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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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1 hour ago, enigmatic_zephy said:


Question for all:


Do you think there is something special about an intense, passionate, have eyes only for the girl , brooding , fierce, good looking and skilled man .. that other types such as cassinova, nerd, witty and charming male characters don't?

In my entire life's experience of drama watching across countries, I have seen men catapult to fame more often and faster by playing that character over others ( yes other characters also get popular..but the intense one never goes wrong with anyone.. unless acting, directing is super screwed up)

Who is your fav hero type?

And how realistic is this intense character? Seen one in real life?



I definitely enjoy seeing the intense or witty characters over the charming or casanova or regular kind. Maybe its because the character description in itself allows for a complex, layered characterization that adds more depth and mystery. For example, I loved Blair and Chuck especially Chuck, I loved House, I like Sherlock. I loved Ji Sung in Secret, Jang Kyung Ho in Heartless City, Park Bogum and Seo In Guk in I remember you, every single character in the JTBC drama Last.

But there are exceptions, I also love regular guys and nerds. Like everyone in Signal or everyone in Marriage Not Dating and Lee Beom Su in Prime Minister and I, the second lead in current drama Jealousy Incarnate. 

It boils down to who you can connect to but it would be a lie if I didn't accept that I admire the intense, passionate ones tiny bit over the others. For me, its the unattainable, larger than life charm and mystery attached to the characters. Can't say about others.

For the second question, no, I've never met such a character in reality. And honestly, the reason the characters work on dramas is because of escapism. I think we all know, that real life requires stability and it doesn't work like that in our lives. 



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KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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7 hours ago, dfun said:
  7 hours ago, jayakris said:

Note from darksmurfsub.com ... We have finished QCing the English subs for Ep 10, set for the broadcast SBS version.  I'm not fully sure what was different from the international version, but I think scenes of the SNSD singer (the HuBaekje princess in disguise) were cut out in the international version. We have subbed those scenes.  You can download the subs and enjoy, if you have the proper raw video.  We're working on Ep. 11 now.

7 hours ago, dfun said:

there was also part of a monologue during the HS/WS beach scene that was cut I think she though something along the lines: I shouldn't be afraid I have to stop him smth like that(this isn't accurate 100% as I can't understand Korean 100%)

She thought to herself, "It was an illusion. Right, it was an illusion. Rather than be scared, I should prevent this man's misfortune," in the broadcast version.  A fairly important line that I can't believe they cut out.  The international version seemed to be an utter mess with the terrible music track they have there, instead of the slower and somewhat nicer "are you listening now?... I need you, I need you, I miss you" song that is in the broadcast version.  Well, the reason they had to change the song in the international version was because they had moved the SunDeok bedside scene from Ep9 in the broadcast version to Ep 10 in the Intl version. That was just ahead of the beach scene. The same song was there, and was really appropriate for that scene.  So, rather than repeat the same song soon after for the beach scene, they seemed to have thrown some crap music in, which drowned some of what was being said, and totally killed the mood of the beach scene which was so much nicer in the broadcast version.

There was also something she thought to herself just before telling him of friendship and love at the makeup scene in Ep 10. "It's not that I am afraid of you, or don't like you, Your Highness. I am worried".  That wasn't in the international version.

Yeah, there are quite a few of such things here and there. It seems like the international version is just a hot mess, poorly edited and missing some key short passages or thoughts/conversations that describe what is going on their minds. Why is the drama doing this? God knows!

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2 hours ago, faeriealice said:

If they marry in secret, meaning they intentionally not put themselves in the records, YH will never know that HS is actually his first wife. It will be a secret only between the two of them and whomever else they decided to share that moment with. Not to mention it would be quite amusing if YH thought she was his first wife, when really she's the second. LOL.

@faeriealice  I don't think WS would marry HS in secret Ws is the type to not hide nothing, And besides marrying like that could mean death I remembered in shine or go crazy JH and whats her name had to deny that they was married because both of them would have to die or she would because he was a prince.. So I don't think WS would put Hs in a dangerous situation like that knowing what the outcome of it would mean..

2 hours ago, Yippeuni said:

After the kiss, 4th Prince looks regretful but doesn’t know what to say. Instead, he takes Hae-Soo out of the palace to the ocean where he admits his feelings for her. Hae-Soo tells him she’s in love with someone else, but 4th Prince isn’t deterred.

@Yippeuni  Hello, Don't you just love this about him, He don't let small things like that bother him, He just took it with a grain of sand like whatever I'll still do what I must to obtain your heart, So go on having whomever it is in your heart because I'll be the one to push him out.. And as you could see from the last scene of the episode when he was sheltering her fronm the rain how she rose up on her knees it's like WS gives her a power of strength..   


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Hello again, Chingu...

Consider all your posts "liked"...  I'm way behind but of what I've read there are lots of creative people in this forum with their thinking caps on...  Again, pardon me if some one else already said this but...

I've been thinking about the preview for episode 12...  the murder or attempted murder of the King...  just speculating here but, HS's memory of her Korean history is that WS kills all his brothers to ascend to the throne and she thinks he's some sort of monster-in-the-making because of this.  But this doesn't fit with WS's character.  What does fit with his character is, as the King wanted him to be the CP's "shield", if the King dies or is incapacitated, his other brothers and their puppet-masters go after the CP and WS protects the CP and the dead King's wishes.  Of course, this will result in the deaths of all his brothers but not because of WS's lust for the throne but because of their own ambitions and of those behind them.  This would also make the case for WS also wiping out the manipulating families... because had not the power-hungry families pushed and manipulated the respective princes, he would not have had to kill his brothers to defend the CP and carry out the King's wishes...

Just thinking...

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still not 800 :P

immediate next post  one should be.. testing .. we completed 20 comments o this page


does youtube have light off option?

and can we download videos?

6 minutes ago, esma-div said:

yap :D

Darn you.. you beat me to it..

i calculated the comments on previous page.. and was hopinh to be the first one :P

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Just now, blue003 said:

Wow 800 pages... We sure will reach 1000 by the next ep...

By the way, what would be the 'fun' or 'interesting' part mentioned by IU?


It was moved to ep 12 due to editing.

Happy 800 pages!

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2 hours ago, violet90 said:

i truly think the happiest time that WS and HS will have whether they married or not is when CP ruled... CP really seem fond with HS after all she done to him and heal him also he willing to step from CP position to save her.. so yes i think CP will take HS back into palace as his adopted daughter or as a court lady.. so WS and HS will have some peace at that moment... they can have their peaceful love in palace....

about when WY ruled....... what if the way WY control WS is with HS?? look IF HS is a court lady so its mean she belong to the king right??? so maybe WY want to take HS as his consort and this make WS want the throne to protect HS...? i mean WY is the type that will do anything to achieve his goal and add YH who have eyes on WS and know how much HS mean to him.. its my take on why WY can control WS when he rule...


@violet90  I so agree with you on them having peace when the CP rules but in WY case it's going to break the allience between him and WW If we see this far in the drama This could very well be when HS finds out that WW and WY are trying to kill WS..What I don't get is why WY didn't marry YH when he ruled is it WY the one that makes Ws and Yh get married this is the mystery to me just how is that these 2 gets married when WY always wanted her.. 

2 hours ago, faeriealice said:

I don't think she will still be in love with WW- I am confident she knows what they had is over, but I think she will want closure. She is in pain, heartbroken, betrayed and broken. I can imagine she is being plagued with 'Why?' , 'Why does this always happen to me?' , 'Am I not enough?' thoughts and reeling in regret of not heeding Lady Oh's warning and advice.

Also most importantly, one of the things  I noticed with HS even when WW had proposed to her, was the fact she was literally trying to convince herself everything will be fine, when her gut was actually telling her otherwise (this is why she was hesitating in the first place), and we later see her desperation when she tries to convince Lady Oh of their 'love'.

The real question now is when will HS be granted that closure she desperately needs, because that will influence how long it will take for her to move on.

@faeriealice  To be honest I don't think HS knows what love is she has confused nicesness with love WW is nice to her and says things she like to hear but as you said she's trying to convince herself that she loves him.. If she loved him she wouldn't fall for WS. I think her closure will come when she realize who the person that always was beside her in her time of need and go that extra mile for her..

1 hour ago, UnniSarah said:
2 hours ago, qwenli said:

Ok I have to admit that at the rate that this thread moves, I do miss a lot of posts.

so voila, how excited I am to read that some folks has mooted the idea that the cp will adopt hs and hs can then marry ws, since he did marry his Niece in history,

this is such a brilliant idea. Totally awesome.

i fear for the ep that ws will be marrying yh, I may throw something into the Tv....

@qwenli... I so wishing for that Chingu. I would be very happppppy :wub::wub::wub:

@qwenli & @UnniSarah  As much as we would all love this it's no way YH would let him marry HS remember this.. YH will us Hs to try and control WS but no way would she allow her to be his concubine we have to think about Queen Yoo the second she knows this would hurt her brother..Yh won't hurt Wook again but then thinking about it WW did cut ties with her so who knows..

10 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

still not 800 :P

Not yet but were almost there hopefull this post will do it..

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say congratulation ! 

I got trapped into this drama !!!!!!! 

I am a big fan of Lee Jun Ki oppa but unfortunately not all of his works were appealing to me in the same way though I watched almost all of them, still iljimae and Time between Dog and wolf have been the best for me .. but his drama definitely is incredible too !!!!!!!!! 

I am so glad that I could not watch the episodes till yesterday so I marathoned them all and what a happy day I had !!!!!!!!!! 


I am so thankful for myself that I did not got bothered by the rating of this drama but kept the faith in Oppa :wub:

Sure this one has to be among the list of best 2016 K-dramas and in the way of being among my list of best K-drama ever  !

The Osts !!! another story !! 

What a perfect drama so far :D and say yes say yes :w00t:


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Am I the only one that thinks Seohyun (girls generation) isn't the best fit for this drama?

All the cast is excellent, I'm glad LJG got the role of the 4th and KHN is great as the 8th, even IU who isn't the best actress out there fits with all the cast but I think Seohyun is still lacking as an actress...I just don't buy it when she is on screen :(

Maybe all of the GG fans will hate for saying this, its just my opinion, why all the idols have to try singing AND acting??...well maybe I am going through the tangent...

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I turn my head on you people and you are fan girling away ... reading each time thru 15-22 pages is a shore and I admit I do not read all ..

I don't want to be mean or such and I really love the insides and views that catch my eyes, but I am dead afraid, that if I answer to one or quote the other I will get thrown 10 pages ahead an miss all the fan art, insides and the fan girling


In this spead we'll breach the 1000 Monday ;)

:wub: Well done my sweet peas :wub:


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4 hours ago, dfun said:
  Reveal hidden contents

this year is filled with great dramas and we can expect a though battle, some of the dramas are not even finished yet and some are yet to come out so even though he is a strong candidate others will be as well. Song Joon Ki was amazing in DOTS, personally I think Yoo Seung Ho was amazing in Remember:War of the Sun not to mention Ji Chang Wook is currently acting in The K2 and Lee Mi Ho's drama is scheduled to air this year as well, also Lee Jong Suk was great in W and all of these dramas were extremely popular there are also a lot of other dramas I can't remember from this year but these are the names that come up first when I think about it.  



@Lady_Lara  I hope he gets the baeksang award for best actor in MLSHR.  I was hoping he would get it last year for SWWTN but Yooh Ah In got it for SFD. I wasn't going to watch SFD because it was 50 episodes, but I wanted to see why YAI (not a favourite of mine) was chosen for the award. The first half he was meh but the drama caught my interest and I kept watching, then bang, there it was, the scene that impressed me with his acting (after killing the CP).  I think it takes memorable scenes where the actor can leave the audience with a wow factor for a long time. It was so with LJG in "The Clown and the King" and I hope again with MLSHR. As for your list of candidates @dfunthey are good actors but nothing memorable stands out for me although I haven't seen Remember and LMH's drama has yet to start. So at the moment I would say that our 4th prince has a chance especially if he continues to wow us. :sweatingbullets:


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Uhhh...what??? This is in Episode 10 apparently, when he comes to check on her after their horse ride to the sea...can anyone tell me which part this came in? Was it before or after she was trying to explain to him the difference between love and friendship???! 


Is it in the Intl version or SBS?

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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