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Ok, finally i've watched episode 16 in between my final exam this week.

And i'm so amazed by uri taekie.

He's so mature. really mature. How can someone say that TK's immature?

First, DR said that TK's competitive is no joke. He doesnt want to be the 2nd. Yes. It proved us all that TK won the blue marble [noted: i found it amazed when he read the game's rules]..ofcourse our master choi. And then he beats JB in galaga's game when he had a match that day. And DR said that TK should won this match [match at friday before he supposed to watch a movie at saturday which he cancelled :( ] and YES HE DEFINITELY WON.

But.. you know what? Even though he's that competitive but he couldnt do the confess to DS bcs why? It bcs of JH right? He stepped back bcs of him. He cant be competitive when it comes to his thing [i mean friendship..more like family] JH's his bestfriend. He chose to stepped back rather than ruin his friendship. See?

I'm so proud of our taek.

No matter what happen with him, i really dont like when he cries. Bcs I'm raining my tears too when he cries :tears:

No matter what happen with him, i will always root for him. For his happiness..

Husband or not, i hope he always have a happy ending in the end.

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CHOI TAEK ❤ SUNG DEOK SUN PARK BO GUM ❤ HYERI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNS THAT HE IS THE HUSBAND 1. Left- h

ONE LAST NOTE BEFORE THE FINALE...   Thank you, Reply 1988, for teaching me so much about love. I realized through this drama that love is a lesson you can never cease to learn from, no matter wh

Hi guys!  The mods have been merciful; my account is still here .. for now. Thank you darlings for your warmth and humor... a piece of my heart will always be in Taek's room. I know some of you e

@salz Exactly...In fact most of the time tk-ds have this dynamic,their own process of caring going on in tk's room,we see how deok sun takes care of tk in mostly all the episodes so far,so does not that say something? And like you said,their moments run parallely at the same tune with the other older couples...and compared to that, to me the bus scene of JH-DS,or the concert night scene,or the alley scene kind of grey out.DS-JH had dabbled at love,but they don't have those moments which actually make someone love the other one in question.Why do they love each other for instance? For JH it must  be something substantial but what about DS? Lol every other questions kind of take stand still once we reach here.

--- Some point to add,concerning the same topic.

-While the kids are having fun in taek's room,he is not around lot of the time..and he's having his own struggle at the baduk game room,with mostly the moves inside his head,stressing on and contemplating the next move.Here he falls into the adult category,most of the time he's travelling to different destination,sometimes at the wee hour of night,or early morning.So like we see deok sun's father going to office,taek is also seen following his job .We see taek is the one who gets why deok sun's father is hurt,more than his children,as he has lost his mom already at an early age.As ds's father asks him,do you miss your mom? He says,everyday.I miss her everyday.He probably had me at that moment lol.

- When jung bong is admitted into the hospital,taek asks after his mother first,not anyone else.Here too we get how he's more perceptive of people's sorrow.Because he comes from a single family,he knows how love/responsibility/worrying for your parents/children come from.

- Deok sun cries in front of him,and tells him not to disclose it to the gang right.He does not make fun of her for crying,rather silently waits beside her to give her time to gather her self.He's basically there not stating his presence in a louder way, that tells a lot.I think if deok sun[ in my mind ] would have known about his feeling before JH even came to the picture,maybe deok sun would have fallen for him already.But that would have been open to controversy too,yeah.

- Love can happen in any way end of the day.So how the person that DS is, would want that,and which one [JH or tk] would work more for her,that's for her to decide.So for that reason maybe she needs to find it out on her own.

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 omg, thanks so much for sharing this post and pov. It's exactly what I've been thinking. I've just watched the drama (again) from start till the latest episode (1-16) and I couldn't agree more. AND It's really funny how so many people think that the husband is JH, when in a fact it's most likely to be T. OMF THANKS FOR THESE CLEVER POINTS. We need more these, good it's shared on the main thread too. LOL, even though they say that there are so many JH fanatics out there....UMM have you noticed how MASSIVE The Taektanic already is? :w00t: This ship will sail on. 


It's not really abt DS'  love, it's abt Taek's. It's so obvious! I see it so clearly! From the beginning! And do you guys remember in ep 2 when DS' was talking abt their childhood, that Taek was always the quiet child but also he always enjoyed being with the other "loud" kids? Did you notice that she was mostly talking abt Taek there! hmmmm? RIGHT?!! besides she was always with him and I think he has liked her so long, since kids?!!? But DS is deffo the most important person in Taekie's life, along with his father. *FEEELS*


And it's true, that because Taek has always been the most quiet, shy (BUT STILL SO FFFFFF CUTE LMAO) , kinda awkward... Not many thought of/saw the situation from his POV (since the start). Most of us only saw JH's feelings towards DS first (Including me lol!) but it's really been uri Taekie who has had these (secret??) feelings towards deok sun all this time? In R97, It was YJ's first love. In R94, it was NJ's first love. And here, in R88, it's Taekie's first love. Signs here and there from the beginning...












OMF, these writers,, trolling with us big time...What's with this first love thing in reply series anyway? Well I don't even care because I'm just so happy rn.


TAEKTANIC IS SAILING ! HOP ON! :w00t::w00t::w00t:





ps. Don't break my bubble. Taek's gonna be the husband and I refuse to believe anything else from now on, lol

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honestly whenever I read the main forum I want to force people to watch In time with you Taiwanese version .....i included a relevant quote in spoiler


when the main girl breaks off from her marriage to the secound lead and confesses she is love with the main -->The main guy tells main girl that her taste in men has finally improved and that he is certain that her relationship won’t reach any high peaks or earth-shattering moments, but it will certainly be long lasting, never fade or feel stale because for the past 15 years, they have never run out of things to say so for the next 15 years, the next next 15 years, the next next next 15 years, they still won’t run out of things to say



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19 minutes ago, nearsea said:

@salz Exactly...In fact most of the time tk-ds have this dynamic,their own process of caring going on in tk's room,we see how deok sun takes care of tk in mostly all the episodes so far,so does not that say something? And like you said,their moments run parallely at the same tune with the other older couples...and compared to that, to me the bus scene of JH-DS,or the concert night scene,or the alley scene kind of grey out.DS-JH had dabbled at love,but they don't have those moments which actually make someone love the other one in question.Why do they love each other for instance? For JH it must  be something substantial but what about DS? Lol every other questions kind of take stand still once we reach here.

yeah they don't need to be label as couple but they already act like one...

just look at how easy they are making date just the two of them like that time to go watching movie,they have no problem just being left together at beach,spent alone time in taek room so many time,she pretty much spent time with him every ep,worry about each other,approach and take care of each other without the need to think too much like the time he immediately go to ds when she cry and ask what wrong or get up immediately to give her medicine while for jh he took awhile thinking should he approach her,should he talk to her,even to say she have rice on her mouth he need to disguise it as answering her question..well i understand he is tsundere but still he hesitate and thinking too much that he always end up a step too late taking action everytime and missing so many golden chance in front of him....i do wanna see him and taek talk bro to bro about there feel and wanna see jh be honest for once....

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ummm did my eyes and hearing not work properly or did people just twist the scene of DS meeting the guys at study hall and muttering " nothing is going right" to be centered around JH and not TK.....LIKE WHAT?

i love how NL singing of the song stopped *exactly* when the guys started walking down the stairs or else they would have pulled that the song was for JH and DS and not TK


I just found this part so funny:

TK  dad: Sun Woo's mom brought all of this over.

TK: She 's really going out of her way. Is it okay for us to keep mooching?

TK dad: That's why I always thank her

TK: Just with your words?

ummmm what are you implying TK....sigh SW and him so cute with their parents.


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5 minutes ago, mangachickava said:

ummm did my eyes and hear not work properly or did people just twist the scene of DS meeting the guys at study hall and muttering " nothing is going right" to be centered around JH and not TK.....LIKE WHAT?

i love how NL singing of the song stopped *exactly* when the guys started walking down the stairs or else they would have pulled that the song was for JH and DS and not TK


@mangachickava Lol yeah,but if I remember correctly ds says it after passing the guys,so she does not actually make any eye contact with him...and it could be meant for all of the current incidents in her life not just jh....though JH does notice her first from the stair above.

About your previous query on the when tk started liking ds,I don't know about that.But someone over the main thread made this post on reply to @packmule3's post that, jh's first love was ds too.But I think what @packmule3's post was about,is that tk's love for ds started way back,before jh even came into the equation.It has been slow and gradually built up.

-Another observation from my side: The way tk  is going these days,he's becoming  more grave than jh if I might say.I just have this one inkling in mind..like whenever jh/tk is on screen,there is no way to find out,which one is given more emphasis upon ..lol.Like on reply'94 one could clearly see trash was on roll,he was always the most dominant one,offtrack or on track.But here it's really hard to fathom which way the writer is gravitating to.

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Preach my chingus, preach!!! I wish I could like your posts more than once! I love how everyone is backing up their theories with evidence to support it!


Edited to add:

@mangachickava I also feel that way too! When I read certain commentary regarding a scene and people twist it to favor JH...Are we even watching the same drama?!?!

With that being said, however, every scene could be made to give one person the advantage. Someone said that the writer prefers bickering couples...well, I think DS bickers with DR the most! But does he seem like a main contender to be her husband? Only in some of our dreams haha We can only theorize who the husband will be. We can't make concrete declarations despite what our hearts or minds say (Taek!!! ❤️)

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Quoting this particular comment from db from ep 15 ,which caught my eye.Basically now any different pov is enjoyable to read.:P




I don’t know, man, I don’t think Taek would be hesitant at all, sure he’ll be more careful about JungHwan’s feelings but–I’m thinking he’ll be straight-forward about it. Maybe even ask JungHwan about his feelings. SunWoo’s mom did say Taek is competitive.

I’m so excited that Taek knows because I’m hoping we could get some movement in this love line soon.

This is why I don’t get why people think that Taek is a puppy: harmless and cute. He’s someone who has function in the adult world since he was a child. He is surrounded by adults and that–speaking from experience–would rub off on you. I mean, the decisions that he made today were very mature and adult-like. He knows the value of his name and position and he knows when and how to swing it, that’s not an ordinary 18/19 year old way of thinking. I’m worried that he looks even more exhausted than he used to look. Somebody, give him a break.

It hurt me a little when he ask SunWoo whether Deoksun would treat him seriously.

I think her head would explode, but she’d been seeing different sides of him for the last couple of episodes and I think that will help.

And remember the scene Taek leaned on her the first time, that moment when he finally raised his eyes and stared straight to hers, Deoksun actually shyly averted her gaze, as if she couldn’t quite deal with his intensity. So far, I’ve never seen her shyly avert her gaze from anything or anyone..,.and when Taek took a step near her, she stuttered which was just awesome. You can almost hear her gasp when Taek held her hands and then leaned on her shoulder. It was SUCH a good scene.

I missed JungHwan’s smile. It was nice seeing him smile again. That look on his face when he found out Taek was the one who helped him out with the hospital thing though…as if it’s not hard enough for him. Man.

Man, this loveline is SO complicated because you KNOW and FEEL that they care about each other so much. You feel the stakes along with them.

Bora and her dad is like my mom and I. We’re both pretty awkward in showing affections toward the other.

When DongRyong cried, I cried too. It hit harder than even when DeokSun cried with her mom, probably because he’s always been the wise-one and the joker. You can really feel how lonely he’s been feeling. I wanted to hug him.

Taek’s dad and SunWoo are CUTE. Taek’s dad and SunWoo’s mom are even cuter.

I need to wtch this again.


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@nearsea @shooastrid

lolollolll noooooooo don't post that comment. They'll cook and eat me. 

Team JH's accusation that Taek being end game would be "ridiculous", "out of nowhere", and a total "twist" got to me though. So I acted against my better judgement and posted something on the main thread. :astonished: I tried to be neutral, really I tried so hard. But the snark leaked out at the end. :bawling:



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@Meliere I still think about that post though within this two days  whenever I'm feeling down and think about your ' A drama second lead spends the majority of his time getting tortured by a love triangle." Read this statement and select the best choice from the following: (A) JH  (B) TK ' quote and have a peaceful LOL moment on my own.I thought I should be beneficiary to more people lol.But if you say so :P.

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I absolutely agree with this, and apologize for my strong wording. It's not my intention to "moralize" or be shrill. We gravitate towards these dramas because at the end of the day, we enjoy them. And the enjoyment itself is a highly subjective experience. What "clicks" for one viewer may be boring or aggravating for another. 

I need to clarify though: my original comment does not intend to "tell" people how to enjoy a show (that's your business and your agency as a viewer). Rather, my point is about respecting the main thread as a common space, distinct from 'shipper' threads. A lot of the comments I saw on the main thread directed vitriol towards the writer, the show, other otps (BR-SW, JB-MO, papa bear-sunyoung) for neglecting or taking up screen time from 'main otp'. And this entire time I've been confused as to WHO or WHAT is main otp. 

@Meliere you just nailed the coffin there. Thanks for saying it out loud. O brave soul!




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@shooastrid oh well ... it's the internet... they can't actually hunt me down. *sigh* I'm such a hypocrite though... I promised myself to never post on the main thread and keep my mouth shut. This whole time I've been like "world peace! let's hug it out!" ... and look how well that's turned out. Hello public enemy no. 1. *back to lurk mode* *eats food*

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Read parkmule3's post for the 4th time. And the part of TK was superb. 



Furthermore, in this show, the person who loved DS first – meaning, earliest and longest -- was the person who didn’t speak much in the first couple of episodes. lol. Didn’t anybody else *see* that? 


It was Taek. 


It’s been so easy to overlook him. The viewers have to be more discerning and to follow his gaze to know where his attention rested. And the viewers need to review Episode 2: One Thing You Misunderstood About Me again. (In more ways than one, the title is very apt.)  


This was how the guys reacted to DS that morning in Episode 2 upon meeting her for the “first” time.


JH: “I’m late. richard simmons off.”

SW: “Doesn’t that jean jacket belong to your sister?”

TK: He briefly conversed with DS. He answered her question that he returned home yesterday, then asked her if she was going to school. She teased him to drink milk and hurry up and grow so he could marry her. He looked pensive after she and DR ran away. [He should have been grinning because of the joke and the cheeky pat on his bum, but instead he dribbled milk, like he was startled.]

DR: “Hurry. We only have a minute left!” He tugged her hair and she chased him. 




At his surprise party, he glanced at DS first.  



Then, note their differing opinions when they casually discussed DS’s growing aegyo.


DR: “Deok-sun is kinda cute lately, no?”

SW: “Yeah, a little.”   

TK: smiles and nods “Mmm.” [His shyness masked the honest truth.]

JH: “You’ve gone crazy, haven’t you? You’re crazy! Are you drunk?”


In Episode 3, when DS and JH asked for ramen, his eyes gravitated towards DS first before looking down at JH who was lounging by DS.




His questions re. the field trip looked innocent, too. On the surface, it appeared like he was feeling envious of their school trip. But he pointedly asked DS if she was going too and he stared at her afterwards. When they discovered that his next tournament was to be in Tokyo, their trip to the country sounded…well… provincial in comparison.  The following day, his father saw him staring at field trip info sheet. 


Now, look at this whole scene through the eyes of an infatuated guy, like this: he discovered that DS was going on a school trip with guys and it bothered him. Suddenly, JH’s remark that he was “jealous” took on a totally different meaning. [And the choice of camera angle was brilliant here].  lol. 



And as we all know, this school trip in Episode 3 is when JH became first sexually aware of DS, and couldn’t sleep at night. 


In the next episode (aptly titled as “Can’t help ~ing”), observe the differences in how people treated DS’ academic struggles.


Bora: is totally exasperated with her sister’s incompetence [can’t help berating]

DS’ father: thinks it’s a joke [can’t help treating it like a joke] 

DR: is happy to find a partner in his scholastic struggles, and they both opt to focus their energy on something do-able and having fun [can’t help laughing].  

JH: knows that DS struggles, but instead of helping her, he shows off his Engllish skills which ticks off DS. [can’t help being superior]

SW: hears DS’ wrong grammar, and corrects her English [can’t help correcting her] 

TK: is pressured to help her improve her concentration by teaching baduk and they both quickly realize that the situation is hopeless. [simply cannot HELP, lol] But she sticks around, and he lets her disturb his preparation for the tournament and indulges her rubik’s cube requests. [can’t help loving you the way you are]


See all those examples? As SW said in Episode 15, eyes don't lie. And if the viewers heeded SW and truly paid attention to TK, it was obvious from the beginning that TK was "only ever looking at her" even when they were together as a group. [clever meta-joke there, scriptwriter

TK loved DS first. It wasn't really noticeable at the beginning cuz duh..we were focused on SW and JH to actually think of TK as a contender. I went back to watch the episodes she described ( thank goodness I took a leave at work,how else do I spend my free time?lol) The scene in episode 3 where DS told him to make ramyun, he really did look at her y'all. Even the school trip scene. The camera angle...aggs%-&@£%&&!?; how on earth did we miss the signs? Are we watching a different show? PM3 noticed all these signs and it made me feel like I did not even watch the show lol. 

TK noticed her first y'all. Our boy Noticed her first but he was quiet and subtle like a church mouse and we didn't pay attention to him. Lol. Dang! 

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@Meliere   Applause for your efforts but apparently it won't change anything since there is four episodes left , I know they feel insecure unlike us that's why it's easy to claim SunTaek Shippers = Delusional lol I only post there because 


And when I smell  vicious cycles  coming from different sides


But there is always interesting posts I particularly read 

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Guest aoikarin

My random thoughts after watching ep 15 (i tried to watch it as neutral as I can, instead of seeing the show as TAEK’s shipper, and it’s darn hard)




  DR - with his good hearing, itchy butt and mommah boy

I think he will end up using his sensitive hearing for his carreer.. Something to do with music since he seems to have interest in music and entertainment things. Or even better, Famous Reporter who are known gathering  first and fast information. The way he reports all the neighbourhood news to his mom, I think he’ll be a very good, fast and updated reporter one day.

DR catches up something between SW and Bora when he teases them that he smells something good here (either the food cooked by JB, or the couple during the earlier scene). He really has senses and instict of a reporter, seriously this boy.

DR started scratching his butt.. hahaha.. i think he got something on his skin there and later in ep 16, he’s even more obvious scratching his butt.

I think his new hobby (riding motorcycle) will stop here, since he doesn’t want to make his mom worry. I  found a new color DR today. He’s indeed a mommy boy. Heeeee.. he really loves and adores his mommy.. sweeeeet!

2.       DS omma – and her technique of ironing, and her hope on Duk Sun

She put the pants down under heating mat.. I did that too during my college years, it’s easy and no sweat.. heee  Now, I feel nostalgic watching that scene.

Clearly, she put off her ambition for DS get into colleage. I’m happy that she’s an understanding mom and started calling DS back to her name.. from beginning, I’m against to call DS as SY.. seriously, DS is DS.. she never be SY. I think DS will enter colleage eventhough everyone call her DS.. it’s her hardwork makes her go to colleage.. not the name. I love Taek always call her DS instead of SY (but DS always force him to call her SY, hahaha)

3.       Bora  - and her ackwardness with her Daddy.

She bought her daddy new shirt, I saw she hid the present under the table when she gave out presents to her siblings and mom. Aaah this girl, she’s a tsundere girl, acting tough outside but sweet in the heart. Now I wonder, why DS always bickering with JH.. is that because JH resembles Bora? DS’s natural instinct to fight every tsundere in the neighbourhood. LOL

4.       SW – Golden Boy

I love him telling his mom that he likes Taek’s dad, signalling a green light for his mom to be together with Taek’s dad. Really, i love this baby step plot. I bet at the end this two families will merge into one happy family. Taek will be the middle child. OMG.. it’s LCH’s family background in the making ( i really hope the story will not making TAEK end up just like LCH’s life *the marriage*)

I think SW is the one who let Bora go, instead of Bora breaking up with him. He’ll be a stronger man for Bora.. their separation will bring them back together. I notice, even after marriage (if it’s true, from their conversation onthe phone, they live separately at that time. it seems that the future husband of Bora at that time is at the other part of earth where in Korea it’s still bright day and the other end is late night. A pilot maybe?)

5.       Taek’s appa – Taek’s mirror?

Taek’s appa is a athletic bear.. He’s so good in many sports (basketball, baseball, wrestling, soccer.. and on top of that he’s a very competitive one, WOW!). I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN Taek’s Dad shame JH’s dad on bending spring exercise thing. Bwahahaha.. Papa’s Taek is one hella strongest Bear! And the BGM Wild Thing.. Perfect!

SW’s omma and her Ahjummas friends said many times that Taek resembles his dad. Despite of Taek’s skinny body and pale appearance, I believe Taek is also a natural atletic talent. Remember what SW said in early episode about Taek? Taek was very good playing soccer during Junior High. Now what I want to see next episodes is another layer of Taek.. Athletic TAEK! Surprise me more with Taek’s ability and character, show!

6.       JH  - tsundere boy.. hesitate again and again

It’s so cute that JH wants to have little sister just because he wants to avoid his task as the youngest in the family. Seriously, his humor really reflect Ra Mi Ran’s jokes , cold and dry and also Future husband (*dang*)

When JH told DS about the rice on her lips. OMG! This scene is so cute.. i was squealing about DS and JH (sorry, Guys.. I love JH but I swear, I lOVE TAEK A LOOOOT OF MORE.. Heee).

In Ep, 15 JH has lots of appearance with some dialogue.. However, i found his character still stagnant, a tsundere with lots of hesitation. Why is it so difficult  for him to lend  DS his jacket? Why is it so difficult for him to ask DS what happen when she cries on the step of Stairs of the Doom? That’s JH.. it’s his initial character. Will writernim will grow his character  later on in next episode? If he’s the husband, I think he has to  break this habit. So Let’s see. (please don’t break your habit.. please stay hesitate.. for the rest of your life *chanting*)

7.       Duk Sun – growing Duk Sun and the confusing one.

DS and her mom’s scene. OMG! I love when Mom started call her DS, I think DS really got punch hard in her head. The reality that she indeed has disappointed her mom very deep. From this point, I can see her character shifting mature and growing. She got serious task here (to study crazily within 9 months) and to get enter to ANY collages , In SEOUL or outside SEOUL. I bet in one year, she will enter a college (probably outside SEOUL) and I think end of 1989 might be the separation of the gank before the time leaping. However,  I want to see a hardworking DS in 1989 and I hope we can see what DS interest in.

DS towards DR

I love DR-DS dynamic. They are truly bickering couple here, whenever and wherever, both just like Tom and Jerry.

DS towards JH

Clearly, DS seems still angry with JH because she thinks JH rejects her. Just like her previous reaction to SW, DS refuses to talk, avoid him and put on sassy face whenever they meet.  She avoids to eat at his house or even some food there.

Bus Scene with the boys: WHAT THE HECK DS’S BAG CAN CHANGE COLOR FROM GREEN TO BLUE JUST LIKE THAT?? Is this kind of Pdnim’s trolling?  However, before, at bus stop, DS sees JH and SW as same and labeling him “Damn Immature”. I think she’s still upset with him and a bit less anger for SW.   And the Scene when JH put DS’s hand to hold onto something, I saw a different mood of DS, Again, whassup with this girl mood (swinging up and down). I saw a little smile on her face, happy, then she feels ackward, again I think I might see wrong, DS still has lingering feeling of LIKE JH i (again I’m not JH-DS shipper, that’s what I saw.. don’t hate me)  

But, at the end of the episode, when DS dances together with DR, I saw usual DS with 0 interest on the boys. She doesn’t even want to see JH reaction looking at her.

I found this one of the flaw/flop reply series.. the actress doesn’t even know how to express the feeling.. before she acts cold, sassy,.. in the middle of the show she acts lil bit swayed, then at the end back to normal 0 interest...  For me, it’s little bit unreal watching DS as a real person character. Because the mood is such on and off. It’s so unreal.


DS towards Taek

It’s so heartbreaking knowing that TAEK went back home early morning after his match, continued straightly practice Baduk in his room  and fell asleeps without blanket. TAEK IS SUCH A HARDWORKING MAN! I see DS who came to deliver blood clamp dishes to Taek’s house never wanted miss her chance to see TAEK. Eventhough she learnt that TAEK just came home early morning, she knocked his room and wanted to see him. The scene she’s tidy up his room, put a blanket on him and tuck him a pillow really shows she’s genuienly caring for Taek.    

The Night when Taek rest his head on DS’s shoulder

I noticed that Taek walking like a zombie, half  alive with almost closed eyes.. BUT  AMAZINGLY, he still can detect DS’s presence who is sitting by the stair alone crying. I bet TAEK noticed DS crying too but he decided not to point out that she’s crying. He knows she hates that. That’s why he just asked everything briefly. He knows DS has tough day. However, DS worries him even more. The conversation about them worrying each other so natural, flows in without ackwardness, genuinely caring for each other.When Taek leans against DS and DS let him with long silence, I believe it soothes their feelings. They are comforting each other after a long tough day. I SAW TRUE SOUL MATES THERE! The relationship that can go looooooong till they grow old.


8.       TAEK – The boy  who is most talked about

Taek’s looks  tired endlessly during Baduk scenes. He really lack of sleep, even his cheek looks flush reddish. I almost thought that he got fever. But his competitive spirit really pushes him up to the top and he won. I think from Taek’s Baduk  moves, Pdnim show us the real LCH’s style of Baduk strategy, that  his opponent think they are in upper hand, but indeed TAEK thought two moves in advance before his rival and still show how humble he is. Wow.. it’s really mindblowing.

Interesting POV Taek’s teacher, Manager and JH about TAEK: “ TAEK HATES MAKING REQUESTS AND RECEIVING THEM TOO” “TAEK hates all the interview things and doesn’t care about any request whoever it comes from” And the camera shoot out TAEK’s tick off expression during the interview.. Ironically, this episode and next episode, TAEK acted oppositely what other people thought. He indeed making request without hesitation to head of hospital to help JH’s dad. He indeed gave pocket money to treat interviewers/reporters who he thought have been having hard day after long interview. Again, the writer told us how unpredictable TAEK. Everyone said that TAEK can’t even take care of himself, but in the reality, he takes care lots of people and even managed helping others to overcome their troubles.  He’s one suprising character with many layers, and that’s why i’m so addicted to him.. becoming greedy want more  about Taek including him pursuing happiness.

I love the fact that despite of little screen time of Taek but I can still feel TAEK’s presence.   I feel keep being reminded of TAEK because lots of scenes take place in his room,  familiarise with his belongings in the room, his blanket, his pillow, his baduk table, his wall, his desk.. all become so familiar.. It just as if TAEK is there, presents in the every scene... And also almost  the characters in reply 88 always talking about TAEK. TAEK is always being the topic.

Lastly, It’s so sweet that TAEK’s Appa guarding SW’s omma home. The scene just paralling the scene Taek guarding DS on the way to toilet just in case the flasher comes back. It’s kind of watching the old couple pararrelling the youth one. I love it. Basically JH also did the same for DS. Guarding her home during late night in early episode. However, the result came out different. Taek give DS secure feeling while she’s with him, same as SW’s omma. On the other hand,  JH  did give a big scare to DS.. Poor JH.

Taek haven’t found out DS’s heart yet but Taek found out JH’s heart through the eyes. And why I feel so sad for Taek.. It seems that his happiness suddenly was  sucked out of him.. and i have a feeling that for the next episode we will see sad Taek again.. *sigh* I want the boy to be happyyyyyyy. Pleaseeeee!



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EP 11: No songs played during DS and TK scenes

*But did y’all see the two containers SW mom gave ds to give to TK…Green and yellow >.<

EP 12

When DS is teaching TK how to curse

Joan Baez- Donna Donna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqzGZ5AaeSs

When Tk is sleeping in car/ SW is waiting for his mom-so before he rests his head on DS ( I know it isn’t during, but I love the song hehe)

Shin Chon Blues- Regrets (신촌블루스-아쉬움) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzF0Nsm3nE0 



As the dewdrops start to form in your starry eyes
A lasting sadness lingers on your hands held in mine 
That letter you handed me with those small hands
Sadly it closed not quite getting it all off your chest 
Can't help these regrets as I watch you walk away
Should I run to you, hold your hand and say something
A lasting sadness lingers on your hands held in mine 
Can't help these regrets as I watch you walk away
Should I run to you, hold your hand and say something
A lasting sadness lingers on your hands held in mine





When the whole squad meets in the morning

Sanullim (Mountain Echo)—Not Yet/ What, Already? (산울림 -아니벌써) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FlVTZQ1PFQ

When JH, DR, and TK walk in to restaurant

Lee Moon Sae- Gwang Ha Moon Sonata (이문세-광화문 연가) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mezYFe9DLRk * the first comment had English lyrics*

When DS cuts TK food and JH watches

Da Seot Song Ga Rak (Five Fingers)- Balloons (다섯손가락 - 풍선) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpI26UePQYE


During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream
about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky,
My heart remembers beautiful memories


My dream as a child was to ride a yellow balloon
and fly high into the sky
I forgot about that small dream and lived till now
because I grew up too much
But when I’m miserable,
I want to run around and play like a child
Filling a balloon full of my small dreams

During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream
about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky,
My heart remembers beautiful memories

I can’t understand why tears come out
when I look at the sky
I wonder why you forgot the tiny childhood
when you become an adult
At times, I too want to just
fly high into the sky
With my forgotten dreams and memories

During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream
about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky,
my heart remembers beautiful memories

La la la la la
Though time passes
La la la la la
Though I forgot
La la la la la
Will it be possible to contain it in a yellow balloon?

During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream
about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky,
My heart remembers beautiful memories


When JH and DR talk about DS and TK

Byeon Jin Seob – It’s too late, isn’t it? (변진섭 - 너무 늦었잖아요) http://www.mp3tunes.tk/download?v=IIwtK1IaZvM *english lyrics in video*

When DS eating parfait, and TK does the hair thing and JH leaves

Yeo Un (After taste)- Alone Love/ Love that Became Alone (여운 - 홀로된 사랑) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y30tUugmDs

*DR mentions in the ep there is nothing DS is scared of except bora…which made me think about how during the China flashback, they choose to show Bora freezing in her sleep because DS took the sleeping blankets for TK…so DS endangered her self to punishment from Bora all for TK which on just any level says a lot :’3

**if TK is not the husband they better at least give me more scenes of TK-DS-DR doing funny stuff because the dynamic of those three is perf

*** did anyone ever catch PBG/TK eye twitch at the burberry man LOL



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