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[Drama 2015] 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (From Five To Nine) 5時から9時まで

Guest ororomunroe

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Guest ororomunroe

From Five To Nine



  • Drama: From Five To Nine
  • Romaji: 5→9: Watashi ni Koi Shita Ikemen Sugiru Obousan
  • Japanese: 5→9~私に恋したイケメンすぎるお坊さん~
  • Director: Shin Hirano
  • Writer: Miki Aihara (manga), Shota Koyama
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: October 12, 2015 --
  • Runtime: Mondays 21:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan



Junko Sakuraba (Satomi Ishihara) dreams of working in New York, but she currently works as an English conversation teacher. She's about to have her 29th birthday. Junko Sakuraba works hard to achieve her dream, but New York seem far away. She has also not dated in a long time.

Junko Sakuraba attends a funeral held at a temple. During the funeral, she makes a mistake and throws ashes onto a monk chanting a sutra. She feels apologetic and embarrassment.

Later, Junko Sakuraba's family deceives her into going on a blind date. The man she meets on the blind date is Takane Hoshikawa (Tomohisa Yamashita). Her date is the monk whom she accidentally threw ashes on.



  1. Based on the manga series "5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made" by Miki Aihara (first published March, 2010 in monthly Japanese shojo manga magazine Cheese!).



From Five To Nine-Satomi Ishihara.jpg From Five To Nine-Tomohisa Yamashita.jpg From Five To Nine-Yuki Furukawa.jpg From Five To Nine-Kei Tanaka.jpg From Five To Nine-Rin Takanashi.jpg
Satomi Ishihara Tomohisa Yamashita Yuki Furukawa Kei Tanaka Rin Takanashi
Junko Sakuraba Takane Hoshikawa Satoshi Mishima Makoto Kiyomiya Momoe Yamabuchi
From Five To Nine-Miyu Yoshimoto.jpg From Five To Nine-Saeko.jpg From Five To Nine-Yuri Tsunematsu.jpg From Five To Nine-Mokomichi Hayami.jpg From Five To Nine-Reo Nagatsuma.jpg
Miyu Yoshimoto Saeko Yuri Tsunematsu Mokomichi Hayami Reo Nagatsuma
Kaori Ashigaka Masako Mouri Nene Sakuraba Arthur Kimura Renji Hachiya
From Five To Nine-Kokoro Terada.jpg From Five To Nine-Keiko Toda.jpg From Five To Nine-Ryuhei Ueshima.jpg From Five To Nine-Takehiko Ono.jpg From Five To Nine-Mariko Kaga.jpg
Kokoro Terada Keiko Toda Ryuhei Ueshima Takehiko Ono Mariko Kaga
Sankyu Naha Keiko Sakuraba Mitsuru Sakuraba Kouei Terada Hibari Hoshikawa



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Guest ororomunroe

@Ahpheng and @bebebisous33, here's our thread :P 


I'll start. At first, I will admit I found Takane off-putting. But his eccentricities have really grown on me. I don't like his grandmother at all. And that woman she's chosen as a bride, no bueno. But I love the little monk family. I died at how he was reading up on the perfect date :lol::lol:

As for Junko, I like her a lot. I've seen comments about how she's too self-centered and I completely disagree. If a man followed me around like TK, I'd put the cops on him lol. So props to her for riding it out. 

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@ororomunroe Thanks a lot for starting this thread! cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532

TK is interesting because of his determination. Since young, he has been trained to remain calm and not reveal his emotions... his life had been guided by the temple rules. So when he met Junko, her mistake made him realise that life is not defined by rules and habits. Life is full of surprises and mistakes.

I can understand why Junk would reject him in the first place. TK imposed himself on her. She is not obliged to love him back, just because he loves her. However, his behaviour revealed that he isn't that typical selfish person. He didn't get upset by her reactions, he accepted it, but he didn't give her up.

Junko has been in love with Makoto for more than two years, her discovery hurt her because she had realised that Makoto had forgotten her, while she never did. He only realised that he had feelings for her, when he had gotten divorced and met her again. The latter was her first love and she will need some time to recover from it. On the other hand, I wished, Junko would start having some feelings for TK as I want her to do the same for TK: fight back for him, especially when his grandmother is so determined to marry him to someone he doesn't love.

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Guest ororomunroe

@bebebisous33, regarding Matako's wife, spoiler alert:

she actually died according to the MDL users :( 


That's interesting. I didn't think that was the turning point for TK. Apparently in the manga, TK was a lot colder: 

He was the one who actually made her fail and that he did it to teach her a lesson so she wouldn't lie to him in future. And the other characters were also more problematic. 


@zagigirl, welcome to 5 to 9. The more the merrier chingu!! 

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Guest ororomunroe

Wow. We have a lot of viewers just from the OMV thread lol. I have to go now but I'll come back later.

What do you think of this idea - post what you thought of ep 1 and/or 2 for now. That way, time will go by faster and we'll have the ep 6 subs :P I'll have to rewatch the episodes though. I've been watching it since the beginning. 

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Oh my venus!!! tq tq tq.. for the thread.. hi five to all OMV chingus! i love dis japanese drama.. has been yamapi fan since buzzer beat.. for now i am crazily waiting for ep 6 subs.. OMV n 5jikara 9ji made are both my current drama crack

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What do you think of this idea - post what you thought of ep 1 and/or 2 for now. That way, time will go by faster and we'll have the ep 6 subs :P I'll have to rewatch the episodes though. I've been watching it since the beginning. 

Great idea...inbetween OMV/BG and IHAL, now that SWP ended became somewhat empty for me...i'll start now

@zagigirl agree...he may be a crazy stalker but a really good looking one. 

Great strip @Ahpheng thumbs.gif...but don't think anyone would mind if he gets cold shower every ep right? ;)...he is tiny (if we look at SJS e.g. ;) ) but well built

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Guest ororomunroe

I'm back. I'm going to rewatch ep 1 tonight and post my thoughts tomorrow. 

Btw, are there any gifs of this drama? There are some scenes that I'd love to have as my signature :D

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tumblr_nwp7nc15t21tvf9l5o4_400.gif tumblr_nwp7nc15t21tvf9l5o3_400.gif

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Cr: thishassomethingtodowithpotter.tumblr



Cr: irrational-obsessions-gottcha78.tumblr


And then spoiler.

mischievous grandma


Cr: irrational-obsessions-gottcha78.tumblr

hidden moment

tumblr_nxzaylHoR01roenqeo1_250.gif tumblr_nxzaylHoR01roenqeo2_250.gif

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Cr: mavera90.tumblr

hot time

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