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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016-2017] The Legend of Flying Daggers 飞刀又见飞刀

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16 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

What have we here? Another adaptation of Xiao Li Fei Dao?

Lots of nice looking boys and girls at the helm. ;) None of which are familiar to me.


there is always so many adaption of the series but we shall see if all those effect will spoil the show....as i found sometimes all those effect they pour in kinda kill the drama itself

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The actors and actresses look great!

Hawick Lau never seems to age, and Emma Wu looks as sweet as ever.

I am not a fan of Wuxia, but based on the beautiful stills alone, I am sold. ^^

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Yang Rong is such a good actress and I'm happy she is leading role but Hawick is just such a mediocre actor with good looks he lacks chemistry with all his leading ladies except Yang Mi but then again she is his wife but I secretly wished it was Kenny instead he is really an underrated actor 

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