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[Official] Ryu Jun Yeol ❤ Hyeri Official Thread (Junghwan & Deoksun of Reply 1988)

Adwina Oltariani

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Aww it's so good to see so many familiar names from the 88 days here again. Hi all!!! Our ship sail in the best way possible. I see some negative comments here and there but who cares I'm still overwhelmed with joy so who cares. 

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Hi, everyone.. I'm sure everyone heard the good news of uri GaeDdeok couple.. sorry to post this quite late.. i'm so busy lately..

man, I was screaming loudly when I heard the dating news of our couple few days ago.. never thought it will actually came true!! (mind you, of course there are plenty of evidences, but I was burned so many times because of shipping real life otps.. but man, this really is such a sweet story..)

we all know how much these two care for each other.. since the beginning of Reply 1988, she's always been the closest to him compared to other Ssangmundong guys. He helped her by giving her acting tips for crying scenes.. she couldnt take her eyes off him back at table read.. their touchy feely in tvn10 Award.. so many evidences, yet idk if they'd ever took it to next level like this.. damn, i'm over the moon for these two

The Dispatch pics are so sweet. These two managed to make time for them to meet up and exchange stories, and I've read from an article that it was Hyeri who made effort to go to his apartment, even when she's busy promoting with Girl's Day. That's love: You make an effort to be with that person because you like that person so much. Junyeol seems like he will be caring and protecting bf. I really hope for these two to have a healty and stable relationship. I love that they took time to be in a relationship instead of right away hooking up after R88. It took them at least one year to finally be in a relationship. To me, that buildup is perfect because you know both of them started by being close friends first Because at least we know they have genuine feelings for each other as Junyeol and Hyeri instead of Junghwan and Deoksun. To me, in real life, they're also very compatible with each other. Both likes to travel, have the same sense of humor, and I actually think these two have the same circle of friends.. Hyeri also has a lot of rookie actor friends, and I'm sure lots of factor that makes these two perfect for each other. You can't escape fate, so they say. I''m so happy neither Junyeol or Hyeri are stubborn like Junghwan or Deoksun. At least their real selves are not scared to take a risk and honest about their feelings

With them officially dating, this makes them the only Reply OTP that didnt end up onscreen, but also the only Reply OTP that is dating in real life. Have a long lasting relationship, juseyo.. we, Yeolri shippers wish nothing but the best for you two!



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14 hours ago, misshoggy said:

@carolinedlI'm here! Been lurking and backreading when I can. Semester just started and this happened! Boo... no time to bask in any happiness. 

Your semester started already?! Mine is only starting at the end of the month... back to teaching after teaching all summer. Pfff...

Ah it is so nice to see some of you back here! :wink: He he.. I like this news just for that!!

Were those photos posted? Other photos fo them going to meet each other!




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Another fan asked him, “Duk Sun is dating now, what do you think about that?” 

Go Kyung Pyo hesitated for a moment, and then replied, “I support the love of the two of them, who think of only each other.”



So sweet! Can anyone find the video of it? I can only find his interview part on naver etc, but not the interaction with the crowd.

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On 2017-08-17 at 2:31 PM, b020 said:

:D I tried to keep things PG here when I reposted.  And I can't remember the last one you read - Shaving? Vday?

Don't remember the title, sorry :'( , but one that made me blush and hide my phone under my pillow :ph34r: Are you still writing these days?

How is everyone doing? Sincerely hope everyone is well and doing wonderful since, oh gawd, early 2016? When I was last active here.. yikes. Lots of familiar usernames and it brings back sweet memories (despite the awful things we suffered TT). 

A bit of cheese and personal update:


 You guys helped me get through a personally frustrating time back then. Thank you. Tho most prolly can't tell cos I went around being silly and idiotic in our infamous chatroom as a coping mechanism LOL

I see @misshoggy is still teaching :D Sending lots of positive vibes! I know how challenging it can be.


 I ESCAPED TEACHING!! YASSS career change finally happened!!! Now I'm gonna stare more at computer screens XD

 I will check back for replies but I won't be as active in the soompi forums anymore... until the next reply series. OK just kidding. Gotta learn lessons and never be as stupid anymore.

I'm hanging out a lot on twitter these days and loving the news feed format. Twitter handle: poisongiggles. You'll find me there spouting my nonsense :) 



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On 8/18/2017 at 0:23 AM, b020 said:

In honor of our good news - here is the PG version of Alternative Future.  There is one R-rated scene towards the end, so if you're not into that, don't read it.  

I was posting on Tumblr, but the ignorant SunTaekies were harassing and bullying, accusing me of plagiarizing (they didn't understand the word parody or plagiarism) etc.  Got tired of their BS and harassment, so I took it down.  

This was just for my broken heart after Ep 19-20 and for DS whose voice got stolen and repressed by awful writer.


  Reveal hidden contents


Present Day(end of R88)

The interviewer asked Deoksun and Taek, “Do you want to go back to that time?  Do you have any regrets?” 

The background blurred, faintly, Taek laughed, “No, I’m happier now because I was too sensitive to things back then.”

The camera panned to Deoksun, in slow motion, she blinked and focused on the camera…her smile slowly fading and the question echoed, “Do you want to go back to that time?”

Her lips didn’t move, but in her mind, she whispered the deepest secret in her heart, “Yes.”

Abruptly, everything went black.

 “Wake up!  Are you ok?  Wake up!!” Deoksun slowly opened her eyes and struggled to focus on the person in front of her.  A gaudy looking fortune teller looked back at her with concern, “Here drink some of this tea.  And try not to get up.”

Deoksun reached out to take the offered cup and saw her hand shaking, “Wh-what happened?”  She looked around her, confused, “Where’s my husband?”

“Aigoo!  You need to focus if you want to get into university!  Your head is too full of romance to think about anything else.”  The fortune teller chided her, looking her over.  She sat back and fanned herself as Deoksun looked up at her, startled, “What?  What did you say?”

Deoksun sat up abruptly and immediately winced when her head began to swim, “What happened?”

The fortune teller fidgeted, looking concerned, “Well, you came in, asking about your entrance exam, asking if you would pass this year since you’ve been studying so hard at the academy.  I told you that you would have to make up for the years that you slacked off and relearn everything that you forgot in high school, but if you concentrate, you would pass, don’t you remember?”

Slightly befuddled, Deoksun nodded her head slowly, as she took in her high waisted jeans, polo shirt and oversized bag, things that she used to wear in high school.  And the fortune teller was the same one she visited right before her re-test…

Oblivious, the fortune teller continued, “Then you asked me about your future husband and when you’d meet him.  I told you that you already met your husband, but it wasn’t set.  If you continued on the path that you’re currently on, doing nothing, then your husband would reveal himself to you. He would lead you to a comfortable life, full of material wealth and gentle warmth.  The path was clear and open, smooth and golden.  There wasn’t much else to say and then you fainted.” 

Deoksun stared at the fortune teller, faint memories flashed in her mind of a desperate kiss, the taste of cigarette smoke, furtive dating, quiet moments by the river in a car, a wedding to her childhood friend.  Of telling herself that life was good, that she was happy and content - that she didn’t mind having to take care of Taek when he got lost in his baduk games, that she was fine with traveling ahead of him to get everything ready or staying behind to avoid the press.  That she was happy to give up her job as a so that she could be there for Taek when he needed something.  That life was better without children because she had more time to devote to her nieces and nephews, her parents.   And the rebellious feeling of wrongness that she couldn’t always ruthlessly squash.

What was that?  A dream?

She closed her eyes to concentrate on the faint images flashing through her memory.

“Are you going to faint again?  Here, lie down a bit.”  The fortune teller hovered over her, nervously plumping up a pillow for Deoksun to lay her head on.  Deoksun’s heart started pounding loud in her ears, something important just passed her, something she wasn’t remembering that she had to remember, something that was just said…

“Wait,”  Deoksun opened her eyes to focus on the fortune teller, “You said that my future husband wasn’t set.  That he would reveal himself if I did nothing.  What did you mean?”

The fortune teller sat back and looked at Deoksun, surprised at the urgency of the question, “Well, I-I, just what I said, that the path you’re on leads to a warm and comfortable life. You just have to wait.”

“Is that all?”  Deoksun asked, wondering why she still felt unsettled.

“I-I did see something else.  The path in front of you is clear, but you…” The fortune teller paused, “I did see something else, something faint.  If you took a risk, jumped off your path, there was a faint trail if you looked hard enough.   It led to rougher ground, uneven and difficult at times, but if you continued, the trail would become a path, the ground more even.  It wound around the most beautiful views, mountains and valleys.  A blazing sun surrounding you…” The fortune teller paused as her cheeks tinted pink at the realization of the sexual innuendo she was euphemistically saying and she avoided the intense gaze of the teenager in front of her. 

She cleared her throat and continued, “There was someone beside you, clearing the rough ground from your feet, sheltering you when the storms came and carrying you when it was too dangerous.  And the sun…it’s always blazing, even when the storm is at its worst and danger follows you.  It wasn’t comfortable, or gentle, but it was vivid,  bright and intense.  And laughter, I kept hearing a lot of laughter surrounding you.”

Deoksun’s heart skipped a beat, her eyes filled with tears as something echoed in her mind.

“I’m going to get you some more tea – you just lay there until you feel better, ok?”  Deoksun heard the fortune teller scramble around, knowing the elderly woman was concerned that she would ask for her money back.  Her heart still pounded and memories of her dream lingered.  There was also that memory of a restaurant, a ring…damn it, what was that?  And Taek.  Wow.  Taek?

She had noticed a strange shift in Taek.  She had put it down to everyone leaving the neighborhood for university and him traveling more.  But sometimes she caught him staring at her, the intensity making the hair on her neck stand up.  A future with Taek.  Lingering memories of the vague dream swirled in her head and made it ache.  Maybe she would just rest for a bit, just until her head stopped hurting….

“Deoksun-ah!!! Wake up already! The plane is about to land and we have three elderly grandma’s who need help with wheelchairs!”

With a quiet snort, Deoksun opened her eyes, groggily confused as to where she was. She looked around to see she was on a plane, belted in and her co-worker was already gathering her things to make the landing announcement. She slowly gathered her wits enough to discreetly wipe the droop from the corner of her mouth and sat up straight, smoothing back her hair.  Automatically, she checked her seatbelt and the surrounding cabinets to make sure they were secure as her head spun.  She could have sworn she had just been asleep at the fortune teller’s place – was that a dream?  It must have been.

But why had she been dreaming of the fortune teller? It had been years since that visit, why now? She and Dongryong had been study buddies for that year before they retook the exam, both concentrating hard for the remaining months. They even talked unnie into giving them cram sessions two months before the exam. They walked around like zombies the week before the exam and Sunwoo and Junghwan had both called the night before to wish them good luck. The day of the exam was nothing but a blur of nerves, stress, last minute cramming, and ‘fighting’s amongst her family, Dong-ryong, and his family.

She smiled as she remembered how her mom had packed an extra-large lunch for her, how her little brother had actually gotten up early and set the table for her, and her dad gave her his fried egg at breakfast. The Kim’s had been up early too, to see them off and had made sure to give both Deoksun and Dongryong pocket money for snacks later. After several grueling hours, they had both left the exam exhausted, but she had felt confident about passing. And she was right.

Dongryong and she had passed, gotten into a smaller university and stayed close through graduation. Their senior year of university saw Dongryong finally settling down into his hyung’s restaurant business, taking on the challenge of opening a new branch, he even hired JungBong oppa in his new restaurant.  Who knew he would be so successful in the business world?  In his free time, Dongryong ventured into the entertainment world as a local MC for small festivals and store openings. He had gained a small but loyal group of ajumma fans that liked to spoil him with packages of food and sweets. He always complained, but he really loved it. He tried out at the broadcast stations, failing year after year, but continued with the local MC jobs.

She, on the other hand, had tried out to be a flight attendant her senior year, wanting to travel around the world. She hadn’t been completely sure going into it, but of all the jobs she had explored in college, she kept coming back to the flight attendant academy. And if a small part of her mind whispered the name of a certain friend who was at the military academy, who would be stationed at the same airport if she happened to get transferred there, it had nothing to do with her career choice.

As she trained hard and made new friends, she realized a dream that she hadn’t known she wanted. She loved traveling around the world, practicing her English, and picking up souvenirs for her family that they displayed lovingly around the house. NoEul was bragging to his friends about his flight attendant noona and showing off the brand name clothing she’d pick up for him. She loved her job, so why was she dreaming of the fortune teller’s visit? Maybe just a few more minutes of sleep…

“Ya, Deoksun-ah, chingu, you know lots of single girls, right?” A sharp elbow nudged her awake.   Deoksun sat up straight, nervously looking around her, expecting the plane interior but only recognizing a familiar room.  As things came into focus, she shook off lingering old dreams and realized they are were all gathered in Taek’s room, and heard Dongryong as he asked slyly, “When are you setting up…”

She automatically interrupted the ongoing question, “Never. I would never be forgiven for introducing you to them. The unnies are scary when they’re pissed and they would stick me with the worst schedules ever. So, no – I’ll never introduce you to my co-workers.” She shook of the sense of deja vu and stuffed a little more of Taek’s birthday cake in her mouth. The guys sat around the table and picked at the demolished birthday cake, while drinking the latest bottle of alcohol Taek won.  For a moment, she saw their future selves superimposed over their current selves and she had to shake her head to clear it.  That had to be a dream, it couldn’t be true.

“Chingu-yaaaa” Dongryong whined, batting his eyes. Then he nudged Junghwan, silently telling him to beg, too. Junghwan cleared his throat uncomfortably and uncrossed his arms, “Deoksun-ah-ahhh…” stiffly shaking his shoulders.

Deoksun almost choked at the attempt at aegyo and laughed out loud, “Never!”

Dongryong whined a little more, but then went on to tease Junghwan and Taek about dating so much. He pointed out to Junghwan that he still hadn’t given anyone his academy ring. What was that? What was that look Junghwan just gave her?

Ring? Why did that send a shiver down her back?

Junghwan shrugged, “I don’t have a girlfriend to give it to.”

“Yah, the way you’re going, you’re going to die before ever being able to confess once.” Dongryong snickered and went back to begging Sunwoo for a pretty nurse’s phone number. Deoksun’s heart started to race at the mention of confessing, tears welled in her eyes, and she couldn’t figure out why her heart felt like it was about to break.

Junghwan and confession. Why did that make her so sad?

A memory flashed by, what was it?

Her pager buzzed, bringing her back to the present and she recognized the number of the new guy was seeing. She got up to return the call, but paused at the door for one more look at her friends, suddenly hit with the realization that they were all growing up. She grinned, knowing that the get- togethers weren’t always going to last, but her favorite thing in the world was hanging out here. Things were changing so fast and they were already in their 20’s, leaving their childhood behind. Sunwoo was looking tired from his long residency hours, Dongryong now wore suit jackets for his ‘image’, Taek was even driving now, and Junghwan…she shook her head. Her parents were talking about moving once NoEul graduated. Everything was changing, moving forward and she couldn’t help but feel a little regret about it.

She dismissed her nostalgic feeling and raced to the phone. She was supposed to go to a concert this Sunday and had bought a new outfit while she was in Paris. It even had a cute beret to match. She dialed the number and sweetly talked to her new boyfriend, keeping her fingers crossed . Maybe this time the guy wouldn’t be so boring. Maybe this time, the guy wouldn’t get so upset if she punched him in the arm a little too hard. Maybe this time, the guy would like her when she was more herself than the sweet and cool image she projected. Maybe…

Please don’t ask, please don’t ask about the concert’ Deoksun begged Junghwan silently as they listed to the Lee Moon-se tape in his jeep on their way to meet their friends. She just didn’t want to tell him about being stood up or even about what happened later. 

She kept bickering with him, just to distract him, and he argued right back, both hiding grins. It felt good, just like old times-she was only ever comfortable being herself when she was around Junghwan. And if she closed her eyes she could almost pretend…something hard clenched itself around Deoksun’s chest. Something felt off. She opened her eyes to look out at the night scenery, something was coming. She felt it.

They sat waiting for Taek, enjoying their beers - Dongryong whined about another girl dumping him before getting through their coffees.  Deoksun faked a smile while trying to hide her fear.  Something bad was about to happen. Her chest felt too tight. She kept looking around the restaurant, trying to figure out what it was. Every time the door opened, she tensed, looked around, expecting something. She played with her pager, trying to calm down, and pretended to listen to her friends.  Then she heard Dongryong ask for Junghwan’s academy ring.

Everything blurred around her. Deoksun’s heart started pounding louder and louder.

If you continued on the path that you’re currently on, doing nothing, then your husband would reveal himself to you. A comfortable life, full of material wealth and gentle warmth would surround you.”

Why were the fortune teller’s words ringing in her ears?

The pressure in Deoksun’s chest grew, her heart raced and she stared at Junghwan. ‘No, no, no….’

He pulled out a ring box, slowly opened it and set it on the table. Dread froze Deoksun while faint memories flashed in her mind. She stared at the ring box. From a distance she heard him say that it would be kind of a waste to give it to Dongryong.

She knew that ring – knew the heartbreak attached to it. She’d been here before. She looked around the table –Dongryong sat to her right, Sunwoo across from him, sitting exactly like she dreamed. And just like her dream this was the moment that Junghwan would say,

“Deoksun-ah..” and put the ring in front of her.

She couldn’t breathe. Her heart skipped…one…two…

If you continued on the path that you’re currently on, doing nothing, then your husband would reveal himself to you. A comfortable life, full of material wealth and gentle warmth would surround you.”

Memories of the old dream flashed in her mind. A life of comfort. Contentment. An interview. A question.

Do you want to go back? Do you have any regrets?”

A name floated in her mind, unspoken.

“…doing nothing, then your husband would reveal himself to you. A comfortable life, full of material wealth and gentle warmth.”

Taek smiled at her as he waited at the altar. Her dad squeezed her hand, signaling the march down the aisle, and her gaze wandered over the crowd…locking onto her old friend. He was grinning, right? So why were his eyes so blank? One step forward and he blurred from her sight…

“…you could jump off the path. If you took a risk, there is no clear path… a faint trail if you looked hard enough… rougher ground, uneven and difficult at times …”

The pressure in her chest ached – she fought for breath, “I like you.” 

The words echoed in her ears.

“…jump off the path … someone beside you, clearing the rough ground from your feet, sheltering you when the storms came and carrying you when it was too dangerous,”

“All I ever thought about was you.”

It’s not comfortable, or gentle…so vivid, so bright and intense. And laughter, I kept hearing a lot of laughter.”

Dongryong’s laughter sounds hollow.

Junghwan’s voice went on to name the times they ran into each other on the bus, or went to the concert together, or when she gave him the shirt for his birthday.

She knew this…she had heard it before.  She felt herself detach, trying to remember the old dream as Junghwan continued.

In her dream she let him make it a joke, let him think he fooled her. She even lied to herself that it was a joke. But she knew. In her heart she knew. Because it hurt so damn much. She remembered how she had swallowed her tears, not wanting him to see how much he hurt her. She had swallowed, and swallowed again, keeping her eyes wide open, determined to lock up her crushed heart and not let anyone know. That was it. That was when she closed off her heart.

And did nothing.

“…doing nothing…A comfortable life, full of material wealth and gentle warmth would surround you.”

Fragments of her dream flooded her memory, making her feel dizzy, she had married someone comfortable, someone who wouldn’t make her risk her heart or demand all of it. And Taek had been good to her – he loved her. She knew he did. And she had loved him, too. It had been a good life. In her dream, she had made his dream come true and made him happy. But had she been happy?

She remembered the feeling of pushing down her feelings, constantly putting on a public mask. She remembered having to hide herself while in public, putting on a polished sophistication so the reporters wouldn’t have anything to gossip about, of always looking over her shoulder in case someone saw her. Of hiding her hurt at his obliviousness and making sure he was taken care of first. She remembered the feeling of loneliness when he would lose himself in his strategy games and she would have to wait to badger him to eat or sleep. She remembered the feeling of regret of having no children of her own, of feeling contentment, but she didn’t remember feeling happy…

“…do nothing…jump off the path”

“I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time: I really like you. I love you.”

Her eyes met his.  For one moment, they stared at her: intense, blazing…before a blink shuttered them, leaving them blank. Something clicked in her memory. He always did that, hid his feelings. Always acting cool, untouched. Like when JungBong was sick and he didn’t want his parents to worry about him, he always acted as if everything was fine. But she knew better. Had always known better. Wasn’t that why she always picked a fight with him? To distract him? To get him to react and come back to her? Why had she let herself forget that about him?

“…jump off the path…”

Silence fell after his last words and echoed in her mind. Memories of a vague dream fell away and Junghwan’s face came into focus, their past came into focus, sharp and clear. He stared at her and she returned it, remembering everything. They had been born weeks apart, raised together. They cried together, laughed together, played together, even long after SunWoo and Dongryong went home – they were together. She knew when he was mad he’d cross his arms and sigh, she knew when he was hungry he itched his stomach, she knew that he snuck into his brother’s room just so he could check to see if he was breathing, she knew he was stubborn and refused to ask for help, even from his parents…she knew how he lied.  His eyes always gave him away.

Then he blinked, turned his head toward Dongryong, “Is that good, moron? You said this was your wish.”

She heard Sunwoo and Dongryong laugh with relief and discomfort, calling him out on fooling them. But he didn’t laugh.  And he wouldn’t look at her.

This was the moment.

Her choice.

Did she let him get away with making it a joke like she did in her dream and take a comfortable life or did she risk it all?

“Yah.” Her eyes focused on man in front of her, forgetting about her friends, forgetting about the restaurant’s crowd.

“You think you can say all that to me and then make a joke of it? Like you don’t mean it? Like it doesn’t matter how I feel? Do you really dare?” She saw him turn back to her, his eyes carefully guarded, but something was there.

A choking sound came from her right, but Deoksun ignored it and kept her focus on Junghwan . His eyes were still shuttered, but he was absolutely still, not reacting. Suddenly angry that he took so long to confess, that he was about to make it a joke and dismiss her, and that she would have let him, had let him before, made Deoksun stand up. Her voice cracked with suppressed tears, “I’ve waited all this time for you to say something, to give me some kind of sign that you loved me back.”

She saw him swallow, about to say something else, but she cut him off, “I know. It’s my fault too. I was too immature to say what I really felt, what I really wanted. Back then, I liked you so much, I couldn’t even concentrate at school. I even failed the entrance exam because all I did was think about how to get you to say something.” Deoksun cut herself off, “Ok, maybe I failed because I didn’t study enough in classes.” Embarrassment stained her cheeks a bit, “But that’s not the point.”

Anger made her voice rise, “You think everything was a coincidence?  That you were the only one that did crazy things?  Huh?  I’d get up hours early just to run into you on the bus and then sleep through the morning classes. I faked a sprained ankle just to hold your hand.  I froze my legs off wearing skirts, hoping you’d say something, that you liked me too. But you never did. I even bought a pink shirt just for you when I hadn’t even bought my dad a shirt. Why do you think I chose pink, huh!?!  And when you gave that shirt to JungBong oppa, or at least I thought you did…I tried to give up. I tried to tell myself that it was a silly crush; that the feelings would go away. But they didn’t.”

Angry tears filled her eyes, anger that he took so long to tell her his feelings and anger at herself for being so blind that she hadn’t seen what was in front of her the whole time.  She scoffed at herself, “I have lived on hope for the last five years that you would notice me, gone on dates with guys I didn’t even like on the stupid chance that you might get jealous and stop me.  I’ve begged my sunbae and coworkers to switch schedules so that I can be here, on the days you have leave, just so I can see your ugly face. After all this time, you have finally said it.”

She sucked in a breath, pieces of their lives falling into place, and stared into those eyes, unflinching, “I’ve waited years, so no, you can’t just take it back. You can’t make it a joke, because I won’t let you. Because I finally remembered what I should have remembered all this time. I was confused for a while, got distracted, so I forgot, didn’t see it. You’re going to pretend that you really didn’t mean the confession, that you don’t love me. But Jungpal, I know you. I forgot that for a bit, but now it's all coming back to me.”

His flinched, just a little, but he didn’t look away. Instead, he stared harder, daring her to continue and that was something else she remembered. That’s when she knew she had him. She wiped at her tears and gently smirked, “You always pretend everything is fine, that nothing bothers you so that no one will look too closely, so that no one questions it. You’ve fooled everyone. But I know better, you’re not unaffected – you’re hiding. You’re hiding because you feel too much, you love too much. You don’t want to burden anyone so you'll act as if you’re ok, even if you’re hurt. You’ve done it since we were kids, when JungBong oppa was sick, when we entered school for the first time, when we were too poor to afford fancy snacks and other kids laughed at us, when your grandma died. You hid your feelings so well everyone marveled over it, but I always knew.  Why do you think I fought with you so much, picked at you so much? Huh?”

Silence responded, and she answered for him “I didn’t want you to keep hiding, not from me.”

She took a step towards him, ready to risk it all, and jumped.

“You mean it. You love me. Don't you dare take it back. And guess what, jerk? I love you, too. I always have. At first, it was because you were my friend. But later, in high school, it was because it was you. I love the way you laugh and your eyes crinkle, I love the way you dance so awkwardly because your arms and legs are too long, and the way you walk slowly so Dongryong doesn’t have to run along aside you,” a faint protest was quickly shut down with a swift kick, was that him?

“I love the way you hold your comics with one hand, the way you always fold your laundry so your mom doesn’t have to, the way you pick out the carrots in your curry because they’re your hyung’s favorite, the way you fuss about your books being organized, the way you always give into your mom, and laugh at your dad’s corny jokes when he’s not looking. I love everything about you, even the things that drive me crazy.”

His eyes said it - he didn’t dare to hope, there was something holding him back – something, no, someone. Of course, that was it. He would never let anyone get hurt, just himself.

“He confessed. He was braver than the both of us. Taek confessed the day Dongryong went to the ER for his hemorrhoids. He had to carry me home because I hurt my foot, and when we got home, he told me that like me. But I told him that I didn’t feel that way about him, that I only saw him as a friend. He tried again a few weeks ago, taking me out on a date. But my feelings haven’t changed. No matter how I tried, they haven't changed. It’s you. I love, you.”

Relief, guilt, and there, the last of his defenses fell from his eyes, leaving...Doeksun softly gasped. The full force of his heart was right there, blazing deeply into her eyes. She smiled tremulously, dared to take one more step closer, “So, now that I know and you know, are you..” her courage faltered but she grabbed hold again, and glanced at the ring on the table, “will you put the ring on me or do I have to do it myself?”

Silence stretched between them. She tuned out Dongyrong's gasp, Sunwoo's giggle, the restaurant, everything. The only thing that mattered was Junghwan. She focused only on Kim Junghwan, just like she had for the past five years, and like all those years, she silently begged him with her eyes, 'Please'.

He broke off eye contact and reached across the table grabbing the little box. He held the ring box for a moment and stared at her, defenses back in his eyes.

'Please, please, please, Junghwan, don't joke this away...'

He shut the lid on the box and abruptly stood up. Her heart sank, cracking, and she shut her eyes, bracing herself for the joke, the sarcastic comment that would ignore everything she just said.

Large hands grabbed her face and squeezed until her eyes popped open, “Yah, special forces, if you put the ring on right now, it will fall off. Let's get a chain for it.”

Before the words could sink in, he grabbed her hand and moved towards the door. He threw out over his shoulder, “We'll meet you at the next bar” as the door slammed shut. A glimpse of a smirk and shock was all she was able to catch before she was running to keep up with her hand. A hand which was gripped tightly in his, so tightly she wasn't even sure if she had any blood left in it. But she wouldn't complain, not when his hand felt so warm, so strong and had just a bit of a tremor going through it.

She ran quietly, trying not to laugh at his determined face, his jaw clenched as his eyes frantically searched the market's stalls for an accessory store.

She finally dug her heels in after making the second round of the market and pulled on his arm with both hands.

“Yah, Jungpal, here. Let's get this,” She pointed at a pretty hair ribbon.

“No. You need a chain. Something secure. Something that won't fall off.” He kept frantically searching the stalls. She giggled, and argued, “This will be fine for tonight. We can get a chain later. Hurry up and buy it. I want to wear my ring.”

That got his undivided attention. He stared at her, his eyes taking in nothing but her face, the smile on her lips, the eyes that revealed the love she carried all these years.

His hand trembled as it reached for her, cupping her cheek, as if he disbelieved that she was actually there, standing in front of him, loving him.

She wanted to cry at the way he was so hesitant to touch her, the way his hand tenderly cupped her cheek and looked at her. Oh the way he looked at her...

She sniffled and grabbed his hand, biting down hard.

“Yah, you brat! How can you...”

She giggled, knowing he wasn't really mad, that it hadn't really hurt, that he just needed a minute to calm himself, “Hurry up and buy the ribbon! I'm tired of waiting.”

The smile slid from his face, but he swallowed what he was going to say to turn around and quickly purchase the ribbon. Instead of giving it to her, he took her hand and led her to his parked jeep, ignoring her attempts to talk. He lifted her into the driver's seat, facing away from the street and crowded restaurants, but facing him as he stood in front of her. Without a word, with intense focus, he took out the ring from its box, looped the ribbon through it and carefully tied it around her neck, securing it with a double knot. She saw his hand grip the steering wheel while the other gripped the back seat forming a cage, and he took a breath as if he was steeling himself. She gave into a moment's worry, but then he looked at her.

Eyes staring directly into hers, she saw everything, and felt tears well up in hers,


“No, I need to say it. You deserve to hear me say it clearly. I'm not good with words...” He trailed off, trying to come up with the words. Funny how he was so good with words when he was trying to lie. He would never forget the look on her face as he confessed everything tonight, forcing himself to tell her good bye. He had to keep looking away because her eyes had stared too closely, saw too much. How could he have forgotten how well she knew him? And since when did she become good at disguising her feelings – hiding her love for him as she waited? Or did he force her to hide it as he ran away.

He closed his eyes in grief as he thought about that. His laughing, bright, in your-face Deoksun hiding her feelings because he put someone else's feelings first. “Deoksun-ah. I love you. I can't think of any other words to tell you what I feel. I'm sorry that I hurt you, for making you wait. I'm sorry that I didn't have the guts to tell you years ago. But most of all, I'm sorry for even thinking about letting you believe I didn't mean one word I said before. I'll make up for it the rest of my life.  I'm going to love you every day of our lives.”

He wiped the tears from her cheeks with a brush of his thumbs and wished for the hundredth time he could be more romantic like his hyung. He leaned forward to rest his forehead against hers and gently rubbed her nose with his, “I promise Deoksun-ah, I promise I won't ever let anyone else come first, not ever again. Only you.”

She sobbed once, grabbed his hands framing her face, and pressed her lips against his. A gentle kiss, a seal to a solemn vow, gave way to passionate kisses, breathless gasps.

 “Ewwww, Um-maaaah!!!”

Startled awake, Deoksan stared around the room, the interviewer and camera.  A small fissure of fear ran down her back - what was this... The loud scrambling of feet and giggles cleared up her confusion, memories falling into place, and she broke into a wide smile as her 10 year old eldest son walked into the room, making a face, “What's wrong?”

“Don't talk about kissing stuff!”

The interviewer laughed, “Is he your eldest?”

Deokson grabbed her son and gave him a bear hug, “Yes, this is Joon. He was born 2 minutes before Minguk and five minutes before Dongwan.” She blew a raspberry against Joon's neck and smiled at his giggles, “What's wrong with kissing?”

“How do you handle all three boys? It must have been really hard on you while your husband was at base.”

Deoksun smiled, fond memories, lighting up her face, “When we found out we were pregnant, my mother and father-in-law moved next door.” She opened her arms as the other two boys raced towards her and scrambled up to either side of her as her father-in-law entered the room to collapse in a chair, her mother-in-law hustled into the kitchen, grabbing bananas for the boys.  Junghwan entered the room and Deoksun couldn’t help the smile that came to her lips.  He ignored the interviewer and the camera equipment as he walked over and leaned down to kiss his wife.  When he walked away to put away the boys’ coats and hats, the interviewer asked again how she handled all three boys on her own.

“I don’t.  When we found out we were having triplets, my parents moved in across from us.” Deoksun cuddled her boys, who looked at her with adoration. She laughed a little to herself as she remembered how Junghwan had passed out as they looked at three little blobs on the ultrasound.

“I heard that you almost die...” The interviewer cut herself off at the quick fierce glare from Ra MiRan and Kim Sung-kyun cleared his throat in disapproval, unsubtly motioning towards Junghwan.

MiRan snapped, “We don't talk about that. Not ever. Don't ever bring that up in front of my son.” She reached out to stroke Deoksun's hair, a flash of fear crossed her face before she calmed and walked away, so much like her youngest son. Deoksun remembered the same look on his face that day in the hospital.

May 2005

She went into labor two weeks early and Aboji SunKyung had to call Junghwan at work. He got two speeding tickets as he raced to get to her at the hospital. His face had an odd pale look as she started to scream with pain but he calmly walked her through her breathing exercises. That calm timber in his voice soothed Deoksun like nothing could and she held back her curses, most of them, anyway. When he and the families were removed for the delivery, she heard him as he paced up and down the hall, ignoring the families.

She couldn’t remember what happened next, but when she woke up, she saw her families and Dongryong gathered around her bed and her hand was held in a vise-like grip. Junghwan lay on a cot beside her, passed out with an IV drip in his other arm. She grinned and tried to sit up, ready to make a joke about new fathers, but she gasped with pain, everything hurt. Her mom rushed to help her settle back down. She saw the worry in her mom’s eyes and thought the worst, “What’s wrong? Is it the babies? Are they alright?”

Panic filled her, why hadn’t the babies come in yet? Where were they?

“Deoksun-ah, the babies are fine. You've got three healthy strong boys. It’s you we’ve been worried about,” her mom responded, gently stroking her hair, holding her hand.

“What? What about me?”

Deoksun’s mom burst into tears and her dad had to drag her away, looking like he was about to cry too. She looked around the room. Sunwoo was holding her unnie who wiped at her eyes as she comforted a crying NoEul. Eomoni MiRan and Aboji SunKyung and JungBong looked grimly cheerful. Taek’s eyes were red and Dongyrong…looked like his hemorrhoids were back again. Dongyrong cleared his throat and quietly suggested everyone get some air and visit the babies.

The families cleared out, each stopping to touch Deoksun before they left. She turned to Dongyrong and he cleared his throat a couple of times before he explained, “Deoksun-ah, do you know what day it is?”

“It’s Tuesday, the babies came 2 weeks early.”

“Today is Saturday. You started bleeding as the last baby was delivered. They couldn’t get it to stop.” Dongryong stopped to choke back a sob and looked away from her. “They gave you a blood transfusion, but you crashed...they said you had a mild heart attack. We’ve been waiting for you to wake up since Tuesday.”

“Five days?” No wonder she felt so weak and sore. She looked over at her sleeping husband and asked, “What happened to him?”

Dongryong pulled off his glasses and wiped them, pausing to blink rapidly before putting them back on, “He lost it. When the alarm went off and the nurses came running, we knew it was bad. Junghwan tried to get in the room to see you, screaming for you - it took all of us to hold him back. Never knew the bastard was so strong.”

He paused, blinked rapidly and swallowed hard, “The doctor came out to tell us…they said they got you stable, but...” A small sob slipped out, “th-they weren’t sure you were going to make it. Junghwan punched the doctor, refusing to believe him and ran to you – he grabbed your hand and wouldn’t let go. Not even when the security team tried to remove him. They finally gave up after JungBong hyung got him to promise that he would settle down. He spent the last five days by your side. He only left to shower and change once, two days ago and that was down the hall. He’s barely slept and refused to eat this whole time. His mom finally talked the doctor into knocking him out so that he could sleep.”

Deoksun clung to her husband’s fingers and tried not to cry.

“Bastard kept saying everything was fine, that you’d wake up any minute and that you were just joking.” Dongryong shook his head, “I don’t know which was worse, batshit crazy Junghwan, or calm Junghwan.”

“You scared all of us pretty bad.  Your mom and dad are going to want to fuss over you, noona Bora is going to yell at you for worrying them all, and then Mrs. Ra is going to insist that you eat everything that she made Mr. Kim buy. Sunwoo’s mom and Taek’s dad are babysitting your nieces, but Sunwoo will give them a call. My mom and dad are looking after the stores. JungBong hyung is running to the convenience store to pick up some ramyun for Junghwan when he wakes up. I’m going to the restroom and pretend that I’m not crying with relief that you woke up today and then I’m going to hit on one the nurses that’s been taking care of you.” He blew his nose loudly and cleared his throat as he walked out, pausing to squeeze her shoulder and ask if he looked pitiful enough for the nurse to take pity on him.

Deoksun giggled softly and watched him leave. She turned back to her husband and traced his face with her eyes. To think that she might not have gotten to see his face, his eyes anymore…her eyes filled with tears at the thought. She lay there quietly for a while, just soaking in his face. She then squeezed his hand gently and pried open his fingers so that she could have a nurse take care of her full bag and she could freshen up.


She lurched out of the bathroom door at his scream and saw a terrified Junghwan tearing at the IV drip in his arm, she heard running feet coming down the hall.


He frantically turned toward her voice and the stark fear in his eyes made her want to cry again, but she sniffed the tears back, knowing exactly what he needed, “Yah, can’t I have a little privacy and go to the bathroom?” She saw him swallow and a look of calm settle on his face, before he worked up a disgruntled look for her.

She shuffled towards him, dragging her IV drip and he reached for her, grabbing her arms in a fiercely gentle grip to give her a soft shake, “You crazy brat, you should have woken me. I would have helped you.”

“You needed the sleep,” She smiled, letting him see all the love in her eyes and felt humbled by the depth of his.

Two nurses burst in the room followed by their families. She calmed down the nurses as they reinserted Junghwan’s IV and asked to see the babies, while comforting her mom and dad. The families spent the night fussing over the babies and the new parents, shared birthing stories, first diaper changing stories, and ate the snacks that JungBong brought. And they all pretended not to see Junghwan pretending not to hover by her side, constantly reassuring himself that she was there by holding her hand tightly in his.

They still couldn't talk about those days when she was barely clinging to life because Junghwan couldn't bear it. Hated to remember. But she’d never forget that look of terror.

Deoksun smiled apologetically to interviewer, “That was a dark time for everyone, please don't ask about it.”

“Ah. I'm sorry. Getting back to the topic, how did Junghwan propose?”

Deoksun couldn’t help but giggle, “He didn’t. I did! I think we were fighting about…

April 1996

“It means another year of training and most likely in the US” Junghwan casually stated before taking another bite of fried chicken, not noticing everyone stopping to stare at him and then Deoksun. They  gathered their plates away from him and Deoksun, careful not to make a sound. They waited anxiously, expecting a blow up.

“What? What did you say?” Deoksun put down her piece of chicken.

“I said the promotion will take another year of training.”

“In the US.”

“Uh huh, in the US.” He kept eating, looking casual, but as Deoksun’s anger rose, she saw his eyes watching her. He knew how she’d react.

“And you’re just going to take it, not even discuss it with me?”

“I’m telling you about it now.” He kept eating.

“Yah! How can you keep eating when you know I’m upset!”

He finally looked up at her, fully serious, “I’ll turn it down if you want me to.”

“Don’t say something stupid! I know how hard you worked for that promotion, but you didn’t tell me that it meant you being away on the other side of the world for year.”

“Maybe longer.”

She fumed.

“I wasn’t sure if the promotion would go through – that’s why I didn’t say anything. But now that it has…I’ll be back every month, I get a 5 day leave every month. I’ll be around.”

“But I might not. I told you last month my sunbae was pregnant and was leaving her job. I’m next in line for promotion so I’ll be covering the European flights. You should have told me – I would have prepared more.”

Their time together was always so short. Between sharing him with his family, friends they barely had time for a few stolen kisses, a quick date here and there. Deoksun’s irritation grew. Was she the only one missing him so much it hurt when they were apart? Was she the only one counting down the days until they could see each other? She got up from the table and stomped out the door. She wandered to edge of the alley and stood there, waiting.

It had been two months since she last saw him – over a year of dating and she’d seen him a total of 8 times between his schedule and hers. Phone calls every few days didn’t seem like enough anymore.


She felt his arms wrap around her from behind, his scent embraced her, and she gripped his arms, “I miss you. I hate being apart. I hate not seeing you every day. But at least it’s comforting to know we’re in the same country. When you’re in the US, you’ll really be gone. And I’ll miss you more. And it hurts so much to miss you.”

Lips kissed her temple and arms tightened around her, “That’s why I’m working so hard to get this next promotion. I want to be stationed permanently, so that we can get married.”

She looked at the academy ring on her finger, resized to fit her. “When do you have to go?”

“They’ll give me a 10 day leave before I head out two months from now.”

Another year stretched out in front of her and she just couldn't bear it, “Let’s not wait. Let’s get married before you leave.”

Arms strangled her before she was whipped around and gripped in hard hands, “What did you say?”

“I said let’s get married before you go. I know you and my parents want to give me a nice wedding with the fancy dress and suits, but I don’t need all that. I just need you. Let’s go the registry’s office and do it. Tomorrow.”

She was kissed breathless and she knew there’d be bruises on her arms, but she didn’t care. The kiss said everything he couldn’t. That he didn’t want to be apart either, that he missed her too.

Deoksun couldn’t sleep – tomorrow was her wedding day!  After proposing to Junghwan,(she’d never let him live that one down), they had run back into the Kim family house and announced their plans.  Their moms screamed with happiness and the short notice, but they immediately started making plans, talking about cooking, calling their families.  Their dads brought out the soju and started drinking to celebrate.  They would only be able to get married tomorrow -Junghwan had to go back to base later that night and she had to prepare for a flight to India.  He would put in for his leave as soon as he got back and she would apply for an emergency leave as soon as he got the approval.

“Where are you two going to go for your honeymoon?” Deoksun’s mom had asked.

Junghwan got a startled look on his face, while Deoksun giggled.  She let him panic for a minute before rescuing him, “We’d like to stay here, if that’s ok.  That way we won’t waste time away from the families before he has to go.” 

Ra MiRan looked like she wanted to say something, but she sent her friend a grateful smile while Junghwan squeezed her hand.  The planning would run through the night, but she slipped away to make a call to her unnie.  She was getting married before her older sister, but she knew that considering the circumstances, her older sister would approve and support her.  Her sister insisted that they run to the mall in the morning to get a proper white dress and rings.  She looked down at the academy ring and just knew that she might be putting on the wedding ring tomorrow, but she would never take off the first ring Junghwan gave her. 

Deoksun rolled over on her side giddy with happiness, but then realized something else.  Her wedding night!  She won’t have her wedding night until weeks later!!!  Well, maybe that was for the best, she had some studying to do…

“Why aren’t there more details in these?!?!” Deoksun wailed as she threw another romance novel across the room.   Jahyun looked up from her novel, “What?”

“Grr – I’m so frustrated that these stupid books only have flowery descriptions instead of what really happens on a wedding night.” Deoukson whined.

“Why do you want details?  Haven’t you…”

Deoksun glared

“Oh. Right. But you’ll find out soon enough, right?” Jahyun wiggled her brows.

“But I want to know what I’m supposed to do, and how things, you know….”

“Did you ask your mom?”

“She said things like, ‘get really warm’ and ‘feeling of wanting more’ and ‘he’ll get on top of you’.  Then she got all embarrassed and ran out of the room.  I already knew all that from the romance novels.  Evan the hot mangas that Jungpal reads has more info.”

“Really?  Hmm, maybe I’ve been wasting my time with romance novels…”

“Can you stay focused, please?  I’m going to have my wedding night in a few weeks and I have no idea what will happen.”

“Well….I did hear about something that might help…”


“They call it porno…”



<wet slapping>

“Oh my god – my eyes!!!!”

“Shhhh!!! Its just getting good.” Deoksun’s cheeks flushed, eyes focused on the small screen.

“They’re crazy – do they really think real people can do that??” Jahyun peeked between her fingers, blushing and horrified.


“What is she putting in her mou…oh. my. god. no.  Ewww!!!!”Jahyun squeezed her eyes shut, peeking through her fingers.

“Do you think guys like that?” Deoksun stared at the small screen, eyes taking in the details for later pondering.

“I can’t believe you’d consider it!”

“But if he likes it…what…”Doeksun tilted her head, “how does that work?”

“Yah!  You two shut it – I’m trying to take notes!” Mi-ok shouted.

<loud moaning>

“That’s not possible!”

“Why would he put his hand…oh!!!”



“You did what?!”

Deoksun avoided looking at her friends, she’d known them forever, they knew everything about her, but now she was embarrassed. 

“I watched a porno with my Mi-ok and Jahyun, what’s the big deal?”

“Are you crazy?  Why would you watch that?” Sunwoo burst out, forgetting the beer in his hand.

Dongryong wiped the dripping beer from his chin, “Chingu-ya, wh-where did you get…”

“Jahyun’s brother had one under his bed.  She snuck it out and we watched it.”


Deoksun threw down the last of her pizza, “Yah!  Why do I need to explain?  You guys watch it all the time, don’t tell me you don’t!  Dongryong, I’ve seen your stash of ‘special’ videos you hide!”

“B-but we’re guys…”

“So what?”

Sunwoo and Dongryong stared at each other trying to find a reason, finally Taek broke in, “Which one was it?”

“Yah, that’s not the right thing to say right now!” Dongryong scolded “Chingu-ya, those videos aren’t really for girls like you.”


“What he’s trying to say is that nice girls like you shouldn’t watch things like that.”

“Why not?   You do.”

“N-no way.”Sunwoo shook his head, desperately looking for backup from Taek who smiled a little, and nodded in agreement.  Deoksun sent them both a dirty glare and Sunwoo got defensive, “All guys do – even your husband.”

Dongryong hit Sunwoo, “Yah!!! Don’t tell her that!”

“But she’s going to tell Bora-noona!”

Deoksun stood up, fed up with her friends, and glared “I wasn’t going to, but now, I think I better.  So she knows what she’s in for.”

“Nooo!! Deoksun-ah!!!!!!!”

Deoksun waited until she got to the end of the alley before she burst out laughing, the look on Sunwoo’s face!!!  Wooohooo, she couldn’t wait until she saw unnie to tell her.  And Junghwan…if he watched those kind of videos, would he expect her to act like that?  Do things like the actors did?  Maybe she should watch that video again, just to make sure she understood everything…

“What!?!  She did what?” Jungwan yelled into the phone, not believing what he just heard. 

“But you have to stop her, if she tells noona then she’ll kill me.   You know what she’s like when she gets mad.  Junghwan-ah, you have to help me.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll talk to her.” Junghwan hung up the phone to swear, “Damn it, what is that girl thinking!” Then he grinned.  Guess he wasn’t the only one anticipating their wedding night. 


“Doeksun-ah, we’re leaving first.  You come with the dads.”  Lee Il-hwa shouted out as she snuck out the door.  Deoksun caught a glimpse of her back and wondered why she was rushing.  She put on her coat, checked her lip gloss one last time, and ran out the door.   This was it – her last day in her childhood home.  They were on their way to pick up Junghwan and when they returned, she would be entering the Kim house.  She still lived with her family, not wanting to move into the Kim house until Junghwan was with her.  She spent the last few weeks preparing his room into their room with their moms.  She had had a long struggle against both their moms wanting to pick out odd patterns and styles, but she was happy with the outcome - a new bigger bed dominated the room and the walls were now wallpapered into soft gray.  A new navy blue and gray bedspread covered the new bed.  The old desk and dresser was removed to make way for a new dresser and table that she had picked out with his approval.  Their framed wedding picture sat above the dresser and other pictures of their lives together filled the walls.  She couldn’t wait to add more.


“Coming!” She ran to the car, anticipation filling her.  Tonight was the night she would finally become a wife in the fullest sense.  Would it be like the porno or the romance novels?

The families were all having fun at the hotel’s dining room – it was their first buffet and they had never seen so many choices of food.    She should have been happy – all the food she could eat, but Deoksun could only pick at her food.  She was too distracted looking at her husband who was doing his share of staring too.  Had it only been two months since their wedding day?  He seemed more handsome, more mature.

If she didn’t stop staring at him, he was going to do something stupid.  Like kiss her, right in front of their families.  Junghwan tried not to look at her, but he couldn’t believe how beautiful she had grown in the last two months.  His wife.  His.

“Yah, yah, yah” Sung Dong-il quieted the families down as he stood up and pulled out an envelope, “Deoksun-ah, Junghwan-ah, even though it’s been two months since your wedding day, we wanted to give you two a real wedding present.   This is from your moms and dads,” he handed over an envelope to Deoksun.  She opened it to find a hotel key, and looked quizzically at her dad.  He cleared his throat uncomfortably and Ra MiRan laughed as she explained for him, “Every new bride and groom should have some privacy on their wedding night.  We got you a room at this hotel for the next two nights.”

“But I…”

“I packed you a bag and it’s already in your room” Lee Il-hwa and Ra MiRan shared a giggle. 

Junghwan smiled with his whole face as he squeezed Deoksun’s hand.  “We’re going to settle the bill, so you two go ahead,” Kim SungKyun shooed them off.  Junghwan couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he led his wife to the elevator and Deoksun could only laugh along with him.  Side by side in the elevator, they stole shy looks at each other, both blushing at what was ahead of them. 

Deoksun glanced around the pretty hotel room,  the bed…“Um…I’ll..um, shower.”  She grabbed her bag and rushed to the bathroom.  Her heart wouldn’t slow down, no matter how many deep breaths she took as she showered.  When she thought it was under control, she pulled out her nightie and found the extra little gift her mom and mother-in-law packed. 

Junghwan paced the room, trying to keep his heart from beating out of his chest and his hormones from getting out of control.  He rubbed his hands against his pants and tried not to picture Deoksun in the shower…wet…naked…

He grabbed some water and tried to swallow down his arousal, but then the water stopped.  She would probably take a few minutes putting on that lotion that made her smell like  honey…he gulped more water.  He heard a small giggle and wondered at it as the door opened and he quickly sat down to hide his too tight pants.

He choked on another gulp of water as she came out wearing a robe, her hair slightly damp and her skin glowing.  He avoided looking at her, to make sure she couldn’t see how his pants looked very uncomfortable…

A towel flew in his face, startling him, and he looked at her smirking blushing face, “Go.  The shower is free.”  His eyes traced her beloved face and fell to the open collar of the robe.  Light blue lace peeked at the edges and he gulped, tried to distract himself.  He tried to look nonchalant as he covered his tented pants and gathered his bag.  He heard her muffled giggle as he closed the door and prayed for a little help.

‘He is too cute,’ thought Deoksun as the door closed.  His obvious nervousness as well as desire helped to make her more comfortable and she looked about the room again. Her heart fluttered with nerves and anticipation.  She closed the shades and lowered the lights, wanting to set the perfect setting.  The negligee her moms snuck into her bag was a bit scandalous and made her self-conscious, but there was no choice.  They had only packed two days’ worth of clothes and nothing for night wear.  She arranged herself on the bed and wondered how to proceed.

Junghwan went on autopilot as he showered because all he could think about was Deoksun – she had showered in the same shower, used the same soap on her skin…he really had to stop.  He didn’t want to frighten her or rush things too fast.  He wanted both of them to enjoy tonight.    He wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom to find the lights dimmed and her in bed wearing nothing but…

“What is that?” Junghwan pointed at her.  Deoksun had to tear her eyes away from a topless damp Junghwan and looked down at herself, “This?  Our moms packed it for me.  I think it’s their idea of sexy?”

He couldn’t help but laugh at her expression.  It was a hideous lace and satin short nightie with some kind of animal print, but he couldn’t help but notice the long expanse of her legs, her delicate collarbone and round shoulders, her lace covered full breasts.  She laughed in relief that he didn’t think it was sexy because she hated it and then gasped as he slid into bed with her.  They sat side by side, letting the laughter die.

She saw his heart beat in the veins of his neck and he heard her suck in air as his hand cupped her face.  He saw her lean into his touch and her eyes fluttered close.  He nudged her off balance and pulled her over him, her legs straddling him and her butt resting on his thighs, her short nightie barely covering the lower part of her body.  He lay very still, afraid to scare her, to move to fast, but savored the feel of her body on top of him, pressed together from chest to thigh.  It reminded him of the night they got stuck in the alley, hiding from Dongryong’s father.   He saw her eyes, startled, stare at him, “We’ll go slow.  At your pace, “ he barely managed to choke out as he struggled with his rising desire.

She looked into his eyes, nothing held back, and remembered the moment she became aware of him as a man, in the alley, when they were pressed together like this.  “I want to kiss you,” Deoksun whispered as she savored the feeling of his damp skin against hers.  She wiggled a little closer, trying to get a little leverage and he had to bite back a groan.  The feel of her so close…too hot.  He was getting too hot!

She leaned forward, hesitant with the feeling of being in control, and brushed her lips over his.  The sudden jolt of desire that rolled through him made him grasp her hips, desperate to not rush her. 

Deoksun gasped lightly at the stunning sensations bombarding her before becoming bolder and molded their lips together.  She felt him wrap an arm around her, bringing her impossibly closer, making her completely aware of his body. 

Her sweetness, her scent filled his senses making him desperate for more.  A moan rose from her as their tongues brushed and then entwined.  Having a barrier of clothing between them was torture, but he was glad something helped him to hold back.  He broke off their kiss and sat up with her still straddling him and looking intoxicated with eyes half closed.  Her eyes fell to his naked chest before she reached down to caress the lingering water drops on his skin.  Her light touch tormented him even as he silently begged for more.

His hands lightly stroked her neck and shoulders, savoring the silky feel of her skin under his hands.  They traced her arms, skimmed the sides of her hips before sliding down the length of her thighs on either side of his body, causing her hips to arch.  She gasped from the sensation and heard his moan before she leaned back in for another kiss.

He was on fire, desperate with need as she helplessly ground herself against him.  His hands went to the bottom edge of the short nightie and he fisted the material, “Please.  Let me take this off.”  She leaned back, giving him her silent permission. 

He slowly pulled off the nightie, worshipping every inch of revealed skin.  She blushed and moved to cover her nakedness, but he caught her hands.  He whispered, “You’re so beautiful” as he touched her reverently, stroking from her hips to waist to the swells of her breasts. 

She sucked in a gasp as he gently touched her, his thumbs brushing against her hardened tips. Too much, she felt too much and yet not enough.  She arched into his hands, craving more.  Slowly he lowered his head to her tightened tips and kissed one, drawing it into his hungry mouth.  Her fingers dove into his hair and tightened, holding him to her. 

She tasted so good, felt so good in his arms.  Her flavor raced through him and drugged his senses. He ignored the driving impulse to roll her over, to cover her body with his and instead, slid his hands to her back, stroking the smooth creamy skin, and made his way back to her lips.  They kissed hungrily, exploring each other’s mouths, necks, chests – tongues stroking, licking, their hands moving over bare hot skin.  He wasn’t sure how much time had passed, didn’t care – only she mattered.

Her breath grew more rapid and she squirmed against him, reaching for something she wasn’t sure of.  At his limit, Junghwan grabbed her hips and ground them into his groin, both moaning at the erotic sensation, and flipped her over on to her back.

Her silky legs slid up his sides and she rocked against him, opening her legs wider.  He grasped desperately at the towel, wanting nothing to separate them.   She ran her hands up his chest, over all the smooth tight skin, leaning up to brush their lips together.  The thrill of connection shook her to the core as their soft kisses turned harder, hungrier.  She needed to touch him, feel him.  With her lips she traced his shoulders, his biceps and he went still, letting his head fall back and enjoying touch of her lips.  She remembered all those times on the crowded bus when he stood behind her and protected her from the other boys pressing against her.  Love filled her as kissed each of his biceps, then his chest and stroked her hands down his stomach, to his waist where the towel clung and tugged at the barrier.

Finally, he whipped off the towel and they both gasped at the naked contact.  They lay skin-to skin, his erection pressing heavily against her belly, letting each other get comfortable.  They stared at each other, not wanting to look away.  It was so intense, she could barely breathe and she couldn’t help but arch into him.  He kissed her lips before they moved down her neck, covered her breasts and his hand slipped between them, sliding gently until he pressed a finger into her depths, hissing at the heat and wetness. 

A whimper turned to gasp as he stroked her, teased her before he plunged back in, making her burn, crave more.  Her thighs trembled, her knees clenched as he stroked her faster, harder, she cried out as he dragged his other hand up her body and cupped her breast.  Burning, she whimpered and arched her hips into him, gasping for air…then shattered as she climaxed. 

He didn’t wait for her to come down off her high, instead he thrust quickly, knowing he was going to hurt her, and pierced her virginity.  Her tense body let him know she hurt and desperate to distract her from the pain, his mouth covered hers, tongue stroking hers, teasing it to respond.  He kissed her without stopping, needing her to know his total love and commitment.  She smiled against his mouth and flexed her hips tentatively, “You feel so good inside me.”

He wasn’t going to last, not when she said things like that, and pressed his fingers against her swollen bud.  Her moan sent an electric buzz up his spine and as she bit his shoulder, he let go his control. 

“Ouch!” Junghwan jumped awake as Deoksun pinched him again “What was that for?”

“Yah, where did you learn how to do all that?” Deoksun glared at him.  Anger radiated from her still naked body. 

He couldn’t help but laugh.  She was too adorable.  He rolled her unto her back and kissed her pouting mouth.  She held herself stiff for a moment before she melted against him, arms circling his neck.  He loved the sensation of her fingers in his hair, lightly scraping his scalp, grabbing…

“Ow, ow, ow, ok, ok, let go,” Junghwan whined as Deoksun lightly shook his head, “Yah, it’s not what you think.”

“Oh yeah?  Then tell me, how are you so good at sex?  How many girls have you done it with?” Deoksun demanded as she slapped his bare shoulder.

“None!  I swear, none.”  Junghwan carefully pried her fingers from his hair.  He kissed her once before settling her against him and rested her head on his shoulder, “Don’t ever repeat this, promise me.”

Deoksun cuddled close, “Promise.”

“My mom gave me a bunch of romance novels to read, she wanted to make sure I knew how to treat a woman when the time came,” Junghwan confessed with reddening cheeks.

Bursting into laughter, Deoksun sat up to look closely at her husband, “Really?  Romance novels?”

He stained cheeks told her the truth and she laughed even harder, making him embarrassed.  He lashed out, “Yah, at least I didn’t learn from porn!”

“As if you’ve never watched it!”

Knowing he wasn’t going to win, Junghwan did the only thing he could think of to shut her up.  He kissed her.  And she let him shut her up, besides, there was something from the porno she wanted to try…

Deoksun shook her head, trying not to blush as she remembered their first honeymoon.  Everything had been so new, awkward, and intense but they had been so giddy and happy to explore everything together. 

“..and then someone brought out the karaoke machine….” Ra MiRan broke off as she laughed at the memory.

Deoksun laughed with her mother-in law, “I still remember the police showing up!!! The neighbors from two blocks away called them because they kept hearing screaming coming from our house!” MiRan laughed as she sat on the sofa next to Deoksun, snuggling a sleepy Minguk.

“Where did you guys honeymoon?”

“Right there, at the Kim house. We wanted to spend as much time together as possible but I knew he wanted to spend time with his family too.”

MiRan smiled fondly at her daughter in law, “But of course you made him make it up to you later, right?”

“Of course!”

But nothing compared to the first honeymoon. They had spent 10 glorious days giddy, in love, and full of family. When Junghwan flew to the US, Deoksun begged a favor and flew as the flight attendant on his flight. She fussed over him the entire way and he allowed it with loving exasperation, knowing she needed it, that he needed it.

She flew back alone, collapsed onto his side of bed, and cried her eyes out. He knew that she would, so he left her a surprise . Under his pillow, he had his mom put his childhood journals there for her. She spent the rest of the night reading them, laughing and crying in turns. In the morning, she found the journal he snuck into her overnight bag and cried all over again as she read the words written over and over again in the pages: I love you. I miss you.

 “The year and a month took forever, but…” Deoksun was interrupted as Joon and DongWon started wrestling in front of the camera, knocking into the tripod.  The interviewer laughed and decided to take  a break.  Deokson watched as her husband patiently separated the boys and led them to their study room.  When he had been in the US training, life had felt like it was on hold and would only restart when he came back. 

After the VJ got more footage, the interviewer wrapped up the last few questions and thanked them all for their cooperation. She told them that the additional footage was requested by the screenwriter who was using it as inspiration for a newly commissioned family drama.

“So, just out of curiosity, what happened with the rest of the gang of friends?”

“Unni and SunWoo moved to Daegu so that Sunwoo could open a clinic for the elderly. And unni became an advocate for the elderly. Taek is still a baduk champion – he married late to an unnie he had known in the baduk club, but they are doing well in Seoul,” Deoksun replied.  “And Dongryong and Jung Bong started their own restaurant and Jung Bong is now one of the most popular chefs in Seoul from their internet series. His ramen is the best, better than my husband's. Dongryong…”

Deoksun and Junghwan exchanged looks before laughing.  “He kept begging us to introduce him to someone, so..”

“I knew a  female drill instructor at base…”they continued to laugh.

IlHwa scolded the two, “Be nice, Dongryong is very happy.  And his girls are so…healthy.”

That set the two of them off again, “Dongryong ended up marrying the drill instructor and they now have four girls.  All of them taking after their mother, poor Dongryong.”

“But, he’s still the most popular local MC amongst the ajummas,”Junghwan admitted.

“My little brother retired from singing after a few years and became a producer. Little Jinju took over the clock shop and turned it into an online accessory store,”Deokson added.

 “Well, I think that wraps up everything. Oh, one last question, do you want to go back to that time? Do you have any regrets?”

The feeling of deja vu startled Deoksun; she faintly remembered the question from an old dream.

She looked at her best friend as he just looked at her, unguarded and open, waiting for her answer with a smirk on his face. 

It hadn't been the easiest. There were long stretches apart, missed calls, months of silence as his work responsibilities grew more secretive, loud arguments and tears. They almost lost each other when boys came early and she almost died. But throughout the years, no matter what they faced, there was always family, friends, laughter and fierce loving, too. 

“...jump the path...” an old memory popped up, a reminder her of an old choice that had shaped her future.

“No.” She smiled, loving the full life she had, “No regrets.”




@b020how have you been? Omg so many of us are back at this thread. Bringing back wonderful memories (tried to forget the bad one *lols)

thank you for the fanfic ^^

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SOLID pink bubble treats coming your way...:wub:

Awww my YeolRi! You did great for it being the 1st appearance since the news! Much strength, unity, happiness & love!



Lol he didn't need to mention her really...it was written all over his blushy pile of nerves face while doing the majority of the vlive. As you can see her too (at the airport on her way to KCON LA).:D So all good. It's for the best. ^_^

I saw someone asking about knetz opinions. Surprisingly a grand majority are supportive. It seem it's the 1st time a couple receives 33K upvotes :blink: and they were trending at 1 and 2 on Naver plus other numbers had Reply 1988, etc! 

There are also other theories about lovestagram for them! This time I don't believe it. Cute to think about, but yeah no...IMO a stretch.

Let me get that for ya! Hold on.







On the downside there were a few unsubstantiated reports about some fans cancelling their tickets for his upcoming bday fm. Expected. Not all...will be for it. But according to certain fans in Korea... they'd like to know where are those cancelled tickets because they still can't get any so...


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LOL there's so much more. There's that plus vids.

First celebratory vid from Airin! :wub:


GKP @36:10

"I support the love of the two of them, who think of only each other.”

v v v v


Here's one I wish it were subbed because I just love how the woman journalist is like squeeing and how they point out certain obvious moments. LOL



 Here's one for the English sub for the Dispatch article (*the gist*). Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how the article was written. Very descriptive and romantic. :love:

*Not sure if it was shared here but you can get the whole trans in this thread courtesy of bi! :wub:*





Enjoyyyyy!!!!!! :D:wub:

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Just realized didn't post the crazy lovestagram theory so here it is. IMO she just liked the pic to support her boyfriend's (EEEE can't believe I can say that now!:D) movie.



And here is dispatch captions for the pics. ICYMI or it wasn't posted already. But wow they really outdid themselves. Sure it was intrusive as heck (they are dispatch after all), don't get me wrong. However, got to admit...still so romantic. :wub:



Dispatch captured the two on a date in March 2017, at Seokchon Lake. The lake is a popular date spot, especially during Cherry Blossom season



Dispatch Translation: “A common couple by the lake.”


Dispatch Translation: “They would talk to each other.”



Dispatch Translation: “Then playfully tease each other.”



Dispatch Translation: “She would lean her head on his shoulders.”


Dispatch Translation: “Yes, they are lovers.”



Dispatch Translation: “‘Unbelieveable'”


Dispatch Translation: “They seem familiar?”



Dispatch Translation: “She is Deokson.”



Dispatch Translation: “The guy next to her?”



Dispatch Translation: “Jungpal, also known as”


Dispatch Translation: “Ryu Jun Yeol”

Girl’s Day was promoting their song, “I’ll Be Yours” at the time these photos were taken.



Dispatch Translation: “When he begins talking.”



Dispatch Translation: “Hyeri laughs.”


Dispatch Translation: “When she bows her head.”


Dispatch Translation: “He falls over laughing.”


Dispatch Translation: “When Hyeri looks up at the sky”


Dispatch Translation: “So does he.”

Dispatch Translation: “All his focus was”


Dispatch Translation: “On her and her only.”

Dispatch Translation: “In reality, Ryu Jun Yeol was her man.”

(More in that link. Just wanted to highlight this specific date. :D)

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LMAO here comes the cheese from the media. For some it's annoying. Understandable. But as for me...I say bring on the cheese. :tongue: I/We waited so long for this...I'm ready to soak up whatever is given. 

Title:The airport fashion that even Ryu Jun Yeol fell for



Title: Hyeri's beloved 'namchin', Ryu Junyeol fashion items




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A few articles and televised publications FMVs. :wub:



Also looks like Hyeri was ready for it to be known with just recently in an interview, admitting she dates secretly.^_^

Though here's the trans for her interview cut and Junyeol's past one in ref to dating.



Trans above is for the beginning-0:22 in the vid.


And here are some past thoughts on marriage. Here's hoping they are blessed and get to that point! :heart:





Enjoy. ^_^

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hahahaha.. i signed in late here.. but.. i don't care..

CONGRATULATION Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri..

so.. the R88 actual ending is, after deok sun and taek dated for a while, they broke up and jung hwan was there for her.. they 'healing each other'.

Two years later, finally deok sun agreed to dating with junghwan , come over junghwan apartment

though she had busy scedule as stewardess  , and the two always go on date at Seokchon Lake. 

Let's go back to the 1988 ....


and now.....


AWWWW... happy ending for us.. i never thought that these two will date in real life.. now i m so happy because our MAN get his revenge to get deok sun back.. love him..let's group hugs..



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  • Guest changed the title to [Official] Ryu Jun Yeol ❤ Hyeri Official Thread (Junghwan & Deoksun of Reply 1988)

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