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CHOI TAEK ❤ SUNG DEOK SUN PARK BO GUM ❤ HYERI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNS THAT HE IS THE HUSBAND 1. Left- h

ONE LAST NOTE BEFORE THE FINALE...   Thank you, Reply 1988, for teaching me so much about love. I realized through this drama that love is a lesson you can never cease to learn from, no matter wh

Hi guys!  The mods have been merciful; my account is still here .. for now. Thank you darlings for your warmth and humor... a piece of my heart will always be in Taek's room. I know some of you e

25 minutes ago, Betsi Soma said:

I took a bath for 2 hours...I spent the whole time giggling all by myself...if there's no "good" development for Taek and Doksun tomorrow...it's gonna be the end for me and the dramaland !! I've never been this nervous x) (Which is funny...Im worrying about a fictional character's love life .__.)

@Phuong Tam Nguyen...do u know what I liked the most about that "legendary"kiss...the part when he suddenly moves to kiss her....he was looking at her eyes and then suddenly he took action...as if he felt the urge to kiss her at that moment...he looked confident ><. even Hyeri kissed him back >///<..Reply's kisses are definitely the best haha .

The writer and producer are so smart !! they actually use "cliche" scenes: piggy back , lifting bridal style , the beach date , resting on the shoulder , trip overseas . BUT THEY MAKE ALL OF THIS LOOK SO NATURAL  unlike the other K-dramas!!


another point:

of course we know TK respects DS's feeling, even if he thinks it's just a dream. but does anybody think this feels like a confirmation kiss? (as he needs to make sure of DS's heart too, and i think they both know the answers) and that confidence @Betsi Soma mentions reminds me of Yoon Jae's confidence in r97. And besides that yinyang theory, i guess it's intentional for TK to see DS's lips at his eye level ;) we should have expected a kiss hahahaha but we are contented <3 we only need comfirmation of DS's feelings

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@Betsi SomaI am also nervous for tomorrow too.:lol:

Before episode 17, I tried to distance myself with the shipping. The two episodes before break was too TK bias that I got really nervous for episode 17. I reasoned that there is only 4 episodes left. Even with the teasing, it would be really clear who is the husband. After all they have to give the groundwork for when and how they got together and have their happy ending. And something big always happen to the main otp before the time jump. So it was really nerve wracking to venture in MT and read recaps.

I also want to thank one live recapper there (forgot who), because she is very detailed when it comes to tk and ds scene. 

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I think the setup is both BR and DS being the ones to go after their man in 1994

the fact there was barely any TK DS in the preview is also hinting at how the pd wants to save their scenes and is trolling



the scene of DS lying awake in her bed...thought the fact she turned her body around like 360 hinted at her retrying the body positioning of the kiss scene..and not to mention the previous scene was TK's dad taping articles of him

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My impressions of Ep.17:



1. Jung-Hwannie looks smokin' hot in uniform. OMG, excuse me while I go fan myself. Hot hot hot.

I admit that putting him in a air force pilot's uniform and DS in a cute stewardess uniform makes for a lovely couple image.


2. When Taek handily carried DS and ran across the field. HOT. Too many hot moments this week. A girl can't take it.


3. Speaking of HOT - That KISS was NOT a dream. (imo)

Why didn't DS acknowledge it the next day? Because we've established that she is empathetic and more emotionally mature than she seems. I think she thought it through and realized:

- She's not yet ready for a lifetime commitment. And she knows that with Taek, it will be a lifetime commitment. I think that she was mature enough to realize that they both needed to be more grown up before going all in.

- She also knows that if she and Taek make it official at that moment, their whole neighborhood would be turned upside down. She wants to preserve the group's dynamics out of consideration to everyone.

- I guess what I'm saying is: IMHO, Game Over. She was eager to jump into a romance with Sun-Woo or Jung-Hwan because it was girlish fantasy. With Taek, she knows it's for real, so she wants to wait until she's more grown-up and has achieved something in her career. I think she knows he'll be waiting when she's ready.

Just my opinion. That is all.


4. The time jump was incredibly bittersweet, with everyone going their separate ways.

- Bora dumping Sun-Woo. That was cold and abrupt, very Bora-style. Ouchie. But these two will find each other again later, so no worries.

- JB and Mi-Ok are torn asunder, never to meet again. I guess I should have seen this coming, but it was sad anyway. At least he finally got his act together and got into college.

- Taek's dad and SunWoo's mom. Not surprising, but awwwww.


5. Interesting dialogue: Jung-Hwan.

When he was wishing upon a star, he said, "I hope he (Taek) turns out to be a bad guy." I.e., he's accepted that DS and Taek are gonna get together. I guess he's wishing that they break-up so he can have a chance. What a depressing wish, and how very Jung-Hwan of him.


A few random notes:

- Dong-Ryong's butt exploded. OMG. The indignity that actor has to go through. Ha ha, it was sort of funny, but that poor guy.

- Did I mention Jung-Hwan in uniform? TOO SEXY I cannot handle it.



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But how can deok sun stay put and look so 'reposed'/calm while talking to tk next day if that was not a dream? Lol I feel like the trolling is increasing day by day,and the writer/pd are intentionally keeping lot of details to themselves just so that we keep watching breathlessly without being able to find out till the end lol.Though it could be that the trauma is over after ep 18,because they would need two episodes at least to show the remaining one to have his happy ending right? And to show what really happened for deok sun to make up her mind and come to a decision..Though I thought [ a very far fetched thought]..that maybe maybe the way tk sees/perceives deok sun next morning is how he's always been seeing her..caring and sweet towards him...so 'as he has thought this all happened in his dream..' he did not take notice that ds herself was flustered.../and it escaped his eyes..and he did look a bit dizzy too from the overdose of the pill or something...don't know.But,it can't be that they included this scene for no specific purpose..there is nothing random in this drama right..


@chickfactor I love your logical explanation too..about deok sun's course of choice/and hence her next act...to be a more responsible person by going after her dream/her father's dream? 

--- This drama has this pattern that whenever they are exploring problem of one person/family,the other people act as human device to resolve the concerning problems lol.Like how deok sun has been seen repeatedly as a mail-server between jung bong and MO...And all that time we never see her problems surfacing from her face//it's like her own problems are hold on pause for those moments.Don't  know if I'm being clear enough =S..

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So how DID DS look so calm after being kissed just hours earlier?

Like with Taek when he canceled their movie date, I think we'll probably see later how she went through a private moment of reckoning, before deciding to not acknowledge the kiss.

It's clear she went through a whole lot of emotions before making this decision, and I think we'll see it or hear about it in the future.

And I think Taek heard what her heart was saying. "Not yet, my darling, not yet. Wait until I become a woman."


Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I don't think the fact that the KISS happened means that Duck-Sunny can't be with Jung-Hwan. I think what cements it for me is the fact that she CHOSE to table it for a later time - a mature, well-considered decision.

She's not Bora's sister for nothing, basically.

We're gonna see JH confess. We're gonna see DS waver and be moved by it. We're gonna see all three of them cry. The groundwork has been laid for 17 episodes now - these three kids have grown up together, with tons of love between them. It's gonna be exquisite and epic, pure K-drama crack.

And the boy whose heart is broken will be given dignity and respect, he will not be tossed out like TRASH like Chil-Bong was.

And my delicious dduk-boki will be seasoned with the hot, salty tears I will shed for Jung-Hwan. May he be wearing that sexy uniform. (Er, uniform or nothing at all. I'll take that.)

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