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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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6 hours ago, violet90 said:

i need to stop watching the kiss scene tbh.. it make me thinking that what if there is a bed scene (i know is not going to go full mode) but at least i know that our OTP going to make it hot!!! LOL


Actually the Chinese word for bed sounds the same as boat.heehee. so that bed/boat scene has occurred because they were both lying down and the way they look at each other was like....this sure is some compromising position....

Thks to @junee22 pointing out that SBS k version has an extra make up scene. Need to go check that out. Hs does his makeup everyday? Haha

Am so afraid this show will go down the line of Empress Kind. That show affected my life for a whole year in 2014!

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25 minutes ago, violet90 said:

i think HS already know there is no chance with WW.. when she said 'our path maybe won't cross again'.. maybe because she already see how palace work that's why she can said that there is no chance she will be together with WW.. its just something that she know deep down in her heart and its breaking her.. the only chance for her to get out maybe not going to work and now she stuck.. HS is someone who will do anything even extreme one to survive so i don't feel weird that she will break off with WW in order to get out from palace with WS..

i think when WS drink the poison HS will have 2 thing in her mind.. 

1.. WS willing to die on behalf of her.. this one going to change how HS think about him when she see the glimpse of future.. someone that cruel won't sacrifice himself just because of lady maid in palace.. whoever KG are in future is not WS that she knew.. 

2. HS will help WS.. staying with him might have better chance to change the future rather than left him.. maybe HS will stay out of gratitude and with hope that he will not became someone that she saw in that glimpse...

its just she staying with WS mean she will fall in love with WS.. i think she will be heartbroken about WW and there WS who love her so much that will slowly open her heart more for him.. HS already have something for WS this one i can be sure she just need a time alone with that guy to recognize it..

i kinda curious about ep 11 when IU said its going to be fun.. what so fun about it cause we get the dark twisted eps 10..

i think maybe WS and HS will get out from palace and have a little time together.. oh maybe the masked kiss next week??? but i think its an eps focused on our OTP....


i didnt see and wont see episode 11 is gonna be fun because we already accepted this drama is remaining dark and darker here there and everywhere. Even the cruel person would start wavering if he starts to fall in love. Just like i have said, Wang So has did a great evolution in controlling his anger for not killing each other. He starts to forgive people but i dont understand why this writer makes Wang So looks like he doesn't deserve a happiness. once he got one bunch of happiness, he got three dozen of shoot and sorrow. what kind of sorcery is this writernim ?


This cinnamon roll needs love :(

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1 minute ago, valsava said:

@solelylurking  My humble friend This is what makes the forum all the more fun is repecting other opinion I do understand your point of views.. Even though both have different outlooks on WW.. But I do agree with you if the Romeo and Juilette ending happens I perfer it to be her and WW since it's a forbidden love..

Not bad guy's only 6 pages to read  


actually in BBJX Ruoxi ask 13th to give 8th a poison to suicide cause its much better rather than die in prison cause he not getting out... its Ruoxi last wish tbh and i can see the parallel with Romeo and Juilette cause both of them die but not because they love each other.. Ruoxi die because of her heartbroken and her body can't take it anymore and 8th dies because against 4th...


i know that's why i curious.. IU specifically said in her fanmeeting that eps 11 is a fun eps... when she said like that mean something going to happen in eps 11 my bet is the turning point of our OTP....


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Soo warns Wook to be careful of So – crossing him will cause heads to roll. But now, everyone is wary of So since he has gained the favour of the king and the citizens. But So, while quietly revelling in this newfound favour, has hardened against Yo and his mother. To Soo, he wears his heart on his sleeve and believes that haviing her by his side will enable him to achieve greater things.

To make life easier, I’ll review based on the Korean version since it seems to be the better cut of the two. Missing scenes from the international version: Soo putting on makeup for So and Eun’s unconsummated wedding night. What did the international version did get that the Korean one didn’t was from a longer cut of the kissing scene at the end which showed Soo’s ebbing resistance against So’s hungry kiss…after which she came to her senses and pulled back.

So it pours and So becomes an overnight hero, both in his father’s eyes and the citizens. Baek Ah is delighted that the heavens have shown favour on So and cheerily warns his siblings they shouldn’t treat So bad from now on. So is revelled by the citizens and Soo wonders whether she bizarrely changed So’s fate and set his course to become king. So’s sense of naïve wonder at the outpouring of respect from the citizens tugs at her my heart…or maybe it’s just Lee Jun Ki tugging my heartstrings. HEH.

Yo gets ripped through my his mom for letting So lead the rain ceremony, snapping that Yo has to be king in order for her to be Empress Dowager. Man…this woman is toxic. Even Yo is disgusted that his mom truly has her own interests at heart.

Meanwhile, So and the king reconcile, with So calling the older man, “Father”. Aishshhhh… the look of yearning on So’s face when he mutters that and his unconcealed joy when his father compliments him, urging him to stand brave in public from now on and support the Crown Prince. So apologises for taking the Crown Prince’s place in the ceremony but the latter brushes off the apology, saying there was no way he could have reached home in time because he was waylaid by bandits.



Wook shares that since it did rain, the king would allow select palace maids to return home. But Soo isn’t really listening as she is too busy fretting whether she had something wrong – or unwittingly changed the course of history by dabbing BB cream to cover So’s scar. She rushes off to find Ji Mong who is unable to give her a straight answer.

Yeonhwa is musing that now So has the king’s favour, they should be wary of him. Wook thinks So deserves as much, considering how he has led his life thus far. But a detached look flits across his features as he opines that he is sure he has a place in this world…and he’s curious to know what he is. There’s something in his expression that gives me the chills. It’s as if he is a sleeping dragon awakening.


Soo is still going nuts thinking of what she did when So pops up and gives her a quick hug. She shrinks from him and stutters that she didn’t mean anything rude just that he startled her. So is relaxed and smiling, which is really the first time we see him like this. He relates what happened with the king and how he called him “Father” for the first time and how the older man had looked him in the eye for the first time in years. He humbly relishes how everyone is wishing him well instead of cursing him – thanks to Soo and her handiwork. He figures he will live his life supporting the Crown Prince the best he can.



So is being so sweet that Soo wonders how someone like him could be so vicious and ruthless later. Soo skittishly reminds So to control his anger no matter furious he is and assures him that everyone will like him from now on…So teases her for being a nag and extends his hand out to play with the rain, while sighing in contentment, ” This feels good.” Awwwww…his childish naivety here is stirring. Soo is enthralled by him, and is determined that she’ll do what she can to make sure no one gets hurt.



Eun gets betrothed to Soon Deok. The king acknowledges So’s contribution and offers to reward him anything he wants. To Soo and Wook’s horror, So requests that Soo serves him. Arghhhhh. I’m reminded that So has no idea that Soo and Wook are in love and if my memory serves me well, neither did his Chinese counterpart in the original version. In the Chinese version, 4th Prince finds out only much later and was furious that Ruo Xi loved 8th Prince so much then that she warned him against 4th Prince. Anyway, back to the Korean version. The king agrees to let Soo serve So and even promotes her.

Because of Eun’s wedding, the king isn’t letting palace maids return home this time. Wook assures Soo that there will always be a next time but Soo isn’t so sure, sensing her time with Wook is coming to an end. Lady Oh warns Soo to stay away from So if she is not prepared to accept his feelings for her. He has always been unloved and learned about love through her…so he isn’t going to be easy to shake off unless she stands her ground. Soo suggests that she may be able to change So but Lady Oh begs to differ: it is hard to change people because people, in essence, do not change.

Soo applies makeup for So and suggests he learns to apply it himself as it is more convenient that way. She even gives him skin care tips. She is rather subdued throughout, which confuses So a little. Fortunately, Lady Oh interrupts them and cast a knowing look at So as he gazes indulgently at Soo.


The princes celebrate Eun’s wedding and Soo watches the brothers fondly until she gets another vision of Eun and his wife being murdered by So, who laughs manically while doing so. Yikes. I hope it is just her imagination influencing her hallucinations ala visions. The sight of So frightens her and she runs off. Wook notices and goes after her.



Soo is a shivering mess and when Wook comes to her, she warns him in a terrified manner, ” Be careful of Wang So. Avoid him and don’t try to stop him. If you do…everyone will die.” Wook is stunned at her words and Soo stammers that she wants to leave the palace…as far away as possible. Wook gathers her in his arms and promises he’ll do that for her. But he mulls over her words later, wondering why he has to be careful with So.

The king sends Yo to the border – a dangerous place – and puts So in Yo’s current position as head of army supplies. The next thing we know, So is invited to dine with his birth mother and blood brothers for a “family” meal. Yo and his mom are sickly sweet while Jung seems genuinely happy they are having a meal together.

So finds out soon enough why he was invited to dinner – Yo and mom want him to kill the Crown Prince since he would be working closely with latter. This way, Yo can become king. GAH. So warped, this mother and son. Even the usually clueless Jung senses something is just so wrong about the whole thing. So drawls that he can kill the Crown Prince, on one condition – if mom wants so much to be the Empress Dowager, So can become king instead and she’ll still be able to hold that rank. If he becomes king, he promises not to kill Yo and Jung. She ridicules him and snorts that he was being made used by the king as a sacrificial lamb to save the Crown Prince in the event it had not rained.


So corrects her – he offered himself. Plus, he would rather not be invited to any more family meals. He stalks off. Yo comments that So is indeed hard to win over – like they even tried – and they should just kill him. Jung is upset that the family meal was ruined and they had the cheek to ask So to kill for them while at it. He leaves in a huff.


So wanders around moodily and heads to Soo’s quarters but doesn’t seek her out. Soo is still hyperventilating and decides to go out for a breath of fresh air. Lee Hi’s solo is playing here… perfect!!! Instead, she bumps into So and makes a dash for it but he pulls her into a back hug, pleading for her to stay with him as he just wants to rest a bit.


But she pushes him away and rails that she finds him scary. Yo is rattled and reminds her that she had stated earlier that she was not scared of him. Soo prattles that she thought she could change him but she figures now that he is going to ruin everything. She screams at him to leave the palace and stay away as far as possible. OUCH. So’s hurt and disbelief.


So: You can’t say this to me! Don’t push me away, don’t ask me to leave. Don’t call me a beast. You can’t do this to me. Because you belong to me.

Soo: I don’t belong to you.

So: You are mine, you belong to me! Without my permission, you can’t leave me or die. You are one hundred per cent mine.

He leans in and this time he kisses her with all the yearning inside him. In the international version, Soo fights him at first but he keeps his lips locked on hers determinedly. She slowly starts to succumb but comes to her senses and pulls herself away.



So is driven by his yearning for acceptance and love from those around him, things that he has been starved of since he was struck with the scar. If that means being king, so be it. He doesn’t actually want to be king at the moment though he toys detachedly with the idea but I do think that once his brothers start plotting against him, he has to become king to save his own life.

Thought Kang Ha Neul did very well in that scene where he was musing aloud about his place in the world…if he isn’t meant to be king, that is. He looked jaded and his eyes looked cold and detached. Maybe he was affected by Soo helping So…and maybe even wished he had been the one to lead the rain ceremony. As I said, So’s sudden shift in power has evoked something in Wook…if So could…why not him? A sleeping dragon…who is now stirring.

The last scene…I don’t think So was being possessive since I think he doesn’t even know how to be possessive in the first place being stripped of everything at such a young age. To him, Soo is akin to his lifeline. She enabled him to be accepted with his family, with society. Lady Oh was wise when she warned Soo not to play with So’s feelings – he has been so starved of love that he would cling on to her because she was the first person who treated him like a normal human being. He’s volatile and unpredictable because he has never experienced human affection and does not know how to react when it is being snatched from him.

So keeps saying “You’re mine” so desperately because he could never call anything his own until now – no family, no friends, no precious possessions. Soo has been his friend, his confidante, his supporter. At this point in time, she is everything to him. But inwardly, he is crying out for her to want to want him, to want to have him belong to her.

Now on a superficial note… is it me or does LJK’s voice sound extra sexy in this drama??? He always had a nice voice but there’s this lovely depth and tone to So Speak. I admit I was staring at his chiselled jawline during the kiss more than the kiss itself. Hahahaha. Like how I was so mesmerised by Lee Min Ho’s jaw when he kissed Kim Hee Sun in Faith. I had to stop myself from screen-capping LJK at every second. He just looks so bloody gorgeous.


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51 minutes ago, briseis said:



After episode 9 I’ve re-evaluated my assumptions about Hae Soo’s visions and her part in the history. For the record, the real Gwangjong had 24 brothers and he killed only one of them. It was his half-brother Won, the 9th Princebecause he plotted against him, comitting treason. Which is rather underwhelming on the fratricide front. Eun was executed on Yo’s order after he accused  Eun’s grandfather of treason. THEREFORE THERE ARE TWO POSSIBILITIES

  1. Hae Soo’s knowledge of history is distorted (each historian tells his won story about history) and limited and her memory is hazy (it’s not so long ago when she still thought Gwangjong was the 2nd Goryeo king)
  2. Or she comes from an alternative universe/future where Gwangjong is known as much worse ruler than he in reality truly was


In both cases, SHE IS CREATING HISTORY, INFLUENCING ITS FLOW, but if the second option is true SHE WOULD END UP CHANGING IT AS WELL, making Gwangjong into the powerful and enlightened monarch he is known today. There are pros and cons for each possibility. Someone might argue thatthe visions are the history without her in it, a history that she didn’t influence - but as you can see in all her visions WS’S SCAR IS INVISIBLE - MEANING SHE MUST HAVE BEEN THERE. What I find personally most likely is that while all those visions might come true in the future and they are indeed prophetic, SHE MIGHT BE INTERPRETING THEM INCORRECTLY BECAUSE THEY ARE ONLY FLASHES PULLED OUT OF CONTEXT AND BECAUSE HER KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY IS, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, LIMITED (there is no way historians would be able to know the whole truth about Gwangjong and his actions and his motives). What if the image of ruthless Gwangjong in the king’s robes is from the time AFTER SHE DIED? 




In the novel, no matter what RX did - whether she tried to be inconspicious or actively sought to change history - the result was always the same - HISTORY DID NOT CHANGE. For HS, these vision might be similar to Anakin Skywalker’s horrific visions of his wife’s death - he tried so hard to prevent them from happening that in the end it was those very actions which made those events come to pass. If she won’t be careful, it might happen to her as well.




My thoughts exactly. Thank you for supporting the arguments with the photos. Hae Soo looks at things out of context. I am puzzled that after such a long time, going through so many hardships, she lost the ability to think. If we compare the death threats she experienced in person from WS with her visions of the future, how come she was so composed before? 

She is a person that doesn't react immediately when she is in shock. Her eyes open wide but she doesn't utter any words or sounds until she is alone. I still don't understand her reaction in this episode.

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Hi all 

I forgot my first account email and pass so i just being silent reader. But i cant wait anylonger, then i made a new account (fool me, i think name is just a name not username, i just want become anonymous, hehehe, sorry)

I just want to share my opinion about HS, i think she is just too much recalling a history and tracking (try to remember) about "who is gwangjong that will kill his bros? And who will br killed?!". Then the vision come becouse of it.

Remember? When we overthink something a thing can become more big or worse or over?! And it will become real !.

And i understand why HS was that afraid and stressed over the "killing bros thing", becouse she is a 21st century girl soul. She must realise it soon! that's Goryeo era, killing, power, bloodshed to the throne etc is not a new kind.

Wow, this show is so much to say. Complicated !

*sorry my english too bad.



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Wow. I usually take issue with some of the articles generated by Allkpop, BUT this one really surprises me. The author actually LOVES our drama.


[Drama Review] 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' - Episode 8

By eric_r_wirsing    4 hours ago    5,472    883    2
What I can't figure out is how they keep it all intact and watchable. We've got princes who have different motives (and fight, as siblings do), a woman thrown back in time who ends up with a prince and needs to stop one from becoming the killerGwangjong, a scheming queen, a king who's ready to crown a new one, all tangled up with personal subplots and one-time events, all hurtling headlong toward the end. Usually, there's something that falls apart by now...
But it hasn't. And I think that's the thing. It's hard to say enough about this drama without fairly gushing. It ranks up there with 'Doctors' and 'Descendants of the Sun,' and that's saying something. I'm not a huge saeguk fan, but this isn't purely a saeguk; more of a fantasy. Maybe that's why I like it, is because there are still things I can relate to, without the need for nonstop action.

But enough of my ramblings. What do you guys think?






Click here for the full article.

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Since that makeup trick drove her to madness, can someone point out for me which Chinese drama is relevant to this one? I am curious to know. 


Kamsameda in advance. 

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4 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

Well, I like her being with Wang So, but she belongs to another century and Goreyo is really dangerous. My hope is that he meets her in the future. Since JM was able to travel to the future, why not him as well? Does it sound weird? I mean the real Wang So goes to the future, just like she traveled to the past. I am not fond of reincarnation. I want him to remember her.


Well I like that idea too. It would be like Queen In Hyun's man. But ... Do you think he will survive in the modern world with different sets of form and different people with different mind maps? I'm 50-50 about it. He got the instinct and relentless effort but he's hot headed and has the tendency to commit murder (sorry WS fans. I know he just kill when he thinks it's necessary but I just have to pointed out). 

Can we have a reincarnation with bits and pieces memory? I know 'You look familiar' sounds cheesy, maybe they can come out with a better version. 

Or why don't we try this? WS travel to the future but stuck in the year ahead of HS's time. Not far long, just enough to make him mature in age and adapt in the world without making that girl's life harder. Let's say 10-15 years? 

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OST part 7 Baek Ah Yeon - A Lot Like Love has been on repeat since the moment I purchased it. It's sooo good, the wait was worth it! Go purchase it guys! :blush:

I have not yet watched ep 8 & 9. So I plan to listen to this song on repeat while imagining SoSoo couple happy moments over and over again :D




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i never looked at it that way. context makes a drastic difference but i've been looking from only one perspective, haesoo's. i feel ashamed lol. u are like a real detective. hwaiting!

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25 minutes ago, imposs90 said:

There is something I'm puzzled about. When Soo was talking to Ji Mong and he was asking her, she contained all her thoughts in her mind. She didn't say them out loud and looks like she was questioning herself throughout the first half of the episode. Why wouldn't she do the same when talking to Wook? 

Also I noticed that in one of the versions she has two visions. A first vision is shorter, there is a pause in between and then a second vision is longer. 

I also noticed that Eun's wife was lying before WS slashed Eun with the sword, however he had two arrows in his body. It seemed that WS's laughter was more like a hysterical laughter full of pain to end something.

I may be wrong.

PS: Is there any difference in meaning between you are my person and you belong to me?  


In Korean, when WS first said it when YH was whipping HS,  it's literally "She is my [pronoun used for objects]." Something like "she is my possession," I guess. Changing it to "my person" is way better. 

Now, among lovers, you can say what Wang So first said. At least in 21st century. (Cue the song "Some" by Soyu and Junggigo)

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After watching last episode last night, I really hope Hae Soo not hurt Wang So, please....


I know that there's 2 version, but if we combine the scenes, I really understand why Wang So hardly fallen in love with Hae Soo. Like Lady Oh said, Hae Soo should have responsibility with what he said and did to Wang So

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5 hours ago, littleloony said:

unni you may be correct.....once So gets to know of her fear, that kiss may be his way of trying to get rid of HS's fear......that she is his most beloved so there is nothing she should be afraid of from him and thus not push him away. He already has told her that he belongs to her and that was no lightweight commitment. Btw I have a feeling that if HS continues to be controlled by her fear, then the split between her and Wook could happen because she will end it with him to keep him safe from So.....cause after that kiss I doubt she can doubt that Wang So means to keep her for himself.

@littleloony This is why I think WW will use HS to manipulate anything WS trying doing until she discover her trying to protect him from WS is causing more harm then good..I don't think WW will let HS go unpunished for behavior towards WS.. To him it's like she touching another man, To him she's carressing another which she hasn't done to him..  


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@briseis great observations! thanks for doing the research i was questioning the extent of so's fratricide myself. dude is definitely not goryeo hitler.

i'm going to be so upset if/when eun and soon deok die :( they're so young and so cute. but if that's what happened in history... then there might be no escape for poor eun. if i'm not wrong eun's grandfather had a hand in helping taejo unify the nation of goryeo as well, and eun did mention consulting his grandfather when hae soo was about to be married to the king. so whether or not his grandfather shows up in the series, he is implied to be a pretty powerful man.

did anyone notice that won (9th) gave eun silver for his wedding ;) that pun was cute...

i'm personally glad that jung has a strong enough sense of justice to realise his mother and eldest brother are power hungry and totally nutso. he's been portrayed as baek ah's antithesis in this series so far -- one prince is elegant, book smart, cultured and has good looks and the other is all brawn and not much brains, but they support each other and hang out a lot! good on you jung! i'm so proud of you.

the ending was kinda eh for me. i was hoping it didn't end in a slightly rapey kiss scene but oh well :/

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Currently watching the raw SBS version... I was wondering who did Wang So's make up and thanks SBS, for cutting the part of Hae Soo do the make up on him in International version :angry: I mean that part is important enough. It tells us more that after Wang So asked King to give Hae Soo for him, Hae Soo is doing something for him as a part of her job. In International version, I did not get any glimpse of her doing something for him (instead she is busy persuading Eun which I think, is not that important...) ugh... anyway, does someone have the translation of that make up scene part? I only heard Hae Soo mentioned something about the make-up and told Wang So about it.

(But I'm happy that the International version gave us 2 kiss, even though its rougher that the SBS version. Wang So-ya~~~ your actions do speak louder A LOT lmao.)

By the way, I wonder how people at that time confessing their love? I mean is that always like how So did? They do not directly tell someone like "saranghae" in the modern era? I remember Wook said about "eunae", is that how they confess?

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5 minutes ago, am420 said:

After reading all the comments on here I was nervous to watch the subbed episode but I liked it. I was preemptively mad at Hae Soo yesterday but today I can say that I completely understand why she's fearful. I also don't think that she's as scared of So as her lashing out indicates, I think that she's more scared of herself. In episode 4 (I think) when he asks her why she isn't scared of him she told him that she was more scared of her own feelings and I think that, that's still true today, I think that she was shaken by So yesterday after the makeup scene and now she has to reconcile that with the image of Gwangjong killing his brothers/her friends and she's having a hard time. She really just needs to take a deep breath and remind herself that the things that she doesn't want to happen hasn't happened yet and that Wang So who she knows in real life and Gwangjong who she learned about in middle school seem like people who are worlds apart. 

I do feel so sad for So though her lashing out at him came right on the heels of him finally accepting that his relationship with his mother will never change and he was seeking comfort from the one person who he has been able to talk to and be himself around and Hae Soo was still in disbelief over the premonition of So killing Eun and said some really hurtful stuff. I'm actually looking forward to them being on the beach together because even if it isn't the romantic moment that I envisioned when I saw it in the preview, these two need to talk, sharing their thoughts and feelings is actually what these two do best so they need to get back to that and get everything or mostly everything out in the open because I don't think that she will tell him that she's actually Go Ha Jin and that he will be Gwangjong.

The kiss scene was perfect for the moment it had the right amount desperation and pain on the part of both participants. From Wang So it was I thought that you knew me and I thought that you understood me why are you doing the thing that hurts me the most. From Hae Soo it was I don't know what to do, I'm just so worried/scared and her crying, ugh, it was a good moment. 

One really interesting moment is the moment between Court Lady Oh and Hae Soo where she was warning her to stay away from So. There have been discussions on here about Lady Oh knowing that Wook/Soo was going on but she never said anything about that but the wording or at least the translation was really interesting as was the fact that instead of replying that she would let So know that she couldn't give him her heart Soo responded by asking about changing his life. That fits perfectly into my belief that she does indeed have feelings for him. I also think that it's really sweet that Lady Oh is trying to save Soo from living the same life that she has lived.

At this point in the drama I'm more scared of Wook, I know what So can do and probably will do but Wook is a wildcard he's very calm and controlled on the surface but I can sense the bubbling rage just underneath. How is he going to react when Soo actually chooses So instead of him? I think that Soo's views on Wook will change when he decides to join forces with the 3rd prince who is actively trying to oust the CP (who she has a very friendly relationship with) and some of their scheming will create blowback that will negatively affect So. She'll probably soon see that maybe Gwangjong had a good reason for fratricide. 

Looking forward to YH and evil queen teaming up even though it will probably be hell for my SoSoo OTP they should make a diabolical pair. But, mostly looking forward to seeing how the OTP moves from this moment where everything looks like it's falling apart to being in a relationship. 



I have not seen the full ep for 9 but i have seen some clips and because of the recp i know roughly what happen. 

Firsly i like to say that i understand why HS is fearful of WS, in her mind maybe she thinks she has changed history by making WS become King. And by making him become King it will result in the death of the 10th and his wife. She does come from a modern era and era where death is not something you see every day and something that happens so easily and readily. So for her to see such vision of death especially for people she has grown to care about i think it makes sense that she ahs this internal panic. 

that being said, i do feel bad for WS when at one of his lowest moments (no thanks to his idiot mother and brother) he reached out for help and somehow HS did a 360 on him by saying she is now scared of him. I cant help but feel a little angry at HS for saying those words (though i understand why she did). I thought the asking for HS to be in his charge may be his own way of protecting her as well (this is my interpretation), true he likes her and now wants her close to him. But also with her under his wing, he can now readily step into any situation to defend her because HS is under his authority, so taking her out of the palace and being around her (maybe it makes more sense and is easier) 

- like in the preview for ep 10, where WS took HS to the beach i think there was nothing wrong with the act itself. 

- on a side note: i am glad that during the dinner that Jung (14th) choose to stand along side WS, intially there was this rift because the mother was in the middle but i think now Jung see his brother more through his eyes and thoughts rather than that of the mother. if anything Jung's ideals dont lie with Yo and the mother. that is nice to see, it shows that WS is gaining more allies, not just JM and the 13th. 


Lady Oh is really a sad case i feel, like she said in the ep she fell in love, thought she could change him but in the end she was let down and worst she is now stuck in a place where if you do learn how to surivie you can easily get killed. I think that connection between her and HS is really to help her learn how to survive in the place. And her asking HS to stay away from WS makes sense, Lady Oh knows things about WS that HS doesnt know (though HS has also seens sides of WS that Lady Oh has never seen before) so the advice makes sense.

And yes, I feel Wook is scarier than WS at times. WS's character (especially his 'evil' or scary side is known to all) but Wook i believe can be equally 'evil', especially if he feels threaten, now the dynamics of the palace has changed. JM and WS are now in the front while Yo has been pushed back. Wook himself has very much remained stagnant with regards to his position, he is still as his sister says fairly powerless in the palace. I want to see the reason why Wook choose to join perhaps Yo against WS-JM, (though i suspect one reason could be because of HS but i am sure there is another reason as well, i hope the drama shows that well)


the next ep preview looks really exciting i think the race for the throne is begining and the players (princes) all have to choose a side. as for HS-WS relationship, i really hope that there is more progress. I am feeling a bit irritated that the progress is slower than i had expected. And i really pray that the drama doesnt follow so strictly to the line of the c-version, if so it would be plain boring. 

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37 minutes ago, ruizaio said:



I think it's safe now to discuss what was supposed to happen with this scene in the synopsis as it seems certain that it has been changed. 

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Apparently, this scene was supposed to happen before So's unmasking. In the synopsis, it wasn't a rain calling ritual, but an occasion with an envoy from China. So, that's another change. At any rate, there is a festival, Wook and Soo were supposed to meet up, So didn't like his own mask and ends up taking Wook's mask to the festival, Soo thinks So is Wook and approaches him, and confesses her feelings for him. This makes So think Soo likes him, and starts to like her in turn.

Of course, the actual drama didn't turn out this way. Many Korean fans are now hoping that this scene will be shown later when So and Soo's feelings are mutual. 


It makes a lot of sense in that version. 


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