actors to sign on. A new sageuk is in the works called Hwarang, about the young and beautiful Hwarang warriors of the Silla dynasty (Queen Seon-deok’s era), and offers are out to the young and beautiful Park Seo-joon (She Was Pretty), Go Ara (You’re All Surrounded), and Park Hyung-shik (High Society) to star.


The new drama comes from Oh Boy Pictures, the production company behind the Flower Boy dramas on tvN (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Flower Boy Next Door). Sageuk seems like a departure for them, except when you consider the subject matter — the Hwarang were an elite group of highly educated young aristocratic warriors founded in the 6th century who were known for their beauty. Their name translates to: hwa = flower, rang = boy. So basically, the original flower boys.

It makes sense then, that the drama was originally called Hwarang: To the Beginning, if what they mean to do is go back to the origins of the flower boy. I wonder if that makes the series more like the youth-centered Sungkyunkwan Scandal than a conventional sageuk, though these days fusion is almost a given.

Park Hyung-shik has been offered the role of King Jinheung, who ruled Silla from 540 to 576 during the Three Kingdoms period. He took the throne at 15 and became one of Silla’s greatest kings, responsible for vastly expanding its territory and establishing the basis for the later unification of the kingdoms. Lady Mishil was one of his consorts, though nothing in the drama descriptions names her as a potential character in this story. Character descriptions weren’t provided for Park Seo-joon and Go Ara, and for now all three actors are unconfirmed.

Casting stories initially stated that the series was being shopped at KBS for a potential January premiere; but KBS denied that it was being considered for their schedule (which makes sense, since they’re already airing Murim School and Descended From the Sun). It seems like a lot is still up in the air with this production, but I hope it’ll find a broadcaster soon. What can I say — Flower Boy Warrior Legion sounds hot.

Hwarang is aiming to start shooting in December, for a January broadcast.

Via Osen, IS Plus, News1, Chosun





Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik Courted for Shilla Era Sageuk Drama Hwarang

Posted on November 2, 2015 by ockoala


Striking while the iron is hot is never a bad thing, especially in the fickle and short attention span world of entertainment. That’s why I’m not surprised to hear that Park Seo Joon is already in talks for another drama despite his currently drama She Was Pretty not even done airing yet. Looks like this particular drama production is looking for good looking current It Boys of K-drama because it’s also in talks for Park Hyung Sik to join.

The drama in question is a sageuk called Hwarang, set during the Shilla period of the 10th century historical Korea. It’s an era that’s very familiar for me since I watched all of Queen Seondeok about the titular Shilla queen, as well as Seo Dongyeo which was set during the conflict of the Baekjae and Shilla nations. Hwarang is about the historical Shilla era flower boy scholar-warriors called Hwarangs, so casting Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik is basically a no brainer. The drama is slated for KBS Mon-Tues in 2016, likely after Moorim School.




Park Hyung Sik’s idol-actor career continues to develop nicely in the acting component, with a drama stealing turn alongside Lim Ji Yeon in the SBS drama High Society earlier this year. Funnily enough, that drama offered the male lead role to Park Seo Joon first but he turned it down and eventually it went to Sung Joon. That wasn’t a very interesting role to be honest so Park Hyung Sik really lucked out in getting a better role even if it was the second male lead. I’ll keep my eye on Hwarang to see how the final casting shakes out, but it’ll be interesting if both Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik accepts since neither has done a sageuk before.





2016 Sageuk Hwarang to Be Fully Pre-filmed and Confirms First Leading Man in Park Hyung Sik

Posted on December 10, 2015 by ockoala


Park Hyung Sik is certainly a young actor willing to challenge himself. I think he’s fared exceedingly well in his last three acting forays – he got positive face time in the big name packed cast of Heirs, stepped up to young leading man opposite heavy weights in weekend dramaWhat’s With this Family, and deftly stole the drama as the second male lead in High Society. I’m not certain that having potential and being a good project picker means his next acting gig will work out, but I like him so much that I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Park Hyung Sik is confirmed for 2016 flower boy laden sageuk Hwarang, based on the legendary flower boy noble scholar warriors of the same name during the Shilla era. The drama is taking a page from the playbook of both Descendants of the Sun and Arbitrarily Fond, Hwarang will also be pre-filmed and aims to air simultaneously in Korea and China sometime in mid-2016.




With Park Hyung Sik confirmed, the other two courted leads Park Seo Joon and Go Araremain in serious talks to do the drama as well. I don’t think this drama is anywhere done with main casting yet, and fully expect lots more pretty faces to join up with the Hwarang brigade before filming starts in early January. It is reportedly scheduled to film for three plus months to end around May, and hopefully by then the approvals in China will have come down and the drama can air in the summer.






News bites: December 13, 2015

by awcoconuts | December 13, 2015 | 


  • A few updates on the sageuk Hwarang: It will begin filming in January, finish production in May and begin airing concurrently on KBS and Youku Tudou in Korea and China next June. As of now, Park Hyung-shik has confirmed, while Park Seo-joonand Go Ara are still in talks. The number of episodes is still TBD. [Osen]






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@Seiran029, Hi and thank you for starting the thread, and for all the updates you provided.  I am excited for this upcoming drama. I hope Park Seo-Joon confirms. Loving the concept.

Viki already has a potential page for this drama with almost 700 followers!  ban-woohoo.gif

Everyone, please click on the + sign to follow the channel.


 Also, please submit Title Requests  to Viki

for :  Hwarang - 화랑


Time to shoutout to some friends... @valsava, @jadecloud, @suchadiva42, @ororomunroe, @evie7, @bebebisous33, @eunsuhae, @gerrytan8063, @MaknaeC, @andy78, @kaeruchan, @liddi, @zenya22, @SMP567, @ChelseaS, @czakhareina,



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Hello  @irilight

How are you? 
A sageuk about " An elite group of highly educated young aristocratic warriors founded in the 6th century who were known for their beauty.." that in itself sounds like a lot of fun!   

Thank you very much for the invitation.

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Waving hi to @suchadiva42, @gerrytan8063, @SMP567   wave-smiley.gif


@gerrytan8063 Queen Seondok had a similar effect on me. ( although I did not travel to Gyeongju ...)   I love Kim Nam-Gil's Bidam... And even now, as I think of Hwarang, I think about some of QS's Hwarang characters. I wonder if this drama might bring some of them back.

Regarding Viki, even if it is not available in people's neck of the woods so to speak, if they sub it, the subbed versions will find their way to other sites that are available for other countries. At least, that is what we have seen so far.

@suchadiva42, me too. I hope PSJ confirms.

@SMP567, I thought you would like....

There is an interesting article in Wiki about the Hwarang.



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Very pretty cast if everyone confirmed. I think they will push back shooting again since there is only one cast confirmed. No confirmed air date. No writer. No director. :sweatingbullets:

June might not be possible too. They wanted to shoot till May but China will need more than a month to review the drama before allowing it to broadcast. 

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@irilight Hello chingu. Thanks for your shoutout. Though I'm not much of a saguk genre fan, I'm beginning to love this genre, and this looks interesting. With @gerrytan8063 also watching it, even better! I know we are all in for pretty superb k-history and k-culture treats from him. :P 

@Seiran029 thanks for starting this thread :) Hello everyone *waves*and I see familiar 'faces'...hehe :P 



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Park Hyungsik Hopes to Film “Hwarang” Without Stunt Doubles



Park Hyungsik recently underwent a pictorial shoot for the January-February 2016 issue of The Star magazine. The concept for this pictorial was “afternoon tea party for the new year.” Park Hyungsik looked sweet and fun in the pictorials.



In the interview following the pictorial shoot, he talked about his recent news, hobbies, and his acting philosophy.

He will soon be filming the new drama “Hwarang,” and he said, “I am really looking forward to it. This is my first time in a historical drama, and I have learned martial arts ( i read the original article, Hyungsik meant he has 4th dan in kendo)  and horseback riding before. So I hope to shoot as many scenes as possible without a stunt double.”

Of his recent hobbies, he said, “I’ve been learning scuba diving. I also enjoy shooter games.”



cr soompi

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Well, big day... All three confirmed...!    happy white cloud

Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik and Go A-ra’s drama to premiere in July

Actors Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik and Go A-ra confirmed Tuesday they will star in a new drama “Hwarang” which will hit the airwaves in July on the KBS network.

Periodic drama “Hwarang”, set in the ancient Silla Kingdom (B.C. 57-A.D. 935), centers around young elite warriors of the kingdom, known as the hwarang.

In the drama Park Seo-joon (“She Was Pretty) takes on the male lead role of Sunwoo Rang, a hwarang, while singer-actor Park Hyung-sik of ZE:A plays Sam Maek-jong, who laters become King Jinheung of Silla.


Actress Go A-ra will play the female lead, who steals the hearts of both men.

The 100 percent preproduced series is helmed by director Yoon Sung-sik (“Bridal Mask,” “You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin” and “The King’s Face”) and penned by rising screenwriter Park Eun-young.

“Hwarang” will premiere in July on KBS2.



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Hwarang: The Beginning, has confirmed casting


Park Seo-joon, Park Hyungsik, and Go Ara

Seo-joon, Park Hyungsik, and Go Ara

Hwarang: The Beginning has confirmed casting for Park Seo-joon, Park Hyungsik, and Go Ara for the youth historical drama.

Park Seo-joon, Park Hyungsik and Go Ara have been cofirmed for Hwarang: The Beginning.Hwarang means flowering knights which were an organization of young male knights/ royalty pursuing both character and physical training.

This is the first drama to take place entirely during the Silla Dynasty (57 BC – 935 AD) . The drama takes place during the middle of the Shilla dynasty 1500 years ago, in the Shilla capital city of Seorabeol. This is a historical drama that following the criss crossing paths of these flowery men. The drama follows the loves and passions of these Hwarang. Hwarang: The Beginning is KBS 2TV’s big 2016 project drama. It is being produced by Oh Boy Project, written by Park Eun-young and directed by Yoon Seong-shik

The hot young actor from the 2015 miniseries She Was Pretty, Park Seo joon, returns to play Son Woo-lang, the dog and bird like Hwasang.

The hot young actor from the 2015 miniseries She Was Pretty, Park Seo joon, returns to play Son Woo-lang, the dog and bird like Hwasang.

With the casting done Hwarang: The Beginning is expected to begin shooting in the near future, and has the goal of beginning broadcast in July or August this year.




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Hello! I'm fan of PSJ and i'm so happy that he'll have a new drama this year. I'll support him to the end! PSJ fighting!!

I see some familiar names in this thread *wave*

Here another news about PSJ-GAR-PHS cast for 'Hwarang..

Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and Hyungsik confirmed to star in youth drama 'Hwarang'


Upcoming historical KBS drama 'Hwarang' has confirmed its young, star-studded cast! The three leads have been officially confirmed to be Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and ZE:A's Hyungsik


The drama 'Hwarang: The Beginning's staff confirmed the news on January 5. Hyungsik's agency had also confirmed the casting a month ago while Park Seo Joon and Go Ara were still deciding at the time.


The drama is described as a youth, historical drama about the 'flower boys' during the Kingdom of Silla, and their passion and love and growth. Park Seo Joon plays the male lead, Hyungsik will play the second male lead and Go Ara will be the character loved by both men.

Filming begins soon and the drama plans to air in July or August.


source: allkpop

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@Seiran029 thank you so much for starting this thread!

i am in hybernation mode so this looks good for me since it will start in summer and hopefully i will have the luxury of time to watch something.

i am a big PSJ fan and was happy reading this news on AKP and DB.

this would be an addition to his long resume of good acting jobs, a sageuk, yay!

@ilwoo_aein *waves* chinguya of course he will always look good on anything... or nothing? lols

@suchadiva42 annyeong chingu!

@irilight thanks for the updates!

@everyone nice meeting all of you and thank you for the updates.

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