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Last March 5, 2016 was the Reply 1988 concert. Unfortunately, Park Bo Gum wasn't there, but SunTaeks and SunBora fans have no chill and we international fans are happily supporting in their losing of chill. 

Their fan donations reached the news portal as well! http://media.daum.net/press/newsview?newsid=20160310145406736

They donated a rice and had this beautiful design for the concert (let's not forget what they did for the fansign which will be of a different post). To quote bugominoona in twitter, Suntaeks donation is so lit, that the poster is literally have a light at the back for the dream like effect. 




See more of what they did on the spoiler below:




OK I can't find it anymore but there's a video of this, but yeahhh.

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Credit to the owner of gifs.



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Define Taek- Thoughtful friend, polite,sweet,innocent boy next door, generous neighbor, kind son, ideal son-in-law, ooze of sexiness, genius & rich guy, dazzling good looking man, loyal & loving lover..Taeken and husband of Deoksun!



























































Credit to the owner of gifs..



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If you're really a fan of Reply 1988, better look at fanart no. 1. It's like a treasure hunt. Just like the drama, it's more than meets the eye. With careful scrutiny you'd find hidden messages there. That's how detailed this composition is.

As for fanart no. 2. It's a REAL boardgame. It's really a Blue Marble Game Limited "Suntaek Edition." You can really play it with your friends.

The fanarts are not just fanarts. It's a well-thought of compositions by these very special people. We hope that you will appreciate the beauty of our entry.

Congrats to our participants in this round! I'm so proud of you guys. 





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4 hours ago, hafunohane said:

FANART 1: Baduk Ladder Formation + SunTaek Relationship Timeline 


Two paths, one yellow board

Longing look, to where it bent into singularity

Oh, sweet sweet gravity

It pulls him right back to her,

It pulls her right back to him

Is it fate?

Or collective steps leads to fortuity?

She is his binary star, orbiting each other

The green thread gliding his calm moves

Invisible but strong.





In the game of Baduk, a Ladder (シチョウ Shichou) is a basic sequence of moves in which an attacker pursues a group in atari in a zig-zag pattern across the board. If there are no intervening stones, the group will hit the edge of the board and be captured. (Wikipedia)


Ladder is a basic atari sequence to capture opponent. It can be translated to TK – DS’s pursuit of each other since they were very young. 6 scenes to be displayed:

1. Fish scene – Ladder formation number 1

2. Piggy ride – Ladder formation number 2

3. DS’s proposal – Ladder formation number 3

4. Vase trophy – Ladder formation number 4

5. Bridal carry – Ladder formation number 5

6. TK’s turtle proposal – Ladder formation number 6 (DEAD End, Black to play, White CAPTURED)


– White and Black has to move in precise moves in order to continue with ladder sequence. It’s a constant SENTE (moves that need to be answered) If one played elsewhere, then the other will gain advantage and ladder’s balance will be ruined. This TRANSLATES: Deoksun and Taek are both actually working for their destiny to be together. They have to do that move in that precise time to be where they are now.

– The ladder itself is destined to be an atari/ capture. So this is where FATE plays its part, it is the driving factor for both to be drawn to each other. The ripple effect is one that is caused by a simple action, one that gravitates outwards in perfect harmony and can be caused by the simplest of gestures. To newly motherless Taek, a simple gesture by Deoksun began the flow of events that culminated in their journey. This act of kindness, as sweet and golden as the colors and flavors of the fish candy given to Taek by Deoksun in their first meeting was just the beginning. It was their first stone, their first ripple, the first start of many gestures and allowances they made for each other.

– There is no clear boundary on who plays black or who plays white, as this is not a game, but Taek and Deoksun’s journey to capture each other’s hearts. So both are actively pursuing each other here, they can be either black or white.

– The scenes should be displayed in a circle format just like a clock/ baduk stone to represent a cycle.

Format: Digital Illustration

Made by: @gerimisore and #TheChosenOnes :)

FANART 2: Suntaek’s Love Story On A Board 



Love is the moments of peace and silence, of fluttering hearts and warm palms as they strolled SSAMUNDONG, hand in hand. Love is endlessly thinking about him in the STUDY ROOM, flushed with the prospect of something new and everlasting. Love is carrying her when she cannot walk across the SOCCER FIELD. And just like how this game is played, love is patient, and love is made true by determination and sincere actions

This Blue Marble game is a favorite of the Ssamundong kids, and Taek is especially a strategic genius at this game, but that matters little to Deoksun. After all, in their game of love, they win each other, again and again; for the love that they valued over their past truly lasted unwavering.


  • 1 Blue Marble board
  • 6 fish tokens
  • 34 title deed cards
  • 15 golden key cards
  • Yellow houses and green hotels 
  • Instruction guide and Landmark guide
  • Money: 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, and 500,000 KRW.


The box:


  Reveal hidden contents


Side view: QR code will take you to our thread’s first page when scanned. It has a warning label and fake barcode as well. 


Front view: Suntaek’s yin- yang kiss is the backdrop, with their color and animal counterparts as the logo. Taek, in usual Reply fashion, is green. His doll wears green, his house gate and interior are green. He is also a turtle because he is slow and steady, and he gave a gold turtle to Deoksun during his proposal. Deoksun is yellow, because she calls herself Sunny and in the drama, her doll is dressed in yellow. Deoksun gave Taek fish candy when they first met, and later she gave her fish buns when she starts liking him. 


The board:


  Reveal hidden contents


A lot of thought was put into making this board. We want each landmark to be very Suntaek- focused.


Here are all the photos of our beloved SunTaek scenes and their corresponding point on the board/ the episode: 

  Reveal hidden contents















The tokens:


  Reveal hidden contents

We have 6 different types of fish as tokens. Fish is very symbolic of Suntaek. A pair of goldfish make up the yin- yang symbol. Taek gets a fish candy from Deoksun the first time they meet as kids, and later in episode 16, Deoksun stops by his room to hand over some fish buns.




The golden key cards:


  Reveal hidden contents


In the drama, the space travel card is highlighted when Deoksun plays the game.


Later on, when Deoksun and Taek play together, Taek looks for the space travel card which has gone missing. 



Just for fun, we add some other Suntaek elements to the other golden key cards, such as “Happy Birthday Taek,” in which the player must pay the other players some pocket money, as Taek is the richest person in the neighborhood. Other cards include Ice Cream (Deoksun’s favorite snack) Treat, Escape!, which is similar to a ‘Get Out of Jail’ card in Monopoly. 


The title deeds:


We match the rent price with the original Blue Marble game. More high- end places like the Presidential suite, Baduk Club, and Eunma apartment in Gangnam naturally charge more rent as opposed to Deoksun’s half- basement and Ssamundong. 

The money:


We also follow the original Blue Marble game here with currencies. We use Deoksun and Taek’s illustration from the official Reply 1988 website as the faces of the money. 

The dice, house and hotel:


The instruction guide:


We reference Blue Marble’s Wikipedia page and combine it with our Monopoly knowledge to create this guide

The landmark guide:


This game can be played by 3-6 people, and the recommended lower age limit of a player is 9 years old. Now let’s all go to Taek’s room and start playing! 


Format: A 100% playable physical board game [Digitally designed and manually assembled]



It hurt my heart to remove the amazing art but I don't want to get the moderators knickers in a twist when we just got our awesome threads after being expelled from paradise.


It's Sunday here so I'm thinking of Eden, snakes, devided tongue,  etc.



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OMG, It's been such a long time since the last time i posted here TT___TT


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@ebullient Wow, what an honor to have you stop by our small room! :) Thank you so much for your kind words... on behalf of the entire taektanium i just want to express our gratitude for getting the green light to participate even with a closed thread before. know that we are very appreciative of the staff's decisions and hardwork behind the scene. 

glad you took notice of our minimalistic colorful approach. yellow and green are our couple's colors in the drama and we intentionally left this part out but as we have mentioned before about their love spanning seasons, we also try to capture that with our entries so far via our transition from the spring pink and pastel hues in our first entry to brighter shades of yellow, peach and green to reflect summer for this second round. 

once again we're soooo happy to see your post! and i'm a hugger sooo HUGGGGSSSSSS <3


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The actual board game is so innovative and I love how it ties in with the reply 1988 universe. Our entries have been consistent to the core of our OTP. You guys are the best!!

Here's married Deoksun and Taek for everyone!


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And I just love the illustrations here. They are so delightfully refined and carefully detailed, like, the 1978 DS' chubby thighs, plaid shirt and heart earrings,  the infamous Bora jacket worn by the 1988 DS, the folded hem of 1989 DS' pants, and the green slipper while she was "bridal-carried" by TK, and the thought bubble of 1995 TK. 

I also like how you drew the circular pattern as a recurring theme on the grid of the baduk board. You captured the essence of their relationship well. I love how DS' quirky proposal over milk was answered by TK's own quirky proposal with turtle. And did you notice? Both proposals were given in a light-hearted fashion, DS patting TK's butt, and TK saying "saranghae" with a smile, AND both proposals received a "Huh?" reaction. lol.  

Thanks for doing this precious artwork for the team, @gerimisore.  

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Anyone here writes fanfics or make fanvids? I badly need Suntaek fanfics/fanvids right now. I miss them. Fanfics and fanvids are two ways to lessen that. If you're too shy to broadcast your works... you can pm me the links. Please? I really hope someone would reply to this post. :dissapointed::dissapointed::dissapointed::dissapointed::dissapointed:

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gosh i have been backreading this thread from page 1, i didn't realize it's open again. :D

ive also read the posts in MT. i avoided all threads while watching the drama so i could enjoy it without stressing on the husband lol. it's so nice reading all your posts. taek was my most favorite character though i love them all so much and i also want a new type of otp in kdrama. after R97 & R94, i was hoping that the guy who doesn't bicker with the girl would get the girl. 

i love reading all the analysis here. thank you for all the efforts! i did feel that taek could be the husband when 2015 DS talked about their childhood and how taek became part of the gang. i mean she could have easily talked about the other 3 boys, right? but the highlight of her story was taek, like what could be the reason Taek's dad chose their block and how these lively kids could be too much for a kid like him and though taek was  a quiet kid, he was always with them. but after getting chilbonged lol, i chose to just keep it low. especially when everyone i knew seemed to be rooting for JH and RJY's name was written right after hyeri. yeah my reasons were shallow but after the 1994 tragedy, i knew i couldn't go through the same heartache again hahaha! 

after reading the baduk references especially about the handicaps, i got new feels when rewatching episode 6. it was on this episode when taek had to win 5 baduk games. which could be construed that in episode 6, taek had to get over 5 episodes in which he got less screen time especially in the husband department. in retrospect, he was 5 episodes behind of the "who is the husband" game. 

anyways, congratulations to all of you! you built your dreams with that 1% chance and made it come true. indeed, you've worked so hard! :)



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Thanks for this collage, girlfriend! You have all my favorite scenes of their beach date.  Which reminds me...

Do you still have free time? I'm putting music here by Samuel Sim. It's from the BBC production Emma (2009). There are two versions: One is called "The Last Dance" and the other one "The Seaside". According to YT this is "The Last Dance." 

Do you have time to put all your pictures and gifs in this music? [lol, I'm always giving you projects, right?] It's a short music. Only 1:40.

You see, Taec and Deoksun were doing a waltz here. If you turn off the volume of that Korean background music or if you just replay that whole moment in your head while listening to the music, they were dancing a waltz of life, with its own rhythm of rise and fall, and dips, sways, and turns. Suntaek's hand-holding moments and "eye-smiles" displayed exactly the same flirtatious give-and-take when people dance a waltz. And their elegant ballroom is nature's blue seascape. 

That's the beauty of the waltz, really. It feels so old-fashioned and other-worldly when it's actually ageless. Like our couple here. This episode's title was "Memories" and it was NOT because their memories were in the past and SunTaek would terminate their links to the past. No. This episode wasn't sad foreshadowing or omen, as some anti-TK shippers would have it. lol. 

Their childhood and youthful memories together are timeless, too, because they were destined to be together for all ages. ;)  



I'm putting the music in spoiler so you can play the music without being distracted by the image.

And to those lurking antis, you know who you are -- Nope, this isn't going to be an entry to the contest. lol. Just be forewarned: you can't copy us....  




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Woah... I didn't expect this music. It grows on you. It's very playful but there's a hint of sweetness in the background. It's just like their sunset date. They had a lot fun but it was very sweet. Tnx @packmule3 for sharing this song. I didn't expect to like but I do...

As I've posted earlier, I said I am craving for Suntaek fanfics so I installed Wattpad in my cellphone because they told me that wattpad has a lot of stories. Unfortunately I didn't find any Suntaek stories so I've decided that even though I'm not good, I'll post my story there. Then while I was starting with the story, it asked me for a picture and since I was using my phone, I don't have any fanarts there. All I have in my phone was the sunset I took earlier and one Suntaek picture. So I merged them together. Hahahah...


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Hey guys,

First time dropping by this thread, by the time I headed over here after I saw the drama, this thread was locked!

I usually hung around at dcinside reply1988 gallery, and reading some posts here from the past, it seems people who shipped this couple had a hard time whether it be in Korea or anywhere else...but everyone hung in there and I am sure it was well worth it given how the drama concluded!

Going to start reading this thread from the first page and relive all the wonderful memories I had with this couple and this beautiful drama.

*Does anyone else have a problem accessing gall.dcinside.com (for people familiar with the site)? Seems maybe they shut out people outside of Korea getting onto the site maybe?

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