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Info on K-Pop

Guest Anrui

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Guest MPython

Cool~ Shingiru started playing on Winamp when I got to this thread.

:lol: What shall I post?

K-Population is going to be up-dated next week so we'll have more pictures and caps

Post...!! Um.. I dunno~ Younghyun! =D Or studio photos!!

Can't wait for the update! =]

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Guest VersusVillain

Haha, Anrui. You're such a good K-Pop fan. Seriously.

AND YOU ARE GOOD AT THE CAPPIN' (not shooting people~ capping pictures ^_^)

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Guest evelyn168

I only listened to them singing 'Lover Boy'... They're okay... I think they're just the typical K-pop groups... But I saw UBin on X-men before, he seems to be quite funny.

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are they back with anew album??

They ended activites for their new album a few months ago

Jumin is hosting Hello Chat and hes been on some radio shows, UBin is on vacation, the rest Im not sure

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Guest xiaochu

k-pop. They're pretty good.

I've heard their 1st & 2nd albums only....

I thought they're popular until their 3rd album...seems like they didnt perform much & I even realise until I saw them on music show.

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