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[Drama 2016] Page Turner - 페이지 터너


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Page Turner | 페이지 터너



Drama: Page Turner

Revised romanization: Page Turner

Hangul: 페이지 터너

Director: Lee Jae-Hoon

Writer: Park Hye-Ryun

Network: KBS2

Episodes: 3

Broadcast Date: March 26, 2016-April 9, 2016




Yoo-Seul (Kim So-Hyun) is a student of an art high school. She is a talented pianist and who won various contests, but she is driven by her mother. Yoo-Seul's mother wanted to become a pianist when she was younger. One day, Yoo-Seul has an accident. Yoo-Seul may never play the piano again because of the accident. With the help of her friend Cha-Sik and Yoo-Seul's rival Jin-Mok, Yoo-Seul begins to live a new life.




Main Cast
Kim So Hyun as Yoon Yoo Seul
Ji Soo as Jang Cha Shik
Shin Jae Ha as Suh Jin Mok
Ye Ji Won as Yoo Seul's mother
Hwang Young Hee as Cha Shik's mother
Kim Dong Hee as Sang Pil


source: -- asianwiki | dramawiki




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Drama Casting & News

Kim So-hyun reunites with I Hear Your Voice writer

by girlfriday | November 17, 2015 | 64 Comments


Okay, before you get too excited (I’ll admit it, I flailed a little), this new drama is a short 3-episode drama special. But I’m excited about the team-up anyway, because writer Park Hye-ryun (Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, Dream High) always delivers fantastically lovable characters and heartfelt stories that grab me. This time she’s tapped I Hear Your Voice alum Kim So-hyun to headline her new drama special for KBS, called Page Turner.

The coming-of-age story is about youths who experience an unfortunate accident and begin to live completely different lives from the ones they’ve known. Kim So-hyun has signed on to play the leading character, a geeeeeenius pianist. She’s a concert pianist hopeful with a natural gift, who wins first place at all her competitions. But she’s also an average teen with a mother who’s living vicariously through her daughter’s accomplishments.

She’ll get into an accident with an athlete who has “a personality like a bulldozer,” and they’ll both face complete 180-degree turns in their futures, and grow up in the process. Once she loses everything in the accident, she’ll learn to live a new life with the help of someone who sticks to her side like a wad of gum, and a rival. That sounds like more than the average share of growing pains, but I’m sure that we’ll get a heaping dose of silver lining along with that.

Kim So-hyun is one of the most talented young actresses out there, and she’s just been getting better with every project she’s been taking on. I can only hope that she’ll follow this (and her many movie projects) with another headlining role in a full-length drama, preferably again with this writer. Now as for costars, what’re the odds you could put a hold on production till Yook Sung-jae is done with Village: Secret of Achiara? He doesn’t seem very busy on that set. Just sayin’.

Directing is PD Lee Jae-hoon (Jung Do-jeon, Good Doctor), and Page Turner is being prepared for an early 2016 broadcast on KBS.

Via TV Report

source: dramabeans

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Kim So Hyun Cast in KBS Drama Page Turner and Drops Adorable Winter Pictorial


At this point in her acting career, child-turn-teen actress Kim So Hyun has reached a level where her presence can singlehandedly make something better. Who Are You: School 2015 was as forgettable as it comes narrative wise, but I’ll always remember it rather fondly for Kim So Hyun’s twin performance that was incredibly diverse and nuanced for one so young. 2016 is going to give her another shot at challenging herself – Kim So Hyun has been confirmed as the female lead for screenwriter Park Hye Ryun‘s upcoming three-episode drama Page Turner. The drama has been scooped up by KBS and will air some time in the spring, not sure where it will fall in vis-a-vis Descendants of the Sun and Arbitrarily Fond but it has certainly doubled my interest in the drama with her presence, which is a musical school drama centering around a pianist student played by Kim So Hyun.


source: koalaplayground

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Guest ororomunroe

Drama castings: Kim So Hyun

tv Report - Naver: [Exclusive] Kim So Hyun cast as female lead in KBS special drama... to reunite with 'I Hear Your Voice' writer Park Hye Ryun
1. [+411, -26] Kim So Hyun nand IHYV's writer Park Hye Ryun... A good actress and a good writer. Putting my faith in this two

2. [+264, -27] Looking forward to it. So Hyun hwaiting!!

3. [+206, -27] Good news. I've been waiting for her next project after 'Who Are You'. I hope it will be a fun drama although it's only 3 episodes. So Hyun-ah hwaiting!!

4. [+186, -20] I Hear Your Voice's first episode is legendary

5. [+171, -22] The best writer meets the best child actress!!

6. [+25, -6] Prettier than Seolhyun

7. [+13, -1] They should cast the younger actor in 'Eun Dong' as the male lead

8. [+11, -6] You can trust writer Park Hye Ryun
cr: kkuljaem
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An now, some pics of the cast!!!

"anonymous Fantasiana 2 days ago

I'm pretty sure Jisoo, the guy from angry mom and sassy go go is her partner. They started following each other on IG this week.

I can't wait to see this<3 kim so hyun was lee bo young's younger counterpart in IHYV and it's the same scriptwriter^-^"


"EXO oppars anonymous 2 days ago

JISOO AND SO HYUN? AHSJFKSLSH SUCH EYE CANDIES COUPLE  but JR would also make a good couple with her so it's fine"


"Dins anonymous 2 days ago

Yeay finally uri jisoo yaaa!!!
Please let him play cheerful character. And get the girl this time!!!!"


"bogaerde anonymous 2 days ago

The prospect of them working together for Page Turner itself has already made me grinned from ear to ear "


"Lily anonymous 2 days ago


(but I also badly want a Jisoo/Eunji drama now after Sassy Go Go)"


"pikaCHU 2 days ago

Park Hye Ryun, the writer of Dream High; I Hear your Voice; Pinocchio; etc. is matched with the talented Kim So Hyun. I can already see this drama getting high ratings. ^_^"


"Amandachan 2 days ago

So excited for Kim so hyun's new drama and that writer is seriously amazing! I can hear your voice is still one of the best dramas to date."


"Fanny Fanita 2 days ago

Oh yes So Hyun new drama!! Only 3 episode? Hmm it's okay! I'm waiting for this drama and also your web drama!>< hwaiting sohyun!"






comments from : http://kkuljaem.blogspot.mx/2015/11/drama-castings-go-soo-jin-se-yeon-jung.html

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Guest dramacf

I'm so excited for this! Awesome writer + great cast with acting chops! So rare in kdrama land these days! 

Love that it's like a reunions of sorts for everyone! Why is this not a full-length drama when we have such an awesome cast?!! Why kdrama gods, why?!!

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Guest LilyLyraLali .

I'm so exited!! Ji Soo is finally gonna get the girl!! YAY! And the girl is going to be Kim So Hyun!! I really cant wait for this drama!!

I really hope that some miracle happens and the writers and producers decide to make the drama longer XD.

I just saw on twiter some pictures of the actors filming! I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE ALREADY FILMING! it just feels so early! Posting that kind of pictures here is okay, or is spoiler?

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'Page Turner' actor Ji Soo wants to present a new side of coming-of-age story characters

2015/11/18 | 597 views |  | Permalink | Source


Actor Ji Soo expressed his thoughts about appearing in KBS 2TV's, 'Drama Special - Page Turner'.

Ji Soo said through his agency Prain TPC on November 18th, "I'm happy with another opportunity in a coming-of-age youth story, which is my favorite. And also I'm honored to appear in writer Park Hye-ryeon's drama, whom I respect all the time. I'd like to present a new character different from the ones you've been seeing in a coming-of-age story. I'll prepare hard and work hard to deliver good acting performances. Please send us much support for 'Page Turner' and my character Jeong Cha-sik".

'Drama Special - Page Turner' starring Ji Soo tells the story about a genius pianist and an athlete, who is bold, brave and fearless yet short-tempered. The two get to live a different life completely opposite to each one's previous regular daily life, after they got into an unexpected accident. 'Drama Special - Page Turner' is drawing much attention for its screenplay written by Park Hye-ryeon, popular among the many drama fans of "Dream High", "I Hear Your Voice" and "Pinocchio".

Ji Soo plays the main character, Jeong Cha-sik. He is a high school student, who has to give up on his dream to become an athlete due to an accident. His sophisticated acting performance and the ability to bring up the best chemistry with his co-stars are the reasonable factors in the raised anticipated level on this upcoming drama.

This three-episode KBS 2TV's 'Drama Special - Page Turner' is slated to go on air in the beginning of next year.

Source : www.tvj.co.kr/news/ar...


Upcoming Korean drama "Drama Special - Page Turner"

2015/11/21 | 1446 views |  | Permalink | Source


Added the upcoming Korean drama "Drama Special - Page Turner"'s page to HanCinema database

"Drama Special - Page Turner" (2016)

Directed by Lee Jae-hoon-II

Written by Heo Yoon-sook, Park Hye-ryeon

With Kim So-hyeon-I, Ji Soo,...

3 episodes
This coming-of-age drama tells stories about three youth, while the main motif of the drama is piano. A genius pianist and an athlete, who is bold, brave and fearless yet short-tempered, get to live a different life completely opposite to each one's previous regular daily life, after the two got into an unexpected accident.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2016/02

Source : www.hancinema.net/kor...


and they already start filming!!


Permalink gambar yang terpasang

Permalink gambar yang terpasang

Permalink gambar yang terpasang

cr @duli0412 via twitter


Ji Soo Continues Being a Student and Lands Male Lead Opposite Kim So Hyun in Page Turner


Screenwriting Park Hye Ryun is moving fast with casting her upcoming KBS special drama Page Turner. On the heels of landing leading lady Kim So Hyun, in her umpteenth role playing a student, joining Kim So Hyun will be Ji Soo who is also carving out a nice path playing students. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of Ji Soo working with Kim So Hyun, even though it’s basically a no-brainer since he did Angry Mom with Kim Yoo Jung and recently Sassy Go Go with Jung Eun Ji.

Ji Soo perfect at playing students, whether a outward rebel or inward smartypants, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s got oodles of acting talent and the two are also a visual explosion of good looks. I don’t worry about either getting typecast since they are simply the right age to play students and once they age out there will be plenty of time to tackle the adult roles. Good for Ji Soo to continue his hot streak, and acting opposite Kim So Hyun in a Park Hye Ryun drama already screams win to me.





The other male lead for Page Turner is going to be newbie actor Shin Jae Ha, who is also a Park Hye Ryun alum like Kim So Hyun. She played the child version of Lee Bo Young‘s character in I Hear Your Voice, while Shin Jae Ha was the younger version of hyung in Pinocchio, with the role later going to scene-stealing Yoon Kyun Sang. I dig this sweet and talented young cast for a drama set in a musical academy with a reportedly uplifting and heartwarming story line.




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  • Drama: Page Turner
  • Revised romanization:Page Turner
  • Hangul: 페이지 터너
  • Director: Lee Jae-Hoon
  • Writer: Park Hye-Ryun
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 3
  • Release Date: February, 2016 --
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Yoo-Seul (Kim So-Hyun) is a student of an art high school. She is a talented pianist and who won various contests, but she is driven by her mother. Yoo-Seul's mother wanted to become a pianist when she was younger. One day, Yoo-Seul has an accident. Yoo-Seul may never play the again because of the accident. With the help of her friend Cha-Sik and Yoo-Seul's rival Jin-Mok, Yoo-Seul begins to live a new life.



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Oh god... Finally we get JS in a lead role only to get an adorable second lead... Crap... And I expected not to get second lead syndrome this time...


Will this cutie pie win hearts or break hearts???


No matter what, Bok Dongie will always be my number one....

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  • Cutie Ji-soo (Sassy Go Go, Angry Mom) has been cast as the lead in KBS’s drama special Page-Turner. The latest from writer Park Hye-ryun (Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice) features two teens, a genius pianist and an athlete with a bulldozer personality, who are involved in an unexpected accident that alters the course of their lives. Ji-soo will play the sportsman whose dreams are crushed after the twist of fate. The three-episode special will air in early 2016. [Hankook Economy]


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Another drama from my baby Ji Soo and finally he's the lead. Though it's only 3 episodes, it doesn't matter.

Great actors and actress. Kim So Hyun from School 2015, Ji Soo from Sassy Go Go and Shin Jae Ha from Sasst Go Go (and Pinocchio). All are great especially when it comes to emotional scenes.

Looking forward to this one.

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