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10 Fan Songs That Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

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K-pop artists are always full of love and thanks towards their fans, which give them  support no matter what.

Because of that, many artists have created special fan songs that the artists pour their feelings appreciation into. Here’s a small selection of some well-known songs, guaranteed to give you the feels.

1. g.o.d – “Sky Blue Promise”

g.o.d released this song in 2014, as a gift to fans who had waited for them for them to reunite for over 10 years. The lyrics allude to “sky blue balloons,” and thank the fans for waiting for them for so long. Their official fanclub color is sky blue.

2. Girls’ Generation – “Forever”

This isn’t Girls’ Generation‘s only fan song dedicated to SONEs, in it they express their wish to stay with SONEs forever; which is fitting because SONE is pronounced like “wish” in Korean!

3. KARA – “Dear Kamilia”

KARA released this during a time when they were doing Japanese and Korean promotions concurrently. The song is for Kamilias to listen to anytime they feel lonely or tired. Like the title suggests, KARA pours out all their feeling they aren’t able to express through the lyrics of the song.

4. SHINee – “An Ode to You”

SHINee released this song after “Odd” as a gift to SHINee World for staying with them for the 7 years since their debut. SHINee sings about their wish to become a pillar of strength for their fans; they want to become their song, and wipe away Shawols’ tears during hard times.

5. IU – “Uaena Song”

This song was self-composed by IU, and includes the name of her fanclub, Uaena. In it, IU thanks her fans for sticking with her through thick and thin. In the video above she asks fans to sing along with her as a finale to her fanmeeting.

6. BEAST – “Thanks To”

This isn’t a song that BEAST sang all together, but is one that Yang Yoseob sang at BEAST’s first solo concert. However, the lyrics conveys the member’s thanks to Beautys throughout the whole four minutes of the song.

7. INFINITE – “With”

INFINITE released this song after their surge in popularity after promotions for “Be Mine” and “The Chaser.” The seven members thank INSPIRITS for staying with them through both bad and good. The members are so thankful that they can barely contain their tears in the video above.

8. A Pink – “April 19″

The title of this song comes from A Pink‘s debut date, April 19. The singers talk about the love they’ve received from Pink Pandas, and the love they want to return to them.

9. EXO – “Promise (EXO 2014)”

This is not the only fan song that EXO has released, another being the song “Lucky.” EXO confesses their love to EXO-Ls and promises to hug and love them forever.

10. VIXX – “Love Letter”

VIXX released this song after coming back with a vampire concept for “On and On.” Like the title suggests, the lyrics are framed as a love letter to Starlights, with VIXX straightforwardly confessing their love to their fans.

Are there any major songs that we missed? Or are there any more from your favorite artists above? Let us know below!

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