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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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1 hour ago, ahappygoluckygirl0918 said:


PS. Somebody posted here yesterday that WS and HS kissed twice and in the second kiss HS didn't struggle anymore? Is that true? Because there was only one kiss from what I watched and it ended there...

I watched international version. It is the same kiss but first lip contact HS pushed WS away. He held her face and kissed her again. I think that's the one you saw.

Truth be told, I am not exactly thrilled how the HS-Wook, HS-WS relationships are being developed so far. HS's trembling expressions of fear infront of everyone are just a little hard for me not to giggle. :crazy:. Now Wook has declared his love to HS and she hugged him back. And we have HS shouting to WS to go away :crazy:

BUT this kiss does remind me of C-version RX and 4th's 1st kiss. It was also a forced kiss from 4th but he was curious and testing her at that stage. Not as much invested emotions (yet) unlike poor Wang So here.



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hae su vision terrifies me 1_003.gifwang so killing eun and sun deok and these words wang so telling hae so i am more scared 

“You are mine,” . “You belong to me. You are mine! Without my permission, you cannot leave me, nor can you die. You are completely mine.”image.gif


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About the kiss I liked it in both version. In both I had the feeling that she is fighting with her feelings of fear, not with him. And he was like: “See? I love you so much. Nothing to fear!”

About “You belong to me” he tell her the truth. Some times we forgot that this is a darker drama and our protagonists lived in a world of blood and sword. They lived in a period when there were slaves. She has assumed the risk of being a mere maid. Actually I liked that forced kiss. It helped her to remember her condition. Wang So is not a lover boy from 21st century.

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3 hours ago, shinaabby said:


This just brings my desire to make an MV with this song... I think someone already has... But should I do it anyways? :huh: Hmm

just do it again..we'll love it..hahaha..anyway, how perfect it is if LJG and IU duet with this song???? Fate by Lee Sun Hee cover by LJG & IU :wub: (wishful thinking again..how many times I said this? lolol)

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1 hour ago, movieholic said:

Jimong. I think he can be good and bad.. Still dont know. Why he try to make wang so a king if he already know it will end on distruction(?). I'm afraid that jimong will be the evel behind the ill fate..:"(

Hey!  I just wanted to state that WS-era in Goryeo was the peak of it ! HE established a stable and independent kingdom. So maybe Jimong is just trying to help WS , the king who is seen as the best ruler of Goryeo , I mean JM is rational in his thinking and not emotional. He is trying to help WS because  he is suited best in terms of power and politics to be the King of Goryeo. In a personal level, wether WS is lovable brother or not, Jimong does not care about that.  And as Yo said, when they were trying to convince WS to kill CP,  it is not a new thing that a prince assassinates his brother to get to be the ruler himself. So it is a common, justified and accepted thing to do so in that era, Jimong is from that era not from the future. I guess he will not find it strange if WS kills all his enemies , including his brothers, if they are plotting a revolution or a coup-d'état against him .

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I see everyone thinks that JM favors WS.. but i don't see that..

To me it appears, JM's loyalty lies with CP and he thinks that WS alone does not have greed of throne and would be a support to CP.

Asking him in ep 1 to help CP in hiding in return of staying in goryeo

Choosing him for the rain ritual - if it doesn't rain he gets to take the fall, and if it does rain, he is so indebted that he would not ask for the throne.. it was a calculated move from JM. He knows WS is strong and can be controlled with a bit of respect shown..and that is what he  is doing.

Even the king name that he uttered when HS went to meet him in ep 9 - its not what he knows.. he reconfirms that did she say that for WS.. and he already has his doubts that she sees visions which he believs to be premonitions. So, post the rain ritual I am ready to believe that JM may change gears in supporting WS..but hasn't till now.. actually been very sly abt everything..


And which 4-5 year old beggar boy has been into a plane? JM's entire storyline is shaky

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Now thanks to insightful posts I understand and accept more the kiss. At first, I did not take into consideration the context of the kiss, I only saw THE KISS ! But as @SukBin and the tumblr post said, it was not a kiss coming from lust but indeed from desperation/ holding onto hope ! I knew it but as I said I only saw THE FORCED KISS ! I don't know if I make sense but all is clear now !! :) 

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16 hours ago, jerboa83 said:


I'm not convinced that "it doesn't make sense". She cannot do anything in her position, so maybe the only chance she has is letting the leeves break and spill her heart out TO HIM directly, with no holding back. She cannot just keep such a secret to herself without going (and looking) crazy, in front of him (who's explicitly asking for her love and trust and cannot be ignored anyway) and everybody else (who might pay the price if she just stays still and doesn't do anything). Spilling the beans right in front of WS might be the best thing to do, even if it's cruel. Some sort of twisted way to show him some trust despite everything.

I'd like to know what you think of my reasoning... Does it make sense, somewhat?


I quite like your opinion and it made me curious how WS would changed HS's view of him, since i think in c-version, the 4th didn't have this problem like WS had in earning HS's trust and heart.

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I was really surprised about HS reaction in episode 9.  Her character seems inconsistent.

She admitted that she didn't do well in history at school.  She almost couldn't recall the King's accomplishment.  She said she only heard that GJ was responsible for killing his brothers but clearly she was unsure if he really did and for what reason.  She speaks carelessly out of ignorance and judge WS in contradictory to what she told him earlier for being a good person despite his scar.  Doesn't make sense to me.  She was immediately terrified of the unknown, which is commonly what foolish people does.  Just because she knows something, she act as if she knows it all.  It was all about her preconceive notion of what GJ was as an emperor, when in reality she had very little knowledge about him.  The King even praised her for her intelligence but I don't see her that way in this episode.  For me she's a woman who lacks wisdom (= application of knowledge) and could be dead due to her untamed tongue. 

She look so highly about herself that she can change the history that she doesn't remember clearly.  How can you change/correct something that you don't know.  In fact her reaction could be more harmful than helpful.  Imagine telling WS that he will ruin everything in the end.   Who would like to hear that?  More so with WS who is always told to be a bad luck or the likes, as he was growing up.  More so hearing it from same lips who told him he is a good person? 

Indeed the book of Proverbs is correct in saying "be careful how you think because your thought runs your life."  She was ignorant and yet she let the unconfirmed information consume her and make foolish remarks.  Okay, given that GJ was like that, at least she could have compared it with the WS that she's currently with.  Is he that kind of person?  If he is, then think of a way where in she could make a difference.  But she did the opposite.  She's trying to protect something in a way that could even worsen the situation. 

Our mind is the battle ground actually ...  so if we are given vision or premonitions like that, it serves as a warning to prevent something from happening.  So how we think and decide determines the outcome.  HS already told WW of her baseless fears and it will certainly change how WW view WS in the future.  WS reaction is understandable... that feeling of having that betrayed trust... especially from someone closest to him. 

On the contrary, this also a very good catalyst too see what kind of person WS truly is.  Most often people will misunderstand us not because of what we do but because of the condition of their heart.  Since WS's heart is good he will probably think about it in a different perspective. :D 

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Just watched episode 9. And, is it just me, or this episode makes me exhausted and sad? Poor So. Being left out with evil mom, and now when he opens his heart, the woman he likes turn him away?

About the ending, i think i need to see both ending (international and sbs version). Because i watched SBS version and it's a short one and too forceful. But i heard the international version has longer kiss. 

Jaebal, please, if any of you chingus, has those scenes, kindly share those scene. I really want to watch/see those scene. Perhaps it will change my point of view about those forceful ending kiss. 


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I logged out like 12 hours ago and It's already more than 15-something pages later (it keeps increasing eveytime I'm refreshing).

I'm new here, so is this thread always moving full speed like this? Even after tuesday?

Screw Ratings. Seriously you eclipses are the best :wub:

When watching MLSHR in One yesterday I'm a little distracted by my college homework and missed some of the scene.. I missed WS slayed the 10th&his wife too (I can't wait to get home from college and watch it). But because I'm so curious, I googled some gif, and once again I'm blown away by LJK's acting. I can feel his pain and frustration in that crazy laugh. It's sad to see him lost control like that, while in recent episode he tried so hard to have his emotion under control :tears::tears:. But isn't that setting somehow looks like an attack something? Maybe he is not that ruthless?

HS in her vision didn't see the whole picture, right. From what I've seen so far, WS is not someone who's gonna kill his caretaker's (the general) daughter. It's against his loyal character. In fact I'm guessing and hoping that sweet little girl and 10th will be his ally in the future, along with Baek-Ah. Maybe the WW camp will attack 10th in his residence and makes WS's camp lost some secret paper or something. When WS arrived, it's already too late and 10th is on the verge of death and to redeem himself, keep WS secret or something (because thankfully after having a wife he becomes smarter) in case the WW camp comes back, and ease his pain, 10th ask WS to kill him. So WS kill him and become a little crazy because he just kills an ally and someone he trusts. (Pfffft.. I've watched too many dramas):D

So she doesn't know the cause of what WS is going to do (or maybe what he will do in an alternate past. but not in this past. LOL I'm confused by the many possibilities) and in fact scared WS will become someone so ruthless it's scary while in fact WS is still himself !!! So have faith people!!! esp. HS!! (I so want to calm her nerves down and bring her some herbs or something);)

Well my theory is biased towards WS and see him as bad boy gone good and WW as good boy gone bad. LOL

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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