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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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4 hours ago, tanaqvi said:


Being kind to a beast and taming the beast makes you responsible for tamed. Is she THAT terrified to make him desperate and broken, to make him other from smiling? She does vice versa, she does all things worse, for WS her behavior may trigger becoming "arr angrrrry qwanchong".

makeup scene good, except one very big mistake. Very. Big. Mistake

Originally, she is 34. So WHY would she stay as marble statue? in more real ways, subtle and tender kiss happens when WS opened his eyes, every woman can tell that was great hot sexy moment with minds blown  roof on fire, there must have been little hot hurrying mess storm with kisses. WS is absolute confiding tender and sexy that moment, to loose control with him even for a moment. That is no question ww far to WS in that kind of scenes. I DO NOT believe her playing that scene as a girl of 21 century. Was that IU or director? Or such things are censored?

Later she might be sorry or confused, but then - no, if only she was living breathing healthy girl that moment

Looking at her behavior I give sympathy to WS, at his place I would feel surprised and frustrated with her sudden change, at least she must give him proper explanation of her actions, being ready to talk back - being ready to ALWAYS talk to him as true 21 century girl. WS may be thinking he hurt her somehow, he is not aware of her thoughts.


and a few words to kinda jentleman ww. 1000 years there is in common to have few spouses, coming of one family. In china and countryies with similar law, as coreyo was too, reach girls took little sisters, far relative girls, servant girls together to fiances house. They may have become wife's of nurses to children, help to housekeeping, AND IT WAS COMMON PRACTICE WW IS LIVING TO. Probably MH being Ill was the reason hae clan sent HS to ww household as a change and help to meong hee, and new potential spouse to WW, HE KNOWS THAT FOR SURE, that's how his world works 

After lady MH death WW must send proposition to hae clan immediately, he did not. In scene YH and him talk to hae uncles about soo marriage - he does not oppose AT ALL!!! He listens, not proposing himself that moment, only worries of age and sons, and clan name of fiancé 

WAEEEEE??? Who is to blame Hs's social status wasn't  clear after MH death? 

Mixed feelings, talking in general

i have to return to work now, but still I will read all your posts later! 


How did she become 35... I'm sorry but where did you get this info?
She is actually in her 20's before she was transported to Goryeo. In Goryeo she was 16 or 18.

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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8 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:


Yes, You mean this one. Since General PArk is with him, I suspect, it happens after Eun is married to his daughter.

From my point of view, Mu and Eun are already dead but I am not sure. 


i think the two pictures are two different scenes cause the first picture Baek is not dressed in warrior gear but the second he is.

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Hi friends! Reporting for duty, stream is up and running and hopefully my internet connection stays stable.

I too love the relationship between the General and his daughter...and in case I haven't said it enough, I am loving the bromance brewing between 4th and 13th...please show us more of this stuff Show!! Like many others I'm not crazy about Hae Soo being so terrified of So..but I'm going to take a leap of faith here and wait and see what the writers have in store for us. (gulp)

ALSO RAIN RITUALS FOR THE RATINGS TO INCREASE OR NOT DIP AGAIN!! I am determined to enjoy the show regardless, but for the cast and the crew hopefully the trajectory keeps heading upwards! MLSHR FIGHTING! 

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12 hours ago, hiluna said:

Interesting reading. I feel like I am back at school trying to interpret a piece of Shakespeare's work. If your analysis is right and the mythology of the river god's daughter played a part in the writer's mind, then I feel this drama's story is even better than the original Chinese novel.  However, I doubt that the writer of MLSHR had such intricate complexities to the plot in mind.  Too bad, it would make a good literary piece of its own and not an adaptation of the C-novel.  

Well, the writer must have done a lot of  historical research in order to adapt the chinese novel to the Korean History. Sure, we can't be sure how deep the writer went. Yet, all the scenes are full of details and in my opinion, the director and the writer paid a lot of attention to the details. I don't think, it is random that 9th is always saying inappropriate things but he is also shown as a passive witness while playing along with Yo. Therefore this drama is really good in my opinion because the characters are weel developped and contain a lot of details.

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2 minutes ago, sarasona said:

Anyone know the ratings???.. thy worked so hard for 6 months. But it seems like it was not hit in korea...


They should consider this forum to see which is more successful among int audience


I believe there was an increase in ratings for yesterday's ep but it is still sadly single digit.

I believe this drama is really popular overseas but locally i can understand why the appeal isnt that great cause sadly the drama's editing isnt done to well in my opinion. but here is to hoping they are almost middle so i am hoping later down we will see an increase.

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I'm here, ready for episode 9.  @MadraRua thanks for the roll call.  

Hae Soo ya ... please don't be afraid of So, just remember he is still the kind person that you said he is and remember he trusts you and you promise him that you will not change.  

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1 hour ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

I can't blame him for being more than a little "obsessed" with Hae Su. With our 21st century eyes, we think it's all rather medieval (well, yeah duh)... to talk about people like they're chattel. But looking at the situation from his point of view. He doesn't know she's from the future with radical notions of equality and looking beyond the outward appearance. Hence it's only too easy for him to interpret all her acts of kindness as something beyond kindness. She denies it's about pity, she touches his scar like it's nothing and then promptly conceals it to help him face the world head on, winning over his mother's machinations and his own lack of self-confidence.

Why wouldn't he think that she has intentions above and beyond friendship? A guy with half a brain would have to wonder... why a girl would go to such an extent for him if she wasn't in love with him. Aside from that, it was his criteria for choosing a bride... that it would be someone who could treasure this hideous face. It isn't as if he has no reason to think that she has feelings for him. He has many and he's no fool.

It does beg the question for me... is she already in love with him but she's blissfully ignorant because she thinks that what she has with Uk is love... However what she has with So is the "real thing" but she can't see it. The answer I think is a complex one because there are different types of love. At the end of the day it's the one that outlives all the others that really matters.

@40somethingahjumma   AMEN SISTER, I applaud you for best describing that scene and the characters in the scene.. Being a viewer of this show I could feel the tension from both our leads..  Any sane man would think this about her and he's not off the mark about those feels it's just HS thinks she loves WW sometimes ignorance can be a bliss on the behaves of the OTP.. That Bliss will grow to fondness.. 

1 hour ago, Yippeuni said:

I love this quote eonnie....

Yes true ...Wook lost his chance right in front of his eyes. 

I'm kinda worried about him when the dating scene between Wook and Hae Soo....

Wook : I will buy all the herb in the country fill it up for you so you can make soap....


Aigoo...yes it sweet but compare to what So say to her 

'So : You remember? I was once told you that you're mine. Well You are before and now you're mine

Wook even lost his battle from those words. 

I imagine what makes Wook thinking "I might be useful in another place"

Is that because now he see the King favorite the new comer instead of him? He is really need to be push. He is lack of nothing for king material. He is educated well more than his other siblings...his martial art must be exceed too....the problem is he always hesitating and count everything...

like you say eonnie, "He who opens his mouth first to the king... will most likely get the girl"

"The early bird get the worm"

@Yippeuni  I crack up everytime I see someone post this comments, WW problem is he think to much and over analysis everything when simplicty is all was best why make something complicated when it dont have to be.. WW daydream is only a dream.. 

WW must have forgot WS was raised among the wolves when WW is sleeping WS is already out seraching for his prey. I find it funny they all call WS the wolve but the way I see it all the princes is wolves and WS is they prey they all running in a pac to get him..


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7 minutes ago, sarasona said:

Anyone know the ratings???.. thy worked so hard for 6 months. But it seems like it was not hit in korea...

They should consider this forum to see which is more successful among int audience

yesterday average was 6.9% but the ending scene, they hit a high of 12%

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Oh man...the EXO chicken ad is on loop it seems. Hurrry uppppppppp and let the show begin!!


-Ritual scene, it starts to rain...it's the end from the last episode...oh hi, mean princess, I actually missed you..

-Yowch Yo just caught his momma's glare all the way across the distance and he scampers off. Hae Soo sees So as Gwangjonga gain and freaks out. Cue LJK's smirky stare and Queen Soveryterrible leaves in a huff. His makeup is fading...

-People celebrating in the street...So stands alone. 9, 13, 14 talk about...So it seems. Wook hears and he seems..hmm not sure. He stares at Hae So. Mean Princess looks turned on by So, who continues to pray..hehe it's very epic. The rain falls around him and the heavens keep blessing him. They make eye contact again and hm..Soo seemed to be afraid that So will hurt Wook since he's the terrible GwangJong...she's thinking something to herself..and I can't understand...is she blaming herself for helping him on the path to being King?

-Wook grabs her..he seems happy it rains so he can...ask the King for his request? Soo still seems very shaken..and dazed...she's talking about So...and now Wook turns to look at him too.So is enjoying not being an outcast as the people cheer.

-Yo is stewing in his room...eyeliner hasn't smudged at all, what are they using in Goryeo??

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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