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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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1 hour ago, YeongYi said:

Episode 13 Preview (Chinese Version)

WY: That girl is the only person who knows about the king's situation. Find (her)! Quickly!

YH: (I) really don't know what you are thinking.

WW: I am prioritizing. Who (should we) attack for (our) advantage? To become king, (I) cannot permit any mistakes.

WW: (to HS) Why do you still lie to me?

HS: You changed. 

WW: I have to be the king.

WS: I have to be the king.

side note: sorry, didn't realize it's already been subbed >_<

@YeongYi Thank you for posting this, it fills in some details.

If someone who understands Korean could translate the (gist of the) conversation when WS rejects Yeonhwa's proposal I would be very very grateful. I think he gives quite a deep, revealing explanation.

This segment:



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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

Posted Images

I gave tonight's episode some thought and here is what I have come up with thus far. 

Initially, I really couldn't see why Hae-soo seems to still be hung up on Wang Wook despite what he did and the fact that he wasn't brave enough to approach her until a year later. I also couldn't see why she would ask him if he missed her in that context. It literally made zero sense, because I went into the episode with expectations of a sailing Hae-soo/Wang So ship. I went in thinking this episode would finally give this doomed romance some closure. However, taking a step back from that was the thing that actually gave me some perspective. 

I feel like whenever I watch Wook/Soo scenes I have to constantly remind myself the type of person Hae-soo is, and her mindset on her relationships in order to understand why she does the things she does. The one thing the show has constantly reiterated since episode 1 is her (very misguided) belief that if she doesn't change, the people around her wouldn't either. And that is precisely what she did in today's episode. We as viewers can see clearly how undependable Wook is, and therefore we get so frustrated with Soo and her choosing him over and over again despite everything that's happened. However, Soo doesn't see the things we do. She doesn't have a helicopter view of things like we do. She still has wool over her eyes and her head in the clouds, and the only thing that's still tying her to Wook is her promise to wait for him. 

Yes, the wool is slowly being pulled away from her eyes, and the clouds around her head are definitely clearing, especially what she has seen for herself one year ago, and the fact that she was in her own personal hell for an entire year. I would even go so far as to say that all she thinks she has left is that promise she made to Wook, and his promise in return. It's possibly the one thing that's kept her sane through the year of hell and her driving force to continue existing (because, let's be real, she isn't living). So when she asked Wook if he missed her, that affirmation - while eliciting groans and eyerolls from the audience - is again, the reason why she still pines for him. It's what makes her her

We as viewers see the picture clearly. We know that Wang So has always been reliable. Dependable. He is everything that Wang Wook is not. I'm reasonably certain that some part of her knows this as well, and it's one of the reasons why she is drawn to him despite her love for Wook. Yes, it definitely makes things frustrating for us to watch because we know how the story is supposed to go. We know that she is supposed to see things for what they are by now. We want her to see Wook the way WE see him. 

TL; DR: Knowing that Hae-soo's character is as such, and the way she chooses to love a person is to keep holding on to them and refusing to change until something really and truly unforgivable happens that forces her to, it's not all that surprising that the love line is written this way, as frustrating as it is for us viewers (especially Hae-soo/Wang So shippers) to watch. With this in mind, I fully expect something to happen in the next episode that really blows her love for Wook to smithereens so that we can finally see the main love story on our TV screens. :D Hang in there, guys. 

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Reading all these frustrating comments and recaps regarding this episode, i decided to hold from watching episode 12...i cant bear to watch hurtful WS and stupidy-naive HS and cowardy-nonsense WW...i am gonna wait for episode 13 and watch both of them sequelly......

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32 minutes ago, fathiayunia said:

@SizzlerZ @lilac_alex WELCOME! WELCOME ABOARD WANG SO's SHIP!:wub: Our heroine apparently bought the wrong ticket and board the wrong ship.:sweatingbullets: She is still feeling confused and lost on whether she should exchange the wrong ticket. She is kinda weird right now. It's making some passengers angry but don't worry everyone, THANKFULLY, OUR CAPTAIN WANG SO HAVE A HUGE AMOUNT OF PATIENCE, and still wait for her. Meanwhile what we can do in this ship with our captain are :

-Learn how to put BB Cream properly to conceal some scars

-Learn to create and wear some amazing mask. Maybe doing some mask party

-Watering the plants

-Plant some trees, and giving them a name

-Learn horse riding

-Learn Goryeo men fashion and women fashion sponsored by universal lotus pins

-Learn swordsmanship

-Learn fast skinship, wrist grabbing, and kiss stealing

-Learn swoon worthy words

-More will be announced soon by our beloved captain

Hopefully the heroine will get her senses soon or we may just sail without her. TO THE KINGDOM! ALL HAIL KING GWANGJONG! THANKYOU and ENJOY;)

LOL chingu I love this ship...its so entertaining :D I love the captain :wub: I am in for the long haul. Are you the first mate :P can you let know when the Cap is gonna start with the skinship, wrist grabbing and kiss stealing lesson......I wanna learn.....I am a good and fast learner :P

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1 hour ago, yuhotarubi said:


I'll be here, I'll be here all the way till the end :tears: but I want to be compensated for all the frustration I am feeling right now. HS better make it up for WS big time, the amount of patience he has for her is admirable.

Same here!Will still watch no matter how down I feel:)I know it's currently emotionally heavy but we have to enjoy the journey,both good and bad times, to appreciate the whole story.

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Oh! wow, I have not watched episode 12 yet. But base on what other people wrote here make me baffle too, 
as to why they had to drag 8th prince relationship with Hae Soo for so long. 
I think other who had watched the Chinese version already mentioned that the 8th prince and Ruoxi(Hae Soo character)
end their relationship roughly about 40% into the drama. Ummm, we are at episode 12 of a 20 episode long drama,
that's 60% of this drama already wasted on the 8th prince and Hae Soo(Ruoxi character in chinese version).
And they are not the main love line in this novel. It's suppose to be the 4th prince(Wang So) and Hae Soo.
What's going on?.

I have a question for those who know more about Korean history, as I don't know much about Korean history.
Did Wang So kills his brothers in history when he took the throne?. 
I know the son of Taejo of Joseon era did killed his brothers to steal the throne and he did not love his
wife(the queen). Wouldn't this novel better fit to transfer to Taejo of Joseon era instead of Taejo of Gorgeo era?.

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3 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

Reading some of the latest posts/comments, I thought this episode will be a let down. Contrary to what many feel, I actually like the progress of this episode.

Many are complaining HS is not reciprocating any feelings of WS, but what I kept seeing from their interaction is that she loves him so much. It's the noble idiocy trope, I'd say. She is staying away from him because she loves him. JM clearly told her not to bid farewell to any of the prince when she was leaving Damiwon, but whom did she seek out before leaving? WS. And only him alone. No one else. Even when chancing upon WW on her way back, she didn't call out to him. Then when WS came back to find her, she was very much touched to tears. Although she tried to push him away, but I can't miss seeing her being so concerned and worried when she turned around and saw that he put on his mask again. When WS proposed to her, she was also so touched beyond words, that I think she almost agree to him, but snapped back to "reality" which in her mind is that she is supposed to avoid him and leave him alone. Anyhow, in all their interaction, I can only see suppressed love and longing in her eyes.

Side note: poor HS, is she going to limp her way till the last episode? or when she got transported back to 2016? and how did she manage to climb all those stairs at JM's quarter to find WS? :-P


Yess, she's being a noble idiot fosho! I don't know yet about love, but she obviously cares about him, yet her logic tells her that it's insane to get involved with another prince. Maybe it's just me, but I swear she looked tempted to say yes when So asked her to marry him, but logic pulled her in again.

The noble idiocy game is strong with you, Soo. But give it a rest already, we're all low on energy here. 

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1 hour ago, hrkharis said:


i know i felt the same...i wanted to throw something in my pc is already ep 12 and she still did not get over that jerk...when will she wake up?i do hope she will realize that what he loves the most is the crown...soon or later she will see true WW face...

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11 minutes ago, dhia205 said:

just choose the place, that washing pools, angles fall, niagara fall, or the great wall. i'm done with her, 3 time rejection is enough. she deserves it 


Which one is the tallest? I want to pick the great wall eventhough it's not so tall. There's no water under it so it it will reach the maximum pain. But we still need her in next eps so angels fall? 

I'll reserve the helicopter then. Have you prepared the wire or duck tape? 




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51 minutes ago, sunshinefate said:

Thank God that our Wang So will get the girl in the end ;) same with me. In the beginning, I liked WW as a character, moreover KHN is a great actor himself. But, as the story progresses, I start to be kinda annoyed by his character. Not just because he's a coward. I can still forgive him being a coward because he has to protect his family. But, he makes empty promises to haesoo and still blames wangso for all things that happened to haesoo when he cleary knows that her sister plays a big part of it


Wang-wook's mistake becomes complete is ; he is someone who is not objective, unfair and blame other people for his close family mistakes. 
Does he deserve to be a future king?

I think he doesn't deserve,  because he will become king without empathy (remember, how he treated his late wife without feeling), easy to make a promise to his people, will ignore his people in trouble, the king unjust etc.

Oh my God, in episode 12, I'm getting sick of seeing his handsome face that without sincerity and full of pretense. I think the real antagonist is him. During this time we are deceived by the good face and gentle demeanor. I prefer Wang-yo character. He is a real evil, both in action and appearance. So we can clearly see who our enemy.
Hoping in the end the fate will bring our Wang-so will meet and get his girl in the 21st century.


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Guys, I agree with what @Gabi Bros said. No expectations! Hehe so that we won't get disappointed in the end.

I may be disappointed with Soo right now but I'm not gonna ship So with Yeonhwa. NEVER. That girl isn't any better.

Like how So is not giving up on Soo and how Soo is still holding on to Wook, I'm not going to give up on this drama either. If it ends bad then screw it, I'll suffer with Yo and Queen Yoo in hell.

I'm going to endure this for now. BUT


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just read that in youko version, they cut out the part where soo said she missed wook, nowww, whose bright idea was it to put it in again in the sbs version? those words belong on the editing floor, not back up in the drama. 

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24 minutes ago, faeriealice said:


You're right about that, but there needs to be a balance. Right now the concern is that the writer is going to drag out fall out of WW x HS for too long and there will be too little time to appreciate the WS x HS development and love story. It should be fine if HS finally gets the closure she needs within the next episode, and officially breaks it off with WW. My guess we will need a week (two episodes) for a smooth and not too rushed transition before HS falls in love with WS. It's going to be extremely complicated and difficult to do however with all the chaos that is about to unfold that will likely take up a lot of the episodes' time.



Like Faeriealice said there needs to be balance. I think we would all feel better about the direction of the drama if Hae Soo's feelings were making more progress either in the development of HS's interest in WS or in her love of Wook declining. Either one would make the drama feel like it's moving forward but because there wasn't movement on either end this episode, the plot felt a bit stuck.

Last week when Wook turned his back on Hae Soo it felt like the defining end to their relationship. For me, the natural realistic thing would be for Hae Soo's feelings for Wook to change or decrease - even slightly after his betrayal. Maybe we will have to wait for subs to know for sure but from the recaps I've read it seems like that didn't happen. Hae Soo was still hopelessly in love with Wook, she wasn't the least bit angry or sad. That's frustrating from a viewer standpoint; feeling like we've took one step forward and two steps back.

My questions now is - if Wook can betray her and leave her for dead and Hae Soo still loves him how is the writer going to realistically break that love? If her feelings could survive that trauma, it seems like they should be able to survive just about anything. The writer has a tough road a head making a new convincing end to this relationship.


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I dont get it when people insist on romance in WSxHS too fast and get bored without it in this drama. I would love it too, but I enjoy the story when wook slowly change his character, wang so with his charisma and gentleness, even other couple like WHxBaekAh, little prince and his wife, and HS emptiness. I think HS doesnt afraid of WS or reject him. And I think she doesnt love Wook anymore. She just pity her and their destiny. She just 'living' not feeling anything and just 'breathing'. She's too confused and tired about everything around her. I personally enjoy it actually, but not for long time please.. (sometimes we need that to see the good things) Haha.. just enjoy the show

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but IU says before the broadcast that her character will be annoying and irritating for us :angry: ( and today was so annoying)

I a great shipper SoSoo  , and this episode make more that dissapoment  ,angry .... I can understand the HS feels but still  I want that So be happy ( with HS not YH)
This drama show us the real feels of a person , don´t wait that all will be like we want and HS can left her love for WW quickly .... this  is drama but not all is fantasy ,like SoSoo shipper I hope that the love line start tomorrow

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15 minutes ago, jubiemon said:

Hello~ I'm new to this thread, but I've been lurking for a while. Thought I'd get out of my dormant state.

As much as I adore this drama, specifically Lee Junki, I cannot help but feel like the editing for the international version is seriously killing the plot and the characters. Here's a fuller discussion of what I mean in my blog post. (There will be spoilers about ep 12 in the blog.)

Yes, the int version cut off tge goodbye scene so suddenly and threw in the scene between wy ww and yh where yh is already wearing the ring. The person who did the editing for international version should be fired for such a blunder.

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26 minutes ago, solelylurking said:


Which one is the tallest? I want to pick the great wall eventhough it's not so tall. There's no water under it so it it will reach the maximum pain. But we still need her in next eps so angels fall? 

I'll reserve the helicopter then. Have you prepared the wire or duck tape? 

Too expensive im gonna bring wasted ropes and sack, that's enough for her. 

Angeles fall will be too beautiful, what about just leave her in the middle of Amazon? At least one or two anaconda won't starving until the next week.

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