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Guest aoikarin

Thanks to @packmule3, recently I started to watch the show seeing from the camera angle. It's more interesting now. I found the scene where DS screaming, insisting that she's the one who dumps all her dates, the camera is panning back and forth to JH and Taek. Kind of confirmation from her, that she was the one who dumped the boys (JH and Taek) back then. Hahahaha.. It looks like she still hold some grudges agaisnt them. LOL

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Hi guys, I've been silent lurker for 2 weeks, but just got the confidence because of JH confession. Hehe.

I see so many comments flashback to '94 or '98 but its not flashback anyway, its future since we all in 1988:) So, this '88 series totally different. You can see from 1st episode always start in female lead house, but look what we got in 1988, Taek house and he is also only child. So when PD Nim told us he will focus on family maybe because he want to find family for Taekie. Then look  what we got till ep 18, wife feeling still undercover (ignore me)

BTW, It will not easy for the crew to made JH as the end game. 2015/2016 Husband have all the possibility as Taek or JH, but it will very easy to make Taek as the end game ! Just make sure JH never smoke !! Oh God, I hate cigarette !!

I watched this for PBG , and I amazed how he 100% fool me with his weakness (Don't mention Bear Appa, pls) Taek is hot and sexy !! He leave all behind for his girl !! Hello, welcome to Kdramaland !!

Thanks writernim for creating brilliant character, Choi Taek !

And I will love to watch RJY next projects

I am in Taekteam, so sink or sail,  it really definitely sure that I am so bless to read all your comments, its family drama and I feel home here.

Nice to know you, all

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Maybe I'm a pessimist but even now I still don't really dare to assume that Taek is the husband. I think really not until episode 20 and we see Taek and DS getting married and getting it on, I don't think I can let go of the fear that the writer will give is a reverse twist and make JH the husband.

But IF Taek is really the husband, I think Reply 1988 would have been a very amazing story. We all started off thinking that Taek and DS were unlikely but slowly saw how DS behavior changed progressively towards Taek. And even Taek we saw how he changed from someone who i thought had difficulty taking care of himself to taking care of DS in such a manly way. Isn't that progress like how a real relationship progresses? Someone who you may have never thought you would like, may just end up growing on you and before you know it you're in love with them.

And even JH's story - if it's really meant to be a heartbreak story for him - is very much like in real life. For a long time I felt like JH was going to be the husband, just like in real life when you like someone you never assume that your own story is going to be a heartbreaking one. Which is why when it happens, it's even more heartbreaking. I feel like viewers hearts are breaking for JH just like how he is feeling right now.

Like I said earlier, I dare not assume that Taek is end game still. And I'm thankful that there are many of you guys here in Taek's room that also have low expectations. I think thats what makes us more calm and accepting? Maybe? Team low expectations let's go! I don't know what will happen next week but even if it's negative, I'm sure we'll be able to make it through without cussing out the writers. And if it's positive, it would be the best underdog story ever! Team Taektanic to Team Taektanium!

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48 minutes ago, Phuong Tam Nguyen said:


I've just check the scene :D The 2 cameras were different. JH did give the guy his camera and the guy used that ^^

Oh yeahhhhh!!!!  Ur right!! Lol feel like I need to freshen up on some scenes again haha 

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58 minutes ago, syaiira said:

Hi @mangachickava, thanks for the awesome link. Okay, so i tried to translate what it said. I will put it under the spoiler tag since its super long. Haha

Title: The progression of Deoksun's feelings towards Taek.

  Reveal hidden contents

Bgm: http://bgmstore.net/view/tMcQj

I am a person who supported the SunTaek couple ever since the milk scene in episode 2. But after watching episode 17, i felt like i got hit in the head. As a SunTaek shipper who have been watching with the low expectations of thinking that every actions by Deoksun towards Taek was just trolling, i got sincerely shocked. So i tried to revisit all the eps and capture all the moments of Deoksuns actions or feelings towards Taek and how it changed over the course of time.


A girl who constantly felt inferior in between her smart and tough older sister and her younger brother. The middle child who wishes to receive love, Sung Deoksun.


"Our Taek-ie, drink the milk and hurry up and grow~ Quickly grow up so you could marry me~"

Much like how she patted Taek's butt, she is not seeing Taek as a man yet.


"He is Ssangmun High's student body president, right? What are you going do?"


"I think he likes you."

"Congrats, Deoksun-ah."

"You just got yourself a boyfriend."

Due to her friends' ideas, her heart fluttered for the first time.


She helped Sunwoo with his side dish while failing to notice Taek struggling with his.


"But why does Taek have to go through 5 matches alone?"

"To achieve a winning streak."

"Hey, you think she would understand what you're saying?"

Deoksun who doesn't know anything about Taek's Baduk.


After his match, she was waiting for Taek's phone call. While she was excited for Taek's return but the thing she was most excited about was the pizza he brought with him.


Deoksun who ended her first crush after finding out that the person who she thought liked her actually liked someone else. That's when Taek's phone call comes in.


She was hesitating between choosing the mittens which were given by Taek and the gloves which were given by Junghwan. But eventually her choice was Taek's.


She got to experience Taek's world first-hand. Deoksun who took care of his clothes, his food and his sleep.


And while there, she got to discover the different side of Taek.


"Didn't you mention that Choi Taek lives in your neighbourhood? That genius Baduk boy, Choi Taek."

"Deoksun-ah, can't you arrange a meeting for me? I promise I'll be good."

"No instead of that just give me his phone number. I'll chat with him."

"I don't see him much either. Even if he's at home, it's just him and his Baduk."


"Baduk-ie. Call over Baduk-ie."

"Choi Taek~ just let me see him."

"Taek went to Busan. He'll only be back tonight.


"Hey, can't you just call him to come out just for a short while? Let me see his face."

"That's right. We only got to see him through the tv. Let us see him in real-life."

"Nope, you can't."


"You can't disturb Taek. You may disturb the other kids but definitely not our Taek-ie."

"Meeting kids like you guys will only contaminate him."

Her friends who are desperate to meet Taek. Their requests were always rejected by Deoksun.



"Hey but what were you guys talking about a while ago?"

"Ahh with Jungpal? He asked to watch a movie together."


"It's not like that. He and I are really just friends."

"Friends... as if! That guy really likes you. Wanna make a bet?"

"Hey even I can sense that just by looking at his eyes just now. Deoksun-ah, this time it's for real."


"You just have to confirm it. Tell him you're going on a blind date."

"If he tells you "fine, go" that means he only views you as a friend but if he says 'you wanna die? Are you crazy? Don't!' If it's one of these 3 then he definitely likes you. "


"Don't go... to the blind date."

Through her friends' suggestions and Junghwan's response, her second crush started.



"Oi Master Choi, why don't you straighten up your shoulders? Hey straighten up your shoulders and lift up your head."

"Umm...it must be... hard for you.... today. It's alright to lo-"

"You... you've...word hard."

She became a pillar of support for the tired Taek.



"Go ahead. I'll be right here."

And she got to receive Taek's protection.



"Keep quiet!!!"

"You can't for this week. Go somewhere else to play."

"Why? Does he have a match?"

"Yup. That's why you should leave."

Knowing Taek had an important upcoming match, Deoksun played the part of preventing any sort of distractions and she also took care of his meal.


"By the way, did you pass that gift well? It's a pretty nice gift."

"What gift??"

"It was Jungpal's birthday so I bought him a shirt. A pale pink color. Manok helped me to choose."

"Did he wear it?"

"No... yesterday was his birthday and I thought that he would wear it. But he didn't.."


"Hey~ maybe he was too embarrassed to wear it straight away."

"Ha... I guess i am wrong again this time."

She thought she was wrong again about Junghwan possibly liking her.


"Dear Guru, I have a question."

"Why do people not like me?"

"Why is there no one out there who likes me? I guess that I'm a girl who doesn't deserve any love."

"Deoksun-ah, but what about you? It shouldn't be about who likes you but it should be about who you...YOU...like."

"You shouldn't be bothered about who likes you. You have the ability and choice to like someone on your own."

Deoksun who wishes to receive love from somebody. Don't be bothered wondering about who likes you because you, yourself, have the choice to like someone. That was the advice Dongryong gave to her. And at that moment, Taek appears before her.




"You really think you know everything about Taek?"

"What do you mean? Of course there is nothing I don't know about this boy!"


"I've got you in the palm of my hands. Is there even anything about you which I don't know of?"

"You know nothing about me. I do have someone that I like. And I'm going to confess to her... soon."

Deoksun who was confident about knowing everything about Taek.


Deoksun who again becomes a comfort for the tired Taek.


She shyly tried to hide her burp after taking the medicine because of Taek's attention on her.


"Hey~ 'fish' bread for you!"


"What time are you leaving tomorrow?"

"It's a night flight."

"Alright! Have a safe flight."

"Ahh.. you mentioned Saturday, right? Don't forget about it again~"

"I'll call you after my Friday match."

"Mr Lee and Mr Yoo are coming along with you, right?"

"Yup. They're coming along. Don't worry."

"Why would I worry for you~"

Deoksun bought 'fish' bread to give to Taek. Using that time and opportunity, she asked who will be coming along for his match and at the same time she got confirmation from Taek regarding their promise.


"Our Taek-ie has to win today."

"What nonsense are you saying? And also don't do that to Taek. Why does he have to win all the time?"

Deoksun who understands the pressure Taek has to go through.



"Did he win or not? There's not even a phone call...."

Taek who promised to call after his match. Because of that Deoksun has been waiting in front of the phone the whole time. She even brought the phone with her to her room.



"I don't think I can make it for tomorrow. I've got a sudden engagement with the staff."

"Ah... really? I see..is it important?"

Deoksun who got disappointed by Taek's cancellation and wasn't able to sleep after that.



"It must be tiring.. he's tired and he's got something important to attend to. Of course he had to cancel it."

"But why is it so hard? He, himself, made that promise and he, himself, cancel it."

"Ah.. I must be going crazy...'

"Of course it's tiring. He had to meet all those higher-ups. Who am I to complain."

"But am I seriously nothing to him?"

"That's right. I must be nothing. There is nothing great about me anyway."

She got bothered by Taek's cancellation and came to the conclusion that she must be nothing to him.


"Who does he think he is?"

"I know right..."

"Playing with a person like that..ah~ I think I know what's going on."

"What is it?"

"Choi Taek, that Baduk-ie, must have seen you as a fool."


"He thinks of you as a fool. A fool."

The friend who told her that Taek views her as a pushover.



After injuring her leg, she had no problems forcing Dongryong to give her a piggyback. But when it comes to Taek offering her a piggyback, she hesitated and wasn't sure of what she should do.


In which in the end, left Taek with no choice but to abruptly carry her. Deoksun couldn't sleep that night due to her replaying that moment in her head.


Deoksun who, despite her injured leg, waited for Taek outside and as she saw Taek walking towards her, she flashed a sweet smile.


Deoksun who made the choice to find Taek in his room eventhough he told her to go home and rest earlier.


And the kiss that might be or might not be a dream...



thanks thanks thanks....this is absolutely wonderful.. with BACKGROUND MUSIC


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@kilaalaa i agreed with you that it is not 100% that the husband is Taek.  There is a possibility that Taek told DS about JH liking her as well at the concert. just like how Bora holds onto the 1%hope that the blind date is SW and her 1% hope came true, so JH can also dream of that. 

DS may be playing along like she doesnt care about JH's confession.. anything can still be possible.. as much as most hints is directing at Taek, if writer-nim choose to give DS to JH, we can't do anything either. 

Some commented in other forums that Taek is a liar and a bad guy by not admitting to it when JH asked if he saw things inside his wallet.. and another said she hoped that DS married Taek first and then Taek die young and DS remarried JH and ended with a 'lol'.. how could that viewer be such a cruel person to wish 1 of the character to die... hai~~~

But really, if Taektanic submarine has to remain under water, i will not watch any AM series in the future or any of the writer's drama anymore. I dislike dramas that give the loser more developments/time with the  other party when they are not going to be together. It just doesn't satisfy or justify the reasons for the other party to get the girl if there was no development at all.

Why did people said that writer nim has moved away from what she initially wanted? I.e. from JH to taek for DS? Did they have a talk with writer nim or are they the brain cells living in writer nim head that they are 100% sure that she has changed the direction? Writer nim if wants to change direction will make JH as the husband because more viewers believes and wanted JH to be that if she follows viewers choice. if the husband is Taek then i can say that writer nim has stuck to her initial story.  

i want the people in the submarine to be able to see the sun, can writer nim don't torture us? 

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Guest aoikarin

Ep 18: 4 couples in the making..

1. JB and MO

2. SW and BR

3. Trash and NJ

4. Taek and DS

And Smiley Taek is back!

His next morning reaction right after concert date with DS..


and Taek who often skips meal and eats so little.. He asks for second serving *applauseee*


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@Phuong Tam Nguyen Damn I love your CSI skills. And all you guys who have shared yin-yang kiss / spiderman kiss analysis. I'm still somewhat amazed how you guys managed to get it so right that time. Hahaha

8 minutes ago, darafangirl29 said:

chinggus, i have a question for the next episodes



What a tough choice. I hope its Taek because I think DS deserves to have a heartfelt confession (with no joke twist at the end). But I also hope that DS confesses, because it would be very clear without any doubt that its Taek that DS has in her heart. It would eliminate any potential complaints about how if only JH had not confessed in such a joking way or if JH had just arrived at the concert venue earlier, that it would have been JH. I really hope that the next few episodes show us DS' view because I think I really need 100% confirmation from Deok Sunnie...

1 hour ago, chocolatepie said:

@kilaalaa i agreed with you that it is not 100% that the husband is Taek.  There is a possibility that Taek told DS about JH liking her as well at the concert. just like how Bora holds onto the 1%hope that the blind date is SW and her 1% hope came true, so JH can also dream of that. 

DS may be playing along like she doesnt care about JH's confession.. anything can still be possible.. as much as most hints is directing at Taek, if writer-nim choose to give DS to JH, we can't do anything either. 

I know right? I have such mixed feelings! The first time I watched JH's confession scene I thought DS's expression was rather nostalgic and just thinking about the good old days but also recognizing that its all history now and their moment had passed. 

But when I took another look at it again, I don't know again. Maybe DS may feel touched by JH's confession and after some ruminating and tossing and turning in bed, she may decide that its JH after all? But then why was she still distracted by the door opening like she was waiting for Taekie?

And before JH's confession, looking at her pager like she's waiting for a message from someone. And dressing up in a short skirt for the gathering with the neighborhood kids! If she was dressing up for Choi Taek 9-dan nim-ie... ahhh my heart can't taek it! I want to spazz but I can't bring myself to spazz fully because I need to protect my heart...

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Guest aoikarin
35 minutes ago, syaiira said:


That little kick Deoksun did is freaking cute. Haha

Yup, I rewatched the scene many times.. She heard Taek's door open (it's squeeking) and she turned around to see whether it's Taek. Aaand there he is! She saw Taek.. and lookd so happy and did that little kick. From the scene, we know, she's still harboring feeling for Taek..

And after reading the recaps and some comments.. I think that DS and Taek didn't interact much for the last 6 years. Taek didn't know that DS quits drinking. ..  But DS seems updated everything about Taek and I found that DS indeed maintaines good relationship with Taek's baduk manager. And same goes to Taek, he updates all about DS's news  from his manager. They are apart, but still checking each other news from their acquaintances and friends. :D

Call me delusional, but i think DS's heart goes to Taek since she's even aware of it.. (DR ask her who is DS likes more, him or Taek.. and DS answered TAEK! in split second) Thinking about that, now suddenly i feel heartache for DS  and Taek. They bottled up their feeling for each other for so long.. Let's hope the rest 2 episodes show Taek's or DS's confessions. I hope no more prank this time.


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Hmmm, I really want to ask those who still believe JH is the end game, if they don't want to look at the story, then let's talk about future hint

Why do people need to interview a military pilot? More over, interview about his/ his wife's past, daily life and their story? 

Why do people need to interview a flight attendant?

Who cares about a pilot and a flight attendant?

Even if they want to interview JH because he's some excellent officer, they'll focus on his job, not his daily life.


I want to post this one MT but so scared they'll eat me up  lol

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I hope DS confesses to Taek first like how SW confessed to YJ (after YJ got rejected the first time) in Reply 1997. Only then people will truly believe that DS chose the person she loves herself, and not accept anyone's confession just because someone likes her. To add on, I hope she had confessed after the concert when she saw that Taek ran all the way to the concert hall just to meet her like how BR ran to SW to the concert hall. Maybe that's the reason why she came back late last night.

I'm gonna talk about JH's confession here (and why it solidifies my stand that Taek is the husband) so if you're not interested, you can skip this. I wanna hide it but my web connection is sucky.

Another thing about JH's confession, even though people said that DS looked happy when he confessed and looked disappointed when JH said it was a joke, I feel something different about it.

When JH said I like you, I think DS' face showed a shocked expression because he was doing it in front of others. 

When he was talking about the things he did when he liked her, her face showed "I knew it, I knew you like me back then..." and smiled, realizing the little actions he done for her. 

And when he finally talked about the shirt issue and said he was happy to receive it, she looked down thinking "Ah, you were happy? I would be happy to know this if you had told me earlier... If it was me in 1989, I would be happy..."

When JH was telling her he liked her again, she gulped, not because she was happy, but because she was nervous and worried. 


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