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Lee Byung Hoon

[Horse Doctor, Dong Yi, Yi San, Dae Jang Geum] 


Choi Wan Kyu

[Triangle, Lights and Shadows, Midas, IRIS]


MBC, 50 Episodes

Broadcast Period

April, 2016 -- TBA, Saturdays & Sundays 21:45

About the Show

In the Joseon Dynasty era, Ok-Nyeo (Jin Se-Yun) was born in prison. She belongs to weji-boo which helps people in the realm of law. (Asian Wiki)

The drama depicts the efforts by the main character, Ok-nyeo born in prison, who helps people unfairly accused, using Waeji-bu, the private litigation system in Joseon. (Hancinema)

Cast of Characters

Main Cast
Jin Se Yun as Lee Seo Won
Jung Da Bin as young Lee Seo Won
Go Soo as Yoon Tae Won
Jung Joon Ho as Yoon Won Hyung
Park Joo Mi as Jung Nan Jung
Jun Kwang Ryul
Kim Mi Sook as Queen Munjeong
Yoon Joo Hee
Choi Tae Joon
Kim Soo Yun as Yoon Shin Hye
Kim Hyung Bum as Do Chi
Goo Hye Ryung (구혜령) as Dak Boon
Jung Eun Pyo



source : Asianwiki | Dramawiki



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Jin Se-yeon to star in upcoming MBC drama "The Flower in Prison"

Source | 2015/11/16 | 27 views | Permalink |


Actress Jin Se-yeon, from the MBC weekend drama "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol", has been cast for "The Flower in Prison", the sequel.

She takes on the role of Ok-nyeo in the 50-episode drama "The Flower in Prison".

Jin Se-yeon is starring in her second lead drama since "Inspiring Generation".

She starts making the drama in February next year.

"The Flower in Prison" is produced by Lee Byeong-hoon and written by Choi Wan-gyoo.

The drama is about a woman named Ok-nyeo who struggled for the guilty in the Joseon times.

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Go Soo and Jin Se Yeon Take on Lead Roles for New Historical Drama

By ck525 | Soompi news

Go Soo and Jin Se Yeon Take on Lead Roles for New Historical Drama

Go Soo and Jin Se Yeon will be playing the male lead of “Okjoonghwa (working title),” MBC’s follow up drama after “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol.”

According to several media insiders, Go Soo and Jin Se Yeon will be playing the lead roles. It has been three years since Go Soo’s last drama, SBS’s “Empire of Gold.” Also, it has been two years since Jin Se Yeon’s last drama, “Doctor Stranger” from 2014.

Producer Lee Byung Hoon and screenwriter Choi Wan Kyu, the dream team behind “Heo Joon” (1999) and “Sangdo” (2001), will getting together after 15 years for this drama.

Meanwhile, “Okjoonghwa” tells the story of Oknyeo, a lady who tries to help those who are falsely accused, in the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty’s lawyer system. Its first episode is planned to air in March.

Source (1)

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Hi @rosem   Thanks for starting this thread this title was so catchy I had to see what it's about and after reading up on it this is one I got to see it's a first watching a saguek about females born in prison in the joseon era  it's a must watch sounds to interesting to pass up

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Omg!!! I just saw this beyond wonderful news on Facebook! And I came running into soompi! Lol!

Yes! Ko Soo is back! I so really hope this is true, remain true and become true! I miss Ko Soo so much! And it's even better that he's pairing with Jin Se Yeon! I love her in Doctor Stranger!

I'm one happy woman now! I have been waiting like forever for Ko Soo to be in a drama again! I hope hope this is for real!



Errr! Ko Soo is still in the process of considering the role!


Please, pretty please take the role, Ko Soo!!!

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  • Park Joo-Mi  is adder to the cast and is playing Jung Nan-Jung

You're welcome @valsava  ,the story sounds so different and interesting, and even more interesting is that the drama isn't centered around the male lead 

@rosem Yes this story is so different compared to most of the others that has been shown and this one seems like it's not centered around the King and Nobles

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According to the article in the link I posted above, this drama is about lawyers and Jin Se Yeon may be one of them or some kind of angel, life savior as refers to the title, "The Flower in Prison" that "helps the falsely accused"! I wonder what the role Ko Soo is offered and is still considering is about! Hmmm!

This is a 50 episodes drama! Ko Soo, you have to be in this drama please! I'm already imagining myself sitting in front of the tv seeing you for 50 hours! Ahhh! The feeling is killing!

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In recent times, Lee Byung Hoon (PD of Dae jang Geum) had concentrate a theme of his drama surrounding a "department" or an administration offices in the Joseon Dynasty

Dae Jang Geum, - the Royal Kitchen

Yi San - Dohwaseo (Bureau of Painting & Drawing)

Dong Yi - Jangakwon (  장악원, 掌樂院 Bureau of Music) & The palace inspectorate

Ma Ui - veterinary 

This time it is the advocate or litigation office or Services called Oe (Wae) Ji Bu (외지부 ,外知部), similar to a defense lawyer, which works "outside" the Justice bureaucracy system hence the name (외,外). 

In Episode 60 of the drama Dong Yi, after Choi Suk Bin (Dong Yi) left the palace to reside in her private residence palace Inhyeongung (이현궁, 梨峴宮), she became a representative advocate for the marginalise citizen who were wrongly accuse for crime that they didn't commit

The service of Waeji-bu (外 知 部) is called for when there is offenses & defenses that were exchanged between the plaintiff & the defendant, contents of the documentary evidence (书 证) & the accounts of the witnesses, and all the legal debates that ensued.

The lawsuit process of the Joseon dynasty showed a minimized intervention on the pan of the authorities, & also the enlarged role of the parties directly involved. But because of such characteristics that involved parties were in need of some professional help from legal practitioners & for those who were in need of such help, the Waeji-bu (外 知 部) services were the ones to consult. At the request of the clients, Waeji-bu services will listened to the nature of the complaints & created written accusations for the client, or provided the clients with advises regarding the actual lawsuit process & related techniques. 

When they were hired as legal representatives of the clients, they appeared at the local office and initiated a lawsuit for them, and whenever they won the suit, they were compensated by the clients as well, but then consigning a representative is hardly practice

This drama will most likely taken around the 1560 (the reign of Myeongjong) onwards...because in 1478, this advocate representative was banned


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Jin Se Yeon Will Fight For Justice In 'The Flower In Prison'

Jin Se Yeon

 According to the Korean media outlet The Star, Jin Se Yeon has taken the role of prison advocate Ok Nyeo in the 50-episode Joseon-era drama "The Flower In Prison," also known as "Ok Joong Hwa."

ok nyeo is a woman who was born in prison and spends her life helping the imprisoned. During the Joseon era the Korean legal system was less formal and so mediators such as Ok Nyeo helped mediate on behalf of those charged with crimes. She uses a private litigation system known as Wae Ji Bu.Jin's character is not a real person but the historical drama will feature some real-life events and actual historical figures.Jin Se Yeon has only been acting for a few years but she's managed to land some impressive roles. She made her debut in 2010 with a supporting role in "It's Okay Daddy's Girl." After that she played Joo Won's doomed bride in the 2012 historical drama "Bridal Mask." She had a leading role in the 2014 dramas "Inspiring Generation" with co-star Kim Soo Hyun and she also played Lee Jong Suk's spy agent love interest in "Doctor Stranger." None of these characters were easy to play. She's only 21.

"I think I still have a lot of growing up to do, but I've had to play mature characters who must endure many trials and tribulations, including extreme solitude," Jin said in an interview with the media outlet Chosun Ilbo.

In 2015 she took a break from serious roles to play a detective in the narcotics squad in the comedy film 'Enemies In-Law," which was a spin-off of the film "Meet The In-Laws." She's a cop from a family of cops and he's a criminal from a family of criminals. But he will move to the right side of the law for her.

Jin's most likely co-star in "Flower in Prison" is actor Go Soo. Last seen in the drama "Empire of Gold" and the film "The Royal Tailor," Go Soo is currently considering a role in the film. Park Joo Mi, who appeared in the drama "Blood" will play the character Jung Nan Jung.

Lee Byung Hoon, who directed the historical hit dramas "Dong Yi" and "Dae Jang Geum," will direct "The Flower in Prison." Choi Wan Kyu, who wrote the screenplays for "Triangle," "All In," "Iris" and Guam Heo Jun" will write the script.

Jin Se Yeon begins filming her new drama in mid to late February. "The Flower In Prison" is expected to premiere in March, following the end of "My Daughter Geum Sa Wol."

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Ko Soo and Jin Se-yeon confirmed to lead 'The Flower in Prison


Actor Ko Soo has joined MBC's new weekend drama, "The Flower in Prison", which will be aired after 'My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol' has ended.

According to multiple sources on November 17th, Ko Soo and Jin Se-yeon will co-star in"The Flower in Prison" as the leading actor and actress. It means that Ko Soo returns to the small screen in three years since SBS' 'Empire of Gold'. And this is Jin Se-yeon's comeback to the small screen in two years since 'Doctor Stranger'.

PD Lee Byeong-hoon and writer Choi Wan-gyoo, who worked together to produce "Heo Jun", 1999, and 'Sangdo', 2001, will pull together as a team again in 15 years.

The new weekend drama, "The Flower in Prison"tells the story about Ok-nyeo (Lee Seo-won later in the drama), who was born in prison and helps people unfairly accused, using Waeji-bu, the private litigation system in Joseon. The drama is currently slated to begin in March next year.


YessYessss hes confirmed  <33333

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@ymiss it's from hanciema  :) 





Actress Jin Se Yeon has been confirmed for a role in MBC's upcoming historical drama 'Ok Joong Hwa' (working title). 

The actress's agency Early Bird Entertainment revealed to media outlet on November 17, "Jin Se Yeon will star as the female lead in 'Ok Joong Hwa.'" The drama will unravel the tale of a woman who was born in prison during the Joseon Dynasty and how she fights for the people who have been unjustly wronged. 



This drama will mark Jin Se Yeon's comeback to the small screen in two years after her last drama 'Doctor Stranger.' She will begin filming starting in February of next year, as soon as the child actress playing her younger self wraps up filming. The drama is set to start broadcasting in next year in March, so stay tuned for details







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Here's another article confirming Jin Se Yeon in the drama,


It's similar to the article you just posted up there but this one mentioned Ko Soo in it!


Since hancinema stated that Ko Soo is confirmed, I hope asianwiki confirm him soon as well!

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