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Go Kyung Pyo ❤ Ryu Hye Young| Sunwoo ❤ Bora NOONA COUPLE| Reply 1988

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When Sunwoo meets Bora

I genuinely thinks that go kyung pyo should marry ryu hye young after watching this...

What i found while watching this isnt just simple chemistry or flirtatious vibe ...the vibe i got was they need to grow old together..adoration...love..friendship

I hope that their friendship can grow into life long partnership as a man and woman :)


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Woah! There's a SunBora thread! I super love their team-up! Their chemistry is unbelievable! I think their kissing scenes where hot and It makes me wonder if the don't feel anything other than friendship after thise sizzling kisses! I continue to rewatch their scenes and still get the same feelings I got when I first watched it! 

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guys....how are you??...

neway i want to said that.... sunbora story still alive....


1) on 20th dec 2017 in lets eat dinner together variety show, the owner of the house that invite them to eat dinner together is the "same surname" marriage couple. Then mc kang hodong refer to the "reply 1988 story". Which is our beloved couple...sunboraaaa~~~~



2) is during wise prison life (sin PD latest drama after R88). The main leads and family is watching a drama and it is R88 and the scene showed is our Sunbora sceneeeeeeeeeee~~~~



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