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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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2 hours ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

King Taejo + So Yeon - I liked the way King called her name before dying to prove the point that OSG told Eveil Queen that It'd be enough if just one persons remembers her name and that happened here.

Greetings... had to comment on this... and also, it proves Lady Oh's statement to Evil Queen Yoo that she (Yoo) has never won over Lady Oh.  His dying thoughts and words were of and for Lady Oh.  Ouch!

1 hour ago, freckledbelle said:

It doesn't matter to me now whether or not they'll have a happy ending. What matters most is that they loved each other at some point in their lives.

Hello... this is very wise and insightful.  Your point, whether or not you know it, is that WS is influenced by this 21st century woman.  Her modern values, like equality and the intrinsic value of every human person, appeal to and will eventually affect WS as regent.  I think this was the point Taejo was trying to make in his meeting with her, he thought she had knowledge of the future and believed she would use this to influence the princes and the future and he warns her not to do so.  

This is why WS may not end up like his father.. because the Taejo of this drama is completely a man of his times and circumstances whereas WS is not.  Nothing about WS's upbringing, education, relationship with his family or relationship with HS can be called typical of his time and circumstances (at least for the purposes of this drama).

That's it for now...  Ciao, ciao...




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1 hour ago, shabbychic said:

Here I'm again :D

Trying to put my detective glasses on (amateur level ofc) so I was checking IU's stylist insta, I know it sounds really stalker-ish  but trust me it was just for research purpose :P

 So she posted this picture a while ago, if I'm not mistaken I think it was during the last days of shooting... 

  Hide contents






So I guess this is Haesoo's look when she comes back to the future ( ? )

What was the IG of IU's stylist? The hidden contents disappeared and can't be seen anymore. Thank you!

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Hi Guys, if anyone is feeling some frustrations with the plot problems and editing issues in Episode 13, we have some thoughts about it here. :)

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6 hours ago, solelylurking said:

I want to enjoy this drama without over thinking it.. But that is hard to do.. *sigh*

@solelylurking It is really hard to not over think concerning this drama. It is so darn addictive and makes you overthink because of all the things going on in this drama.  I still have not watch it with subs yet because the wait for the next episode is sooooooo painful for my beating heart..... :heart::heart:  :tears::tears::tears::tears:


I see Alot of people complain that the editing in this drama isn't good and some scenes just doesn't feel complete. I think the reasons for this poor editing scene and that alot of sceenes wer cut off is because of the lack of episodes this drama was supposed to have. I could have sworrn that I read an article This drama was supposed to have 50 episodes. WHAt happen to it? Why was it cut so short?? I think if we had more episodes this drama would have been even better. I still think that this drama is not bad at all because we have more viewers watching this drama and in this drama. Alot of people are joining the forum to give their POV. So i think it is successfull. 


6 hours ago, fengari said:

I think he has already understoodvery well  that WW was HS´s love interest. But, he also sensed/recognized that HS does not want to reveal the name. He himself would never (at least not at this point) ask directly such a question, the confirmation would be simply a useless complication, plus it would be  so NOT WangSoyish behavior.
But he knows, therefore in the throne-scene, when HS asked him not to hurt his brothers in tomorrow s confrontation, he said "are you worry for Wook?", she nods, and WS continues "I guess you consider him still a relative..." and then he puts the 1.000.000 dollars question " then why you came to me and  you didn´t simply stay aside?". With this question he wants once again to make her see that she has come already to him (WS). And when HS replies with humanistic generalities (the right think is to take the side of the CP, WW does this for my sake, he felt powerless when i was in danger etc, ), the smart WS replies  "I know, i felt the same way back then"  which signifies that he identifies his back then state (the state of a lover in despair for the life of his love)  with  the state of WW, namely he recognizes also WW as a lover in despair. And then when HS says that if WW die tomorrow  she would be scarred for ever, WS said smiling"I got it. I will try not to kill him. I also don´ t want WW to die". And this statement brings us back at the beach-scene,  where WS only concern about the name of HS love was if he is Baekha. He would kill everyone else. But this threat was just  whimsical.Because, untill now everything WS does shows that he does not want to win HS heart by any means, killing "rivals". He wants her to come to him by herself seeing only him, to come to himself not because she has no other options/choices  but because she free-willing  choose him. Therefore,  his statement "I got it.I also don´t want Wook die" has a double meaning "I got it.You are still interest in him.You wont tell me this. But I dont care.I also want your lover alive, so that your love for me would be even more  true". 

@fengari.. I agree chingu, I think WS knows who is the person HS loves at this moment. WHy did he need to ask her why she wants to protect WW so much. In his mind why does she care for someone who did nothing to help her when she needed it. The first person she wanted to protect was WW.... Logically it has to be him when you do the process of elimination. Him wondering why she only cares about WW and not him when he knows he isn't invincible. WS is a funny character, I think he knows there is something between HS and him But he has no idea how deep it is. BEcause now I fear that HS will never trust WW when WS is concerned. 

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[OST] Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo vs Moonlight Drawn By Clouds


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds have been going head to head for awhile now. Being shown on TV at the same time on Mondays and Tuesdays, it’s hard not to. Both dramas also share the same genre – 사극 (sageuk – historical dramas), top stars, with Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung and Jin Young of B1A4 heading Moonlight Drawn By Clouds while Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo boasting good looking talented actors and idol actors such as Lee Jun Gi, IU and Kang Ha Neul.



With good dramas, comes good soundtracks. In this aspect, both dramas didn’t fail to offer good, soothing rhythms which captivates the viewers through each scenes. Let’s have a look at top 3 of the OST from both dramas (according to the author), shall we?

read more http://k-popped.com/2016/10/ost-moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo-vs-moonlight-drawn-by-clouds/

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Adnana: Is it possible they continued the HS and WW's relationship for so long to serve as a foil to HS and WS relationship? All the empty promises that WW does, makes WS looks much better. I think sometimes WS is too rash, but I end up thinking his action is the great in comparison to WW's inaction. Although it would have been nice if the writer had ended HS and WW's relationship after Baek's admonishment.

And I totally agree they shouldn't have made the WS fall in love with HS so early on. And that they have wonderful foundation based on friendship. I like that the writer took the time to develop their relationship from friendship to romantic one.

Also, I just finished watching episode 19 of the 35 episode C-drama , and at the beginning of the episode Ruoxi already loves the 4th prince enough that she wants to marry him. And, in an earlier episode, Ruoxi asks the 4th prince if he'll marry her to take her away from the palace. So, even though they're not officially together, the C-drama shows them being mutually in love for 45% of the drama.


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@bebebisous33@meahri_1 As much as I want the bad guys to receive punishment but I don't think Wook will be killed. If he's killed, history will not have Seongjong of Goryeo (the ruler during the first Goryeo-Khitan conflict). Even if the drama has taken creative license to the story, they can't kill Wook because they can't change history too much. They can change that he's the 8th prince when in history, he's the 5th,6th or 7th prince. He's different from the 8th prince in the original. The 8th prince in the original wasn't honored with a title of the emperor since his son and none of his descendants became the emperor. For Wook, even if he's pure evil in the drama, his son did become the king and his daughter gave birth a king (Baek Ah's illegitimate son - King Hyeonjong - ruler during the second and third Goryeo-Khitan conflicts). His wife, Lady Hae, was based on his real wife in history. Although in the drama, they have no children. I think the production team won't kill him off. He just won't get anything at the end.

BUT SERIOUSLY, who went and edit the wiki page? Last time I checked it, he was the 5th,6th or 7th son or so. Baek Ah was the 8th prince in history or so but now on wiki, he's the 13th prince. I apologize for my ranting!

6 hours ago, solelylurking said:


Jung is pretty ok for a man. He's gonna be a successful war general and later King anyway. Aaanndd he's good looking. Not a bad catch @Yippeuni

He will be a Vice King under his brother's reign.

4 hours ago, qwenli said:

@chickenchopflipflop I went to see the ws ww fight scene again and I must say if Kan really used a double, I can't tell at all.

the fight scene was filmed primarily in three angles. One is the closer shot that can see both their faces, then a further full body shot and then another aerial shot.

through it all, we call see Lee joon gi's face clearly but for the aerial shots, Khn face is not shown, so it is highly probable that there was a double but I am not sure of that. I noticed in the further shot, Lee joon gi used his famous Tae Kwon Do kick again. He also used this in the final fight scenes with Wang yo at the cliff.

while rewatching the fight scenes, I begin to understand how tedious it must have been to fillm them. They probably took a whole day to do one scene because they had to rehearse first then film from different angles.

anyway, Lee joon gi never fail to amaze me by being so pretty but yet such a good fighter:D

@sunshinefate @chickenchopflipflop I think it's understandable if KHN used a double but I have to admit, LJG did say that KHN did really well for that scene. So as long as it turns out great, it's really good already and no injuries, too. That's why LJG is love (KHN is love too) but LJG is just beyond that. Even KHN stalked LJG's phone number before filming for Moon Lovers. hahahahahah... And yes, kudos to all the rehearsals because they have to stand in line, in the positions and even climb on the rooftop. LOL :D

1 hour ago, fuyukoneko said:


I meant that since WS has been shown to be different than his father, he should make different choices and if there is a tragic ending, it'll be for a different reason. I think the king and Lady Oh's relationship and ending was suppose to mirror Ruoxi's and the 4th's tragic storyline.

To add to that, it probably also mirrors the tragic ending between the 8th prince in the original and his wife. She died by hanging himself and got a divorce from him (no title as his wife at the end).

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5 hours ago, ruizaio said:

@Evelyn C @lavendre @MadraRua @snccrockz @soorani

When I say Korean fans, I'm referring to the community of Korean fans of the show, not the general Korean netizens who love to attack this show without watching or just from the screenshots/memes/Navercast video clips. The SHC DC has over 100k posts now and is where most Koreans who love the show gather to discuss everything there is about it. I see many of the fanarts from DC get posted here, too. Just because the TV ratings are low in Korea doesn't mean that the show is unappreciated in Korea. It is often one of the top twenty busiest forums on DC (it is #11 right now when it's about 6AM in South Korea, and highest among specific drama forums), and we are also organizing an effort to get an uncut version of MLSHR released on DVD/Blu-ray. We love the cast and crew, but we also do voice what we like and what we don't like about each episode, and the general consensus is that the director has shot himself in the foot with his experiments. For example, his signature style of extreme closeups mean that the pretty costumes and props aren't shown very well, and his use of (what we like to call dusty) filters makes the screen look dark and less pretty. Whenever still images or BTS clips are released, we are surprised at the detail in the costumes and props or how pretty the whole scene could have been from a different angle or with different filters (for example, when Wang So collapsed after drinking the poisoned tea, he was holding Hae Soo's hands, which was barely visible in the episode). Non-fans criticize that even though MLSHR boasts a large budget, they can't tell where all that money went because it looks tacky on screen. Fans feel that such criticism could have been avoided if the show had been shot in a more traditional way. While I understand that there will always be differences in taste because of cultural distances, what I observe more often is surprising amount of consistency in the responses I see across various forums. What I chose to share is not from the haters of this show. At any rate, I'll stop talking about this issue from now on as  it's pointless anyway.


@Artheusa It doesn't translate very well into English, but the word choice is sometimes off (unnecessarily harsh or too modern for the setting).

@qwenli @Misstwilightfan1416 The DVD/Blu-ray team is launched with a temporary leader and has started collecting information from Korean fans. I'll bring the info when the international side is ready.

@millie10468 The General won't die for a long time as he is one of the important supporters of Gwangjong (but then Gwangjong kills all his sons) in history.

@jerboa83 Actually, there is an unofficial record of the queen's hair going white after the king had passed, so this was just following that version of history.




As an outsider, I can only guess what is the general opinion of the audience based on the ratings and some info that is leaked to us here and there. Based on how SHR was made to appeal to the international views, I thought that maybe that was the reason why the drama wasn't doing well in his homeland since what appeal to some don't appeal to other. It seems like isn't just that, so thank you very much for clarifying this. 

About how the drama was directed, I can mostly agree with you. The biggest problem to me is the excessive use of close-ups wich can difficult how we perceive a scene since most of the time there's only the actor's face on the screen. It's even more problematic when we have an actor like LJG who is superb at acting with his body language as well. 

And please do keep sharing info about this subject when you feel like it, it can create some discordance here and there, but it's always good to have something to discuss =)

Edited by soorani
typos and missing words everywhere
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20 hours ago, MyMindIsASnowflake said:

Hi!~ Welcome to the forum :D It's from episode 12, in that scene where YH is like, marry me So! and he's all like... no.:lol::lol:

Hi Thanks for the warm welcome! and for letting me know :)

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Just a quick runaway from my studies for a moment :P thank you guys for all your awesome posts, I'm still in the back reading process , and unfortunately I can't keep up, the thread is almost a thousand pages already !!! I'll do my best though. 

So, I didn't watch ep 12 and 13 properly yet, just a few scenes here and there but I read the recaps, so this is not based on profound observation or something but it's just something I thought about after watching scenes specifically from ep 12 repeatedly as in the quick goodbye kiss, the hug and the proposal. I said before that I think HS already has feelings for WS only she didn't realize it, let me take that back and say that she does realize she has feelings for him, only she wants to convince herself that despite everything that hapenned she still loves WW. The way I see it, she kept wanting WS to fail her and do as she asked ( to forget her, to move on,to not save her or care for her anymore) the way WW did to her ( somehow) but WS kept coming back for her, every time, the way she looked when he was hugging her almost looked like she was pleading for him to stop making her think about him, to stop shaking her heart and yet WS dissapointed her, not by forgetting her, but by making her feelings for him grow stronger. And at the time, she was not ready to accept that, still hung up on WW and all of that, but next week, she'll come to terms with her feelings and she'll accept them as they are, she does love WS. I just can't wait for that :D 

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