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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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15 minutes ago, Adnana said:

I'm the biggest fan of WS around, truly, I love him to pieces, and want for him to gain everything he wants: the throne, Hae Soo, revenge on his awful mom and brothers, anything and everything he wants to make up for the terrible life he has endured. But not for one moment will I delude myself that 4th Prince--in drama or in history--was some poor misunderstood puppy who wouldn't hurt a fly. I think Hae Soo has his ambition and brutal streak pegged quite right, and though it pains me (and it hurts me to imagine WS's hurt) I think she has more than sufficient justification to be wary of Wang So for the next little while.

 agree with you and to add... WS himself told that he had to burn the tree he was frnd with to save himself from wolves. So HS is not un-aware of him being survivor or anything-everything that comes his way. He is her frnd but can she belive he will not hurt her if he will have to choose her or his survival (ok till now we havnt seen the gulp pioson to save her) and she also does not know yet what all he cant do save her. And only once she see WSs desperation to cross the limit of even meeting his death for her, she can started to feel differently.

but how long do we have to wait to see WS-HS mutual love for each other... only 12 episodes remaining and i am feeling its much lesser thn what we deserve seeing how this story is progressing

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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21 minutes ago, Adnana said:

In defense of Hae Soo

You know, after watching E08 the first time, I too was indignant: how dare Hae Soo suddenly be so frightened of Wang So, just because she figured out that he's the future King Gwangjong? Doesn't she know him enough by now to realize that he wouldn't kill without discrimination or remorse... Oh, wait.

Seriously, you guys. WS might have become HS's friend--after lots of tears + sweat + fear (hers) and manhandling + death threats (his)--but she's seen him covered in blood after exterminating an entire den of assassins and she herself has cowered in fear of her life before him more than once. She knows his ruthless streak very well and while she might have chosen not to judge him for it before (because in Goryeo, you had to wield your sword to survive)--it becomes a different matter altogether when HS remembers that WS is going to kill his own brothers. Who are all Hae Soo's friends, same as Wang So, and one prince in particular is the man she (thinks she) loves. It's obvious and natural that Hae Soo's first reaction will be horror and fear--and not unconditional acceptance of the man that according to history will kill many of his brothers to gain the throne.

I mean, really, how could HS be fine with historically-recorded fratricide, just because she's had a few friendly conversations with WS and he's helped her a couple of times (after also nearly killing her a couple other times)? And she doesn't even love him yet! We have to allow HS a little time to come to terms with her fears and feelings, before she is able to accept WS again.

Now, regarding HS misinterpreting or misremembering history. Guys, she remembers more than enough (and remembers it correctly enough) to make any 21st century girl shake in her boots! Disregarding all the purges during the latter part of his reign, the historical 4th Prince was indeed involved in the deaths of many of his brothers! History might officially record WS as having only executed 9th Prince for certain, but let's be real, shall we? After King Taejo died and by the end of WS's first year of rule, the number of princes (WS's brothers) who died is four at least!! The Crown Prince (Moo), 10th Prince (Eun), 9th Prince (Won), 3rd Prince (Yoo), and 8th Prince's clan was decimated. As the last prince standing in the fight for the throne--as the ultimate victor--do you really believe that 4th Prince had nothing to do with all those deaths? That as the drama says, they were heaven's will? HA.

I'm the biggest fan of WS around, truly, I love him to pieces, and want for him to gain everything he wants: the throne, Hae Soo, revenge on his awful mom and brothers, anything and everything he wants to make up for the terrible life he has endured. But not for one moment will I delude myself that 4th Prince--in drama or in history--was some poor misunderstood puppy who wouldn't hurt a fly. I think Hae Soo has his ambition and brutal streak pegged quite right, and though it pains me (and it hurts me to imagine WS's hurt) I think she has more than sufficient justification to be wary of Wang So for the next little while.


well said! :rolleyes:

Though i am curious as to why she has this sudden fear of him, true WS has shown his ruthless side to her and so she is wary.

Plus you have to remember she lives in an era where the justification for killing someone is thin and loose especially when you are royalty. So i get why she also fears for her life. and perhaps also because she does support the Crown Prince, after all she helps him in his illness, so in order for WS to become King (like she saw) something must happen to the Crown Prince.

In HS's mind she may be thinking that something that she did (the BB cream she created) may have (in her mind and perhaps lack of knowledge) altered history that instead of the Crown Prince becoming King, somehow WS is going to become king. Because initially she couldnt quite remember who was King but she had a vision after the rain. She may think that she has all of a sudden change history.



in some ways i pity Yo, unlike WS who though he still seeks his mother's love and approval, perhaps her disowning him may be the best thing she could have done for him. that why his existence isnt tied to her. but for yo, having been chosen by her to become king. Her attitude towards him (maybe an attitude change) may just end up destroying his sanity. For all you know Yo may become obsessed because his mother is obsessed with power. Both yo and WS are very much alike in which they actually do things in order to seek their mother's approval. :confused:



And talking about the possibly cliff hanger WOW! if that is how it would stop, i want to know why and how?! and then i will have to exercise great patience and worry till next week! :bawling: And as much as I want WS to be safe and healthy, i really want to see how the drama shows the turning point for WS_HS, particularly from HS's POV, since we all know that WS already likes her.

Also please correct me but in the trailer there are scenes of HS dressed not like a maid but more of a commoner and WS is with her. So there must be something along the way later on that causes this to happen am i right?

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@40somethingahjumma HaeSoo didn't study well during her History Class so she doesn't know or forgot most of the history of Goryeo, soo very naive girl.. so that was the misleading part one thing is for sure, she has the lowest grade in history.. (lolz)... she only state what she only remembers but forgot the whole history...

and regarding her love to WS i think bcoz there is WW she doesn't realize herself yet that she has a thing for WS... it looks like she already likes him (coz. she keeps on looking at him as to where he is, concern for him everytime)


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3 hours ago, tanaqvi said:

Originally, she is 34. So WHY would she stay as marble statue?

They changed that. The last character description said she was 26 in korean age (25 for westerners)…and (if I remember correctly) in the video of the history guy (from the specials) that talk about Goryeo he described Haesoo as a girl in her 20's. 

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1 more hours for live recap..so,can I give my POV why I love this drama? Besides the actors good acting skills..what I love the most is and the most important for me is.....that this drama is very unpredictable..so much so as to made many of us confuse enough..the story line is very different with other dramas. I don't need to mention which..but many dramas that I watched,I could always predicted what will happen next..almost always 100% correct. And I'm not happy when I'm right..why is it so predictable?

For MLSHR, look at what happened just because of one scene in a preview :lol: and we don't even know that what we're guessing is right or wrong..well, we would know in any minutes now..waiting patiently for all the recaps and screenshots..and thank you in advance for all of you who are doing this..very appreciate it..coz its not easy to write and watch at the same time LOL.

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On 20.9.2016 at 2:11 PM, Yippeuni said:


In this picture Baek Ah not wearing the war outfit...while we also got to see a scene where So, Baek Ah and General Park entering the palace with war outfit and sword ready. 

So will there another war happen between the siblings?

This particular scene I'm so curious about! like what the heck is going there? 

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1 hour ago, Irisz said:

Hi @liddi ! Thanks for your post, but I have to admit that I'm a bit confused now. I always watch it via SBS Live on the net, because altough it's streaming there is no lagging and if I have time I left it on to watch some korean style television. When it airs it's still afternoon over here. :)

Anyway, so I guess I watch the SBS version, but all the scene you've mentioned was there when it's aired except that in the international version, there was an extra show of 4th as Gwangjong at the end. See, the additional scenes in the international version were there in the SBS version too. 

I wanted to see it with subs so that's why I had to watch the other version(international) and that's how I've noticed it. I also noticed that there was a missing scene in this version which was my second favourite from this ep. When Soo and So were in the boat the SBS (original?) version was much better edited, it's got slow motion as well and before Soo's sit up, we could see So still staring at her abandon place, still mesmerized by her closeness and overcome with emotions.Aww...it was so nicely edited :wub:, I loved that scene, except that we could see Soo's trousers under her skirt at the beginning. :w00t:  

@Irisz SBS Live? Are you saying that there is actually a version there that combines all the scenes in the international and SBS versions? I'm pleasantly surprised, as based on what I have seen, there are differences between the SBS version and international version as I listed in my previous post. It would certainly be awesome if there was a version that combines the elements in both versions. If not, my preference is definitely the SBS version, starting from the Director's Cut of Eps1-3 and Ep4 onwards.

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Gosh! This thread is crazily moving in lightning speed. It feels like all the time travelers are going insane of how intense are the scenes! It's impossible for to backread anymore :w00t: So much love and sadness and angst and... I don't know what to feel anymore. xD

30 minutes before Episode 9

Time travelers/Eclipses, let's brace our hearts for everything that might possibly happen!!  :flushed:

How can I survive a week of waiting after today's episode? :bawling:

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Morning Afternoon All You Scarlet Lovers, This Thread Do Move At Lighteming Speed And I Hate The Fact That I Won't Be Joining You On This Morning Watch Due To The Fact I Got  Back To Back Dates With A Few Monsters To Be Rid Of Them Once and For All..And Hate The Thought Of When I Do Return Back To This Thread There Will Be More Then 40 Or So Pages To Try And Back Read Due The Lightening Speed This Thread Moves It's Not A Bad Thing I Do Enjoy It Just Takes Forever To Catch Up..

3 hours ago, skxz said:

WOW the family having dinner together and Queen Yoo is giving So food. Call me skeptical but I ain't buying that she suddnely has a change of heart. She better not be trying to poison him. Shady lady I'm watching you.

Hello @skxz  Did you get the look on WY face feeling lost has mom showing attention to the son she always dispised.. He looks a little lost and insecure.. I know Queen Yoo wouldn't dare to attempt to poision him like this if so this is a bad move on her part and she can ever forgert about any reconciliation between her and son WS he will fight her tooth and nails all the way to the throne.. I'm wondering the general he exile and the uncle he kills are all related to her.. Good way to weakening her power..

3 hours ago, Yippeuni said:
5 hours ago, ruzikie said:

I am not really fond with her reaction like that. Seriously. Despite she has premonition about Wang So as the King, she suddenly acts like Wang So also would kill her if he became a king

That's why...something must be exist as the trigger....she never been this freaked out...even when the first episode when she realize that her soul thrown into Goryeo era, and when the king wants to marry her...she's never that freak out.

There must be something....really can't wait for tonight episode....I will have a kiiissssssss..... 16

the complete subs not out yet, I remember last week our dear friend in here posted the perfect sync sub that she create but I can't find the post..hiks...dear chinggu can you share again the subs for episode 8 if you happen have it the complete one...thank you

@ruzikie @Yippeuni  King Gwangjong Don't start to kill not until the second or third stage of his regin by this time supposedly HS isn't around this mistreatment of him I kind of find it irrelevent being that she knows he would do this isn't her job is to prevent him from doing this.. I think once she remembers all the good he did in his reign and with the other ambitions people trying to kill him she will come to understand why he must kill to protect himself and the people from the greedy ambitions tyrrants..

3 hours ago, Yippeuni said:

OMO ....OMO...OMO.....does she bump her head somewhere????Seems the evil left the building for a while...or that crazy eomma planning on something??? yeesss...no way she wiill be this nice...there's nothing like that...she is neither dead or exile and hopeless.....there's no way she is doing good to So....no way....no..no..no...like now Yo is hopeless at the Goryeo game of thrones now she is going to make So pity her....no way...no.way..andwe....there's no way that crazy eomma become an angel for So....

I'd rather have So close with queen Hwangbo instead with that crazy eomma....

@Yippeuni   No Way It's Called Keeping Your Enemy Close On Both Parts

2 hours ago, Yippeuni said:

You are truly right ....the heaven is bless him. And the king aware of it...that's why (maybe) that makes Yo go frantic saying about the king is playing favorite with his sons....as starting tonight So will be stay close to the king and not him.

With So closer to the throne means Yo become powerless and slowly disappearing and Yo would't want that..with everything he and that crazy eomma done to get him into the throne. 

Even as we know King already put So in his list as the most eligible king of goryeo and have So trained secretly and watch him from afar. The rite yesterday just the answer for the king and the beginning of his next step for choosing the next goryeo leader. 

So are you saying the KIng is already having thoughts in mind of changing the CP.. This could be true knowing that the Queen has already tried to kill the CP it could be that he decreed that if anything happens to the CP or him that WS be named King but being they untimely deaths and the snatching of the decree we see WS fights what is rightfully supposed to be his place.. This could also the reason WW and WY join forces.. WW may want the throne to have HS as a royal concubine..WY takes the throne for greedy mom ambitions.. I wonder when he starts to go against her ruling will she be involved in WS gettinf rid of him..


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When fellow Eclipses are warning you of the potential cliffhanger which you will see tonight so you prepare yourself for the long one week wait for next week's episode before even seeing tonight's episode. What has my life come to. 



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Sorry I'm late, Chingudeul!!  It's almost time for episode 9 and it's also time to continue showing our support via Twitter and Facebook. The ratings and trends are turning in our favor so it's more important than ever to show our support. By the way @LyraYoo, do you ever sleep, chingu?? :P


Please don't forget: Our tagline in Hangul is very important , so if you retweet a post about SHR, always remember to include 

달의 연인-보보경심 려 or you can do #달의연인 #보보경심려

so that it will be included in any Naver search or trending activity. For us to be highlighted as I-fans, feel free to use English or your native language .

If you quote the tweet, don't forget the HT/Tagline ^_^


You can retweet my Tweet below. Or you can copy and paste the following into your Tweet:

@naver_diary @SBSNOW 달의 연인-보보경심 려 짱 \^0^/ <3 Re-tweet to show your support #ScarletHeartRyeo#MoonLovers #eclipseSHR


For Facebook, note the following:

For those of you who have FB accounts, please go to BOTH the SBS and Naver links below and post the following:

달의 연인-보보경심 려  짱 \^0^/  <3 Please like or repost to show your support #ScarletHeartRyeo #MoonLovers #eclipseSHR


Feel free to customize by adding to the message above...might be a good time to add your country. 





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20 minutes ago, MadraRua said:

ahahah... thank u chingu-ya feels better LOL love-you-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?12927

get ready recappers... 30 minute to go.. GOD please let my connection smooth tonight. i wanna fully s'shoot the kissing part teehee-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?1292793

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29 minutes ago, MadraRua said:

You missed me :(

When is it starting like how many hours to go??

I have exams BUT I am going down with today epsiode no matter what happens

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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