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34 minutes ago, trashoppaya said:

Someone on the main forum said Tarkie has asperger...I don't see it. I know he is awkward but that is bc he didn't have a normal childhood being a genius baduk player and all :/


lol, they say everything related to richard simmons but I think that awkward taekie is 100000 times better than someone who would force himself to the person he likes... 

just my humble opinion. :glasses: Now all of you my Taektanic fellas, while were happily sailing f-o-r-e-v-e-r, here's a cookie for you:





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ONE LAST NOTE BEFORE THE FINALE...   Thank you, Reply 1988, for teaching me so much about love. I realized through this drama that love is a lesson you can never cease to learn from, no matter wh

Hi guys!  The mods have been merciful; my account is still here .. for now. Thank you darlings for your warmth and humor... a piece of my heart will always be in Taek's room. I know some of you e

Guest aoikarin
4 hours ago, mangachickava said:


6) EP 15, TK realizes that the one-sided crush of DS is actually not that one-sided. JH likes DS back unlike SW.

7) EP 16, TK sees the picture in the wallet of the two together. Fully confirms that JH likes DS, but also TK realizes he has been the person coming in the middle of the two of them. So, one could interpret the last scene (with the strategic shots of his back giving distance to the viewers) as not only him not pursuing DS because it would put her in a messy situation with the dynamics of the group, but also realizing that he was interfering between DS and JH. Therefore, his tears and needing to sleep the whole day speaks of how emotionally devastated he was and he would need to move on from DS ( maybe dates those other girls or at least fake it to get by).

8) EP 17- Life is Irony/Ironic PT2: TK backs off from telling he likes DS because he thinks DS and JH mutually like each other. The irony? It is now JH that has come in between DS and TK being together.

If TK knew all of this time DS liked SW and JH ( as the husband says he knows everything) and *patiently* waited for her then there is no other way to clearly spell the L-O-V-E main lead. AND, when the time jump happens, it is now DS, who must go after him and prove that she loves him. WHICH also made me think of one line of the song of "sad fate"--> " I wonder if I will be able to love you again" 


OMO!!! This scenario really make sense!!! I underlined your statement there.. that's why Taek cried that day! Especially, DS is his first love ever.. If I were him, i will feel the same way too. Emotiionally devastated, just like you said. Perfect! And the song of SAD FATE? yup.. it's perfectly describing what Taek feeling at the moment.. Let me hug you, chinggu ya..

This ship is full of smart, talented people, and great analytical skill. And we do have a really great fortuneteller too onboard *eyeside* @mellinadear  ^^ I really enjoy the reading all the posts here, and discuss about the plot, the characters. I love the fact that we play like sherlock holmes here to analyze every little tiny scene and trying to dig any tiny facts thrown by the show. I love the fact that Taek is already Taek since beginning episode, but the camera never show the real him bluntly, boldly like other characters. Instead the audience must put on their extra hawkeyes googles to see the real Taek (just like where's where's Waldy game). The little by little revelation of Taek's traits makes him even more appealing. At the end of each episode, I can't help but fall~ing in love with his character.

And here, Taekie being gentleman here.. I know he's athletic one, just like his papa bear.. but he's just afraid to hurt DS, so he lets her "taek" him down and lying dead just like that.. Hahahaha


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12 hours ago, Phuong Tam Nguyen said:


@st4rdust ;) for the green part, may we say "There is a place where TK can be himself. That's by DS's side!" haha Idk if you guys feel the same but yeah, I get this feeling though.

For the blue part, yes agree with your point here. That's why when I see similarities in TK's actions with others', although I immediately think of his perception, I do wonder if it's just his nature, a part of him that has not been revealed yet. 

And when I compare certain scenes in the actual episodes and the preview, it's true that the scenes are not always the same.


In ep 14, we only get to see subtle changes on DS's face to TK's "You don't know anything about me". And, I believe her long silence implies some mixed feelings inside her heart.


Let's look at the preview for this scene. In the preview, we don't see DS's face but we see her body language, aka her arm's movement and tapping fingers (starting from 0:05), showing that she was nervous. I personally think her body language does speak volumes as she can't hide it, like the time she gasped and held tightly to the umbrella and TK leaned on her for the first time.


Another scene is in ep 15. In the actual episode, we don't really see the position of TK's arms




and here is the one in the preview, I purposely change the brightness/contrast so that we can see more easily




and about the confession on the first snow, I'm not sure if TK decided to call DS just simply because he wanted to see a movie with her (and as an indirect confession) Sometimes I wonder if TK's decision to call her at that very right time was affected by his "jealousy"/"competitiveness" when TK saw DS's excited eyes towards SW as the gang was eating together.


And there's one more thing :)) This is not really related to the flow of the story but I just find it interesting. The handkerchief TK uses (especially after his match) appears again at the staircase scene.






P/S: I actually try to capture DS's eyes at the restaurant. She actually looked at TK for quite long, excitedly haha



Great post! However,to carry on the discussion from the first snow confession scene,Deok sun hurriedly followed sunwoo,and she felt the first shock of her life in the relationship sector,and JH was seen having the biggest grin of his life,and and then came taek,calling DS from the phone booth.I was so invested at the ds-sw-jh dynamics,that I totally got pissed at taek lol,and thought to myself now the scene is surely getting crowded.Now that I look back writer always did this trick with making it looked like taek was the last person to think of in any situation.Like how he's always getting hushed by his friends in case of making noodles,or he can not go to the movies/places alone,he's taken as the idiot without giving any second thought.Also I remember this episode,when it felt like he was going to burst out in front of the gang,but he hid it,and they persuaded him to curse loudly.There has been dozens of time when he gulped pain down this throat it seems,as @Meliere also pointed out how he looked like he was all okay while giving the wallet to DS,but then we see in flashback how he is not,at all.In the end he turns out to be the biggest chameleon of all.

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39 minutes ago, st4rdust said:

@salz No worries, we won't have to use it in the end.... hehehehee... :glasses: 

I'm glad you all are enjoying the joke as I had making it *smiles and hugs all around dear shipmates* 

well we can use it when DS Taeken by Taek :P 

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CHOI TAEK 6-DAN BADUK MASTER-slash-MY BABY DADDY shot a commercial today as himself :wub:


Good to see he's working hard to buy us that apartment in gangnam as suggested by SW's mom.. HAHAHAHA #delulumode  [credit: prkbgm.tumblr.com]

BTW, guess who's feeling HOT today?? US, that's who!!  Screen_Shot_2015_12_31_at_6_54_55_PM.png



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omg we have all been concern by the fact that on that  day you got dumped by sun woo it was junghwan that saw it and yeah, he may have not been there for the confession but it's obvious that maybe taek put two and two together since sunwoo was going to confess, however, it was later found out by taek that it was bora who got the confession. I feel like subwoo would have told him he confess on a snowy date. 

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I'm not a hardcore fan of DS-TK but, if I were the writer then I would definitely choose Taek as the husband. I mean if people really compare to the male lead in R97 and 94, as the female lead always ends up with someone whom she always bickers with, then would I (if I were the writer) really want to keep that pattern? it would be no fun right?

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Chingussss! Hope you are well. A very happy new year to you all! I have missed you guys. Back from a hectic week and now I'm just gonna sink into bed with the two latest episodes of Reply. Ahhhhh! Am so excited! And then after, all your posts will make for some awesome weekend reading. Looking forward to them along with warm cups of tea/coffee/hot-chocolate. Yippie!

A happy new year again everyone! I know there's at least one thing about our new year that will be common. We're all entering it with our hearts full of love for Reply 1988.

Here's a shoddily photoshopped new year's gift for you all. Keep the Taek-love spreading! <3


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18 minutes ago, sarseppp said:

I'm not a hardcore fan of DS-TK but, if I were the writer then I would definitely choose Taek as the husband. I mean if people really compare to the male lead in R97 and 94, as the female lead always ends up with someone whom she always bickers with, then would I (if I were the writer) really want to keep that pattern? it would be no fun right?


Thanks for bringing this up. I've been meaning to address this for a long time... but it escaped me, many times... Taek-like


On The Bickering Couple Criteria

This is another clever scriptwriting, in my opinion, because anyone marrying  Doek-seon will need to keep up with her playful antics and dramatics. As we can see that even Dong-ryong is a viable contender in this category. She bickers with almost everyone... even with Jang-Pyo the hotelier. It's one of her ways of making everyone around her feels comfortable.

And shouldn't the phrase be "bickering like an old married couple"? Guess who have  been behaving like old married couple...

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16 minutes ago, uzzie-zera said:

our baby Bogummy just won Best Supporting actor!! aigoo we are so proud of you!!


He also won Popularity Award.. our Taekie is on a roll!! congrats Bogummy :-)

wowww yess so proud<3 he deserve them

please anyone share the link for him winning if anyone have it


Happy New Year everyone and hope this thread stay awesome and peaceful

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