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Guest Anrui

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Guest Angstless

Wow, this topic really isn't very active. >.< But nonetheless, I read through the whole thing. 8D

I just discovered K-pop last night, with their MV Shadow. They're all so adorable/hot in that video. >.<

And then this morning I watched all their other music videos. ^.^;;

I really hope they come back. It's way too common in the music business for people with talent to just fade away, and it's sad. Let's hope that in the future they're more well known and promoted better. If/when they return, that is.

I think once I can afford it I'm going to buy all three of their cds. And then convince other people to buy them, and ask them to convince people too.

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Guest ultaeja

I love these guys :D

They are TRULY underrated!

I still remember a couple of years back, like around 2002-2003, seeing their performance of 'Shadow', I loved them!

I even learned the choreography to the song, haha!<3

I hope these guys have a comeback!

Does anyone know what company these guys are under?

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Guest Phantos

wow can't believe this thread is not really active... anyway just wondering if you guys have any news of the group, or did they disband??

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