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Just for fun :phew:

ps: excuse moi for posting like a crazy but I'm so happy bc today is friday!!!!!!

ps2: I have my feet on the ground but I can not help it. :wub: Taek is the husband (delusional mind)



cr to real owner

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53 minutes ago, hafunohane said:


*note: she didn't literally use the word suntaek tho this is just for fun*


Yes chingu!, and I really LOVE the next part when he told her:


it reminds me when I talk to my husband on the phone ..and he tells me things like that.:wub:


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1 hour ago, moonkeeper said:

Roommates new post from @packmule3 in MT.... ^^


On Power Suits, Naked Bodies, and the Burberry Man.


A few of you have PM’ed me about my opinion on sexual attraction in the show. To save time because I assume many of you have the same questions, I’ll post my answers out here in the open. You’re free to agree or disagree; it’s never my inclination to stifle a healthy and respectful discussion. I support it...and so does soompi, I'm sure. I believe the clicks to this thread and the shippers' threads whenever I post something "delusional"...errr...contrarian generate ad revenues. ;)

However, if you’re a minor child reading this, you shouldn’t be here reading my posts. [Where are your parents/guardians? I need to talk to one of them.]

Question: In Episode 3, did DS feel JH’s erection? [We all assume that he did have arousal because he was hiding his discomfort.]
My Answer: DS might have come in contact with his hard-on but she didn’t recognize what it was. 


credit: dramabeans

How do I know that? Three reasons: 

1) She slept like a baby that night, while JH had insomnia.
2) She backhugged him the following day without any sense of embarrassment arising from that encounter the previous night.  
3) Her reaction to Burberry Man: she was traumatized.

You see, if she had freaked out with that Burberry Man, and she was only viewing that “tumescence” from a few feet away, then she would have absolutely freaked out knowing that her childhood friend – that boy she played with – had an arousal for her, and that she COULD ACTUALLY FEEL it poking her body. lol.

Let’s be real here. Put yourself in her shoes and take off your sparkly shades. You’ll find IT gross, especially if you've never even considered your long-time buddy that way.

The Burberry man episode is an integral plot device in the story for many reasons [which I'll discuss in another post]. One of these reasons is to highlight DS’ innocence. Sure, she reads the romance books provided by her friend Ja-Hyun [Episode 2], she’s read JH's soft porn book with sangfroid, and she says she’s fine with watching x-rated movies with the gang. But she’s really innocent when it comes to sex. You MUST keep HER INNOCENCE in mind when judging her actions and thoughts. 

For instance, most shippers think that she found JH’s abs sexy or the bulging muscles on JH’s arm sexy while they were on the bus. I absolutely disagree. She didn’t sexualize those incidents. Rewatch the bus incident again [Episode 4] and this time, try not to read dramabeans. [I warned you she’s biased. lol] 

The bus scenario has two separate incidents and, in both incidents, DS is being body-slammed all over the place. 


In the first, DR anxiously checks where they are. His glasses has fogged up so he can’t see where his friends are. 
He asks, agitatedly: “Where are we? Are we here? Do we get off?”
JH calmly answers: “We still have a long way. Do you think I’d leave you behind?” [Note here: he was saying that he’d take care of them, so chill.] 
But DR continues to fret and summons DS, like he’s doing a roll call. “Dong-seung. Where are you? Can you hear me? Answer me, DS.”
Annoyed, DS replies, “Stop calling me.” 

When the bus jolts to a stop, she accidentally grabs onto JH’s shirt and it rips open, exposing his chest.  This is her reaction.

See that? In no planet will that face be considered “enthralled,” “entranced” or “seduced” at the sight of his bare-chest. That face looks sheepish, embarrassed, apologetic, and a bit scared [because she knows she’s either going to get a tongue-lashing from JH or get called “idiot” like earlier that morning]. Also, consider the environment. A crowded bus with all people's eyes on her is hardly conducive to sexual thoughts. 

Next. In the second incident on the bus, DS is again being shoved all around, until JH decides to block the people around her. When she realizes that she’s no longer being thrown around, she looks back to see that JH is behind her, protecting her. She smiles. When she turns her head the other way, she sees his arm extended. She realizes that he’s protecting her from all sides. She smiles again. 

Now, that certainly is a happy smile.  But it’s a total REACH to say that she’s smiling because she found him sexy. Look: she’ll smile that way too for DR had he protected her, too, instead of squawking like a headless chicken the previous morning.

You see, the reason the scriptwriter included that moment of DR’s squawking is to indicate that they travel as a group, as a pack. They watch out for each other. They’re together in the bus. When DS realized that she was being protected wordlessly by JH, she accepted it as a thoughtful gesture from one of her friends. She doesn’t regard the muscles as SEXY muscles. Nor does she swoon over his protective stance.  [Shippers did, however, because they superimposed their fangirling for JH onto DS.]  Look again at her smile. DS doesn’t AT ALL have that “knowing smile” when she saw his arm. She looks girly and innocent. If you want to compare “knowing smiles”, watch Taylor Swift in her MV Love story, and you’ll get what I mean.  lol.

Moreover, that scene [Episode 11] when she interrupts JH undressing has NO INDICATION of her being flustered by JH’s state of undress. It’s JH actually who’s flustered.  Look at her actions again and remind yourself that she’s an innocent girl. 


Did you see that? A typical INNOCENT high school girl, who only reads about bare-chested men on romance fiction, will say, “Whoops! I’m sorry” then quickly close the door again. She won’t step inside his room and close the door behind her. She won’t approach him and ask him to go out with her to a concert. She won’t look at him like that, with big puppy eyes, and beg. 

lol. That kind of behavior is associated with three kinds of high school girls: 1) a girl who’s VERY comfortable around bare-chested guys [and we know DS isn’t], 2) a girl who doesn’t see the guy in THAT way, and 3) a girl who’s into girls. 

Look: If DS is truly sexually aware of JH, then she’ll be tongue-tied, shy, flustered, and awkward because she’s an INNOCENT girl. She won’t be able to approach him. She’ll stammer as she invites him out to a concert.  She’ll be a bit breathless.  She’ll avoid eye contact especially since she has just seen him undressed. She’ll lose her train of thought.  But we saw none of these with DS.  

The princess in her romance novel, “Officer and a Princess,” showed more sexual reaction for the officer. lol. I wouldn't be surprised if this was some kind of inside joke of the scriptwriter/director. They picked this line because they knew chests will be bared later in the series.

This is why I found her reaction about her lingerie left in the bathroom kinda tame. She hasn't gone on an “Oooomyyyyyyyygawdd” kind of mortification and shame.

Which brings me to this final point --

Ladies, I would definitely consider this picture sexual…


back in the days when I was still into Lady and Tramp. lol. Frankly, when people say this picture is sexual, I’m not quite sure if I’m being trolled or I’m talking to Sister Marie Agnes Franchesca.  >.<

Thus, I’m obliged to give this motherly advice to my girlfriends:  If a guy gets in your bed at 2 in the morning, while you’re sleeping, you have 3 options:

1) push him off the bed and start screaming “Rape!” as loudly as you can, 2) tell him “Oh! You’re home now” then snuggle up, or 3) sit up straight and whisper, “Shhh. Mom has ears of a bat.”  

But there's absolutely no way you’re going to tell him, drowsily, “Please do my Calculus assignment/tax return/powerpoint/whatever tomorrow. Hmmm? Hmmm? Calculus/tax/powerpoint/whatever?”

Such a waste of good body there, girl!  [I'm just shaking my head.]

Now, let’s compare these encounters with DS’ brief moment with TK in his waiting room at the baduk competition in China [Episode 9]. You should know by now where I’m going with this; you’ve seen my post about the “dead tired/shoulder rest” a couple of nights ago. I'm not liable for any of your mental breakdowns...if you know what I mean. 


DS opens the door, calling out his name. But she doesn’t even breach the entrance. She stops there holding the door. They look at each other, and her smile fades away. She stammers in a hesitant voice, “You…are being called.” Her eyes blink. She looks away and slowly closes the door. 

What’s that all about? Cat got her tongue?

FYI: There’s a reason men in suits are considered sexy. Men in suits exude confidence, power, authority, calm, command. Mix all these elements together and you’ll get a potent aphrodisiac.

At this particular moment, DS isn’t seeing TK as a familiar childhood friend. She’s seeing a stranger. A man. A visually, sexually appealing young man. Who's alone in his inner sanctum. With a lit cigarette in his hand which he slowly hides instead of extinguishing. That gesture alone displays a sense of nonchalance and danger. Like, “Yes I smoke...and?” But the danger there lies in his disregard for other’s opinions. He's nobody's mama's boy. 

When he walks away, then into the crowd of paparazzi, she sees him as he is: a man confronting the whole world on his own terms. And that image, my dears, is very sexy yet very confusing for an innocent girl. 

For me, sexual awareness has nothing to do with a naked chest or a Burberry trench coat. It’s a state of mind. Sexy is an aura. Why do you think James Bond has always been considered attractive by grown women of all ages while Justin Beiber, even when he's prancing shirtless on stage attracts ridicule from the 15+ years old girls? ;)



@shooastrid as soon as I watch Ep 16, I'll get started on baduk. See? I managed to hold off this long. 

@sheza I haven't forgotten. I have it on a yellow sticky. I just had to triage-d this post and get it out of my inbox. 

To all others, have fun on your show tonight.  


Super Love it !! Thank you @packmule3 ^__^

@st4rdust "He's nobody's mama's boy." 

and TaeK have this "OOZZZINGG sex Appeal".. ^_____^



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Guest gerimisore

@Meliere Your fanfic is... I... I can't... I CAN'T CONTROL MY FEEEEEEEELSSZZZZZZ!!! T______T

Reading your fic got me unabashedly blushing, rolling around my bed, kicking the air, trying (but miserably failed) muffled my giggle and then caught red-handed doing all of those by my mom :astonished:


I had so much fun imagining those scenes between our couple that it almost feels like watching a TK-DS short movie inside my head.

*glance left and right* I kinda wish reading the uncensored ver. tho' \XD/ *runs away*

Anyway, I would like to ask your permission to draw some short of cover art for your fic (since I always love making cover art and I had a few images in my head while reading your story). Is that okay? I'll mention your username too at the bottom as the author ^^ If you're okay with that, can you give me the title of the fic as well? Just to give it a more complete-cover feel :) And also, please post more fanfic if you have time! <3 <3 <3 I'm sure a lot of TK-DS shippers here would like it as much as I do! :D 


*mad laughter echoes inside Taek's room*

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anyeong, chingus!

I've been lurking for the past 2 weeks and decided to sign up because i've never been so obsessed with a drama and no one else that i konw watches it either T_T *struggle is real* :bawling:

anyway, i was a bit confused by the idea that the Taek doesnt usually feel cold...(some people pointed this earlier, but i forgot who.) 

if Taek doesn't usually feel cold, then why did he refuse to remove his shoes during the beach scene? and he actually said it clearly that it was "cold". :astonished:

ah... did i miss something here?

**and to everyone whose live streams link aren't working either**


i feel you.

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Chingus, I don't know why it took me this long and it may have already been talked about but it just hit me haha. She's wearing HIS shirt. It's such a girlfriend/wife thing to do to wear the guy's clothes. I haven't seen DS wearing JH's clothes. There's a sense of familiarity and intimacy there for her to wear TK's sweater. 

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@hmong_lubpaj yeah and compare it to JH that didnt even give his jacket in the photo...DS didnt even need to ask TK...just like his wallet and other things, she just goes for it

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@Meliere Damn that fanfic... *fans myself* It makes me wonder how the original version was like, before you censored it for our forum... XD Would you ever share that version please? Pretty please? Hahaha! Or please do write another fanfic! You write so well! KYAAAA

@gerimisore OMG please do make a drawing for the fanfic! I can't wait to see it! 

Man you guys in Taek's room are so talented!

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@syaiira Your last post got me worried ..lol.As you pointed out the resemblance of the new ost cover to deok sun's single cover of ' a little girl'...now I wonder if the two covers signify anything...Also we've been stressing over 'moving on' factor,,so I hope it won't be that JH would finally move on,be a pilot and date lots of air hostesses/flight attendants :vicx::P..as mentioned in DS's romantic musings...lol.I hope not.

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19 hours ago, hermess-san said:


So it means Taek probably has the same short tempered like Bora? Like after he met Deok Sun and the gang he became soft? Or hiding his personality? Im so sorry I dont really understand the reasons why the writer make this Taek-Bora similarities..

I dun think he is as short tempered as BR but I guess he has a foul temper that people on his block never see. Perhaps there's no reason for him get angry with them.. I think his way of showing his temper is different from BR. Where BR would yell & curse, Taek will be quiet & cold to everyone.  I dunno but people in the Baduk club tho they worship him they seem to tiptoe around him. I think the scene where DS went to fetch him, he ruffle her hair & smile widely before DS sent him off to get his bag, the people there seem to be in awe as if its the first time they see TK as a regular teenager instead of sumone far above them.

The way he told off the young reporter, i think is how he shows his temper/anger. His voice cold & piercing. However I think only DS & the gang know how to handle him,, that's why they know how to comfort & console him when he was down after loosing his baduk game...

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Ok so I feel like EVERYTHING points to taek but the future husband bugs me down to the bone. I just can't see uri taekki talking like that. What do you guys think??

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19 minutes ago, salmonsalmonsalmon said:

Ok so I feel like EVERYTHING points to taek but the future husband bugs me down to the bone. I just can't see uri taekki talking like that. What do you guys think??


Hi! @salmonsalmonsalmon well its normal you will feel that, there's always a possibility that our ship might sink (It's always good to have atleast a bit of doubt, normal ^^)  but let just have FAITH that all the effort finding clues, detailed analysis, CSI skill, Artistic Skill, keen analysis, great craft interpretation will result a favorable ending to us...

I'm always grateful that i chose this room, i have met a lot of smarty pants writer, talented shippers, kind and friendly posters, Sherlock shipper observer..everything are here..pizza, blanket, baduk, ramen and of course TAEKSUN!! hihihihi!

Besides we have FUN in this room, we have learned many things, we have share different point of views, we have created a harmonious shippers relationship that makes our ROOM special.." SPECIAL TAEK FORCE"


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