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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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I think after WMu become king and get sick then WY come back and take the throne, that time WS will get injure and run away with HS... then 4 years later WS who will come back and take throne from WY.


see WS's back

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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7 hours ago, Lmangla said:


actually there could be problems if taejo and the queens themselves are related. usually with first generation intermarriage, there are less probability for issues but take it to the second generation intermarriage, then there would be. am assuming that taejo himself married within the clan. and simple problems can be skin pigmentation issues. we know that based on history, we do have kids swapped and registered as another queen's simply for political reasons. so I was thinking of an empress ki kind of situation. anyways, it wasn't meant to be a serious discussion thought. simply a random musing. :) 

Sorry, not so related with the drama.
But this reminds of an X-Files episode in Season 4 - Home, where a family self-procreate. Poor baby is hideous. " "it looks as if this child has been affected by every rare birth defect known to science." "
Home Baby Hand

Since King Taejo is not related to Queen Yo and Queen Hwangbo, we can safely assume that all is still borderline fine in the genetic department for So and YH. 

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i think i read somewhere that WJ is hidden card character in here... what IF he already got the marriage decree and his way of saving HS is that???

but the puzzle thing is which king give that to him..... i have theory that HS will held as hostage when WY reign but seeing how much WS will go to save HS i don't think he will wait 4 year to save her.. on that day WY hold HS as hostage  WS will fight through to get her even its mean he might die.. no one can convince him to go and left HS.. so the mystery thing is how the writer will give WJ the marriage decree if there is one... 

or HS will not married but just stay at WJ house outside palace..... he will offer his house and his protection out of his love for her and his promise...

i don't think the separation will be as dramatic in BBJX but more on WS knew HS suffer and he will let her go if that's what she want...my other idea is HS doing what WS could't forgive....... trying to harm herself? 

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The thread goes very fast, so this will seem like random comments about different things...because they're :lol:

I finally watched last episode with subs and all and as I feared, the writting of Hae Soo is very inconsistent. I find this happens frequently with the spunky-independent type of female characters in dramas, as in: they have some behaviours depicting that, but at the same time fall easily in "romantic love" sexist myths. I don't want to bring feminism to this since I know a korean drama is not the place, I am talking really superficially here. For example I was disappointed with a Hae Soo that leaves WW when she finally gets to understand that he will not be the one to sacrifice everything for her. I know that would be required for them to be together, but I think HS was expecting that kind of heroic, romantic "I'll protect you forever" kind of love because of the expectancy of "this is how love is" even if they didn't end together. Would HS leave WW if he were to try to fight for her even if he failed? Can we answer this without doubt? I'm not really sure...It is shown in her 2016-relationship that she idealizes love too much, well didn't learn her lesson...her idea is that of the romantic knight-esque love, to put some name. Her way of loving feels teenagery for me...she now goes to WS, when I find it would've been more valuable and fair for him that she were to love him even if WW wanted to fight for her till the end. English is not my first language so I don't know if I'm expressing myself...I feel as if WS was a second plate? Like she also liked him so well, I'll finally accept his heart...I understand we are supposed to believe her heart went to WS long ago unconsciously and find those petty signals oh so precious and a sign of crazy love. Well, I don't. What I know is that until this episode HS is still bitter about WW, and putting puppy-eyes and not being angry enough that's he's lying in her face just like that. Damn she should leave him was there or not a hot WS making the Earth a better place. She does say him "this is for you, not me" (throne desire), but still many of you expressed doubts about her intention when asking to leave with her...what I mean is: just for self-respect, can there be any doubt? As I said this kind of sloppy development where the female is oh-so-independent but later shows your typical female character spluttering for love at any cost is frequent. I guess a real independent female character could not be made believable when portraying some typical romantic k-drama situations. Some of you called this a conclusion. I still don't know if there's a conclusion to her feelings, I'm told to believe it but I can't feel it. Maybe is the acting, but I suspect is mainly the script. I'm going to enjoy their lovey-dove scenes a lot, but still think the transition was not smooth at all. 

Regarding the drama I pity LJG who generally fails to pick stellar projects. He has good dramas, but they are not "wow" you know? As many of you, I'm crazy about Wang So and LJG, his acting is superb! And his face, let's be honest :phew: I quite like KHN and WW, as an evil witty character since I always like those. I am a fan of Yo's edgy eyeliner and flashy earrings because he's hot and evil, and bad boys is my romantic myth I do not follow in real life but endulge with in dramas ;) But the editing is super bad, the flow of the story is terrible. I didn't see the Cdrama-V but I know it will come and question myself how will the Chaeryung situation come to the spotlight. When she appeared crying for HS I thought: "Woah, she...existed...". Woo Hee/Baek Ha relationship sailed faster than our OTP but damn cheesily. I cringed the whole ep. The year-gap didn't save it, sorry, for me it feels as if sketches suddenly apparead to take a break from the real storyline. The same with Eun. I know those are funny scenes, but is not balanced, they break the general atmospthere...Jung confessing to HS is supposed to explain the end? Like...REALLY? Ok. Also mismatching scenes, the Queen turning into a banshee suddenly, etc. Even the previews are badly done, showing stuff disorderly...

I like IU, not a fan but I listen to her music and find her cute and pretty. But I have had a trouble with her with LJG...this is highly personal, but she's too soft and pretty to depict the kind of woman HS is supposed to be I think. Sometimes she feels too cute and child-like alongside LJG. LJG has fierce features and also acts really passionatelly. IU is really passive in a way I can't describe better, hm, like...I always feel as if LJG overshadows her, that's more like it. For me it makes it less believable? I don't know, I don't feel any chemistry from IU's side. The chemistry is there, but it all comes from LJG's acting for me. Anyhow I know she's put a lot of effort, but still she lacks the force to make the story epic. The same for the other idol's starring, the best one is the one acting as Baek Ha I think. The Woo Hee girl for example did the same as IU: open her eyes a lot! All the time. I think the problem is with the casting team, not the idols, as they're not actors and it's okay, they do their best. But watching the other actors the difference is striking. I'm kind of happy they cut many of the younger princes time,...

I like this drama a lot, but I know that if LJG wasn't here, well...:rolleyes: He's not the only hard-working one I know, and also there are many seasoned actors (king, queens, Lady Oh, Ji Mong, etc.) but he really carries the drama. Lately I've been a bit dissapointed since the dragging of WW-HS has been serious, and the editing in the last eps. has been really messy. I know it should have been hard to fit so many years and happenings, but I have a feeling this a CITT case, with the director loving KHN? I really like his acting, but the side stories seems to suffer from this. I don't find it strange it hasn't been working that well in Korea. I probably would have stopped watching if not for LJG, maybe I'll watch for KHN but not as addicted. 

A little negative, sorry ya'll! But I even waited until now to see the episode, I've been feeling a bit "sad" about the drama since I hurt so much for LJG and his acting since it's so good. The main issue here I think was directing and production and the like, and not the actors, including our hard-working idols. I think SBS failed to combine succesfully foreign (idols, OST, etc.) and local marketing strategies and it became a bit of a mess.  

With that said I'm going to watch Jealousy Incarnate :wub: with our evil queen doing a great job and very different character! Check it out if you hate her too much, she's a great actress. 

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14 hours ago, hiluna said:

I like IU as Hae Soo and her acting is fine for the most part but I think she has to improve on her micro expressions because it is not clear what she is trying to convey to the audience in that scene with Wook at the end. There ought to be more finality in her expression when she says "It won't be easy" before she walks away from Wook, maybe a look of determination to make it so? I honestly don't know if it is the directing or her acting. Also a harder look in her eyes when she accused Wook of using her to kill So would be more appropriate then a wide eyed tearful look (a puppy that got kicked), where is her 21st century feisty self gone to? I would have liked to see her show some hint of her old self here. As a breakup scene, it didn't leave me with much confidence and the international preview for next episode left me depressed as there were few SoSoo scenes. Thank goodness the SBS preview was better but a lot has to be packed into the last few episodes so I don't think we are going to see much of the SoSoo love development before disaster hits them. :tears:


Agreed! This was my issue with IU for the longest time until I eventually learned to tune her out in scenes with LJG and KHN. Except in Episode 11. She's pretty good there.

The scene by the water in episode 12 seemed to be the end of the two and then episode 13 happened and I'm like WTF girl? What are you even thinking? Do you have no shame? Why would you even save Wook from So when he strung you up and left you dry? If he's gonna die, in the hands of So no less, he deserves it! Call it karma from all the manipulation he did to you. The bloodier, the better! LOL. I'm so invested.

Wook. YOU ARE CUNNING AND BRILLIANT AND EVERY BIT OF A FORMIDABLE VILLAIN. And I love you for it. You deserve a standing ovation on how you played everyone. You played Soo very well. And poor Soo played her part in your plan perfectly. You are a class of a different level. Man knows how to truly play the game of thrones and for that alone, maybe you deserve the throne. I love how his character unraveled throughout. We all thought he's this pure, kind, benevolent guy that everyone loves and admires then he slowly turned into ruthless, cunning, greedy prince.

Wang So. The scary, bloodlust, cruel prince in the beginning of the story then slowly, he turned into a loyal, honest, sensitive guy. The two guys are polar opposites and I love how this was played throughout. Wook seemed to care for his brothers but was the first one to betray Yo. Wang So who was feared by his brothers, grew warm to them, showed his true loyalty to the Crown Prince, accidentally killed Yo and truly mourned his death. The contrast was beautifully done.

"If it's marriage, it's marriage."

"I can have everything? Then, can I have the heart of a person when I get the throne?"

Oh Wang So. You break my heart.

On a happier note, your imagined endings excite me! How it's done, I don't care much. I just hope that in the present time, they have a chance to have a love that's truly happy and has no body count.

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On 10/5/2016 at 4:35 PM, kyar7jizhenll said:

@Hanazumi @ratgirlina @valsava "I heard about your plan from Wook. I was on my way back after receiving a letter" I watched Eng sub SBS version on KissAsian site and the above quotes are from there.  Of course, I do not know whether this sub was accurate as I don't understand Korean :) May be Korean speakers can help verify the conversation. From this, I got that CP was already on his way back to palace after receiving WW's letter and I assume he met Baek Ah on the way back as they came back together.

Don't know why my screen shots do not show up though I copied and pasted pics. I cannot do attachment either. I have no personal website either so not sure how to post my pics :( So, technically inept :(:(:( 

The reason I mentioned the fact that WW contacted CP before Baek Ah reached to CP is for the sake of its importance on showcasing how cunning, calculative, clever and vengeful WW's is.  First, he wore armor to attend the banquet as he was already prepared to counterattack WY if WH's attempted assassination happened (in ep 12, he told his sister that he does not want to be upsurper of the throne but hero who attacked the traitor and that's why he stayed in WY's shadow. He was never on WY's side). However, at that time he was not too clear of the extent of WS's feeling for HS yet. Then, he overheard WS proposal to HS outside the banquet and the king lost conscious naturally.  Now, he saw WS more of a threat especially regards to HS's affection.  He also heard that WS would sacrifice everything for HS, would only become King for HS and he became very jealous and vengeful towards WS.  He realized that WS's has always been on CP side and he needed to make CP doubtful of WS loyalty.  Thus, he decided to get rid of WS by making him seem like a revolt and he asked his sister and his clan's army to block all the exists out of the capital the next morning so that WS could not get to CP. 

WW then tried to test HS's loyalty towards him and her feelings for WS by giving her incomplete information to trick WS.  He told HS of third prince and his planned attack to King's palace w/o telling her he already notified CP NOT ONLY to test HS's feelings and royality to him BUT ALSO to try to have proper reason to kill WS. However, he miscalculated the timing of CP's arrival and did not expect that WS would find a route to send Baek Ah to notify CP.  He made it seems like WS & General Park surrounded the king's residence and try to take the throne for himself, he and WY killed WS, then WY himself wanted to take the throne and he defended for CP by the time CP arrived. This way CP won't punish him for killing WS and general Park but would feel indebted plus he would be able to get rid of big CP's supporters and his love rival!  

There is no way that WW know Baek Ah left from unknown route as he did not know about WH & BA relation. He could not have sent letter to CP after BA left as it would take 2 days to reach CP.  Even if WH and BA used short-cut, CP and BA would NOT have arrived the next morning if CP was not already on his way back to palace since BA & WH were still resting at the forrest the night before.  Also, WW already told HS that she alone would not be able to reach to CP and knew that YH already blocked off WS leaving the city.  He was so sure that the only way WS could do after he heard the news of palace coup from HS (before CP arrived) was to defend them with army which would look like WS is trying to take the throne for himself.  That's what WY accused of General Park and WS when they arrived to king's palace with army.  WW probably already knew about CP's illness (plus CP is a lot older than him) and the throne would be passed to him after getting rid of WY and WS.  He was very cunning, trying to kill three birds with one stone except CP arrived before WS was killed and HS eventually found out about his move using her to kill WS (HS said that in her conversion with WW that he was trying to use her to kill WS and how could he do that after knowing she felt so miserable the fact that she caused Lady Oh's death.

@zi4r Ww has always been clever and is someone with big ego though he did not show it till ep 12. He seems to find ways to blame others or find other faults to make himself less guilty.  Basically, he has "narcissistic" personality if not as extreme as "antisocial".  He is very charming and considerate to others (to his wife, HS, brothers, and even to poor citizens) but deep down he only cares about himself, thinks he deserves the best because of his family background as well as his talent in both literary and military, blames others not to make himself feel guilty and does not mind to manipulate others not to make his hands dirty and achieve his goals (eg. using WY's hands to kill the King and WS). 




I like this! Very clear and understandable. I had to watch two times ep.13 as I don't get this exact scene. WW had confirmed he is a sadist character. HS somehow giving him a second chance after saying that he's changed. She asked him to leave the palace with her and confident that CP [now king] will grant their wish. However, WW declined the request as he is aiming for the throne. It is clear now, that his goal to become a king is not because of HS sake, but for himself [and not for family reason whatsover]. He wants more power and doesn't want people to look down on him anymore. It is a very interesting development of WW character. As I re-watched the early episode, the moment he changed his eyes expression is when he become a sadist. HS is HS, as far as she wants to believe that people won't change, WW proof her wrong, the first man that she gave her heart to. How ironic is that? 

Some of you thought that it took more than half of the series to end WW-HS relationship. I do think it is relevant. In order for HS to completely withdrawal herself from WW is not something that can be done fast. She needs a strong reason to break up with him, and ep 13 seal it with WW provocative and greedy move. I personally think that HS had attracted to WS during the make-up scene. Since WS is known for his action louder than words, she falls for that [most women do I guess? :p], but quickly denied as she still attached to WW. She doesn't want to broke the promise  as she doesn't want to be the one who change first. 

After all this, the interaction between WS-HS is more convincing from the beginning up until now. Their attraction development is gradually but surely. 










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1 hour ago, Shiro_Ragonjan said:

Can anybody translate what was Jong Hyun's and LJK's comments? Many thanks. :wub:


Hong Jonghyun wrote something like: Who actually did those drawings! and then he type all the ㅋㅋㅋㅋ which means kekeke (laughing).

Lee Joon gi replied something like: Its a good question you are asking, brother.

(background info: we talking about jonghyun post about his funny hairstyle and joongi's reply)

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8 hours ago, gwiyeowooh said:

I've went to the link IG photo for Ceci to support and comment Lee Joon Gi oppa and IU.

But I got scared, it is flooded with baek ah and seohyun fans. Hehe.

So I decided to just share it here. The photo below with IU and Lee Joon Gi oppa is heart fluttering.

It's understandable as seohyun is a snsd member :D

Wowww, daebak, we almost reach 1000 pages! Keep going on, guys!

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7 hours ago, mabelialong said:

what the number of LJG  followers before scarlet ryeo airing ? just want to know comparison


I followed him at he start of moon lovers and at that point he had about 500k :), I would think prior to Moon Lovers, he probably had 400k+

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I just finished watching Splash Splash Love which is a mash-up of SHR (modern girl travels back in time to old-timey days) and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (female disguises herself as an eunuch and king falls in love with her) and oddly prescient considering it came out in 2015. The ending has the female lead meeting the modern reincarnation of the king and they have a happy ending.


The modern reincarnation of the king notices her on the bus in the beginning of the movie and picks up her umbrella that she forgets on the bus. At the end of the movie after her return to modern times, he sees her and returns the umbrella and she smiles because she recognizes him.

My point is, do we think SHR left room in the beginning of the series to have modern day So notice Ha Jin before she jumped into the lake? (Bystander at the lake?) Or do we think SHR will follow the C-Drama and have modern day So not recognize Ha Jin and we roll credits on her sad face?

I want to believe that the lyrics to the OST songs are hinting at the former but so far Korean Game of Thrones has shown us that everybody dies and no one gets a happy ending.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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