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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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2 hours ago, feignedreality said:

The king looks like he'll drop dead any minute.

Why is Baek-Ah extra gorgeous in this episode?! I cannot... :wub:


Baek ah is BAE :wub:

....and bae is hurt. I cried rivers here :'((((((((((


Am too shocked.

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

Posted Images

The writer can not be WookSoo shipper,  bcs his character is a real awful coward while So is an incredible man. She (I suppose it is she:) is just fond of the process "getting the girl " :lol:;) especially by such a determine man) 

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I'm frustrated with Hae Soo so much especially with the Wook scene but when I think about it, I think she is heartbroken by his action but then she still cares for him cause he was the first one to reach out to care for her when she first appeared in a strange place. So he will always have a special place in her heart, when she questioned him if he miss her or not she probably wanted to figure out if all of it was real or not but I feel like she realized that the moment he turn his back on her when she was in the rain, she figured that he wasn't going to risk everything for her and she felt that part of her died. When she questioned him if he miss her, etc she probably want to know was it easy for him to live knowing what happen to her and yet he didn't bother doing anything beside Jung who gave her medication for her wound. I think the moment he turn his back after the conversation, she realized its time to let it go and that love is over

As for the rejections toward So true its harsh, but she didn't want to cause him anymore harm. After the poison incident, she felt responsible and was afraid that whoever comes near her or tries saving her ends up hurt or dead like So with the poison and Lady Oh trading her life for hers. She knows he doesn't like the life in the palace but stayed for her and she knows he's risking it wanting to be with her since she probably believe she's jinx. She knows he's hurt enough from the people treating him differently, she doesn't want him to suffer cause of her so she tries her best to push him away. its like in BBJX 


RuoXi tries her best to avoid 4th all the time and reject his proposal when he ask but he still waits for her patiently knowing one day she will say yes. And when she "broke up" with 8th and stayed with 4th she knows the only way to survive is to side with one that will be king but little did she knows her she did loved him. 


What I believe the writers are trying to do is that she's doing this for So's benefit like the king, he wants So to endure the pain and the suffering in order to shape him to be a better king then he was. I believe when the king said Hae Soo was from a different place he figured she was like JM who knows about the future and he knows how it will end that is the reason why JM insist on So staying in the palace so things can fall into place like the history and the king figured that Hae Soo will be the trigger of it. I believe what Hae So saw in those visions is more really like if she didn't do this this would happen. I believe after the conversation with the king, Hae Soo figured that in order for So to be king, he needs somebody to pushed him and who else is good and manipulative? Yeonhwa of course. 

I know some of you really want So-Soo ship to start already but just please be patience I get there like 8 episodes left but let me remind you that in the cversion its over like 42 episodes and the romance of 4th and Ruoxi didn't start fully until like episode 30! 

I know Hae Soo is thinking of So already and her heart is wavering but she can't risk another person dying because of her and she knows he cares for her so she doesn't want him to risk everything for her. So now that she figure the king is shaping So for his future, she knows she is going to be a pawn in the game even though he said for her to watch it unravel, little did he knows for things to unravel and move according for future history Hae Soo is involved. 

As for JM I feel like he knows everything is going to happen and he help push it to happen so history can act according to what its suppose to and he is using Hae Soo to do it. But for it to happen, she has to endure the hardship and true its not fair for her but I cannot help but wonder, did he choose her out of the blue or like a time loop he knows Hae Soo is destined to return to the past in order for history to happen?

For me, I will continue watching it hoping the writers won't disappoint us and give us a true love between So and Soo soon. They want to probably get rid of the politics stuff so they can focus on the love story later but I'm waiting for Soo to return Wook the bracelet ending it between them 

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11 minutes ago, kuanphing said:

Yes..its more like haesoo will support soo, guide him to become a king. Not even a bit love sign between from haesoo. The thing upsetting that should be sweet moment (the kiss, the backhug) become very meningless bcos haesoo too depressed and so cold toward soo. Maybe she still need time to console her feeling..hope one day she can smiling for soo. 

Even so, I still hope for a better development for the rest of the drama. Yeah, I also think that the kiss and back hug were all meaningless as she still has not seen wang so romantically. Will the 7 episodes left contain more passionate scenes between them? I hope so

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12 minutes ago, Mau_Cherry said:


Just to make that clear... we saw Wook screaming out Soos Name (feels ages ago) and we all had thoughts like - he will find out So is blamed, framed, tortured...  ordered to kill!!!!

And I could feel him... even he lost my sympathy...

but what to Hell is this...

He found out Soo left the Palace so HE can´t see her anymore It´s not about Soo might be in Danger or in Pain - no - as I see it - Wook is just the weak and selfish Idiot again.

I felt nothing for that crying scene, unlike in the preview where I cried.... the reason for his cry was so lame.... I sweat :cry::cry::cry::cry:

12 minutes ago, amisyka77 said:

Guys...guys...order..! order..!...dont be mad...! 

i was live streaming and with no sub, i dont really know what they are talking...BUT..i watched really closely HS...you guys need to watch her eyes..her expression...when she interacted with WS or WW...then maybe you can see what is really in her heart..what she really feels..


everytime she is with WS...i feel teary eyed...there is something deep in her eyes everytime she's with WS but she didnt voice it out...the goodbye scene before he went away, the laundry scene when he came back...the proposal scene..she had tears in her eyes...Like she is doing her damnest not to give in to WS...she is denying her own feelings for him...yes..she is being a noble idiot here...maybe she is afraid if she gives in, she will change the history...if she accepted him, WS will not become a king because WS will do what he said he'll do - abandon the palace for her and the king will punish  him...more over the king has warned her not to do anything...that brought us to the scene where she rejected again WSs proposal...WS is a man who is persistent and he would never back off from HS..thus she resort to saying nasty things to him to chase him away ( which we know will never succesful). WHAT IF, the reason HS was brought over from modern time is to be a driving force or a catalyst for WS to start wanting become a king ? His love for her is what changed him from 'i-dont-give-a-damn' view and motivate him to join the game of throne.


The staircase scene with WW...the time she looked at his back..i dont think it is love...more like sad and defeated..seemed that she realised they have no hope anymore..the night scene at the river a year after...a whole year when WW had not even once came to see her.. when she told him she missed him..her eyes seemed to tell something else..what she said sound like a sarcastic statement ' I missed you' but  in her head she continues : ''You said you missed me but you never once come to see me...you think i'll buy that?!!'


' I think she is over WW..i dont see anymore love in her eyes for him because at the moment she is having a hell of a time denying her growing love for WS.

Call me an optimistic or too biased for HS but it is interesting if we analysed all the look and expressions that she gave off.

BTW..i was literally screaming out NOOOOOO! when BA jumped in and that the stab from WH...never saw that twist coming...

Cant wait for the subbed..

This drama is killing me softly as WS is as hot as hell in this ep..how can a man be sooooo beautiful than all the females it beats me!!!!

IKR! I nearly jumped up from my seat at WH knocking into BA who appeared before her without warning. It was at a blink of an eye that he blocked her path... I was just wondering... how did BA move so fast! but he really looked like in pain at that moment of impact. Good expressions by Nam Joo Hyuk and Seohyun!

Another scene I loved was the teasing scene. BA was so funny! He misled her to think he is married but he was only talking about his mum! This guy is humourous! And the hug he gave her... 




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People are you really shipping YeonHwa with Wang So because Hae Soo is a fool...or because you really think she is a nice person for him? LOL I can imagine her being totally capable of hurting his baby like Queen Yoo did to baby Wang So...she is no different. Honestly, if Wang So have another woman...I want a nice woman not a witch. He don't deserve that. 

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39 minutes ago, lavendre said:

Hae Soo and Wook definitely deserved each other. They have to be the true OTP of this drama. An emotional true love story where the female lead has unconditional love and unrelenting understanding for her man even though he has abandoned and forsook her a few times. How 'touching'!

Wang So should just marry Yeon Hwa. She is intelligent (good trait for a queen) and is devoted to him (which I m sure she will be when he becomes King). 

Everybody will be happy with this because HS, WW and YH will be happy, and WS being so understanding of HS will accept that this is his destiny.

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1 hour ago, qwenli said:

i may want to stop watching this drama.

good night all.

@qwenli thank you for the recap, thank you for recapping till the end. wasn't easy to read it, must've been harder to continue typing. really appreciate it :)

i am with you.

i usually stayed up all night till the subbed version is out to watch it, but not gonna do that tonight. i might skipped watching it all together.

IU just like hae so is baffling. what so fun about ep 12 (previously ep 11).

1 year jump and she hangs on to the empty promises still? how many times wook have to turn his back on her for her to get her senses back?

the first thing so did after arriving back, was offered her a way out, she can divorce him after, no worries. so only left and agreed to the task to get the king to pardon her. it was all for her. he openly said he missed her, with wook, she had to ask many times before he said it. arrggghhhhhhhhhhh i am so mad.

LJK/Wang So is the main LEAD seriouslyyyyyyyyyyy.:angry:

i am guessing in ep 13 soo broke it off with wook. then at least another ep before soo warm up to so, that's ep 15 we see so and soo together, then with all the political problems with baek ah, yo, wook, marying yeon hwa, other problems. they gonna crammed all that in the last 5 eps?

they were worried about low ratings in SK, they should worry more the international fans start abandoning the drama :confounded:

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2 minutes ago, chi13lou said:

The king and JM can actually use HS to make sure WS stays and goes for the throne.

And I believe that's happening in the next episode. From my point of view, Yoo and Yo decided to kill the king by poisoning. I have the impression that the king knew that something would happen to him. He has Hae Soo next to him and as such, she is witnessing what is happening so that she goes to WW and WS and asks for their help isnce she has a strong sense of justice. But WW knew about it and asks her not to do anything. He wants Yo to kill Taejo so that Wang Wook can appear as the savior by arresting Yo. But Hae Soo informs Wang So as well and he is afraid of what could happen to Hae Soo therefore he stops Wang Wook.

But I have come to realise that if Hae Soo thinks that she shouldn't change anything (History), then this would mean that she could play a role to persuade Wang So to marry Yeon Hwa. If the writer has this in mind, imagine the pain... Hae Soo knows that she can't marry Wang So and she has to give him to Yeon Hwa.

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36 minutes ago, lyserose said:

Hi everyone. I am new here. Been lurking here for a while but never had the courage to sign up and post a comment until now. Been a die-hard fan of this drama and smitten with our main lead, Lee Joon Gi since Scholar Who Walks The Night. I really do enjoy reading so many postings here and hope to share some opinion with you guys in the future.

We love new victims .... yum 

Welcome :wub:

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after watching ep12 i kinda feel that this drama really depicts from the Goryeo History.... thinking that for the next episode we won't be able to see more of sweet moments from our OTP's,  they really focus about the fight for the throne... well that's how history goes... i've been a Sageuk Fan so this kind of scenario is nothing to be surprise...

we just have to be prepared for the bloody fight and those people who will be sacrifice in the future....

huhuhu i'm starting to cry a river

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49 minutes ago, lavendre said:

Hae Soo and Wook definitely deserved each other. They have to be the true OTP of this drama. An emotional true love story where the female lead has unconditional love and unrelenting understanding for her man even though he has abandoned and forsook her a few times. How 'touching'!

Wang So should just marry Yeon Hwa. She is intelligent (good trait for a queen) and is devoted to him (which I m sure she will be when he becomes King). 


Couldn't have said it any better. The two are just made die each other. Like why is Wang So even in the show.

I'm losing patience but I'm going to continue watching. I think the whole - 'the journey will be sad but ending will be happy' - thing has definitely kicked in. Come on SO-SOO!! RISE MY HOPES TOMORROW SO I CAN BE ON CLOUD NINE AND HOPEFULLY GET THROUGH THE WEEK!

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41 minutes ago, MadraRua said:

Ummm... how to say this... 

Relax folks... no need to get all huffy... IT WILL HAPPEN 

Just take a breather and reassess the situation with subtitles... We still have tomorrow's episode. I too am a little frustrated with Hae Soo but she's not perfect so I'll cut her a break. Have no fear... she will get there eventually. 



P.s For anyone who wants off the roll call please let me know, I'd hate to start annoying anyone. :) 


@MadraRua Hahahaha.. this is too funny! Instant mood lifter!

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