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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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I find that the greatest confusion for this drama comes from two different versions that cut important information needed to have a substantial understanding of the underlying currents. 

Today, the most confusing scene to understand was So's dialogue with his mother. One version cuts it to " how can I trust you comment" and something his mother said making it sound as if he is seeking the throne or being prompted to do so, proving the words his father said earlier about temptation.

Another one is the conversation Soo and So have by the seaside. In the middle when he explains he was always forced to leave without knowing why... and asks her do I have to leave too? Soo's overhead comment that "it was just an illusion and I only have to help this person not being reckless" explains her softening over his words, not throwing the hair pin, or the dialogue she had with Jung later on.

Plus Wang So explained to her that those are "only threats for her not to love another person". His remarks weren't left out of context.

Same goes for WW's conversation with his mother and sister. 

He doesn't want the throne in that conversation.



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@bebebisous33I agree in what you said, I really had not considered that part only the reaction of Wang So and I think he suspects that the man she loves is Wang Wook, the reaction of both is so obvious that I doubt he has not noticed. And on the proposal it seems more an attempt to keep her at his side, he has had a thousand opportunities to do so, even before the king decided to marry her, but now he has not acted so far for love, he has proposed to her because he feels cornered and somehow wants to retain what he considers his. He is not so different from Wang So (indeed he is very possessive), but in what WS is a step forward of him it is to act according to what he feels and be open of what he wants. 


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Ya know...if the King knows EVIL Queen Yoo is tryin' to stir up some stuff and cause trouble (and it appears he knows) - why doesn't he just exile her, hang her, or behead her? :P She is committing treason after all, by trying to depose the Crown Prince. Most likely because then we wouldn't have a story. ;)  Pftttttt, I'm so over her nasty antics. She needs to go. 



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So many pages are waiting for my visit....you are daebak eclipses...fighting!!!!!

Korea should be very proud of MLSH...they should go outside to see how this world is on fire for this drama....at least in my country this is the most discussed and loved drama among my friends n people arround me....their reaction is similar to the time DOTS was airing:wub::)

Moon Lovers is the best ambassador for Korea right now....I wish my own country has this kind of drama...


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7 hours ago, churasan said:

@solelylurking  @here4da0ppas   (Sorry I don't know why my quote thing isn't working...)

I liked reading your posts about the 14th Prince's character development. :)  In the original BBJX, he was one of my favorite princes because I really liked how his character and relationship developed with Ruoxi.  In this version, I also like his character as well because he genuinely worries about HS's well-being without being possessive.  Perhaps, it's because he is young and doesn't actually know what he wants yet like WW and WS.  But, even in the original, he did respect her and give her space. 

I am interested to see how Jung will mature in this version.  One thing I never quite figured out (in the original) if the 14th Prince ever had "romantic" feelings (like the 8th/4th princes). A lot of things were subtle in that drama that my dense self maybe could have missed it.  There were some points at the end that made me think so, but years later to this day, I am still  not sure. :huh:   I could understand Ruoxi's relationship with the princes (whether it was love or friendship), except with the 14th prince.  So I am interested to see how it is portrayed in this version. 

Love the development of 14th prince. Adorable prince.....hehe

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41 minutes ago, pujajain said:

I thought the same too initially. I have a feeling that if it were any other maid he would have thrown her under the bus as in stood there and proven she intended to poison CP. He would have saved CP in any situation. His set of priorities was CP>SOO>Himself.

But it all goes back to what motivation would royalty believe Soo had to poison CP and why did queen challenge So, How did she think this was going to play out? No matter the story, Soo and Damiwon were going under. If luck favored the queen, she would have got rid of CP from poison or So from the political maneuver or maybe both.



I guess that's a possibility I hadn't considered - that WS would cast blame on the maid if it wasn't HS. But I still think that would have been tricky because if WS merely exposed the plot than he would have to explain how he knew about it. The King and CP would easily still mistrust him because either way he had something to gain. If the CP was poisoned, WS appeared to be next in line to replace him. If he stopped the plot, they might see it as an set-up or ploy to regain their trust. The only way to prove for sure he wasn't involved would be to out his mother. Which I still doubt he would do at this point. No matter what I still think he probably would have drank the poison to demonstrate his loyalty. With or without HS. That's not to say she wasn't a PART of his reasoning. I just don't believe she was his MAIN reason.

As to the motivation royalty had to believe Soo would poison the CP - i think the queen believed her relationship with Wang So both personally and professionally would be cause enough for people to declare WS responsible for the death even if HS took the fall. Either that or queen bee didn't think any one would care. Maids often got blamed for things because they had so little rights and standing that nobody ever cared about the reasons why they did things. In historical dramas court ladies are always framed and carted off without much second thought.


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there is many way to prove your love to you significant other.. what WS did is saving both of CP and HS.. yes i think if HS not the one who bringing the poison WS will find a different way to prove the tea is actually a poison.. remember WS did want to say something my guess is about the attempt to poison CP but stopped because HS is the one who bringing the tea... 

if he want to save CP he have to sacrifice the tea lady... that's why he stop and also why he drink that poison.. yes WS want to save CP but not to extend to drink that poison.. what he did is to save HS with his life and yes WS already prove so many time how worthy is he as a lover..

BUT HS do not have obligation to return back his love at any point... this is like SLS where the hero willing to do anything to make female lead happy.. you can't and cannot justified that because of WS sacrifice so she have to be with WS.. that's just wrong at so many level.. LOVE do not design that way.. also please i think what we all want is to live and survive just because HS is calculative does't mean she a bad person.. any option to live will be our first thing even in real life.. what HS did and think in this eps showing that she just a human being want to survive.. also remember what she said in 1 eps... she want to live!! 

to actually judging both WS and HS is a little bit harsh.. they both doing what they think is right for their heart and tbh we all do.. don't think too shallow about what heart capable to do... 

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While my love for MLSHR grows more and more as I watch on, I'm also getting pissed at the director more and more as well.


The reason why IU said that ep 12 will be even greater than ep 11 is because due to post production, some of the scenes that were supposed to be part of ep 11 have been moved to ep 12. The reason why I was optimistic about the rest of the show was because she was able to pinpoint exact episodes, but now I'm not sure anymore. Looking at the difference between the domestic version and the international version just adds more fuel to my anger. 


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INTERVIEW: The 8th Prince Kang Ha Neul shares thoughts on Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

by Mysujung on Mon, Sep 26, 2016


Hit drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo has garnered an ever growing fan base and with the drama's half way point quickly approaching, SBS has delighted fans with the release of an interview with actor Kang Ha Neul, who plays the handsome eighth prince Wang Wook! What does he think about his fellow cast members and just what goes on in the head of the charming prince? Keep reading to find out!



Q: People have begun calling you the “Romeo of Goryeo” and have claimed that your gaze is like honey. Do you like the nickname and the things people have said about you? What about your close acquaintances? 

"I’m not quite sure because I‘ve seen my eyes my whole life, but I am very grateful for the compliments. My friends take screenshots of articles that use the nickname and send it to me. I actually get teased a lot, but it makes me feel good because I know my friends send me these things for fun. I’m truly grateful to the viewers and fans that say those things about myself though. All I did was stick to the script and tried my best to give a good performance, but because I‘m being so positively received, I’m very grateful."


Q: The scene where you walk in the snow with Lee Ji Eun (IU) in the fifth episode has become really famous. What are your thoughts on that?

"There’s a lot of background to that scene. We almost couldn‘t film it actually. We needed to film a snow scene, but it wasn’t snowing so it was very difficult. So we filmed the other scenes while we waited for it to snow, but luck would have it that the last snowfall was coming up. So we rounded up the whole production team and filmed that scene at last. It was very memorable."


Q: You spent a lot of time acting with Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU). How was it?

"I‘ve been a fan of Lee Joon Ki since I was young and he’s an actor I really look up to. It was just a great joy to work beside him. Even before meeting him I wanted to contact him, so I got his number through his agency and contacted him very carefully and respectfully. I was surprised he was happy that I got his number and contacted him like a stalker. I think that definitely built a bond and made filming a lot more fun.

With Lee Ji Eun, I only knew her music so I thought it would be a bit hard to break the ice, but she has such a great personality and so we just naturally kicked it off. Were also in a similar age group so it was easy relating to each other. Her focus and acting was also really amazing which motivated me to work harder as well."


Q: What was the inspiration behind your character‘s thoughts on arranged marriages, family expectations and Hae Soo (Lee Ji Eun) in the drama? 

"While playing the role of Wang Wook, I put a lot of emphasis on reason. I think reason is a definitive factor in fully immersing yourself into character. You have to think, what is my character’s reason behind this and that? So I put myself in his shoes and imagined myself under his pressures to justify the reasons behind his actions and behavior. The reason for an arranged marriage, the reason behind falling in love with Hae Soo, and later the reason behind his change in character. He‘s actually quite an unfortunate person."

Q: We are now on episode 10, what can we expect as the story unfolds even further?

"Now there’s only 10 episodes left. I just want to say thank you to everyone for watching and staying tuned. It really means a lot to see the hard work we put in come to fruition. You can expect an even more heart wrenching story to unfold so make sure to keep watching."



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9 hours ago, kriswu said:


OMG I KNOW RIGHT??? I FELT HIS PAIN. I FEEL LIKE I WAS BEING POISONED TOO. What an amazing actor. Give him all the awards, ppali!!!!!

He just gets me with his acting every single time. :tears:


@kriswu  LJK is and amazing singer and the vein that poping out in his neck shows how great his vocals are I knew he would rock this scene your right he will deserve and award for playing WS the future Gwangjong..


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INTERVIEW: The 4th Prince Lee Joon Ki reveals thoughts on Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

by Mysujung on Mon, Sep 26, 2016


Fans of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo rejoice! With the SBS's hit drama approaching its half way point, the studio has released an interview with actor Lee Joon Ki who plays the enigmatic 4th prince! Do you want to get a peek into the backstage world of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo? What are Lee Joon Ki's feelings about the drama, but more importantly what are Wang So's true feelings for Hae Soo?! Read on to find out!



Q: The ritual scene in the rain has stirred a buzz among viewers. What were your thoughts when you were acting it?

"I thought that it would be a pivotal scene in Wang So’s character change. I wanted to show how Hae Soo allowed him to break out of the cold exterior that he suppressed himself in and overcome the scar that had tormented him. I tried to act in a way that showed his emotional development as he addressed his people."


Q: The ritual scene truly is a groundbreaking scene. What do you think?

"I’m relieved and glad that its being received so positively. I knew it would be a big twist in the story, but I had no idea it would be such a hit. The scene really worried me because I had to portray an ancient character in a way that wouldn’t disrespect the historic significance."


Q: Your character’s relationship with Hae Soo is really unique. What are Wang So’s feelings for Hae Soo?

"She is the only person that saw him for what he truly was. He’s also most honest when he’s around her. She’s somebody that he wants to protect, and he feels he is being protected by her as well. She’s the first person that has treated him kindly and warmly so his feelings for her are becoming more and more pronounced."


Q: Your chemistry with Wang Wook’s actor Kang Ha-neul is also getting a lot of attention. Your characters are the same age, so how does that affect the relationship between So and Wook Wang? 

"So thinks that Wook understands him. Among all his other brothers, he feels that he’s closest with Wook and so when he said “there’s nothing that’s yours here. She is all mine,” my character had to try really hard to hide his shock. They might see the same things, but they look at it differently, so it adds an interesting dynamic to the characters."


Q: Which viewer reaction was the most memorable?

"When I had to take off the mask and show the scar, I was worried that viewers would be turned off by it, but instead they didn’t even think it was important at all and sympathized with my character. I was really grateful, because what used to be significant is not anymore so it shows how the viewers have become more accepting. Whats important is the character, not what he looks like. That’s the kind of actor I want to be as well."

Q: “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” is not only popular in the Middle-East but also in North America. What are your thoughts on that?

"I’m extremely grateful. Every culture is different and they have different tastes. I’m glad we satisfy their tastes, and it also really interests me. When I read feedback and encouraging comments on my social media, I feel like I want to be a better actor."

Q: What should we look out for from Wang So?
From being the most neglected prince, Wang So suddenly becomes the center of attention. He was a self-conscious and introverted boy before but now he’s gonna show a more strong and assertive character. He will tackle betrayal, jealousy, romance and more so keep watching!



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5 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

I too believe that's Wang So knows Hae Soo's Heart better than she does Chingu @hiluna.  I believe Hae Soo loves all the prince's but in different stages. She has worked so hard in befriending the prince's except for 3rd and 9th. They are the only one who have not been nice to her. 


so far i think WangSo can see through her :D 

he can read her better than anyone :D even the one who claims to love and protect her but so far i can only see that person stood back....

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