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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Honey I'm Sorry | 亲爱的,对不起


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Honey I'm Sorry 《亲爱的,对不起》

  • English title: Honey I'm Sorry
  • Literal title: Sorry, Honey
  • Korean title자기야 미안해
  • Country: Mainland China
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Number of episodes: 30 
  • Channel: TBA
  • General Director: Cao Huisheng
  • Director: Gao Han
  • Screenwriter: Wan Jun
  • Production company: 上海广目天影视传播有限公司 


  • Joo Jinmo ― Zhou Yulou (Heart Surgeon)
  • Zhang Li ― Jiang Dan (Music Teacher)
  • Bai Huizi ― Bai Xiaoxi (Jiang Dan's Student)
  • Lee Yoori ― Jia Churong
  • TBA ― Qin Fan
  • Zhao Zhengyang ― Huang Dasheng (Jiang Dan's Friend)
  • Luo Xuan ― Zhou Yuting (Zhou Yulou's Sister)
  • Dai Xu ― Zhao Duo (Bai Xiaoxi's First Love)

Additional Informations

  • Based on Chinese novel titled Out of Control (失控) by Zhang Zhen (张震)
  • Shooting started around November 2nd, 2015 and scheduled to wrap up February 3rd, 2016. 
  • Zhang Li wrapped up her scenes December 16th, 2015 and Lee Yoori December 28th, 2015.
  • Tentatively scheduled to air in late Summer 2016.

News (translated)


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Updated synopsis and character descriptions are available here. (translations are always welcomed ^^) Another (non-updated) synopsis has been kindly translated by Minnie on Twitter:


@meelis, Choo Jahyun is in talks too. She's known as one of the most successful Korean actress in China (alongside Jang Nara) At least, on variety shows, they always mention her. Hehe;

Summoning @lucy13880 and @QuercusL to help me fill the blanks.

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News bites: November 28, 2015

Song Ji-hyo, Joo Jin-mo

  • Joo Jin-mo (Beloved Eun-dong) began filming the Chinese drama Dear I’m Sorry in Beijing last week. The melodrama will be about Joo, the lead, and his three women, and will film until next February. Dear I’m Sorry will premiere on one of the main broadcast channels in May or June 2016. [TV Report]


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Korea or China? Lee Yoo-ri's happy concern


Actress Lee Yoo-ri is on a path of a happy concern.

Lee Yoo-ri was offered a role in the KBS 2TV drama "Resisting Temptation" and a Chinese drama "Honey, I'm Sorry".

She seems happy that both countries want her. The offer from China is hard to refuse as it has high reviews about Korean dramas and the Chinese market is making a speedy development. This is her chance to become active in China like Jang Seo-heeJang NaraLee Da-hae and Choo Ja-hyeon.

"Honey, I'm Sorry" is a romantic story between a man and three women. It chose Joo Jin-mo as the lead and thought of casting Chinese actresses. However, plans changed after watching Lee Yoo-ri in "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!"

Fortunately, the two dramas don't overlap in terms of schedule so it won't be a big problem in deciding what to do. "Resisting Temptation" starts next year and "Honey, I'm Sorry" starts in June next year.

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