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CHOI TAEK ❤ SUNG DEOK SUN PARK BO GUM ❤ HYERI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNS THAT HE IS THE HUSBAND 1. Left- h

ONE LAST NOTE BEFORE THE FINALE...   Thank you, Reply 1988, for teaching me so much about love. I realized through this drama that love is a lesson you can never cease to learn from, no matter wh

Hi guys!  The mods have been merciful; my account is still here .. for now. Thank you darlings for your warmth and humor... a piece of my heart will always be in Taek's room. I know some of you e

IM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg 3 more days until it comes out but 5+ days for subs -.- 

also, i've always thought that the evidence for jung hwan being the husband was a bit baseless compared to the evidence for taek yet so many people were still fooled..including me   LMAO


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Just now, syaiira said:

@monsterlife there is a picture of them filming in the blog link but was taken from far away. But you can see the payphone there.

I'm sorry. I cannot see anything when I click the link. There is the header, the header in the side but there is nothing in the middle. 

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10 minutes ago, Elizabeth Phan said:

IM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg 3 more days until it comes out but 5+ days for subs -.- 

also, i've always thought that the evidence for jung hwan being the husband was a bit baseless compared to the evidence for taek yet so many people were still fooled..including me   LMAO


Exactly. Cant wait!! Cant wait!! 

Thinking about how red dolls always seen with green and yellow is now be easily unfold. Sun Woo will eventually become family to green and yellow. We've come a long way for answer but if we look closely its somewhat obvious. At first I thought it was odd. 

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Wow, preview is out, and by the look of it in general, JH is out of the game. I think everything on the preview shows  its not important what the boys feels but the most important is how DS feels. Look how she was taken aback when friends told her Taek might hate her becos of her mothering/pestering him, or how she moped around thinking Taek doesnt need her anymore or that he hates her..so the point is Taek's reactions affect her so much that she even consulted her friends abt it...so much good it did her, giving her a completely wrong advice & assumptions ! *roll-eyes*

Btw BG dating JNR?

I don't think so!  Just look at the BTS. If the guy is presently in love, no matter how bad he wants to do a promotion,  once it was offcam, his hands wouldn't be as loosely as BG's touching HR. He pull her, hug her, whisper closely to her, flirted with her too freely for an "attached" guy. Especially if like some people suspect he wasn't even the leading man. Of cos I strongly believe he's the main leading man & HR's character love interest. Anyway his casualness with HR is too much for a guy who's dating a decade older girl.. wont his gf feels insecure? Nay...BG is definitely single, the rumors must be abt sumone else if there's any truth in it at all!

Or did I got it the wrong way?  That they were talking abt the characters?  Sumone mention JNR being the older BR & JIS as older SW...huh? But older BR has appear in ep6 already & she certainly not JNR. I know JNR too well, way back since her Success Story & My Love Patzzi days, so I'm sure she's not BR. Anyway JNR is too young even in age to play the 48yrs old BR.

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18 hours ago, meguna said:

Part 4 reactions, episode 3 start!!

Wait, I'm confused. the episode starts with DS and the girls then the 3 guys arrived at the resto and SW asked if DS doesn't have picket girl practice. But in the previous episode it was already stated that the Olympics have ended. Does this mean DS liked SW only because she thought he likes her?? because if this scene actually happens before the chocolate thing then what I said a while ago is wrong hahaha but then this could be her practicing for the closing of the event??

I think its funny that DS is bad at dancing when Hyeri is an idol irl :))

JH's parents really have a soft spot for JB, even tho mrs. Kim wanted to curse so much about how much time he's wasting from not studying she just kept it in and let him do what he wants. And again, the boys are so adorable :)) wish I grew up with guy friends too. I wish even more to have good looking guy friends haha. mr. Kim reminds me of my dad, he wears clothes that have holes and worn out even tho he has better shirts waiting to be worn.

NL saving up money for his gf made me want to meet them again, I wonder if its them that ends up together. I also noticed that BR changed her glasses 3 times throughout the series, the 2nd one is the gift she received for her bday and the 3rd one is around the time she started dating SW. Also, I really really really~ like the close relationship of the neighborhood. Everyone is so willing to help each other in every way that they can.

What if aside from wanting to go to the field trip with his friends, TK was thinking about buying the walkman for DS? DR did mention that she should ask him to buy it. Even tho he was on the other side of the room, there could've been a possibility that he heard it right? but hahaha I don't think its likely. I just thought it was fun to think about. But I wonder how it would be like to have TK around with the guys at highschool? :)

Ugh ugh ugh~ I just can't get enough of the guys! I wish they do another dance performance hahaha

I was trying to figure this out too since a lot of people is talking about it. It seems that at the beginning of eps 3 was a flashback from 2 months ago. Correct me if im wrong. 

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7 minutes ago, nasoken said:

I was trying to figure this out too since a lot of people is talking about it. It seems that at the beginning of eps 3 was a flashback from 2 months ago. Correct me if im wrong. 

I've rewatched ep 2 & 3, and yes, it wasn't in order. Ep 2 in Sept while ep 3 in August.

Whoaaa, i can't wait any longer for ep 17. Friday, pls come ASAP :rolleyes:

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@hafunohanewelcome back

Omg... i just done reading @meguna's post [took at most 10 mins?] and there are like 3-4 post after me. Am i slow or is the thread moving too quickly?

Anyway, @meguna when i watch the bts of hyeri dancing it seems like its the pd-nim who taught her. But she's so funny in the bts also... especially when the pd-nim taught her to fish taek and she was like doing it so aggresively that the pd-nim was like "wahahahahaha". LOL

And true for my dad also. The more holes /worn out the clothes is, the more comfortable he is. 

Count down to 3 days... XD

I am off to read the rest of the post from page 143... its gonna reach pg 150 by the time i finish reading everything

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Omo omo omoooo !!!

the preview guyss !!!! The preview !!!

what i see the most is not about JH and TK. 

But joey wang !!! They start conversation or maybe opinion about TAEKI !!!! DS start realize why taeki ignore her ?!  She might Told her friends, about her frustation "why his habit change toward her" Based on preview. DS started to ask her close friends about Choi taek. Meanwhile we saw all the time her friends always the one who asked her about choi taek !!!! There is something about this one. She finally talk about choi taek to her friends !!


First of all, JH. Why this preview make him like third person between taek and  Ds????? 

The preview may trolling us !!!! But Joey wang NOT !!!!

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I remember 2013, when wedding photo of Nareki was released inofficially, I ran around the office and shared with my Naraki shippers in company.

Super duper happy with that.

Then the news of concert gave me the same mood but still hold it a little bit because 4 episode with 2 hours length can make any crazy thing.

Calm down and keep sailing...


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7 hours ago, delulu4kdrama said:

This is my first post in this forum although I have been following reply 1988 threads (main, TK-DS, JH-DS) for sometime now.

Many of you have already pointed out the insights into DS genuine and natural care, love and concern for Taek. There is one point on Ep 8 which she remembers Taek carrying a bag in the morning which completely surprises me. We all know how forgetful she is and this is reinforced quite a few times in the show and well known with people around her. 

ep 3 she forgot her family treasure camera which is so precious and we see how scared and frightened she was but she still forgot despite repeated warnings from her parents

ep 7 when she was walking down the stairs with JH back from McDonald's, the first thing JH ask is why are so serious, did you forget something again?

And also in earlier episodes we see her running in and out of her house before going to school because she forgot her lunchbox and subsequently bag. 

SO it's pretty AMAZING how a naturally forgetful person can actually REMEMBER such a small detail that Taek has a bag with him in the morning!! Now people keep asking to see DS POV and feelings and I wonder if we are watching the same show. Hehe




well everyone watching the same show but with different pov,feeling,brain work,heart moving to whichever direction the heart want,instinct,there people can see subtle clues,there people who only saw the obvious not so subtle clues being put there purposely,there people analyze from scriptwriter and pd pov,there people analyze from shipper pov jh/tk-ds or tk/jh wtv ship available and sailing

which is the reason human is interesting because everyone can think differently or there some soulmates here think the same way so it important to have healthy discussion and work together to solve the puzzle from every side and every angle everyone watch...if people say this and this happen then we can go back to that exact scene to see where did we miss..


anyway Joey Wang is always suspicious with DS motive hiding Taek so as much as she always misleading DS with her love theory but 3rd time the charm and she can finally deduct who DS truly like not who have crush on her

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