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Guest Anrui

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I dont hate DBSG members but I hate the group. Does that make sense? Like, I dont mind seeing them on TV shows, or getting DBSG stuff for friends, or listening to their music but the IDEA of them makes me mad lol It makes me itch until Im bloody~ Im cool with all the members but Hero, there is something wrong with that chick. And since I didnt like him to begin with and then he started using a wheelchair that made me hate him more LOL

A few months ago Black Beat performed or something didnt they? I saw photos of them on stage but I dont know what it was from. I thought it meant their 2jib would be out soon but............. <_<

On topic: Yay K-Pop!

he had to use the wheelchair like most people who break or seriously sprain something. He hasn't been able to dance for a long time.

Yes, BB gave a performance in Daegu--but no one has anything other than the pics-- including the guys themselves. There doesn't seem to be any clips, or anything else.

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ugh I hate not knowing who is leaving. -_______- I haven't been to his cyworld in about a month--and I don't remember seeing anything about goondae. At least no one can make any nasty remarks about him not doing his service.

In Ho ssi-hwaiting!!


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Guest Mrs. Yosuke Kubozuka

gahh, kim woo hyun is so freakin' cute & hot!

i miss him so much! thanks so much for that K-Population Site!!!


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I was thinking about uploading a bunch of Kpop videos, clips and tv shows, on youtube

Would anyone be interested in seeing them?

My fear is, Ill upload them and that will be when youtube starts to delete videos. I have so many I dont want to bust my richard simmons and then no one watch and they get deleted :crazy:

If I do upload them, they'll be on hwaiting.net's youtube account http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Hwaiting

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I should really keep this thread updated more....But I feel so cold and alone in here :tears:


Woo Hyun is in the army! And he looks happy so far lol


^ photo taken by UBin

Speaking of UBin.........


He performed on the 1st! With Moon Hee Jun and Desuk (from Ak Dong Club) no less!...and other less important people (to me~) If anyone wants to see it, you can download it at K-Population's forum


Young One is still at Funky Funky

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! I was going back over some old posts, and I was going to ask

wasn't it time he was out. I was hoping he'd come back to music--and the others too --even if they don't do it together. Yinho looks healthy. ^^ Jumin seems to be happy with what he's doing, too. Wonder what Woohyun's job will be...I guess the only one I never hear anything about is Donghwa. Thanks for posting the pics.

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UBin should be out? No, he has like a year left~

I think Dong Hwa is a private detective....No one knows where hes at or what hes doing...

I heard Kpop might do a 4jib.......I hope............I hope I hope :tears:

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Guest loveandhatred

Watched their mv (shadow in youtube) recently, it's so addictive. LOL, I made it into mp3 straight away and keep it in my music folder. Woo Hyun is so cute <3

btw, i just got this uncomfortable feeling whenever I saw Ubin posing on his pic...is he gay?

this thread needs more posts, argh.

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