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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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1 minute ago, MadraRua said:

Hae Soo-ah! 

Cr: Banghae

''If I had known…that I would cause someone else’s death, I wouldn’t have tried so hard to live.''


The way she keeps trying to crawl her way to Lady Oh...

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You are indebted to me as I'm indebted to you do what you wish to me, (He just gave her the rights to fight for the throne for him)  Wow the throne has turned loving brother and sister into creditors of each other the only way YH could make this up to WW is make him a King and WW knows at this point the only way he could have HS is to become King.. The sad part of it all WW don't understand that YH literally hates HS and she would never allow him be with a nothing like her.. So  in order for her to seal there ill fate is to tell HS just what she done and just who could have saved her life but choose his family over her as YH lay it on thick that WW can never go against the family for her and if he tries again she will see to it that she'll be hung or her head on the chopping block..

Yh is one scary girl but there hasn't ever been to many nice princess they are more evil then the queen herself..

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Thanks so much for the live recaps...and for those who subbed so fast

...really love you and appreciate what you guys are doing.

Thanks so much!

Now off to watch the episode with subs...yay!

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That blood scene of WW throwing down that hair stick talk about cutting bloody ties thats exactly what that symbols he knows he can't go and stand up for her and court lady Oh didn't make him feel any better asking him why he can't stand up for himself or her but yet he claims to love her.. WW will use by any means as long as it don't involve him or it's known that it was him now if this isn't a cowardly man I don't know what is.. I'm just halfway through the episode and just speechless of his action but he told HS he would save her get real WW.. 

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21 minutes ago, Mau_Cherry said:


No Question - my sympathy for Wook goes againt zero now...

He chose the Throne... here was what we all knew will come... now he knows what he wish for... and Lady Oh was so right... the greed for the Throne will make every Prince a coward...

I love Lady Oh for everything she said to Wook - she was right!!! Can´t say  it better.

Just one thing... Wook never wanted Lady Oh to sacrifice herself.. he wanted her to ask the King. If someone can change is mind it should be the only woman he loved.

But Lady Oh knows better that she could never do that.

I just finished it with subs... and again I´m a mess.... today was really so sad....


But why in all the World looks So even beautiful when he is near Death...



Ah thanks for the correction. But when he told that to Lady Oh I'm like really now your asking a lady to plead with the king knowing that he might not even accept it. But I feel like Wook knew the outcome that whoever pleads on Hae Soo behalf will get punished and how would he know about Lady Oh relationship with the king? Unless he heard it from his mother about the king's past but still I feel no sympathy for Wook at all.

He had his chance to save her and end it, he lost it which is a good thing for Wang So but if he kept his so call promises to her like marrying her or taking her away from the palace etc then she wouldn't have ended up where she is. I really do hope that after tonight episode Hae Soo finally realized that Wook was just a puppy love and that he never really truly love her. If he did love her, he wouldn't have turn his back when he saw her in the rain he would have tried to convince her but nope he took one step forward but two steps back. If she doesn't see that i really will smack her in the head. :expressionless: and from the looks from the preview when Hae Soo was getting bullied he saw it but both him and 14th didn't bother did stop it. 

Watch next week episode when Hae Soo sees him face to face he either

A. stays quiet and wont say anything

B. he would tell her he's sorry and that he hopes she understand where he's standing at

c. when he ask her if she's okay, she will tell him that what hurt the most was watching him turn his back on her and that she realized what Lady Oh says was true

the throne will change a prince and that she should have taken the chance to leave the palace with Lady Oh instead of staying there believing in his lies

d. He will ask how's her new life etc and she would then return his bracelet back and told her he needs to give it to the woman he love which isnt her and that he should not 

show up in front of her anymore. Then he would accuse her of falling in love with 4th and that she's the one that had that change of heart not him


man i have so many theories on how next episode would be between the love triangle!




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I haven't seen episode 11 with subs yet but I'm amazed with all the hate WOOK is getting....I actually ship HAE SOO with him but perhaps with episode 11 it will change?

Anyway there are too many things that I want to say about episode 10!

First the scene where WOOK proposes to HAE SOO: OMG, so many misunderstandings starting right there!!! She can't answer him immediately because she is scared for his safety. Remember what SO said? He will slay the person that HAE SOO loves? But of course WOOK interprets it as HAE SOO being unsure about the whole thing and wanting to back-out thus not loving him as much as he thought.
This is one aspect that makes him go down the ambitious path and wanting the throne, sadly....I'm sure I'm gonna argue that in episode 11 his actions were to protect HAE SOO and that he plans to make her his when he has reached a higher position or something like that.. I'm speculating here. Anyway it will be interesting to see his character development. I would like to say that he turns from good to bad but this drama is far too good to be this simple (thankfully)!!

Second, the scene where HAE SOO tells LADY OH with those hopeful eyes that WOOK is not like the King and that he doesn't have the ambitions to sit on the throne. I love the look that LADY OH then gives HAE SOO: She realizes that it's too late and that HAE SOO is already blinded by love like she was once.....It was also touching to see how LADY OH was hoping to live a quiet life with HAE SOO outside of the palace..... that woman has given up so much in her life. I would have granted her that wish so much!!! That whole scene.....from start to finish....it broke my heart...
And of course at that time HAE SOO was not so wrong about WOOK: That man was ready to give up everything!...Remember the scene with his mom and sister? Too bad he will misinterpret the situation later on and end up making the wrong decisions......Urgh those misunderstandings DAYUM!
Yeah and YEON WHA, that girl has some massive delusion of grandeur!!! Those siblings are a pice of work....that poor mom... (I really liked how she considered WOOKs position and how difficult it is for him....)

Third, the scene where the King tells SOO he has to go back to that hell hole: He said that you have to "cut sprouts before it grows any larger"..... Dayum!! That's the "root" argument of why SOO goes on a killing spree later on!! SO please don't listen to your daddy ey? Oh SO you're just too hot! =P jk, hotness does not excuse people from doing horrible things (this applies to everyone)!

Speaking of sprouts: During the archery scene between the 3rd and the 8th Prince, YO totally went "inception" on WOOK! He planted the idea in WOOKs head that he has to "aim" toward SOO.

wow... sorry wrote so much there. Wished this Drama was on Viki and one could comment directly above the Video!

One last thing: I need this epic background music!!!

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Both Wook and Wang So have a lot to lose. Though his family might not love him but Wang SO cares about them. In fact he has more to lose. HE can be sent back to the kangs and treated like a hostage for the rest of his life if the king orders.

And I don't expect Wook to sacrifice his mother just like Wang So protects his mother despite all the havoc she causes.


The difference is that Wang SO does not stop and stand aside and do nothing. He puts his life and freedom on the line everytime. He won't risk his family but he risks himself instead.

Here too, He won't rat out his mother but he will drink the poison himself. He won't put his family in jeopardy but he is ready to fight with the royal army to prevent her hanging. 


Wook on the other hand does nothing.

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I get that most of the people are so-soo shippers but really people are being too biased against WW, First of all sacrificing your family for someone is much bigger deal than sacrificing yourself for someone, If your family is not your number 1 priority than I don't know what is :huh: People saying that he doesn't show remorse after killing is just :huh: it was clearly shown in early episodes that he IS bothered so much after killing someone that he can't sleep at night. Yes he is a little bit of coward or I don't know may be a very intelligent/calculative person(like taejoo)  like some people mentioned above and there are times when I feel so angry at him like damn it wookie you are always late lol and wookie you should have stopped the bullying I guess we will have to wait for 12 ep ! There is no doubt that so loves soo to bits lol but people are being too harsh on WW. The greed of throne ok lets admit it EVERYONE would want to be a king even SO wants to be a king and I believe everyone has a light and a dark side and

 What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.

(Ok Dumbledore said that) Wook is the same even if he wanted to be a king he never did anything bad to get the throne (till now) if he gets evil and starts conspiracy to get the throne just for his greed ok fair enough now you are just being evil WW. So far I don't think that just thinking in an empty room that I wish I was a king is a bad thing, doing bad things to get the throne is bad. Tbh I think people are mixing 8th prince of Chinese Version with 8th prince of Korean Version, chinese version prince left Soo purely for greed of throne whereas Korean version left her for his family (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong :crazy:) and right now is just being brainwashed by his evil foxy witch sister YH. I will be sad to see WW doing evil things to get the throne I hope he won't do it :tears:

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My 1cent thought, a lot of people scolded the king from not protecting Lady Oh. But I think he did do "something" good for her. Her  wish was to help Hae Soo to get out. She mentioned she treated her as her daughter. 

King no choice but to granted her wish. As she mentioned she wish to die as she going die.... Guess as a King no choice to choose from. 

To me, he treat her well. Granted her wish.. Knowing she wanted to help a helpless child...

Above are my 1 cent thought... 

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3 hours ago, frostfire said:


I never said that So had nothing to lose—your post is reason enough to show that he does in fact have a lot to lose as well.

However, the difference is that if So were ever ordered to return to Shinju, he could run away like he planned to with Hae-soo should she have wished it when they were at the beach. There is arguably some leeway there.

In the context I was speaking about, Wook didn't have a third option. If he chose Hae-soo he would be throwing his family to the wolves; if he chose his family, he'd have to give up the woman he loves. 

In that same context, Wang So could draw his sword and cut down the guards that were taking Hae-soo to the noose because the only thing he cared about was her. Whatever the consequence of that action were Soo not have been spared wouldn't be at stake for him because like you said, he values her above his freedom, and by drawing the sword he had already made that choice.

If So rescues Hae-soo, and the consequence of that action been a loss of freedom or even his death, it would be worth it to him.

However for Wook, it's vastly different. Having made his choice to save his family at the expense of Hae-soo, would he be able to say it was worth it? If that were the case, he wouldn't be fighting as hard as he is going to for the throne.


i agree with @frostfire in terms of "who has slightly more to lose" here, i think wook still has a little more to lose than so. wook also does everything by the book because he's a good little mama's boy. but so is the wildcard who never had any solid parenting, he does not really adhere to the social norms and just charges in and does whatever he thinks is right.

i have no idea if it's even feasible for so to just marry hae soo and run away from shinju without being caught. he's still a prince who has been adopted out and the kangs are still pretty powerful. they have the means to hunt him down. so could probably just go somewhere rural to hide and lead a quiet life maybe, but its likely his new ambition probably wouldn't let him do that.

i really like the buildup so far. soo being extra nice and careful to so because she now knows he's going to be gwangjong and wants to try and change him or make things different (like maybe if she keeps telling him not to kill people, he might actually become a nice king who doesn't kill people or brothers!!!). now that she is really falling in love with him, she probably thinks she can keep making him a better person.

wook being forced to give up his own priorities and interests for the "greater good" of his family (remember that confucian values was a really big thing in this era: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_as_a_model_for_the_state#Confucian_thought) for someone as learned as wook, the changes he went through in this episode does fit his character even though it did feel slightly abrupt but it does not really come as a shock to me. meanwhile you have so who is not as concerned about families and power. in fact, i think wook just goes back to his "old self" from before he met soo. just stone-faced, super serious, business-as-usual, ok-what-problems-do-i-have-to-solve-for-other-people-today prince guy. it was soo who brought a ray of sunshine into his life and made him laugh, who actually did care about his well being. soo was different because she told him she wouldn't bother him too much and that she can do things for herself (compare that to yeon hwa who is also very pro-active but she tries to achieve her goals through her brother or expects him to help her with it). i think wook did truly mourn his wife's death in the end because she actually did show him a lot of love and kindness but he took it all for granted because it was her duty to do so anyway. he never really attached the word love to his wife's actions until he started seeing things from a different perspective thanks to soo, because he always felt that she did it out of duty.

i also like that soo and so are both so beaten up at this point. they've gone through a lot of physical pain, one got poisoned and the other got tortured, they both bear significant scars. the events are starting to push them closer and closer together.

i'm kinda sad that there are only 20 episodes though. i wish we got 30 like the chinese version....i can handle longer story arcs ^^;!!!

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