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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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15 minutes ago, Bambiina said:

I done some collective reading in this thread (can’t read all the page keep on jumping),


I saw a lot of comment expressing their disappointment of ‘real’ OTP progress and some express their concern of HS behavior (not accepting WS – in ep 9) … not just here .. everywhere .. same goes to K audience ..


I think some miss the point – this is no some rom com, where the love story is simple – a girl meet a boy – fall in love and live happily ever after … NOOOOOOOOOOOO … if you have something like this in mind I advise you to reconsider watching ..


It’s clear in the synopsis that HS will fall in love with WW (quite deeply I say – even though after she fall in love with WS she will fall out of love with WW, however she will still cherish WW though not romantically) and PROBABLY later in the end HS might marry another prince (base on Cversion) and PROBABLY HS will never end up with WS in goryeo period …


BBJX is a tragic drama, catastrophic, heart wrenching (you get the gist) so do take note.


If we keep on expecting the real OTP relationship to start kick off soon .. may be we shall be disappointed … real love need time to develop .. she cannot just fall in love and accept So while she is still in love with WW ..


I think Kdrama audience lately has been pampered with ‘fast romance – formula 1 concept’ where the OTP start to have skinship as early as 2nd episode (heck some as early as the first 10 minutes), so they are expecting the same for SHR …. (I know that in real world we don’t have patience and we keep upgrading our phone to be faster and we upgrade our internet package to be more faster, we don’t have patience to wait anymore – yes blame technology)


So this is where the frustration kicks in and people will start finding fault – HS (IU in this case get the blame) … (same goes to UF, OTP finally kick off for real at the last 2 eps and Suzy gets all the blame).


Lets no be frustrated with HS, let wait for her patiently .. give her time .. let WS does all the chasing and she does all the running .. when finally they come together it will be the sweetest love story ever


And be fair to WW .. of course he would be devastated, of course he will cry – HE LOVES HER for heaven sake and she is falling in love with another guy … though he is always one step slower than WS .. he loves her first …


Be open for all possibility – it’s a pre-produced drama – the ending has been decided …


Don’t expect the story will be simple, don’t expect it will be clean, Lower your expectation – this way we shall not be disappointed .. go with the flowwwww




So agree with you! Even in real love it's quite often when the true love grows slow. Yes I think when HS will realize her feelings for WS they are going to be the sweetest couple in kdramas I've ever seen:)) and yes, I'm anticipating to see how happy and tender WS is going to be:)))

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

Posted Images

Whaou guys, you're fast and i supposed the opinions i will voice may be already in here. 

I get the frustration of some of you but i have to admit i love angst and this kind of difficult relationships. 

But some issues for this drama : the writers shouldn't make history as a plot twist because lot of us made research about Goreyo history. We already know who are going to die, to marry whom, etc. Since we already know, i have a hard time to connect with Hae Soo. WS's cruelty come from somewhere and HS with her warnings will set the history in motions.  

It's true that usually by episode 10, the couple is together or both realize theirs feelings. With ML, they change the patterns. I just wish we had more episodes (5 more would be good but too late). So many things will happen : SPOILERS the death of Taejo, CP as king and his death, 3th prince as king and death and WS wedding to his sister and being king, etc...SPOILERS

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53 minutes ago, joyspartace_stv said:

I think the one thing that irritated me about ep 9 was the fact how distant, scared, and hypocritical Hae Soo was being toward Wang So. 

If we think back, when she was STILL confused on who would be GwangJong - her eyes went from one prince to the next. Even longer on WW. So, SHE KNEW that ONE of the princes would be the next king who killed his brothers. BUT she still talked, joked, and was VERY comfortable around them. Even in a relationship w/ WW. So just bc she has confirmed that GwangJong would be WS, she acted that way. I was just pissed about that. She told him that he could trust her, she wouldn't change. But all of that broke down. 

I dont blame her for acting tht way. Act of killing own siblings is somethg not any normal human is capable of doing..the shock of knowing that person must have sent chills all over her body.

I am sure she will recover fast realising she must do somethg about it somehow? (she helped wth covering his scars despite earlier being rudely snubbed by WS?)

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2 hours ago, EstherW said:

I think my only complain about this show is that I have to spend twice the time to watch it!!

once for sbs, 2nd time for international!!



LOL.... my habit since this drama starting/since I know they make 2 versions : mon & tue waiting in front of tv, to watch international version, then after few hours, watching the raw of SBS versions, then the next day during lunch time watching SBS versions with subtitles, so each episode I watch 3 times :)  Then go to soompi and DB whenever I have time (like all the time), and play repeat over and over on LJG best scenes every day until next mon & tue.... LOL

so my only complain is WHY MLSHR is so addicting??? And why LJG is so HOT!! 

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No plan to extend ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’: SBS




Network channel SBS said it would not be extending “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.”

“It is impossible to extend a series that was pre-shot,” a source from SBS was quoted as saying in an OSEN report.

The 20-episode-long period series, which airs on Mondays and Tuesdays, is scheduled to air its final episode on Oct. 31. There has been speculation that SBS might run an extra 21st episode on Nov. 1. 

SBS has yet to determine whether the finale will be broadcast on Oct. 31 as initially planned or a week earlier on Oct. 25, with both the 19th and 20th episodes broadcast in a row.

The drama “Romantic Doctor: Teacher Kim,” which is set to take over the “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” time slot, will premiere on Nov. 7. 




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2 hours ago, cmoirae2 said:


haru chingu @solelylurking ... khn started in musicals so he is a seasoned actor ... hopefully they include him in the OST ... wouldn't it be nice if we get a cut from ljk and iu too?  that would be daebak!  

as to why hae soo was sent back to goryeo, that is a question i ask myself ... was she randomly transported to goryeo because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or was it because in her previous life, she was actually a participant in shaping history as it is known in modern times ... that she was the reason for the conflict between wang so and his brothers which unfortunately led to bloodshed ...  i think that no matter how she tries to change history it would still end up as how it was written ... her actions even with noble intentions would still lead her to the same outcome ... unless she is marty mcfly :)


Hi you.. Yeah I'm waiting for their OST too. Hopefully it will come true. Hehe

Well I just notice half way myself. The problem is what HS is talking about Gwajong and what history really written is kind of different. Sure she got the Gwajong is dictator ruler and there are fears all over when he was reign but the truth is he didn't kill most of his brothers. Only one, in fact. Even Wook survived, right? KDrama writers almost never make that kind of mistake unless it was intentional. They are really thorough and detail in their work. Like in Empress Qi for example. That's where I get the idea that they make a false history fact in the beginning to be corrected later. You are right about history can't be change but in details it was change slightly as HS got premonitions. They do it on purpose. Do you know what I mean? I'm sorry if I make you confused. I'm bad in explaining about history hahaha. What HS roles in this matter and why, I still need to think about it. Feel free to chip in. 

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1 hour ago, leekyuphii said:

Hi first time here!!! Being silent lurker for 1 week i think....after being hiatus on soompi since July, now i feel the urgency to login to my account because of this drama. actually i dont even want to come to soompi when start watching this drama, especially after i heard that there was 2 version of this draama...hul, if i joined this forum i might get confused with this 2 version things and maybe it would change the flow from this drama that i watched, so i just thought that i should accept what they given on SBS vers..and dont looking for what the difference between two version. BUT all just richard simmons right now...just an empty words from me...look now i already being silent lurker for one week (yeah its been so late...really really late...this thread already 500++ pages but better than never right????) love reading all the rants the complaints the praises the history the opinions the insights the comments on this thread..MLSHR is my first drama from goryeo dynasty, goryeo isnt really my style (because i dont like their style, still prefer joseon but i think i changed my opinion after this drama...goryeo isnt that bad).

  Reveal hidden contents


Confession: i really have a low expectation to this drama, even at first i have dilemma to download this drama or not (IU is the reason actually, though actually i dont have problem with her acting so far...since dream high until producer) but decided to download it and loved it (even watch the pilot week episode nth times already..hahahahaha) and now i become fool to this drama...you know the definition of fool for me is that i dont pay attention to other dramas, my most attention is to this drama, and i started dont have any complaint about this drama, i just accept it as the way is it with all its flaws and ofc started dont care about other opinions about this drama..i just love it..love the in-perfect of this drama..i just enjoy every minutes from this drama that flies so fast when i watch it...

This year SBS really makes me fallen hard to their saeguk characters..after being lee bang won bandwagon in SFD, now i jump to Wang So bandwagon...both of them is cool little ba***rd that almost similar to each other. No wonder i fall to both of them despite they become really bad and cruel later. Watching WS in this drama like i watch bangwon again from SFD. If they make joseon version of MLSHR i think bangwon can be the main lead, but SBS already makebangwon story in SFD. I cant stop comparing WS and bangwon. In the end WS will ended kill his brothers for the power right???bangwon did the same. In SFD bangwon kill his teachers, his brothers, exile his brothers too that help him get the power, yeah it will happen again in MLSHR with WS kill his brothers. But i dont know i alwyas ended up being on this cruel side like how i solely become on bangwon side since beginning to the end, and i would do the same with WS too. The most important from the cruel story later is the behind story it, the reason behind it why WS did it???why WS changed?what makes WS changed? So its important to see from WS point of view ..so far we already shown WS point of view..we know how WS feel, we smile,hurt,sad,happy with him...and if they always show this pov until that cruel things happen we will understand him more..i did the same when watch SFD, i know bangwon did wrong things but i always understand his every actions.

And about IU..so far i dont understand with the hate of her and blame her for its low ratings..come on good ratings dont equal to good quality drama recently, its more equal to popular drama. many good drama dont receive the ratings that deserved. I give up rating since a long long long time ago. IU acting might not be excellent like LJK or kang Sky (KHN) but its okay for me. I dont  see much critics when see her as HS. I just understand why she acting like O.O (like what netizen said),understand why she did it, and that just what acting that PD told her too...if not Pd wont say okay to her scene..when watch the long teaser i dont understand most of her expression but after ep9 i know why HS did that “mong” expression like what netizen said. I laughed at netizen when they give complain just by see the screen cap without watching the drama...heol..

Usually if i watch kdrama reach half part, its getting boring to me and the excitement that i feel when started that drama downgrade drastically but this drama didnt give that effect to me..its getting me excited more and more..i just want to know how they fold the story..especially WS story..and OTP story after that,i dont have high expectation over love story from saeguk drama,why???yeah its prince and common woman so the ending wont be happy ending ever after like disney story..this kind of love story usually ended just happy or bittersweet ending or maybecruel sad ending.  I can accept any ending at this point. I watched in SFD my OTP didnt even get married, they live separately until old,but i can feel their genuine love from both of them since beginning until the end of their love story though i hope the heroine become his concubine but that didnt happen at all. Can i hope the same wish this will happen to WS and HS???HS become WS concubine???maybe SBS will grant my wish this time..



About the next OTP scene just give me confirmation of mutual love from both of them (and scene that show both really into each other especially from HS part) before political marriage happen (between WS and YH happen) urrrggghhh i hate see satisfied face from YH face. YH change the goal from preview really worried me...haeso really need lighting speed like this thread speed on their love story progress.

ps: i give up with editing problems from this drama...(looks i really become a fool from this drama)..it confused the viewers but for me i just stuck on one version and okay, i just accept what that version give to me..just nodding when read about the difference from two version but never watch the actual difference scene from two version,except the kiss scene from last episode (and its really give a whole different feels...i know why SBS re-edit this scene or change the whole BGM from certain scene...but so far i love what SBS version give to me)

sorry for long posts...nice to meet you all...hope i can write more in future (for sure) :wub:

Oh honey dear sweety..you just speak my mind...*hi-five* so glad there's someone has the same wave length with me..guess we're twins?? just kidding..

I gave up on everything negatives of this drama..don't want to know about the ratings,don't want to read the bad comments..I've become totally fool for this drama (and my husband was like.."are you gonna read those comments all day long now?" with jealousy tone when I read this thread...lol) I enjoyed reading all the comments here..even the negatives that were pointed out actually not really a negative sides,if you know what I mean (I'm avoiding it if I could :phew:). So yeah..I just keep reading and when it reached to the critics I just said..oh,okay..that's true,but that won't make me loose my love for this drama. And I also said this in other forum..who most of the commenters are confused about the different versions..I said just stick to one version (for me it's SBS) and then later when the show has ended,you could watch the int.vers. (well,for me I only watched the int.vers. ep 9 -- see @leekyuphii we have the same wave length..hahaha)

Anyone knows the song at the end of ep5-early ep6 ? (when Lady Hae died) at the SBS vers..the song is very heart wrenching,but I love it. Hope it'd release soon..and I'll say this prayer one more time (until all of you get bored with me..lol) please GOD..let LJG-IU and KHN-IU sing duet for the ost..:P

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36 minutes ago, cherryblossomkawai said:

WS wedding to his sister and being king


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12 minutes ago, solelylurking said:


Hi you.. Yeah I'm waiting for their OST too. Hopefully it will come true. Hehe

Well I just notice half way myself. The problem is what HS is talking about Gwajong and what history really written is kind of different. Sure she got the Gwajong is dictator ruler and there are fears all over when he was reign but the truth is he didn't kill most of his brothers. Only one, in fact. Even Wook survived, right? KDrama writers almost never make that kind of mistake unless it was intentional. They are really thorough and detail in their work. Like in Empress Qi for example. That's where I get the idea that they make a false history fact in the beginning to be corrected later. You are right about history can't be change but in details it was change slightly as HS got premonitions. They do it on purpose. Do you know what I mean? I'm sorry if I make you confused. I'm bad in explaining about history hahaha. What HS roles in this matter and why, I still need to think about it. Feel free to chip in. 


One of the theory of why is Ha Jin got reincarnated to goryeo as Hae Soo is to redo the history. The theory is during HJ time, the history book will depict king GJong as a murderer of all of his brothers ie a 10/10 bad ruler. So when she got involve with WS (young King GJ), she tamed him with her love so a new history was rewritten. he was 'bad' but at a lesser scale - 5/10 maybe as in the real history now he did kill ..but only one brother and 2 nephews and some officials...

I forgot who put this theory up but thanks to him/her it is quite logical at the moment.

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@amisyka77 thanks for making me feel better that he killed less brothers becos Haesoo was there:P

@Caelia Celia I think from what I have been seeing now, they do hv enuf footages to drag another ep but China will cry foul and it will be ugly. So although I wish, i think it's not likely they will hv 21 EPs.

@Mona Ys hahhahaaha, I hv a similar life as u. I think SH will be my last simulcast drama. I need my life back! :sweatingbullets:


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I've been watching the scene cuts from ep 8 & 9 with our OTP gracing the screen over and over again but can't seem to get my mind off them.  I keep listening to the OST and wonder how the plot will be laid out next week.  If indeed WS will be poisoned instead of the CP, hopefully by then HS will realise that WS's love for him is greater than anything or all those herbs that WW promised to buy for her (someone pointed this out and I thought it's hilarious when all WW could offer to HS was herbs instead of his life.  Heck, even the 14th prince said that he owed HS his life after she "saved" him from the thugs).  I do agree with most of the comments about the scene by the beach where HS looks conflicted and gloomy whereas WS looks so much in love.  The way he leans toward her when he's talking conveys so much ( at least in my eyes).

Another thing that I'm curious yet looking forward to watch is the kiss scene where HS has a cut on her upper lip.  I saw it in some previews at YT. HS wasn't wearing the court lady uniform.  She looked plain and make-up free.  I wonder when that scene will take place.  Will that be our OTP's second kiss scene?  Why did she look tired?  Was it taken after she's punished from "poisoning" the CP?  Does anyone have any ideas?  

I honestly hope we'll get to see a happy ending and by that I mean we don't have to witness WS marrying YH.  Is that too much to ask? :tears:

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6 minutes ago, kyar7jizhenll said:


Also for some previous questions: 

According to history, 10th prince Eun probably got killed along with his grandfather's army at the end of Crown Prince Muu's reign (or beginning of 3rd prince Yo's reign) as he revolted and was trying to put his own grandson Eun as king.  CP Muu was also uncle-in-law to Eun and another son-in-law of his grandfather. If WS killed Eun like in HS's premonition, he is acting on behalf of the king (or like some people mentioned Eun was shot by Yo's arrows and WS was just trying to relieve his pain by slashing him). Basically, I don't think WS is acting on his own will regards to Eun. So, grand general Park might not develop grudge to WS for killing his daughter Soondoak as she and her husband are part of rebels.

9th prince, Won actually planned a revolt with people when WS became 4th king. He got caught and was basically killed by WS (This is mentioned in Chinese Wiki but not in English version). As drama depicts 3rd prince Yo has  powerful-in-laws in addition to his maternal clan being powerful, Yo is uncle-in-law to Won (9th) as he married to two of his mother's sisters. His grandfather is one of the three generals who contributed to founding of Goryeo and rich. May be that's why he is close to Yo in the drama and achieved the title of crown prince (higher title for a prince) .

According to wiki, 8th died during 20th year of WS's reign but did not mention the cause. [other drama about WS's son and daughter-in-law shows that both WW and YH (later WS's queen) were executed by WS later in his reign as WS thought that they were involved in their clan's activities against him.]

In novel, 14th prince also had issues with 4th as he is part of 8th gang but so far, he seems to be on 4th side in SK version. In history, he became dawang with his own fifes which is highest possible position for King's son or brother. 

Even though history said that WS ruled the country in fear, it is NOT that he was killing people for no reason. He killed some powerful clans during later period of his reign as he was trying to establish absolute monarchy and those clans were hindering his authorities. Both his brother Muu and Yo tried to curb those clan's power and were NOT successful, leading to WS iron-fist rule.

Congrats to the show for reaching over 1 billion viewer for just 9 episodes on youku!!! Hopefully, it will reach as high as or higher than Uncontrollably Fond which currently is the highest viewed SK drama on youku. 





WS executed his own wife queen Daemok?

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It seems that the kiss scene from SBS version is the second kiss from international version. The only thing that would void this statement is if HS continues struggling in the next episode of SBS version I guess. But I have to say I am very curious about what will happen afterwards. Will he somehow manage to calm her down or is she going to continue being scared out of her mind? (she even had trouble breathing after the last premonition she had)

I find it rather believable that HS is scared and disturbed by these premonitions: even though she is currently in Goryeo, she is originally from our time and we are not used to witnessing any kind of murder but she suddenly sees pictures of So killing his brother which scares her. In our time we are scared of killers and even though her knowledge of the past can be wrong she thinks WS will kill his brothers which causes her brain to start percieving him as a killer and she start to panic. She tried to pull herself together but in her current state of panic her brain is telling that he is a killer even though he still isn't the man she thinks he will become. And just as she makes a decision that she will change things  an image of Eun's murder is revealed to her so she runs scare of what sh think will happen.

I think that So came at the wrong time in the scene at the end of episode 9 and that is why she said those things to him. She didn't have enough time to accept what she saw, there wasn't enough time for her to calm down and to remember that she actually knows him enough to know that he isn't someone capable of doing that. The timing for them in that scene is off( I'm not saying the scene is off but the timing for them as people is off) he came to her hurt by his mother's actions longing for a reassurance but at the time she is just as emotionally unstable as he is and she ends up talking in panic things she probably never would've said to him otherwise.

I don't know why she would stop resisting him during the kiss though but i did notice that as soon as she stopped resisting he let her go(international version not sure what will happen in SBS version though) so I'm guessing he wanted to erase all the things she told him,, he wanted her acceptance and I'm not sure if she will say something else to hurt him afterwards.

Sorry about the long rant, just wanted to share my view of the situation :D

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