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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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I have absolutely no words...and you mean to tell me it'll likely get worse for Su after this? Where is the justice?

So I'm now seeing how So's character profile comes into play here: He doesn't like being kept away from Su because she's now a laundry maid so he takes it upon himself to install a new King. This would be Mu. I'm guessing once Mu becomes King, Su will probably heal him and she becomes Sanggung? After Mu dies, Yo becomes King, harasses Su so much that So determines to become King himself to protect her. However, in order to become King, he somehow has to marry YH...

My question though is: Wook isn't going to be shameless enough to still want Su after this, right? He's the one who betrayed her so I expect him to stay far far away from her and what she's potentially building with the one who didn't walk away. Like, what leg would he even be able to stand on to go after her again, if he did, even if he became King (we know this won't ever happen)?

Also, we keep hearing/saying So's going to change and I just want to go "How?" He'll likely never stop loving Su so when exactly does he change? After Su dies? Before she dies?

I mean, look at his family. I'm 100% in favor of killing off Queen ICantSeemToRememberWhatYourLongAssNameIs, Princess I'mMoreLikeMyFutureMotherInLawThanMyMother, Yo, Won and Wook after this episode. I can't believe Su's 21st century sensitivities are still intact after what she went through. How would she even begin to fault So for whatever he does to secure the throne? I'm really interested in seeing how it all goes horribly wrong for all involved in this bloody battle for the throne.

Regarding So, @12blbl mentioned how Su took Lady Oh's death harder compared to Wook's treatment of her because she's been afraid that she'll cause people's death. I find it highly ironic that the first casualty of her actions wasn't at So's hand as she believed (when she was panicking at the thought that her covering up So's scar will lead to the princes' death) but at her own own metaphorical hand. She handed So the poison, she's the one who ended up being the reason Lady Oh even had to sacrifice herself. Now her earlier visions likely seem very irrelevant right about now. Why didn't she see Lady Oh's death coming? Man, she'll probably be in a pretty bad place in the upcoming episodes... :bawling:


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i think the writer really wrap up everything nicely even if the way is cruel...

palace is a cruel place and HS love with WW come to end also HS acknowledge that WS always going to support her in every way.. WS let HS do everything that she want.. to talk to Lady Oh (he stopped the guard) to plead for Lady Oh even if there is no use.. WS knew HS enough to actually let her do that because in a way she tried everything that she could to save Lady Oh.. WS is the type of lover who stand beside you no matter what... 

but i scared too.... if the writer can do this heartbreaking scene this much i can't imagine the angst in the other half of drama....... because in Cvers the part when Ruoxi and 4th actually together is the most tragic part in the novel.. and my no 1 scene that i can't get over and the most tragic one the miscarriage scene... plsssssssssss.......................... just save my heart.................................................

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This is a heart wrenching episode. How can i survive until next moonday?! Writernim, why you give us a cliffhanger there?! The rain scene is in the last part of episode 11... Whyyy?????

1. For WW, enough said! ;)
2. For YH, I know you want to save your family pride badly. Seeing your mother begged and kneel down to the Queen, I completely understand your moves if you want to gain power so bad although it was mean and wrong to hurt others.
3. Wang Eun, where are you? I miss your nags and stuff. Why don't you show your support for HS? She's your friend. Are you busy with your wife?????!!!!
4. HS, now you start realize how deep is WW's love for you. Well, not too deep though. Thanks God you have WS beside you. Give him a lots of hugs and kisses okay!!!

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An unfortunate car accident caused Zhang Xiao to dream about her unforgettable love with “Fourth Prince”.  - wiki, scarlet heart 2

This gives perspective to what this whole time traveling is all about..

I hope that is the case. Meaning, post accident modern age IU is admitted in hospital..close to her death.. she dreams/remembers her past life romance with 4th king WS.. and then ofcourse when she wakes up (dies in past life - you know how when we are falling in our dream or die we wake up) she is back in hospital..


Aww.. i really hope they end the series with a hint that she is back in 2016 and well runs into LJK modern character

n wr was 10th prince today.. can' be that he didnt know wat was happening in palace..

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22 minutes ago, lilac_alex said:

This episode has left me overwhelmed full of emotions.  I haven't been able to fully compose a decent thought straightaway because there was so much happening.  I felt so sad for HaeSoo who was waiting and waiting for her beloved to come to her but alas on that very rainy day she saw WangWook literally turn his back on her. Gut wrenching! 

I have to give it to IU on this episode.  She did very extremely well.  I felt her pain, exhaustion and desperation.  When she pleaded with the Oh Sanggong to leave with her, I could also feel her regret and desperation to save her.

I could not help but draw parallels with the relationships between the King and Oh Sanggong and Haesoo and Wangwook.  Today we saw both men failing to save the women they truly loved.  Both were helpless who decides to place more importance to their own family.  

Instead of wavering, I hope Wangwook will firmly keep that path which he has now taken.  I wish he will not be wishy washy with Haesoo and confuse her with any excuses of this weakness.  If he cannot have both his family and Haesoo then let Haesoo go.

Unfortunately he thinks too much, which makes him indecisive and wishy-washy. He can't bear to let go of HS' love and that's why he insulted her instead by calling her a laundry maid. He wants to prevent himself from feeling guilty, which makes him cruel to HS.

The day that he finally let go of his feelings for her will be the day he confesses it to So, which I hope to see in SHR that shows he has finally made his mind up over something.

15 minutes ago, chickenchopflipflop said:

This weeks episodes were the strongest set in the entire series, and i think the definitive scene of the current arc is the poison tea scene (sorry lady Oh, no offence). 
I just want to say that watching this scene once is not enough, its so complexly layered you have to watch it a few times to fully understand each characters true intentions, and boy DID THE WRITER WRITE THE HELL OUT OF THIS SIMPLE POISON SCENE. 

yesterday i wrote about how Wang So tried to manoeuvre the hell out of drinking the poison, but resigned to fate finally due to Haesoo, it took me a while to uncover the different layers of meaning each action entailed, why it had to be 3 cups, why he had to leave the scene, why he was constantly looking at Hae Soo the whole time. 

today we get the second act of this scene where the writer finally unveils the true brilliance of Yeon Hwa as a character. some parts of the scene initially appeared odd to me, but after thinking about it, every single one of Yeonhwa's actions were calculated. 

1) she poured the tea from CP's teapot (i am not sure why there is still tea left because Hae soo left to get some more, and i am beginning to suspect the teapot that Yeonhwa poured from was not poisoned at all, although that would make JM's character super shady....). 

2)  she intentionally chose to drink from Wang so's cup (this is linked to point no. 4)

3) she pours the tea into her sleeves

4)  bites her lip to fake blood

5) when she collapsed, she mumbled that it was "Wang So's cup" for all to hear

In this case she:
1) removed herself from suspicion 

2) highlighted to the king the need for Wook to remarry

3) pissed off Queen Yo (it was a good show of bravado to demonstrate to the Queen she is not to be manipulated with)

4) got Hae Soo implicated 

5) saved Wang So, the last words she muttered help to send help to Wang So while he was dying. I got a feeling she felt bad for him and wanted to do something immediately to help. 

So in the end she killed a flock of birds without even throwing a stone. 

Unfortunately, and this may not be a popular opinion, I felt that this arch has fully illustrated to the viewers that the 2 smartest people in the palace are WS and YH plus YH is the perfect queen for WS. This is the SHIP that the official narrative wants us to support (it is what happens according to history anyway). 

Although they throw us with a lot of misleading curveballs like the hair pin, the scar make up scene etc, and while many of us (me included) might be impatient regarding why the OTP's ship still hasn't sailed (i guess there is some time lapse in the next episode, WS and HS are separated after sharing such intimate moments, Wang So is sent to battle etc, and their ship ultimately lost its fuel i guess).  

As i mentioned before, the title of Moon Lovers is wholly misleading, the drama is not about lovey dovey relationships, it was never really about WW & HS or WS & HS. HS is just an innocent, INDEPENDENT bystander from another time witnessing a battle of wits between historical characters in the Goryeo palace, and if it is similar to the C version, this is how the drama will develop and this is how it would end. 

Spot on! <3 <3 I have the same thoughts with you in regards to HS' role in this story. This is not her love story with Wang So but how she learns that she cannot change history that will flow the way it is supposed to go. She is simply a eyewitness to the flow of history that she cannot change. 

YH is indeed a very ambitious and clever lady, as ruthless as So's mother in her bid for power and authority.

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2 hours ago, lovedrama11 said:

Evil witch YH wants to make sure that everyone knows that it's HS who has given the tea . I hate her and would to see her being tortured :crazy:

Ha Ha YH the evil witch is trying to make sure HS is put to death.. I bet WW don't can't put it together at this point she drank poison because she's involved.. I see she will use her own life to make him continue to keep protecting his family and go after the throne..

@trizha1 @Yippeuni @andy78 @qwenli And all others I fail to miss thanks for the recaps..

Hello Scarlet Lovers,Off looking for the recapds to catch up with your guy's, My last post was at 3:am pg 7:15 and now it 7:30AM US.. Which means I have 35 pages to catch up on ..

1 hour ago, trizha1 said:

Oh wait WTF

YH was faking or did she have the antidote??? Damn, YH you can scheme and plot with the best of them. This girl is scary do not mess with her!

CP, BA and Ji Mong are with WS who is being tended to. He looks really bad. Ji Mong discussing the situation. Baek looks pissed, so does CP. 

YH is Queen Yo the second in the making..

1 hour ago, wackeemarie said:

YH is d**n smart! she not only eliminates herself as suspect by drinking from that teapot but also ensures that HS is blamed and WW wont be "tainted" by association with HS since he wasnt able to say that he wished to marry HS

At this point I'm wondering what powerful family daughter she has in mind for him to marry because she sure left it out there for the King to think about marrying WW off to someone else maybe at this point the King may try and marry WS off.. Being that he was being framed and now almost dead trying to protect the CP.. Marrying Ws to a powerful family is also protecting the CP..  

2 hours ago, qwenli said:

WS struggles out with 13th.

wook came and say HS has been framed. there is no way out. I should have kept her, see what happened?

Ws tells 13th step aside. I need to speak to wook in private.

it was the empress, my own mother. she told me herself. she send moo the poison.

wook - so you do it to save yr mum, like the assasins?

ws: i did it to save hs. 

wook: save soo?

ws: i hope no one will noticed but yh complicate the situation. i could admit i didnt know that my mum is so prepared.

so wook you must get to the bottom of this. 

wook: i will find the evidence. i will not let soo suffer.

cut to WS visiting hs in prison.

 Is these his favorite words (I should have kept her with me) WW was in no position to keep her being that his wife family has the say over her life.. talk with them about taking her in he never went and spoke with anyone about her granted it may have been to soon taking in a new wife after your former wife death but he could have told them it what his wife wanted and it's also to protect her.. Like always a day late and a dollar short.. WW had all this time to try and get her to his side even if it wasn't to marry her right away but he could have gotten her into his home and married her later.. How could HS be so confident in this type of person and thinks she will have happiness with him..


2 hours ago, qwenli said:

hs already in her white bloodied dress, lying on the floor, barely conscious.

she saw ws and struggles to sit up.

ws is very sad.

hs: i knew it.... you wouldnt die...

ws said in a cool way: why would i, that was nothing.

hs: did you drink the tea knowing it was poison so that no one will suspect me.

ws: i am not a fool to drink poison to save a girl.

hs: why did u do it. do you think this will make me change my mind?

she thinks to herself: why did you do this, it will be harder for me to ignore him

ws: dun run away. we will make it out both alive. we will see each other again.

hs: u are hopeless

ws: u are worse.

hs: listen to the doctor, get treated. you shouldnt be walking about. you dun hv to come and see me ok?

ws: u and yr nagging. (then he got tears in his eyes) :tears::tears::tears:

Unbelievable,She still don't get it and hanging on to WW every word that he try and save her, And in the end it will be WS and maybe the CP that saves her wonder will she even say thank you..      

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 You walked away and left me & my heart in the rain...

Related imageImage result for gif heart in the pouring rainImage result for moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo episode 11Image result for moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo episode 11

I keep telling myself to wait until I have my feelings and emotions under control but I'm afraid to let go of these feelings & thoughts I have right now.  I can only go with what my heart saw without subs but there was so much deepness and sadness in this episode.  To much for me to even give it justice...

Watching HS broken, bruised, battered, and bloody kneeling on her tortured knees.  Pleading and begging as the cold rain is falling upon her and all around her.  With no thought to herself focused on one purpose, one person, one life.  In the midst of all of that, yet she doesn't give into her body but holds her self up with arms full of passion and courage...

Your heart is touched when you see the 13th & 14th prince who are broken from watching her agony and can't take another moment fall to their knees and join her in body & soul and even the 1st prince shows his love & support for HS whom they each love in their own way...

She must have felt so lost and so helpless when she glances over and sees WW looking right back at her.  She must have felt as if here he comes believing and trusting in him a sense of relief must have been felt. Like hope had just walked through the door her heart lifted thinking his arms would soon be wrapped around her.  The tears of happiness in just seeing him there watching his every move with anticipation of him coming closer and closer.

Quickly upon a second glace she sees him moving backwards with every step, her heart piece by piece starts to crumble and fall just like the rain.  Her broken spirit and tears are now mixed with pain, blood & rain. For her bleeding heart now knew instead of courage he would pick coward instead of trust he would pick traitor.  He would walk away choosing a different path instead of her.  Where was this man she loved and believed in?  Where was the warmth and safety of his arms that was  leaving her and her heart laying there in the cold rain...

Then when she is weak, tired and worn WS walks forward it was breath taking and in a way beautiful from behind like a human umbrella he spreads his arm like a large black swan shielding her from the rain standing beside her showing her that she wasn't alone. He once again shows her and everyone just what kind of man he really is. He doesn't care about what others might think or might say all he cares about, all he sees is her and her alone. His arms may not have been wrapped around her body but they were wrapped around her broken heart and he gave her much more than protection from the rain in that moment he gave her LOVE.  REAL LOVE...


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Hii i'm newbie..

Join soompi just because of MLSHR...

I just wondering..

HS is there for 2 days asking the king's forgiveness for lady oh... where's So those 2 days before the rain??? Is he going somewhere??? 

Btw... i'm still crying ... heart wreching episode!!!!



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57 minutes ago, angelangie said:



oooo he is holding the PIN!!! :D


does hae soo give back the pin to him as a rejection? i heard the preview when hae soo said 'please forget me' ???

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4 minutes ago, 0ly40 said:

OST part 9:

[보보경심 OST] 임선혜 (Sun Hae Im) - 꼭 돌아오리 (Will Be Back)  this song is so beautiful!!! thanks for the posting!

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As much as I wanted to hate WW, it must hurt him so much to see his mother kneeling in front of the evil queen. 

For me the most touching scene :

1. WS silently following HS from behind after getting poisoned. With that bgm, I almost cry.. 

2. WS looking at HS while drinking the poisonous wine she poured for her. 

2. Lady Oh asking the king whether he wanted to stay silent this time again and let the queen take away her child? 

Can I ask.. while HS was kneeling, where did WS went? Touch up time?:sweatingbullets:

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4 minutes ago, clarissasan said:

does hae soo give back the pin to him as a rejection? i heard the preview when hae soo said 'please forget me' ???

thought she was telling that to Wang wook instead of wang so?

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