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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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6 hours ago, LyraYoo said:


i have the kissing scene reserved tomorrow. my heart is exploding with the beauty that is LEE JOON GI.



I like this evil looking Wang So :wub:

In C version, Rouxi knows the 4th prince will become the ruthless emperor hence she avoided him but later on still fall inlove with him

In this K version, Hae Soo knew Wang So personally before finding out that his Gwangjo.

Can't wait what will Hae Soo do? 


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I have yet to wat h the episode and now im

so excited to go home and watch it. It's getting more interesting now even though it sucks for me as a WW-HS shipper but I'm just excited there's a new episode. 

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37 minutes ago, rei_smasher11 said:


CREDITS TO 4seasonswithIU


Sorry I don't know how to embed a video 


OMG... thank you so much for sharing.  Out of all the scenes today... I was dying to find out what they were saying!

How could they cut out this scene in the international version?!  WTF were they thinking? :crazy: This is like a MAJOR turning point in the story.  He is confessing for cryin out loud!

In this scene HS probably thinks she is just doing something nice for WS... something she would do for anyone because she is a kind person.  However, for WS, who never experienced any kindness whatsoever, she is now the one unforgettable person for the rest of his long life.  I think it really didn't dawn on her the grave importance of her actions.  After she finished, his make-up... she's like "viola!  okay let's go - it's starting."  But for him, it was a life changing moment! 

I just love this drama.... it really shows how much a little kindness can do for someone. :)

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@leejongsuk  Thanks for the video scene of the ritual.. I have to give production crew props especially the camera man he capture the look in LJK eyes just beautiful.. I see why he was choosen for this role none of the other princes could have pull off such a look like that he's one great actor..

4 hours ago, violet90 said:

but in all seriousness WS never learn to love.. he don't know how to love and be love back.. at this point he just know HS need to be his about HS feeling he not really consider cause he don't know.. HS will be the one who teach him how to love so slowly i think we can accept that WS and HS is a fated lover.. 

@violet90  I think both WS and WW will be obsess with HS but being he is a prince both princes don't care if she loves them or not bsck then princes choosed they women they wanted regardless if she had a man or not but by her being a person in the palace she belongs to the King it could be as someone posted earlier that WS could be asking the King to release HS from the palace..

4 hours ago, junee22 said:

When HS scared to WS..I don't think she scared of him like in literally...maybe she afraid of what he would do to get to the throne,afraid that her friends and their brotherhood would torn apart. I couldn't explain it well..maybe @bebebisous33 and @briseis could explain in better words :)

@junee22  I don't think she afraid of him out of fear but more like what she has read from history, I'm also looking forward to @bebebisous33 and a few others insight on this..

4 hours ago, TeBe said:

Did he really kill ALL of his brothers? I can't find this information on the internet ...

@TeBe  No he didn't kill them all to answer your question if it hasn't been answered.. WS later King Gwangjong only killed two of his brothers I was confused on this also and we had this discussion serveral pages back but if you want to read more about WS AKA King Gwangjong just type in the Kings name on your tool bar and it will lead you to him..

4 hours ago, Amanda Soo said:

I screamed so many times during the make-up scene OMG. 

HaeSoo is going to tread carefully around 4th prince now but I'm sure there will be a turning point where she sees and feels his love for her - probably going to be a big event where he sacrifices himself/suffers along with her willingly. 

It's beautiful to see him finally acknowledging his love for her, and bravely proclaiming it to her. 

Now I can't wait to see him get all jealous and huffy ^.^

@Amanda Soo  That sacrafice will be when she sees him standing up against his evil mother for her because no one else would dare but him even WW won't stand up against his own mom for her.. It will be his protection of her that change her heart to his..

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41 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

I have to say today's episode was really good. I enjoyed seeing my ship sailing but then I see a big snag . It makes me so sad bad-atmosphere-onion-head-emoticon.gifbad-atmosphere-onion-head-emoticon.gifbad-atmosphere-onion-head-emoticon.gif. I have decided since this drama is about Hae Soo and Wang So's fate I will sit back and hope that the writer knows what they are doing. Like some Chingu's said she has every right to be afraid. HAVE YOU GUYS NOTICE HER PREMONITION SEEMS TO ALWAYS INVOLVE WHEN SHE IS AT HER MOST STRONGEST EMOTION. When she is happy, sad or scared she will get. At first I thought she would get them when they involved Water for example She drowned, She broke a vase to scar herself, now when it is raining she has another premonition. I guess I gam t it all wrong Chingus.  I just want Wang So to be really happy before the king dies. At least give him and Hae Soo a chance to be in love for a while. If the next episode she rejects him my heart will break because  He already told her he will not let her go because she is HIS. "BLUSHING" :wub::wub::wub:  I have no idea why those words he said to her made blush like crazy but damn I wish I was Hae Soo.  We finally get Hae Soo a bit FLUSTERED AND THEN SHE GETS THE DAMNNNNNNN PREMONITION HAT WILL SCARE HER AWAY.  I saw the video of her PREMONITION guess what guys she would be scared because of you pay attention the damn "PREMONITION is in RED" Red like the color of Blood and he loooked sooo scary and sexy as hell to me Ofcourse  evil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gifevil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gifevil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gif

am writing here to because I really need to talk about what I saw and so very sorry for my ranting here.  In preview I saw the kiss but it did not looked forced at all but very gentle in my eyes. If it is forced then I guess they are following the same steps as the Chinese version. I also know that even if she refuses him, she will eventually end up back in Wang So graces. I just don't want her to hurt Wang So's feeling and for him to revert back to being angry at the world. He has made so much progress and trusted her.  All her effort will go to waste . crying1-onion-head-emoticon.gifcrying1-onion-head-emoticon.gifcrying1-onion-head-emoticon.gif


What I think is that instead of going back to the way he was, it will give him meaning to fight for her. Its like in the cversion she doesn't realized that she actually has some feelings for him just that now its just cover by her love for Wook. When she gets to spend more time with him she will realized there are some things 4th is better than 8th. There is a seed of love planted in HaeSoo toward 4th it jus need some time to grow and bloom. She's the first person who didn't turn her head when she saw his scar, she even touch it like she's memorizing how it is on his face. He probably is shock that a girl like her didn't run off scared cause YH did turn her head (didn't she?) when he took his mask off. 


Did you guys noticed when Haesoo grab her wrist when 4th almost kiss her? She didn't grab the bracelet but instead her wrist where her scar was at. Do you guys think it means something? 

And will the evil Queen now want to use WS since he's "destined" to be king and not Yo?

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The funny thing is HS who "love" Wook when she go to the rain ceremonial just "forget" Wook who just look for her and when he see her smile so sweet .... she did not see him at all she just see WS all the way she smile for him and this is after the scene which he tell her she is his woman hahahaha yes love is strange thing :)

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the more i watch, the more i don't trust and maybe dislike Ji Mong. he seems to play Sims with everyone, especially with So. therefore, i don't feel right about the next episode trailer where prince Yo and Ji Mong are arguing with each other. anyway, in trailer, empress Yoo slaps Yo because Yo failed at what he should have done. by the looks of Yo, it seems to be hit realization of what empress Yoo thinks of Yo as, just another tool for her ambitions. i mean Yo probably knew it, but he still thought that there might be affection somewhere too, but the slap tells that Yoo has no affection for Yo at all. 

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4 hours ago, brielover said:

I touched on this in another forum but thought I would share here as well. 

The premise is that Hae Soo is not just some girl from thd 21st century randomly chosen to go back in time, but that she is a reincarnation of the founding of Korea itself - whoever she chooses to give her heart to will become the king that guarantees the success of the new nation of Goryeo. 

This theory stems from her names - Go Ha Jin and Hae Su- and from her association with water. 

Korea's foundation myth is built on the founding of Goguryeo, the kingdom preceding Goryeo. (Korea takes its name from Goryeo which in turn took its name from Goguryeo). 

There are two versions, but basically the river god's daughter, Yuhwa, is found in or by the water by Hae Mo Su, she marries him and gives birth to Jumong who founds the kingdom of Goguryeo. Another version has her marrying but leaving him before granting her heart to another and then giving birth to Jumong. In effect, whoever she chooses to love becomes the father of the nation. 

I wouldn't have paid much attention to this myth except for a few things. One is that Hae Su is associated with water like the river king's daughter. She falls into water, appears almost miraculously in the Goryeo baths, which as we saw is right on the river/hot springs, has visions in water, is first seen by all the princes (all potential heirs to the throne) in the water, and even Wang So must see her in a later scene - as if the first water appearance had left him out so she has to go re-do it - emerging from the water of the baths and she later splashes Wang So with water - like a baptism - while watering plants. Consequential scenes from previews - the rain, possible break up with Wook, the boat with So - also stay in tune with this water symbolism. I think we're supposed to draw a connection between Hae Su and the river god's daughter Yuhwa. Whoever she chooses will become the leader of the nation. This is perhaps also highlighted by the princes falling in love with her - she represents the lifeblood - water - of the land. 

This is emphasized by her name. The original royal family of Gogureo were the Haes, stemming as said from Hae Mo Su and Yuhwa. Twice we are told that Hae Su belongs to the Hae Ha Jin clan. So she's a Hae, and her modern time name is Ha Jin.  But she's Go Ha Jin not Hae Ha Jin in modern times, so there's a glitch there, until a little research reveals that many of the royal Hae family took the royal name  Go. So when we're told by Hae Su's relatives that the clan name is Hae Ha Jin, it's actually the same name as Go Ha Jin, her name in the future. 

I like all these associations because it layers the story with myth, legend and a history that both precedes and post-dates Goryeo, tying in the Goryeo events with ancient Goguryeo and present day Korea. The throughline is our main character, Hae Su/Go Ha Jin. Her first incarnation was likely as the river god's daughter, Yuhwa, or a daughter of Hae Mo Su and Yuhwa, who reincarnates as Hae Su and eventually Go Ha Jin, a cosmetologist from the 21st century. Her purpose is to choose the best founder for the fledgeling nation. All subliminal, of course, but it's giving the story a texture I hadn't thought about previously, as well as a context for the otherwise somewhat awkward bath scene in the first episode. She's meant to be found in the water a la the river god's daughter by possible contenders to the throne - the scriptwriter took that and gave us the semi-erotic bath scene. I appreciate that scene so much more now!

@brielover  Wow I would have never associated Hs character being apart of the Goruyeo time period but being she's in the Goryeo time period and what your take on this explains a lot better being that she's a daughter of water to and how water plays a significanse to the story as a whole.. Gorguyeo was a mythical time period and also explained somethings about the drama jumong I never thought that deeply of and it's my favorite Saguek of all time better yet the very first Korean Saguek I ever watch.. I never read the book and only saw the C-version of this drama and didn't finish it all because I didn't like were ending was heading..  Thanks for this brilliant comment on HS character and look forward to more of your insightful comments..  


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What I loved about the make up scene, was that when Wang So opened his eyes after Hae Soo was done, he barely even looked in the mirror. His eyes just lifted up to gaze upon her face. AAAAHHHH

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2 hours ago, shana0127 said:

Have been away so long ,finally got time to say something .

Well if So was the king who vanquished his enemy and killed them then what is wrong in it . did not  all kings do so. No kingdom was ever built without bloodshed !! I remeber no king who did not kill !!! Well if there is then he surely survived coz somebody else did dirty work on his behalf.

Well is a story of a great Indian King in real. He was a great fighter but had habit of forgiving when somebody asked for it. Then came an invader. He invaded and lost and ran away,invaded again lost asked for forgiveness and went away. Then he invaded again and finally defeated this great Indian King who lost  just coz he was fool enough not to crush his enemy. People were killed  ,houses were looted all thanks to great king and his greatness!!!!

Before I was quit against Wang So but now I see from where his cruelty comes from and biggest thing is that we see he has possibility to change . Fact is So has everything u need to survive as King during the period to which he belongs. His two brothers could not survive coz they were unable to vanquish the enemy.

So belongs to a period where u survive only if u r powerful ,smart and eradicate your enemy rather then forgive them and expect them to change . Period when Clans were powerful and nobles were strong . If we see what he did as king during his period then we see he had quit a progressive mind and wanted a change  and He brought it in his own ways.

I am totally not against crushing enemies ,well that is very necessary if u want a powerful nation .I would like So to crush his enemies for sake of building a powerful  and safe nation rather then to get attention of some mother queen who cares more for her power then people.

As for Soo being afraid of So ,well that's quit logical and natural coz all she sees is that he is the man who killed his enemies be it his own brother. But what she does not know is that those brothers r not normal brothers and neither r they so cute as they appear to her . If u see their real faces they r power hungry too and in future will be taking sides and support crushing of So and his supporters. they wont wince So and his people being killed coz thats how it is during that period . Wook is he really that loving and 14 prince have not u seen how he looks at So ,for him he is a dirty fellow from jungle. and Yo ,well I dont need to say anything abouthim.

Soo will slowly realise that she is in a cruel period of Korean times where life's worth and morality were at lowest. Where u have to kill to survive or u parish instead. Did not she justify So's action of killing as survival instincts !! Soon she will see So being cornered and she will see real face of Wook and other princes. And then she will stand by So side saving him instead healing his emotional wounds and unwanted being part to killings and bloodshed .

She may love So on one side while detest the killing on other and finally she will get weary of it all ,as killing ,bloodshed and politics will take toll on her emotional health and she will try to run away from palace and people and will bid adieu to Goreyo world

On point, chingu! :thumbsup:

That's what I've been thinking about too. I mean, why do they make So look/appear like he's the worst, most brutal & barbaric king in history? I mean, the killing of enemies and his brother and nephew, he probably did it for a reason. And of course, it's the Goryeo era, you have to kill first to survive. I don't think he'll last long (as king) if he wasn't that good. 26 years is no joke.

As for Hae Soo, I fear that she'll only realize it in the end when everyone's already against So. Hope she'll observe the princes too. Especially the ones who act so good to her. We never know what'll happen. I also hope that it won't take too long/many accidents/near-death occurrences (like the one in the long trailer where i think So saved her and he was coughing out blood) to happen for her to realize her feelings and for her to know the importance of that person. I don't think I'll ever get over it if something like that happens.

Soo, come on, look into his eyes!! You're his universe :star::heart:

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I'm surprised that anyone who has followed this show thus far is taken aback by So's possessiveness shown in the preview. He is a man of action with hidden fires and it's at the very core of who he is. We are talking about the same guy who killed a temple of non-speaking vagrant monks at the drop of a hat. And that was just to protect the mother who had no regard for him.

Unlike his brother, he doesn't feel the need to hide his feelings for someone who has become so important in his life. I don't think he knows about Uk and Su. But as @wordsmyth0253 says at least he's being smart and tactical about it.

That said previewed scenes are not always quite what one thinks they mean.

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13 minutes ago, snowglobe147 said:

Episode 9 Video Preview Translation:

Man: Now (*something*) and become more sure of youself.

Evil Queen: You lost the opprtunity of a lifetime! You should have protected it even if you had to sink your teeth into the nape of his neck!

HS: You can't ever block his path. Ig you do, you will all be killed.

Prince (?): The sons who fight each other brutishly because of their father's favoritism--!

Astromoner: You have always drank what belonged to the Crown Prince since you were young!

Evil Queen: Kill (*someone*) for me.

Evil Queen: Be careful around Prince Wang So. If you can't give youself completely to him, then you have to be firm about it.

WW: I (*something*) you.

WS: You are my person. You are mine. Mine! Compketely my person.




Any other translation-worthy scenes today?

Emperor is the Man

it's Prince Yo for Prince (?)

and it's not evil queen, but it's Lady Oh who said be careful.

WW probably said "I love you" 

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