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[Drama 2015] 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (From Five To Nine) 5時から9時まで

Guest ororomunroe

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I think I’m a masochist at heart because I love episode 9 and the main reason is all the angst and the hurt because even when the whole world is against them, Junko and Takane become even more perfect. It hurts me to watch them sufferring but it hurts so well because it makes us see how much THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER, HOW DESPERATE THEY ARE NOT TO BE PARTED FROM EACH OTHER! And also because we are guaranteed a HEA in episode 10. 

It has never been more obvious than now, during the parishioners’ meeting, how different their worlds truly are. It also shows how much Junko loves Takane and is willing to sacrifice in order to be by his side in any way possible, no matter how much he tries to dissuade her from partaking on the occassion, because he knows that if his grandmother allowed her to do it it means she had an ulterior motive and also because he knows Junko is too tired for it. And he is right. It’s simple and most effective plan from Hibari - a way to show both of them all the reasons why they can’t be together. and the perfect way to hurt Junko without moving a single finger and in that way also hurt Takane. Hibari must have already realized by now that if Junko is willing to undergo so much torment and humilatition to stay with Takane, she won’t ever give him up. That’s why she changes tactics and decides to use Takane’s love for his lover. 


The difference in their stations has never been more obvious. Here they are in his world, which she entered to be by his side -  the future high priest and the heir to a temple with a 400-year old legacy, in all his glory and splendor, and his lover, a commoner girl from the temple’s former storage room. They have never been so far apart, despite the fact they are only a few meters away it’s as if there were skies and oceans which are separating them. And yet, with all the rich, wealthy and powerful people in the room, he sees only her. HOW CAN I NOT SHIP THEM?!


How heartbreaking is it when you realize that not even for a split second is he embarrassed for her?! That it is taking all his willpower not not leave his place and rush to her side, the only reason why he doesn’t is because that would hurt her even more? How painful and unbearable it must be for him to watch her being hurt and humiliated so, while she is trying so hard to smile and not to cry, and he is completely helpless to stop it and help her?!


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“It’s alright. Please, return back. You have an important sutra chanting, don’t you?” - Junko

“Nothing in this world is more important for me than you.” - Takane


HOW DO THEY MANAGE TO BE SO PERFECT EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SO UTTERLY MISERABLE?! Junko and Takane are one of those rare OTPs that make it so difficutl to write something about them - not because you couldn’t think of something, but because you have in your head a jumble of unintelligent thoughts and sounds and you know that there is no way you could do the OTP justice no matter how much you try. Not when the screencaps are just so self-explanatory - you can spot every emotions there, all the want, longing, hopelessness and desperation that no amount of word could ever express.


I’ve been talking about the seemingly insurmountable social divide between them, but how can you not root for Takane when he is ready to let the whole temple burn with all the superficial people in it, not giving a damn about someone who dares to hurt his lover, and rushes to Junko’s side, placing her above all else - above his pride, ego, legacy and the temple?! One of the most respected and powerful priests in the country on his knees cleaning the precious kimono that used to belong to her grandmother! He is so tender and caring with her, obviously not caring about his snobbish parishioners, yet she is so ashamed of herself to become such a burden and embarrasement to him. I think Junko just doesn’t realize that he could never blame her, that he would forgive her everything and that to him she couldn’t be more perfect. And he is so incredulous she would think of herself in such a way, even contemplating that he would think of her as some burden he needs to get rid off. 


He can’t bear it any longer so he sweeps her in his protective embrace, hloding her as if he never wanted to letgo, as if trying to encompass all of her so he could shield her away from everyone who would dare to hurt her. Somewhere along the way he has grown to love her so much that her pain automatically becomes his, and he hurts even more so because he is helpless to take it away and protect her. What HE doesn’t realize is that it’s his mere presence and love that help her, that he is the sole reason she is able to breathe and survive in the temple. This is such a swoonworthy and angtsy hurt-comfort scene - Takane’s need to comfort Junko in every way he knows - both with his words and his touch, as they keep clinging to each other in the sunset.


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“Junko-san, you’ve disappointed me. You’re not worthy to become the temple bride. No matter how hard you try, you can never become my wife. As expected, we’re living in different worlds. I finally opened my eyes. .I have come to hate you.” - Takane

“You’re lying, aren’t you?” - Junko

“I hate lies. Soon, I will marry Kaori-san. Crying begging for a pity is unsightly. Do you think you can move someone’s heart by doing so? I hate you. We will never meet each other again.” - Takane

Takane makes good on his promise while two hearts get shattered to million pieces in the process and the fandom becomes a collective sobbing mess. Because he promised Junko and her family, didn’t he? To make her happy no matter what, even if it means letting her go when he thinks that she can’t find her happiness by his side, and living his life without her. It’s not because she would be unworthy of his world, but because his world is not worth a hair of her head!


Just imagine how hard and painful it must have been for Takane to let her go in the very moment when she’s giving him everything he ever wanted and dreamed about?! Her smiles, her heart, her homecooked onigiri while wearing the present he gave her to her birthday! Which reminds me - writer, I clearly said she should wear them at their date not their break-up! We can only speculate how much willpower, strength and self-denial it must have taken him to hurt her and break her heart at the very place he said he loves her what now seems like an eternity ago. Despite the fact Takane hates lies he tells the greatest and the most terrible and hurtful lie of his entire life to the very person he loves the most, denying his love for her, even telling her he will be marrying Kaori - it is the exact opposite of everything he has ever told her, that no one but her would ever do for him. Each word is fashioned in a way that would cause her the most hurt, he is intentionally cruel, repeating the words his grandmother told her and in that way playing on all her fears and insecurites, seemingly making them come all true.


Out of the all the people, Takane is the one who could hurt Junko the most because she has willingly given him the power to do so the moment she gave him her heart. It’s such a tragic irony of fate that after all her rejections, it’s the one time he rejects her that seemingly ultimately breaks them. 

And like that Takane turns his back to the love of his life, leaving the woman who taught him how to love and with her he leaves his shattered heart that will always belong to her.



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OMFG! I love the ending so much even though it hurts like hell. I’ve always admired the way the PD has been using symbols, parallels and motifs and this is the perfect example as it accentuates the divide that is separating the OTP.They are back walking different worlds - each has returned to his own - dressed in white, Junko is walking in the modern city, full of lights, while Takane is shrouded in the darkness of his monk robes and traditional world which is hiding his desolated look. It was always him who entered her world in the beginning and even though he stood out he was happy there. He tried to bring her to his own and when she finally entered it willingly it brought her suffering. However, for him she was determined to conquer all and bear all the pain because she couldn’t imagine lilving in a world without him.


How heartbreaking is it to watch him retreating back to the temple, to his cold castle, rather locking himself inside the cage, all alone, than keeping her there with him?! My poor babies! Both so stricken and heartbroken - she looks like she has just received a mortal wound and he is completely numb, like a ghost, merely existing but not living.


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8 hours ago, fidda868 said:

Waahhhhh...thanks @briseis for the interview link..they are soooooo cute!!! and they even avoid an eye contact with each other...Something's fishy going on..LOL...i ship them so hard in RL!! Can't get enough of their chemistry!!

It's soooo hard to let them go! I wish there will be SP episode but it's impossible to happen right!?:(

...and do not interact at all...first time i saw 2 leads not to say a single thing to one another during interview...just a few short glances from one to the other that was speaking...interesting ;)

Don't seek for rationalities in today's ep just want them to finally kiss and to have a happy end :wub:

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Guest ireumimolla

Warning: SPOILER! (do not click if you wish to watch ep 10 without knowing the ending)


I'm so happy right now~ :wub: 



And they had MULTIPLE KISSES to make up for all times they almost kissed! Now I need to watch the episode again~ :wub:


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@ireumimolla nice screenshot!!

@briseis thanks for the link..and i will wait for your Ep.10 review!! 

@evie7 please wait for my FMV ok? I'm out of idea of what song suits for our OTP and will try to figure out which song that i will use for Ep.10.. 

Now i just need to wait for the Ep.10 HD version to come out and will start working on with my last FMV for 5-ji OTP ..i'm sure they gonna release it tomorrow...i will share it here if i done doing it..

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Can't believe I watched the livestream using 2 devices at the same time.:P:lol: I felt like it was a bit rushed this episode, need to rewatch later. So sad....no more Junko n Takane for my Monday night fix and whole week waiting for subs:cry:. Now back to my k-dramas which was neglected since I start watching this drama. Can't wait for @briseis posts abt the final episode.

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m0106.gifI'm so happy we finally get a kiss. Thanks to everyone who got live stream for reporting back to the thread. @fidda868 and @ireumimolla I just love those screen caps. I'm so happy we have a happy ending and sad because this the last ep:dissapointed_relieved: I'm going to miss them. I'm a RL shipper of these two alsocrazy-monkey-emoticon-003.gif fidda868, take you time I know you will make a great fmv.  I can't wait to watch it.

@Ayu Rashid, I'm so behind in my other dramas, I don't know where to start.

Gosh I wish we could have gotten an extra episode I'm so not ready to say good bye.   

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Thanks for the screenshots!! So glad for the FINALLY-you-know-what! ((((((((: 

I'm gonna rewatch all the episodes and hopefully all the episodes are English subbed by then! Yay to happy endings!!

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@ireumimolla thank you for the gifs kisses!! Kyaaaa i am all over the moon!! Thank god that we didnt get the typical dead-fish-kiss in the end. I dunno how many time i press the repeat button. If only the camera can zoom a little bit more so we can see clearly the locking lips:P sooooo anybody interested to discuss further on that kissy-kissy part kihkihkih:P 

Seriously cant get enough of the explosive chemistry between Satomi & Yamapi. They are too cute together i cant even!! My first ever JDorama couple that i love so friggin' much! Me too want to ship them in RL but i already promise myself not to do this anymore **be still my shipper heart** so lets pray that we will get SP episode very very soon!! 


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Thx for the gifs @ireumimolla, I'm satisfied that it was a proper kiss/es with both moving their mouths n not stand there like a statue kiss. I reallllyyy want an SP, hopefully we can see little kid monk or mini Junko.:wub: 

I had a field day doing my tumblr posts of this episode.:D

@momakas I too love their chemistry.

@evie7 I thought of joining the Remember-War of the Son thread but maybe I'll just browse thru it for now.

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Wishing an early Merry Christmas to you all! What is there left to say when a drama which owns you so completely ends? Well, if you are lucky and that drama is called “5→9: The Monk Who Fell in Love with Me”, then IT WAS richard simmons PERFECT UNTIL THE VERY LAST SECOND! We got everything a fan could possibly wish for and more, except the bed scene but we have to leave something for the potential SP, don’t we?


Hibari, who fortunately for us never heard about the privacy of correspondence, is moved by Junko’s letter for Takane and visits her a mere day before she is about to leave for NYC. I love that it turned out she didn’t oppose Takane’s relationship with Junko out of some supremacist motives or illogical reasons and that she too was a three-dimensional character who had to bear the pain of her son’s death her whole life - the heartbreak of a mother who outlives her own child. Junko reminded her of Takane’s mother who had trouble to adapt to the temple rules as well, though it’s obvious his parents loved each other very much - one day his mother went out and her husband later came to pick her up and they died while driving on the way home. However, Hibari finally admits she has realized how different Junko is from her daughter-in-law and that she will give Takane the temple, so she should stop being so obstinate and run after him because while she doesn’t accept her as the temple daughter-in-law, she accepts her as Takane’s bride! I knew there was a reason I loved you, Hibari, you heart-stealer!


So Junko runs because Takane is probably the only man in the entire world who is worth the effort of running across the entire Tokyo wearing high heels! How symbolic is it that the main temple gate (his world) is wide open, for her, only for her, and the darkness of the night is suddenly chased away by thousands of little lights decorating probably the most beautiful Christmas tree in Japan?! Bringing light to the dark temple, just like Junko brought light, love and happiness to Takane’s bleak life! He got her a freaking replica of the Rockefeller Christmas tree! Suddenly, Junko hears strange footsteps because it isn’t the sound of the zori shoes Takane always wears, but modern shoes. And then, from behind the tree comes the man who shattered her heart only few weeks ago, wearing a designer suit and Franck Muller watch and looking so dashing, manly, elegant and handsome; unknowingly fulfilling another of Junko’s and our fantasies - seeing him in modern clothes! Yet, he feels so adorably uncomfortable because he isn’t used to it and sheepishly admits it’s all because it’s Christmas but it’s so blatantly obvious it’s all because of her! Nothing but the best for his Junko - can you imagine the amount of fashion magazines and books about Christmas decorations he had to read to accomplish this (I can vividly see him researching everything)?!


With each step he takes towards her, you realize that Takane doesn’t need any anniveraries to commomerate important occassions because he remembers everything, every precious little detail about her. He remembers every single dinosaur she stopped by during their visit to the museum...:

“...I didn’t forget. The clothes you wore that day, the shape of your handbag, the time when you pretended to watch the display but was actually crying. All the side dishes of the lunchbox you made for me and all the ingredients of the onigiri...I remember everything about you.”

MY FEELS! He’s saying the exact opposite of the cruel things he told her in the museum where he always said “I don’t remember” every time she mentioned one of their precious past memories, knowingly breaking her heart each time. However, now he is here, literally taking back all the pain and all the hurt he caused her, apologizing for denying his love for her in the most swoonworthy way ever!  I love how this way all the memory symbolism which was so palpable in the whole story comes whole circle in the final. But it wouldn’t be Takane if he wouldn’t bring it to a completely new level of perfection:

“However, there is one thing I forgot to tell you. The reason why I love you. Why I can’t be without you. So often have I told you but never gave you the answer(the reason)...Because you are Sakuraba Junko. BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU! That’s why I won’t ever take my eyes off you. Even though, I’m with you, for some reason my chest hurts but when I’m separated from you the pain becomes unbearable. I wondered how did I live before I met you and I was so lonely and alone. I can’t exist without you. Since I’ve begun to love you I don’t know myself anymore, however...from the moment I met you I’ve always loved you. BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU! Because I met you.”

LITERALLY THE MOST EPIC AND HEARTFELT LOVE CONFESSION EVER! And I have heard my share of brilliant ones in my 10 years of watching Asian dramas! How does Takane manage to express something so complex as love with such simple, yet hautingly beautiful words?! I can remember him in episode 1 where he had so much trouble to voice his thoughts properly,  and here he is today - pretty much winning the lover of the year award!


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“I’m in love with you. Please, forgive me that I made you cry.” 

When you look up in a dictionary the term “EPIC APOLOGY”, in the definition there should be an audiovisual record of this moment! The mix of sheer regret, sorrow and self-blame in Takane’s voice for hurting Junko so terribly and making her cry while all he ever wanted was to see her smile. I could write odes about that embrace as there is so much need and longing in it, because he has missed her so much in the weeks he couldn’t see her or touch her, and a desperation, urgency and fear that is also palpable from his words of love and apology - because now he is begging her, hoping that it’s still not too late, that she won’t rejected him and that there is hope.  And for a single, heart-stopping moment he thinks it is too late, that he hurt her too much when she tells him she won’t forgive him. However, then she smiles and tells him to make amends to her his whole life! OMFG! TAKANE, THE HOPELESS, EPIC ROMANTIC THAT HE IS GETS DOWN ON HIS KNEES AND WITH THE MOST GORGEOUS BRILLIANT RING EVER ASKS HER TO MARRY HIM, and together with that ring on the palm of his hand he offers himself and his heart! I can’t help myself but kneeling under that Christmas tree Takane looks like the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT A WOMAN COULD POSSIBLY WISH FOR! I remember when he told her during their first EC lesson that they won’t be able to celebrate Christmas like normal people - and I have to agree he was right - THIS is nowhere near normal - normal man don’t get their girlfriends a Rockefeller Christmas tree replica and propose on a bended knee. PLEASE, NEVER CHANGE!


“Please, marry me. Please, become my wife and spend the whole life with me. I will make you happy.”

THIS GOT TO BE THE AWESOMEST MARRIAGE PROPOSAL THAT HAS EVER AWAESOMED! What a difference, what a change it is from his initial “you are privileleged to become my wife”! What a journey has Takane behind him and so does Junko! How much they changed from those guarded people they used to be when they met for the first time! Now he is here, on his knees, his hands reached out to her and begging her with his eyes full of hope that she would accept him, that she wouldn’t reject him and thus shatter his heart forever, because he has just given her the power to do so. However, how could she possibly reject him - her answer is an echoe to all of his questions, saying YES to each one fo them, accepting all of him! There is so much wonder and reverence in Takane’s eyes when he realizes she will be finally his. It is in that moment when he blissfully smiles. I find his smile so fitting and soul-stirring because it connects his failure to smile at the museum. He couldn’t smile even though it was to be their last meeting, they were supposed to never see each other again and it was her final request - to see him smile. But how could he when he had just shattered the million pieces that remained of his heart into billions? However, now everything has changed - he is finally complete! I love the moment when Takane finally slips on his ring on Junko’s finger because it’s like he has just bound her to him with it forever, as if they took a sacred vow to each other!



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OMG @briseis thanks for the beautiful and perfect review about the final episode!!! Each time i read your review, i feel like i get to know Takane & Junko san character more compared to when i read the subtitle in each episodes..thanks for all the effort & hardwork on writing such good review about this drama!! I wish i could give you a thousand stars for your review! :wub:

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