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That statement from DS mom in ep 2 that i cant forget "the star of the show always shows up last!" When i read it i was like :w00t::phew:

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Guest gerimisore

I remember a few pages back someone (I’m really sorry I forgot who) mentioned  the reason why Taek suddenly confessed to his friends is because of what Junghwan said beforehand. As I think about it, and re-watch that particular scene, I have to agree on this one.

I think his confession is purely unprepared. No hidden purposes. No harm intended. Also it is NOT because he knows Junghwan  is having a crush on Deoksun nor actually wants to challenge him (although I rather waver at the idea that Taek, as the great observant that he is, perhaps  notices something in the way Junghwan treats Deoksun but not quite sure what it is).

I see his confession as a spontaneous action resulted from Junghwan’s statement that doubting Taek would ever fall  for 'someone like Deoksun' when in reality he has so many girls chasing after him.

Taek is pretty much his usual calm self  when Dongryong and Sunwoo tease him. But once Junghwan blurts out his remark stating that ‘why would he like Deoksun? It’s not like he is crazy’, you can see that he’s rather... displeased? His gaze changes. I think Taek is rather offended by that and thus resulting in him saying “I like it”.

He counter attack Junghwan’s statement by saying implicitly that ‘there is nothing wrong in liking Deoksun’. He said it TWICE whilst directly looking at him. And it’s not just that. Taek also feels the need to clarify his statement that he likes Deoksun not as a  friend, but as a woman. If it’s boxing, Junghwan has been KO-ed thrice.

This sequence of scenes is both poignant and beautiful for me. While I mourn over Junghwan (because this boy is just equally precious and his brokenhearted expression is indeed painful to watch), I have to applaud Taek for standing up for his belief. He shows me that he is a man with voice. The one who is not embarrassed of showing what or who he likes and will not think twice in defending his choice to those who doubt him. He takes pride in what he choose. And his bravery of announcing to the whole room that he likes Deoksun as a woman to me feels like his way of saying, “Deoksun, the girl that grew up with us, the  girl that although rather dumb most of the times but always stay sunny, cheer us up when we’re blue, the girl who is brave beyond words but actually really caring, the only flower among us, she is not lacking in any way and deserved to be loved too. 

And from that fact alone, I fell for Taek even more.


ADDED: To think again, it's such an irony that Junghwan brought the misery to himself. If only he's not being somewhat 'insecure' over hearing Taek's answer to Sunwoo's "She's not bad, right?", in which later causing him to throw a provoking remark towards Taek, I doubt Taek will just casually declaring his love right then and there. After all Taek is too used to being teased by them. But, boy, I do understand Junghwan position too. (speaking from personal experience) Being a cautious secret admirer is indeed hard. 

And yet again, over and over, I am left amazed by our boy. Assuming that he's the baby of the group, Taek once again proves me that he is able to stand up on his own, when he needs to.


I actually have A WHOLE LOT, mostly random things, to say about our OTP, the families, Taek, Deoksun, the whole Ssangmun-dong squad, but it frustrates me because I'm not good at explaining and writing in English. I always end up not finding the right word and making the whole paragraph sounds stupid. LOL. So I apologize in advance for the grammar errors, unfitting diction, etc.

Anyway, I LOVE reading all of your posts. Keep them coming!

This thread is <3

Warm hug to all of you wonderful ladies from all around the world~! \^^/


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@gerimisore Darling, I can't believe your native language isn't English. You write so, so well! May I ask where you are currently? I sit before my laptop in St. Louis, USA.

Also, I just checked out your art. (+!!!) Your talent is truly marvelous. I love that your drawings are not direct copies of existing pics-- you take a character, capture their essence and spirit, all while showing your own unique style. :) please draw some DS/TK art if you ever have the time!! 

[omg, and your photography. It's hurts to look at it ... that's how beautiful they are :')]

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1 hour ago, Meliere said:

@hafunohane OMG your post about episode 0!!!! 

I worship you. The end. 

Edited to add:

Also, when I watched episode 0, I was struck by the character introductions and how Taek is the ONLY character not mentioned to have a relationship with DS. This was the sequence:

1. DS

2. SW - we are told he and DS *may* become first loves

3. JH - we are told he and DS has a 'charged' bickering relationship

4. DR - we are told he and DS are derp soulmates *insert dance scenes*

5. TK - we are told how hard PBG prepared for his role. No mentions of his relationship with DS ... EVEN THOUGH now we know they have the deepest childhood bond of all. 


Do I smell a twist? Oh yes, indeed!

though i dislike to compare old season but maybe the troll pd just used episode 0 to troll viewer again and mislead the lead guy like how in episode 0 of R94 almost everyone is super sure Chilbong (which seem to be everyone fav word lol) is the leading guy and no one ever suspect Trash oppaya is even the contender for NJ heart at all since they make everyone think he is real oppa of NJ like Noeul so the biggest twist when the drama actually start is Trash is not the oppa and the real rival for the girl instead..

so im just sayin that they apply the same trolling formula in ep0 that cute Taekki is is not a threat for the girl heart he just the cute boy everyone need to protect even putting him faraway in the poster like he is a loner and mislead people to think it SW, JH and even DR that gonna form triangle but they keep the real surprised that it is Taek who people least expected to be the real rival..

like myself i thought it gonna be between SW&JH only in beginning

but then the twist everything with SW is just misunderstanding and he is out from the game so fast lol(i originally in this ship tbh so it sink faster than the Taektanic joke)  i dunno if i have time to be sad since Taek is fast stealing my heart from SW anyway lol XD

since i thought Taek might become the Hoya/Binggrae type and DR not even in my list since he already become the Haitai type(not exactly same but the one that never have chance from beginning but still the closest friend of DS that not involves in the romance mess)

well JH they make him like the cliche or typical male lead criteria the one who always argue with heroine and all the romance stuff we know gonna happen..well i really like JH when he is with his family and the JH before he all melodramatic after find his feeling and Taek feel..i don't think i would jump into his ship esp if he continue to be emo 24hr since for now as cute as he is with DS but i just feel nothing even if majority of the hint might be pointing to him but im the type who go to the chemistry which make me root for them which i find in Taek&DS instead..

for me EVERY SINGLE SCENE happening between Taek&DS is extremely fun and interesting..

he love her the way she is with all the crazy dance,even calling her cute after the mice incident, tbh i already feel his attraction to her since first ep when she petting his butt saying he should grow up to marry her and he look really happy at that comment so not gonna surprise if he already fall for her since long ago even before the china arc..

what i love is they super natural with each other

and she totally fine and understand Taek the way he is and don't even mind him smoking..but for the romance part need to start she need to stop treating him like kid and see him as a man..

it might just be a baby step but the part at the beach where he protect her is the first step she admit he is a man, though it might mean nothing for other but that part where he lean at her shoulder after losing and tired her reaction is what interest me like it just normal thing for them having skinship and hug in past why suddenly she look nervous like something change inside of her but probably not thinking much but that small change might lead to something big who know lol..

and my fave part where they both see the flasher im so glad they keep Taek in character and don't suddenly go on hero mode closing her eys or hitting the guy but he just as shock as her and he himself see another side of DS only he know so they both keep each other secret outside the gang..

whoever the husband i just need for Taek and DS continue having this special relationship and even if she later knew her feeling i hope she won't change like how she did with SW and JH...just be the DS/Sooyeon that Taek like

and another thing i totally ship Bogum&Hyeri irl just how cute are they (though i heard he is heavily ship with Irene RV lol)

if Taek continue get titanic fate i would continue shipping Hyeri&Bogum lol

and another thing i definitely disagree when people keep saying he is Chilbong 2.0 since beside that genius part he is nothing like CB...they are completely different people even if at end both don't get girl but still i will not say he is CB2.0 since there only one CB and there only one Taek..

Chilbong is Chilbong and Taek is Taek...

Taek definitely becoming one of most interesting character ever exist i glad i find the gem of Bogum through this drama..

and the friendship between JH-DS-Taek is too deep and wonderful that whatever happen in the triangle their friendship is still strong in future..

and i truly love how much the family and friendship aspect is being the main focus in drama it more refreshing <3 

i love all family and i really love whenever the 5 musketeers together in their Taek's room as HQ and i love how Taek is like the center of everyone like he will always get mention without the need to be in scene that just show what an important character he is..

lastly whoever the husband the result will always be my lovely Gutaeng hyung the one and only Kim Joohyuk <3 

so yeah i won't really get much butthurt even my otp sink since i still gonna get Kim Joohyuk as the husband lmao..

btw in my heart i still want Taek to be the husband of course...like the famous quote it not over until it over lol so i hope maybe this time the writer decide to not follow the cliche ending and decide the neighborhood lovable golden boy might become the ultimate winner at the end like how patient he is even more than 10 hours he still can win

even after 20ep of people think he not the husband than he gonna have the last polite laugh of all beside isn't the star always appear last lol:P

ok sorry for long post gonna go back lurking..


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While some people argue that JH would be the husband because this series show how much DS loved by JH's father, and thus makes her a perfect daughter in law, i have a very contradictory opinion. For me, the center of this series is DS (although sometimes she drowns among other characters, cant blame her though, this series has some seriously good and unique characters), so for me the husband should be the one who has that special bonding with her family. Although JH and DS lived closer with each other (well they practically lived on the same house), i think it's TK who has a closer relationships with all members of DS family. We already saw a beautiful moment between him and DS' father when his mother passed away. As for DS mother, we witnessed how she dotes on TK a lot (that prideful gaze when celebrating TK's win in 2nd episode, asking DS to invite TK for dinner. And NL, this guy is always updated with TK's schedule and result. i think really he looks up on TK. while for BR, well the interaction is very limited, but at least it's more compared to BR's interaction with JH.

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Guest gerimisore

@Meliere Omg, you mentioned me! And you're checking my art! >< Haha :D I legit fangirl on almost every single one of your posts because of how well-written they are. I remember you mentioned somewhere that  you're Yvian on Dramabeans? I love your comments there too! You write so beautifully it makes me jealous ^^ LOL. I basically jealous over everyone who is good at writing in English :D

Yes. I do have a plan on drawing a TK-DS fanart. I just have to make the time since I've been quite busy with commission lately. I hope I can draw it soon <3

Oh, and by the way I'm from Indonesia ^^ English is my 3rd language, so apologize for any kind of grammar errors. Hehe. Your words make me want to study English even harder. Thank you~


@mellinadear thank you so much! ^^ <3

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2 hours ago, hafunohane said:

hi guys, i just finished watching the entire episode 0 with no subs. so a few things caught my eye:


1. the first peek into TK's room. the camera pans down from the ceiling, the friends are lying down on the floor on each other's lap save for DR. (as seen in my previous post's photo.) what is that green jacket doing there really? doesn't look like something TK would wear. 



4. Again, towards the very end of the song (notice my time slider at the bottom) when they showed us the OST part 1's MV, the screen displays montage of each character listening to the song on the radio/ walkman. The very last person shown to be listening is TK, and then we cut to the singers, ending the song. 



This is beautiful and insightful.  Thanks.  I am sorry to cut your post short but I feel like this episode 0 also highlights what I wrote before that Taek is central to the story and these may be his memories/recollections that he treasures.  It saddens me though the last lines of the song "youth" in the pictures above is "my young sonata (love song) is sad."   I hope that is not the theme of this series.  

I do think interesting that in episode 0, it said AM1997 was about the authenticity of first love.  For AM1994, it said, all the loves in 1994, in the name of youth, it shined brilliantly.  So what is the love theme of AM1988?  I hope it is not the last line.  

All the songs when couples are shown in this though seems to be about remembering lost loves, at least that is what I recall.  Maybe it is just recalling bittersweet memories of youth that has gone by, and not necessarily love?

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On 12/16/2015 at 9:18 AM, ninaanin said:

Therefore, to me the effect is really poor and shows only how the love line between DS-JH is poorly written and not interesting. (Maybe because it is so but so much cliché!?). (I’m not bashing JH, I think he is really an endearing guy, what I’m saying is only that to me his love line arc is poorly written, that’s all, and it doesn’t help that most of his time on screen is related to his love story).

About DS’s crush on JH. Yeah, I agree with people who say she starts liking him because her friends, and now I think it will be almost impossible that the writers will change this course. However, what I feel weird is that DS never remembers anything meaningful that JH did for her, aside the “don’t go” which is confirmation that “he likes me”. But every other JH’s action and present she just forgot about it. Maybe it isn’t important to be pointed in the narrative, but the absence of remembering “sweet memories” doesn’t help to build up the feeling in me that her feelings are deep or based in strong/meaningful reasons. This is why I think it is poorly written, ‘cause I think their pair is the OTP, but their love line arc is … yeah. It would make a refreshing story if TK would turn out to be the husband, but I don’t believe this will happen

On 12/16/2015 at 0:21 AM, Meliere said:

We see this over and over again in kdramas, and in the JH-DS line: two people who've previous not shown interest in each other are brought together by a strange conspiracy of 'god knows what' forces. Oops! why are we squished together by accident even though the alley has more than enough space for us to spread out? Oops! why did our basement floor crack just so we can live together? Oops! did i really actually rip your shirt on the bus? Oops! how come I never knock just so I can catch you half naked! Oops! I need to pee and somehow sleepwalk into your bed too? It's charming when people are given a *chance* to be together by a mysterious working of fate. But for it to be convincing and carry narrative power, it can only happen once or twice, and cannot be the driving motivation behind a relationship. When the plot keeps on throwing out all these convenient excuses to bring otp together, then we traverse into fan-servicing and lazy writing.

YES TO ALL THESE POINTS *SLOW CLAP* Ok, as an indecisive shipper (i will go down with one of the ships either way), these 2 summed up why i still think JH-DS is endgame for now (as much as i love TK), and also why I WON'T FEEL SAD AT ALL if they're not. I know this is a TK-DS thread so I apologize in advance for talking about JH/DS here. 

My thoughts as to why we are given these cliche scenes:


- I agree that they give JH/DS almost all the kdrama cliche moments so far, with the falling asleep on his shoulder during the bus ride + the alley scene especially. for a drama who has been consistently nailing all the other true- to- life aspects of situations, events, and relationships in the late 80s, the way they made these scenarios for JH/DS seem like an afterthought/ fanservice more than anything. this is especially visible for those who actually love this drama as a whole and only think of the husband hunt as one part of the equation.

- BUT, these cliches are what i think make the majority, including me, believe that JH/DS is the endgame. it's tough not to, you know, when it's screaming in front of our eyes. see, after R1994, i have barely any hopes left that R1988 is gonna turn out that differently compared to its predecessors. it's comforting enough to know that at least this time they've made the other contender a very interesting character that can stand on his own feet. yet i doubt they would drift so far away from the exhausted bickering- friends- turned- lovers trope. why? because they want the ratings. this is also why they make the episode 1.5 hours+ long (ad revenues people). plus they were successful last time (twice at that) with that kind of romance. and as special as this drama is, it's still a k-drama, which is why i say they need the cliches. 

- Another reason why: JH's character as an individual is already developed early on. we've seen his awkwardness with his parents, how he saved his friends, and his stalker-ish mannerism. trust me, the last 2 episodes (11&12) are the saddest for JH/DS shippers because gone are almost all the things we love about their relationship. without the bickering, it's almost like it's compulsory that we are given the cliches to show that the heartbreak and union are coming our way. we're shown the cliches because i personally can't really rely on Hyeri's subtlety in acting for me to read between the lines, as much as i love her performance so far. we are moving away from JH as an individual and shifting the focus to his loveline with DS, because there are still 8 episodes left and they need to keep the mystery for as long as they can because that's one of the huge things that lure the viewers.

- I've said this time and again: we should not rely on the future scenes (or present/2015). this is why i never overanalyze the adult DS/SY (i kinda want her to go to college lol) scene with the adult hubby in 2015. this is because they've done this before in 1994 (they teased us way harder that time). future hints lean more in favor of CB.. but we all know how that one ended. 


- I find TK/DS story to be more believable. i noticed this when DS/SY (let's go to college) provided all his needs in China, which many people labeled as "motherly." Realistically speaking, in real life, in all of the relationships i've observed, i see couples doing things for one another all the time. far from romantic, swoon-worthy things at that. it's like how my mom prepares coffee for my dad in the morning like it's the most natural thing to do. it doesn't make me go "aww, that's sweet," but it doesn't make me go "mom's treating dad like he's a baby, can't he go make coffee himself?" either. mind you, my dad is also very single- minded like TK and a chronic workaholic, and he HAS to have someone bring him his food/ drink whenever he's concentrating at work. 

- It's going to go down in history as the drama that is VERY BRAVE to go against the current. they've done this so far with the toilet scene, in which they allow DS/SY to save herself. girl gets all my brownie points. and seriously, as realistic as JH is as an 18 yr old who shows denial about his crush, his character pales in comparison to TK. i agree with what @Meliere said about how we are a set of contradictions as imperfect human beings. TK, i believe, is as close as it gets to a k-drama's portrayal of a wholesome person.



- What if it's actually THIS simple? what if at the end of the day, it's just a story of two childhood friends who grow up together realizing that they can grow old together? finding each other's flaws endearing (DS with the dance, TK with the swearing), complaining about their clumsiness, but still bringing them food? laughing together while playing stupid snack tricks? keeping each other's secrets and letting them finish their crying? naturally holding hands, putting a piece of meat on their bowl but also occasionally steal a portion of their rice? the above beach scene, even with the slo-mo, feels like a great moment between two very close people more than anything to me. then again i may be biased because this took place after ALL the swoon-worthy JH/DS moments. but like i said, i'm glad DS didn't immediately change the way she sees TK after this or after the smoking scene, because then it would make this scene yet another cliche. and i really love that they did not show any 2015 scene in this episode, aptly titled "Memories," because so far, we still do not know whose memory this is.


- Remember this umbrella scene? it's when mom was so fed up with Sungdaddy for all his shortcomings. but then, when she took the prettier umbrella, it failed to shield her from the rain. this is how good this drama is with portraying realistic romance between couples. if this is another foreshadowing, i won't even be surprised. i can see this with TK/DS, since he's forgotten to give her the Manitto present before, and how his present is not the exact same pair of gloves that DS wanted (yet it's the one she chose to wear). but they'd need to hard-sell me on this with JH/DS. and this is coming from me, a JH/DS shipper who is urgently waiting for their kiss scene to happen. 

- Meanwhile when and if JH/DS get together, i'm pretty sure, that moment is gonna be one of the grandest scenes in the entire drama, either by means of setting/event (maybe a kiss scene) or just the way it's cinematically shot, with the music etc.. (they've been building up the concert plot for several episodes now). and this is expected, because we still have 8 episodes left and they'd need to outdo themselves with the cliche scenes (i'm gonna refrain from calling them the OTP until it's confirmed lol)

@gerimisore YOU ARE DOING REALLY WELL! and if by any chance i can help you translate these thoughts you have, just pm me and that way i can improve my mother tongue and you get to share to your heart's content, so win- win :)   

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I just finished my finals this morning and I felt the need to start writing something. I'm normally a DS/JH shipper but the Taek and Deoksun scene really spoke to me so I had to write something like a light drabble. Don't get too offended lol..

                                       The Light aka where Taek takes half of Deoksun's first kiss

As the car stirred to a stop, Taek opened his bleary eyes to the familiar scene of his Ssangmun neighborhood block. He thanked Mr. Yoo before being reminded of another tiring match for the next day.

The cold air immediately hit Taek's bones as he left the car but did nothing to wake his depleted energy. He only strengthened his grip onto his bag and dragged his feet towards home, keeping his head down in a slump. In those few moments, he was dead to the world: even the sound of enthusiastic footsteps behind him didn't reach his ears.

"Oh, Master Choi~" A familiar, bright voice reminded him of morning's light, waking him up from a deep slumber. Even just the sound alone of Deoksun made his lips break into a foolish grin.

"And lift your head," she said with her ever enthusiastic smile. Once Taek's eyes settled on Deoksun's face alone, the weight of the day's work, the endless journey of mindless baduk matches seemed like a distance away. The urge to get closer, to get more comfortable, to walk to the light was itching at his skin.

One step.

Two steps.


Taek focused on her alone and the world seemed to disappear. Her lips were moving but to him, it was silent. With a firm grasp of her wrist, he brought himself closer to her. The vision of her disappeared as he tilted his head downward; their cheeks met side by side as his lips touched the corner of hers, subtle and light before he rested his head on her shoulder.

He felt her hesitate before stirring alive again, "You … You've worked hard."

It was with those words that made everything worth it again. He would endure countless baduk matches, if he could come home to her--to these words.

Taek's lips curled into a satisfied smile into her shoulder as the two stood there for a long while.

Thank you.

*[ Can someone tell me a better wording for "Mr. Yoo" and "Master Choi" or at least the romanization, these words are just so cringey. Both can be found in that scene in ep. 12 + I didn't want Taek to take her first kiss so idk how I ended up writing this tbh / my major is Compsci not English so I'm sorry if there are mistakes and it sounds rly amateur n' flowery lol ]

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wow the videos and the beautiful essays ( poems for some?) just have me humming along

ok something i found

so the two album cover zoomed in on in the intro of taeks room in ep1  is both albums from the group Deulgukhwa(들국화) ( the Beatles of korea according to google) 

then in ep 2 taeks only gift from the gang for his birthday is Jeon Ingwon's solo cassette ( he is part of the above group) ( which they mention is the only music Tk listens too cough and ds hands it to him cough)

now on the ost of Answer me 1988 they have the song Deulgukhwa "Chrysanthemum": Everyday With You \ 들국화 매일 그대와 영어자막 

nowwww Chrysanthemum is greek for



now eng subs for the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zXuytT-WtQ 



i just realized Tk fave bands name is for a wild yellow flower


to corner of the album isnt showing buttttt



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Last night I realized something, why I haven't believe on DS-JH (yet).. If the story time is correct, JH said don't go to DS blind date is before the beach scene.. But then we have this beautiful beach scene.. Where DS still being herself and spend good times with TK while JH went home with others..and then the gang meet in JH house and scold DS because she hurts TK and ask her to take responsibility.. 

Imo, If DS really likes JH, she won't said that she will take responsibility in front of the guy that she likes.. She even smile to TK and seems so happy about it.. I know maybe it just a joke but when she likes someone, she changes her behavior but that time she hasn't towards JH.. After that (after TK seems reject her, DR ask TK whether he likes DS or not in front of everybody and TK answers no) and after her friends ask again, she starts to like JH.. Again not because all the things JH already did to her but just one specific moment.. When he said no to the blind date..  For me the foundation is not strong.. Again it just my opinion 

and when she got nosebleed, she was happy because she can spend time and eating with JH but then her mother asked her to brought food for TK.. She can just left the food and back to JH, instead she's waiting for him to eat the food.. She prioritized TK again.. It means, is either she is really a good friends or she likes TK more than JH..

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So I re-watched the Taek confession scene in ep 10 and noticed that the green checkers weren't fallen then, but shouldn't it be if Junghwan was green, considering he would have been hurt? They were lying down when Junghwan told Deok Sun not to go on the blind date, I assume because Taek is the one that has fallen, since Deok Sun knows Junghwan likes her now and is beginning to gain feelings for Junghwan. 

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8 hours ago, Meliere said:


I also super agree with everything @mustardmaimai wrote about Taek as a character. I love that, despite some consistencies (his kindness, his adoration of his friends, the tenderness with which he treats DS), he is essentially a body of contradictions as well. I find that SUCH good writing. What is 'personal identity' anyway? I mean most of us commit to a set of beliefs ('I want to be a good person', 'I am hardworking and ambitious'), but outside of these commitments we are so complicated and varied as *people*. Who of us isn't everything all at once? Someone good at math may be directionally challenged. Someone who is generous and a good father may be cheating on his wife. A shy wallflower may be outspoken and eloquent amongst friends. In this sense, Taek is marvelously captivating and believable to me. You can never *pin* him on a single description. Or, as Whalt Whitman wrote, "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes."

i had to unlike your comment just so i could like it again chingu

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In my opinion, Teak's confession to friends, not because he want to answer Jung Hwan's statement, but because he wants to protect DS.

When DR and SW was laughing because they couldn't believe someone might like DS, especially their Teak, and Jung Hwan said that Why did he like DS?, he just want to confirm that DS is deserved to be liked. Then he explained, it isn't because she is her close friend, but she is a good girl that he fall in.

As you remember with the game of Manicto ( sorry I can't remember the right name), DS used to say to No Eul, is it she deserved to be love, and PDnim let Teak shows that she is better than that.

Step by step, we saw that Teak being more manly, and DS being more girly, and, there is no reason refuse a happy ending for our Teaksun.

Keep sailing Chingus! 33 hours left!!!

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Its funny because when i watch the ep for the first time I never saw his confession as an attack on Jh more so as I felt tk felt attacked for his own feelings, and didn't like how the guys were deciding for him to feel this and that. Whether it is romantic or platonic, there is no denying that tk really values Ds as a person, so i felt that from the scene...but some people interpreted it as him signaling something with jh which funny enough in the next 2 episodes we realized that he doesn't know how jh feels and wasnt starting anything with him ( that would be chilbong thing to do)

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yes I agree with @libra83, he just defend the girl who he likes.. And like @mangachickava said, I also never think, not even once that he wants to attack JH, he just wants to tell them that he's really value DS.. I just found really funny when some people blame TK because he said his feeling..of course he sees JH because he answer JH statement.. JH is the one that said to TK 'he must be crazy to like DS'.. 

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