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2 minutes ago, st4rdust said:

Oh no I got the user not found too... Is it because different server? Can't be right? 

maybe, they didnt allow others to add by line id.

by the way i've just turned my line id on..hehe

nice to meet u btw! :)

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GOSH..... !!!!!!!! :blink:


My state of mind is unstable rn... One time, I kept telling myself " don't get so high, girl! keep your expectation low! you might end up feeling so hurtful in the end if you're too confident" 

but the next few seconds after I read something that rise my hope higher, I become "hhahahaha *evil smirk* we're going to sail, this underdog submarine is gonna reach the final Deoksunation safely"

And then, the next few sec, after I read someone post remind us to "lower the expectation", I be like, comeback to earth girl, you're going too high....

but again, reading those screencapt @kentangbakar shared, me like going too hyper again, giggling like a crazy fangirl....

We always imagining Taek is going to piggyback DS, like young DS piggyback young Taek, but instead of giving us the piggyback, they're going to give us those "bride style"?! I hope its a good sign...

Please, please please... let it be a good sign....

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you guys wanna create a live chat? I'm in...

Line or whatsapp is fine...

well, I never used skype or google hangout before, but if you decide to use it, I can learn, lol

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oh dears,

finally, i completed to read from page 154 to 159 already with badly exciting, my finger seems to be tired because of pressing "like this" button! 

anw, the always question: Why is today just wednesday? :bawling:

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There has been talks at DC about Deoksun and Taek's concert date in 1994. There were speculations that Deoksun was wearing a skirt. and *ahem* we all know what that means if she's suddenly wearing a skirt...on a date...with a guy...who happens to be Taek :phew:

But yeah these are just speculations for now. hahaha

ohh add/invite me guys. my line id is syaiiraa. but i'm a complete Line n00b tho. hahaha XD

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45 minutes ago, niniiinggg said:

@Abim Syazili wish i could skip the days from friday and saturday into tuesday so that i don't have to wait for days for the subs LOL

Nice to know you :D

woahhh.... you're the niiniing that I always waiting for.... ㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋ...

I watched every eps 2times, once when the raw is out, and the read the recaps in dramabeans, and watch again with your sub...

thanks for the hardwork..... :wub:

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