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[Drama 2016] One More Happy Ending 한번 더 해피엔딩

Guest ororomunroe

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Guest ororomunroe

One More Happy Ending




  • Drama: One More Happy Ending (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Hanbun Deo Happyending
  • Hangul: 한번 더 해피엔딩
  • Director: Kwon Sung-Chan
  • Writer: Heo Sung-Hee
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Date: January 20, 2016 -- March 10, 2016
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea



Drama series depicts the story of marriage, remarriage and divorce. Han Mi-Mo (Jang Na-Ra) was once an idol group member, but she now works as a representative of a remarriage consulting business. She gives honest answers to her customers who hope to remarry.



Han Mi-Mo (Jang Na-Ra), Baek Da-Jung (You Da-In), Go Dong-Mi (Yoo In-Na) and Hong Ae-Ran (Seo In-Young) were once members of idol group “Angels.”

Han Mi-Mo now works as a rep for a remarriage consulting business. She is also divorced. Her former bandmate Baek Da-Jung is also a rep at the same company. She married a rich man, but is also divorced. Go Dong-Mi is now an elementary school teacher. She is single and feels lonely. Hong Ae-Ran is a representative for an internet shopping mall. The women are still friends.

Song Soo-Hyuk (Jung Kyoung-Ho) is a reporter and a single father. He has a friend, Goo Hae-Joon (Kwon Yool), who is a doctor and single. Song Soo-Hyuk and Goo Hae-Joon become involved with the women.



  1. Drama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "My Sweet Family."
  2. First script reading took place on December 4, 2015. The first script reading included just the six lead performers (Jang Na-Ra, Jung Kyoung-Ho, Kwon Yool, You Da-In, Yoo In-Na, Seo In-Young).





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Guest ororomunroe

Jang Nara Will Be Returning to the Screen With New Drama “One More Happy Ending”

Jang Nara Will Be Returning to the Screen With New Drama “One More Happy Ending”

Jang Nara will be returning to the screen with MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama “One More Happy Ending (working title).”

Read more: http://www.soompi.com/2015/11/16/jang-nara-will-be-returning-to-the-screen-with-new-drama-one-more-happy-ending/


Jang Nara headlines MBC’s One More Happy Ending





Ilgan Sports - Naver: [Exclusive] Jung Kyung Ho cast as male lead of 'One More Happy Ending' 

1. [+367, -13] Journalist, Jung Kyung Ho starred in JTBC's Falling For Innocence

2. [+314, -17] Jung Kyung Ho is charming!

3. [+282, -10] Journalist, this is his next drama after 'Falling for Innocence' not 'Cruel City'

4. [+275, -14] Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho make a cute couple

5. [+50, -1] I fell for him in 'Falling for Innoncence' ㅠ

6. [+50, -2] I never liked him before but 'Falling for Innocence' turned me into a fan

7. [+39, -2] 'Falling for Innocence' and 'Cruel City' are good dramas. I've been waiting for his next work~

8. [+31, -2] I wish he stars in a drama similar to  'Smile, You'. Lee Min Jung used to be fresh-looking back then

cr: kkuljaem

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Signed up first xD 

i am hereeee~

Im here for sure too ruzikie.. hahaha! thanks for the heads up...:w00t:

@ororomunroe thanks for starting this thread too.. I miss JKH and loved him to bits in Falling for Innocence and Jang Nara what a great OTP!. Ok Im getting excited for this drama..

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Jung Kyung Ho to Romance Jang Nara in Upcoming Drama


Actor Jung Kyung Ho will be the leading actor of “One More Happy Ending,” (tentative title) which will air this coming January, after “Sweet, Savage Family” wraps up. This news was confirmed by an insider in the drama department of MBC on November 16. He will be acting opposite of Jang Nara, who waspreviously ro  to as the lead actress.

Jung Kyung Ho will play the role of Song Soo Hyuk, a divorced man in his thirties with an 11-year-old son. He is a good-looking gossip reporter who looks like he is still in his twenties. He is very good at his job, because his looks and smiles melt the hearts of his interview subjects, and they are very willing to disclose even the deepest secrets.

“One More Happy Ending” will deal with the stories of the divorced, who dream of becoming happy one more time.

Source (1) via Soompi


OMG!!!! Just yesterday i shared my rambling thought on my tumblr that i want JKH comeback, hopefully reunite with HJE....but i like JNR .....so its absolutely fine! :D

Interesting plot too, so yes!!!definitely I'M IN!!!!

Waving to my lovely devil unni/dongsaeng @Kasmic @ruzikie :D

Last but not least! THANK YOU my lovely mod-chingu @ororomunroe....i'll happily join in for countless times in your thread....LOL


Eh...its a trend that kdrama has 12 episodes lately?*look at Sassy Go Go*

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Guest beastrbae

Awe-freaking-some!! Love both of them dearly and both are endearing in their own right. Jang Nara wasn't as memorable for me in I Remember You because the bromance took the spotlight but she tugged at my heart in Fated to Love You remake whereas for Jung Kyungho, no words for this guy!! He's just so awesome in both Cruel City and Falling for Innocence. But 12 episodes only? T_T I need more than that though.. Maybe romance will kick in faster due to the shorter amount of episodes I hope..

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@ororomunroe, Thanks chingu 4 starting this thread.

Yes count me in as well in which I like JKH including Jang Nara whom I seriously can't wait to see their interacting in this drama as the synopsis indeed sounds interested for me to see it. @ruzikie, @Kasmic, @kyunii88, @delfin, Hello my chingu's (waving) so glad to see Y'all here and hope the rest will join us :D

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Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Nara Pair Up for MBC Wed-Thurs Drama One More Happy Ending


I still remember a long stretch of years when Jang Nara was never seen in K-dramas, but with last year’s Fated to Love You, it’s been a nonstop bullet train of one drama after another. Last year she also did Mr. Back, and this year she was in I Remember You, and in early 2016 she will be in upcoming MBC drama One More Happy Ending (or Once More Happy Ending).

The drama will take over the Wed-Thurs time slot from Sweet Family, which means Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook will be pushed back yet again. Joining Jang Nara in One More Happy Ending will be Jung Kyung Ho, who did a noona romance already this year opposite Kim So Yeon in Falling for Innocence. Now this is an unexpected pairing, yet feels almost like it makes perfect sense.

Read more



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Ok  Jang Nara And Jung Kyung Ho  first time for me to see so I'll check it out

@valsava" You know when JKH was playing in Cruel City how that thread was everything u can name as I enjoyed it, and now he's here once again teaming up with Jang Nara that I can't wait to see how this storyline goes as far as them being romantically involved!!

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One More Happy Ending 한번 더 해피엔딩


Director: Kwon Sung-Chan

Writer: Heo Sung-Hee

Network: MBC

Episodes: 12

Release Date: January, 2016 -- (after Sweet Savage Family)

Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


Jang Nara as Han Mi-mo [1]

Jung Kyung-ho as Song Soo-hyuk [2]

Drama Synopsis:

Drama series depicts the story of marriage, remarriage and divorce. Han Mi-mo (Jang Nara) was once an idol group member, but she now works as a representative of a remarriage consulting business. She gives honest answers to her customers who hope to remarry.

News Links:

[1] Dramabeans. Jang Nara headlines MBC's One More Happy Ending. Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/11/jang-nara-headlines-mbcs-one-more-happy-ending/

[2] Dramabeans. Jung Kyung-ho in for One More Happy Ending with Jang Nara. Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/11/jung-kyung-ho-in-for-one-more-happy-ending-with-jang-nara/

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Helloooooooo chingus!!!!!!!

JKY woooot! love this guy because I love Cruel City! and Jang Nara too! both of them coming from really fantastic dramas.  I'm gonna watch this.....

But wait.. DB.....whaddaya mean  GMB will be pushed back???? noooooooooo!  gotta check the other thread.. GMB is my super most awaited drama along with Signal!

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Jung Kyung-ho in for One More Happy Ending with Jang Nara

by girlfriday | November 17, 2015 | 25 Comments


Oh they should be cute together. Jung Kyung-ho (Falling for Innocence) has been cast as Jang Nara’s leading man in her new MBC drama One More Happy Ending, about a woman who runs a remarriage consulting agency for those who are divorced and seeking a second chance at happiness.

The new series, from PD Kwon Sung-chang (Mother’s Garden, Gu Am Heo Jun) and new writer Heo Sung-hee, stars Jang Nara as a beautiful woman who runs a consulting agency for divorcés who want to remarry. She and a partner work hard to match people up, and though they see it as helping people find love again, their competitors in the first-marriage consulting game see them as the enemy.

Read more Dramabeans



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Jung Kyung Ho Joins Jang Nara In 'Happy Ending Once Again'

BY Julie Jones

Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho
(Photo : Asian Wiki)

If you've seen a few k-dramas, you know that matchmaking agencies are a fact of life in Korea. Matchmakers help singles find the person they are best suited to marry, taking into account their looks, their personality and their backgrounds. But what about the people who have already been married, have divorced and are hoping for a second chance at lifelong love? Divorcees already have a strike against them when it comes to being marriageable. Matching those new singles takes a special kind of matchmaker.

That's what Jang Nara's character Heo Sung Hee is qualified to do in the new MBC drama "Happy Ending Once Again," also known as "One More Happy Ending."  Heo Sung Hee provides another chance at "happily ever after" to a clientele whose romantic experiences have made them a little cynical. If matching up two candidates is difficult the first time around, it's likely that those who have been disappointed once may be more picky.

Heo Sung Hee, once a member of an idol group, is famous for her blunt answers. She does not hesitate to tell the formerly married how they failed the first time.

Her co-star in this drama is actor Jung Kyung Ho, last seen in the heart transplant drama "Falling for Innocence" aka "Falling for Soon Jung." So far, it is not known whether he will play a client at Jang Nara's agency, a matchmaking agency competitor or simply the person her character is destined to spend happily ever after with. Maybe all of the above.

Both actors have romantic comedy experience. Jang Nara was the endearing "snail wife" in "Fated To Love You" with Jang Hyuk. She had another leading role with Shin Ha Kyun in the comedy "Mr. Back" and then co-starred with Seo In Guk in the thriller "I Remember You."

Although Jung Kyung Ho had played some serious roles in his career, notably in the melodrama "Endless Love," the crime drama "Cruel City," and as a serial killer in the drama "Manhole," he did have fun with his second lead role in the romantic comedy "Smile You."

Kwon Sung Chan, who produced "Late Night Hospital" and "Special Investigation Team," will produce "Happy Ending Once Again."

The Wednesday- Thursday drama "Happy Ending Once Again is expected to follow "Sweet Savage Family" in January.

source: KDrama Stars http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/105643/20151117/jung-kyung-ho-joins-jang-nara-in-happy-ending-once-again.htm


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 Jung Kyung Ho! <3

JKH  -->Cruel City -marathon twice! FFI watched it. 

JN --->I Remember You - Top 3 fav 2015 drama!- award pls

So worried about GMB status on MBC, I didn't even read what's the plot of this drama and now that I read everything.. uh-oh this is rom-com ( he he.. that x for me) and I'm not into the story :(  But I'll take a peek cos I like the lead

@ororomunroe Thanks for this thread. At least I know JKH will have new drama :)

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