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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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1 hour ago, qwenli said:

Yes, I suspect evil queen will poison her own son that's why we see pix of So vomiting blood.

And then Haesoo will realise she loves him despite her fears.

This is my guess of course. :D

Speaking about poison...did anyone notice the king doesn't look good last night? 

I don't think it's because the fatigue from the the rain ritual, but something happen inside him.

Also in previous HS vision, the king is dead, drowning ...... We all knew who's capable on doing that...but I think The King time of death is coming 

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1,5 hour to go... brace your heart everyone... the storm will hit this thread soon..

wish HS not hurt WS really deep because her rejection. 

by the way .. no one gonna make a roll call? i miss that part :P

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Oooh, deceptive Wook in the preview! Telling Hae Soo he loves her in order to control her and keep him as priority in her heart. She asked him to forget her and he knows after his experience with his wife that not divulging how he 'feels' will not keep Hae Soo loyal to solely him. 

I didn't like how he is weaponied the restraint he's been placed under his whole life to manipulate his wife, always on precarious ground. 

But he knows Hae Soo is wavering, he's perceptive enough to know she is conflicted.   And he's intelligent to know when someone is vulnerable and frightened, they seek comfort in the stable and the known. Wook from Hae Soo's perspective in the safe and known, rather than the volatile and tumultuous emotions that So inspires in her. Particularly after her disconcerting premonition. 

The gallent facade is peeling away and Wook's not as honourable as he would like to be perceived. 





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5 hours ago, rheiuna said:

where can i download the sbs version. please send me the link. i tried myasiantv but i cant download their link. any other site?

Just saw that even myasiantv is now showing only the international version :( 

4 hours ago, liddi said:



From the international version, it would appear that rather than just compassion for his plight, Soo's core motivation for helping So with the concealer stemmed from hoping that it will rain and thus enable her to leave the palace. The SBS version, on the other hand, is edited to indicate that Soo's actions were purely the result of her compassion for him. Which then makes me wonder how much more the two versions would diverge going forward. If this keeps up, I think I will need to hold a rain ritual of my own to pray that somewhere in the near future both versions finally converge into the same once more... :sweatingbullets:

I will join in the rain ritual ! This back and forth between two of the same episodes and trying to find it is driving me nuts :( 

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7 minutes ago, Adnana said:

In defense of Hae Soo

You know, after watching E08 the first time, I too was indignant: how dare Hae Soo suddenly be so frightened of Wang So, just because she figured out that he's the future King Gwangjong? Doesn't she know him enough by now to realize that he wouldn't kill without discrimination or remorse... Oh, wait.

Seriously, you guys. WS might have become HS's friend--after lots of tears + sweat + fear (hers) and manhandling + death threats (his)--but she's seen him covered in blood after exterminating an entire den of assassins and she herself has cowered in fear of her life before him more than once. She knows his ruthless streak very well and while she might have chosen not to judge him for it before (because in Goryeo, you had to wield your sword to survive)--it becomes a different matter altogether when HS remembers that WS is going to kill his own brothers. Who are all Hae Soo's friends, same as Wang So, and one prince in particular is the man she (thinks she) loves. It's obvious and natural that Hae Soo's first reaction will be horror and fear--and not unconditional acceptance of the man that according to history will kill many of his brothers to gain the throne.

I mean, really, how could HS be fine with historically-recorded fratricide, just because she's had a few friendly conversations with WS and he's helped her a couple of times (after also nearly killing her a couple other times)? And she doesn't even love him yet! We have to allow HS a little time to come to terms with her fears and feelings, before she is able to accept WS again.

Now, regarding HS misinterpreting or misremembering history. Guys, she remembers more than enough (and remembers it correctly enough) to make any 21st century girl shake in her boots! Disregarding all the purges during the latter part of his reign, the historical 4th Prince was indeed involved in the deaths of many of his brothers! History might officially record WS as having only executed 9th Prince for certain, but let's be real, shall we? After King Taejo died and by the end of WS's first year of rule, the number of princes (WS's brothers) who died is four at least!! The Crown Prince (Moo), 10th Prince (Eun), 9th Prince (Won), 3rd Prince (Yoo), and 8th Prince's clan was decimated. As the last prince standing in the fight for the throne--as the ultimate victor--do you really believe that 4th Prince had nothing to do with all those deaths? That as the drama says, they were heaven's will? HA.

I'm the biggest fan of WS around, truly, I love him to pieces, and want for him to gain everything he wants: the throne, Hae Soo, revenge on his awful mom and brothers, anything and everything he wants to make up for the terrible life he has endured. But not for one moment will I delude myself that 4th Prince--in drama or in history--was some poor misunderstood puppy who wouldn't hurt a fly. I think Hae Soo has his ambition and brutal streak pegged quite right, and though it pains me (and it hurts me to imagine WS's hurt) I think she has more than sufficient justification to be wary of Wang So for the next little while.

Well said, especially the underlined part. We might be judging Hae Soo too harsh because we're not in her shoes, and also we're desperately wanted to see Wang So-Hae Soo romance quickly with the ideal scenarios we discussed before this episode. Personally I, too, might be reacting the same way as Hae Soo if I know someone would kill his brothers in the future, I'd keep my space as far as I can and be extremely careful around him.

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35 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

While I adored this episode and thought it the best one yet, it also occurred to me that the writer is really trying to avoid any kind of triumphalism where So is concerned. It's sort of evil if you ask me but it does suggest that he will be a fully fleshed out character. Before So ( and the audience) can really enjoy and savour this rare moment of victory, the writer throws a spanner in the works. It suddenly occurs to Su that the "dreaded" Gwangjung is none other than the 4th Prince whom she helped. It's as what I said last night, there's just no respite for the protagonists. Just when they've jumped through one hoop, the writer decides to put up yet another obstacle that they have to overcome before we can gleefully celebrate the coming of this pairing. Who knows how many more of those we have to weather before finally they both say "I do"... metaphorically.

I'm a little disappointed that Su has such a naive view of history although I realise that's mostly the point. She epitomises the best and worst of our time. She's broad-minded and tolerant where it matters for the most part but that understanding is coloured by 21st century orthodoxy regarding individualism. Goryeo, however, isn't an individualist society. Sooner or later to survive, one has to play the game to achieve the bigger picture. It is clear, therefore, that Hae Su's 21st century worldview is a double-edged sword.

One of my favourite things about this episode is that we got to see the genuinely intelligent side of So. It's really one of the things I love about him that aside from being passionate, moody and obsessive... he can be so perceptive and logical. The passionate and obsessive part he no doubt inherited from his mother and the more left-brained qualities... that's definitely from Taejo. I think Taejo is well-aware that his 4th son probably has the all the qualities to be king more than any of his other sons -- mental acuity and versatility as well as a pragmatic ruthlessness. A case in point: So saw through Ji-mong's ploy unclouded in his judgement by tradition, superstition and religious fervour.

I can't blame him for being more than a little "obsessed" with Hae Su. With our 21st century eyes, we think it's all rather medieval (well, yeah duh)... to talk about people like they're chattel. But looking at the situation from his point of view. He doesn't know she's from the future with radical notions of equality and looking beyond the outward appearance. Hence it's only too easy for him to interpret all her acts of kindness as something beyond kindness. She denies it's about pity, she touches his scar like it's nothing and then promptly conceals it to help him face the world head on, winning over his mother's machinations and his own lack of self-confidence.

Why wouldn't he think that she has intentions above and beyond friendship? A guy with half a brain would have to wonder... why a girl would go to such an extent for him if she wasn't in love with him. Aside from that, it was his criteria for choosing a bride... that it would be someone who could treasure this hideous face. It isn't as if he has no reason to think that she has feelings for him. He has many and he's no fool.

It does beg the question for me... is she already in love with him but she's blissfully ignorant because she thinks that what she has with Uk is love... However what she has with So is the "real thing" but she can't see it. The answer think is a complex one because there are different types of love. At the end of the day it's the one that outlives all the others that really matters.

Another thing: The more I see Queen Yu in action, the more disturbed I am about that woman. It's revolting the way she uses her sons to try and gain the attention and love of her husband. I wouldn't deny she's highly ambitious but she seems to be an all or nothing type of woman. 

@40somethingahjummajust wanted to let you know that I adored your post. It is not that simple.... 21st century girl thrown into ancient culture of Goryeo.... you described the complexities of the events so succinctly... I wish they still had those buttons 

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On 9/20/2016 at 11:08 AM, solelylurking said:


Yes I agree with you, but I'm much leaning to your second opinion. Judging from HS's robe she already with WS (I think WS doesn't ask the king for her hand in marriage but to be his person a.k.a personal maid). I stumble upon the same video of Wook in front of the rain but with different sub. One said 'There is someone who needs me' and one again said 'I need to figure where I stand'. Interestingly, this both can be interpreted differently. If the scene take before the 'I love you' part, he know that the rain will give WS immense upper hand. So he already knows the king favor WS and this will be his stone to the throne (hence the 'I need to figure where I stand' goes) but if it happens after the I love you, it can be interpreted to HS. If Wook already set his mind to be king for a long time, like we predicted, HS premonition only making a little difference. With or without premonition, he still consider WS as a rival both in throne or love race. The difference is now he will consider him seriously. 

Well, we will se more clearer when daddy dies. All hell will brake loose by then. 

About HS's feeling, honestly I'm still figuring out. I mean I know she's two timing by now but it cam happen to anyone who has two hot man in love with you desperately. But I agree to your reason why she can not tell. I hope the poison drinking will happen tonight too. But why am I having a feeling that WS will bailed out of palace for a while and taking HS with him when the CP die? Maybe because Wook scene in the long trailer and the kiss between WookSo with common wordrobe. 

What is your opinion about it?

Well, there is this picture:


And both Wang So and Wang Wook are working for the CP and they are on the same side. In my opinion, this has to happen soo. As conclusion, I believe that due to Hae Soo's words, Wang Wook understands that he can't keep waiting for the throne any longer. He needs to become active. From my point of view, Wang Wook's passivity came from his belief that he was entitled to the throne. Then I realised later that there is another reason: Mu and Yo are weak persons and Wook is aware of it. So he thought, time is working for me because as soon as the the two princes are kings, they won't survive for long. Since Wang So was an outcast and had no real support, he never saw him as a thread. But the rain ritual and the words from Hae Soo gets him aware that time is not the solution any longer. Wang So is the 4th prince and he is before him. Now, he is no longer the outcast. That's why I believe, he will become active but not just because of Hae Soo. She will be the one who brings the bad news to him, yet he is ambitious. As conclusion, the words "I need to figure out where I stand" mean (if he says it) that he needs to think over his strategy (passivity; he needs new alliances). So first, he might support more the CP, hence we have this picture. 

I agree that WS will leave the palace and take Hae Soo with her. the question is : why and how? 

- Either he is forced to go back to Shinju and the general adviced to become the ruler of the Kangs

- Or Poison incident: since Hae Soo is involved, he is connected to the attempted assassination because he had asked for her as his servant. Moreover, he is seen eating with his mother and his siblings... so the king could think that Wang So is in the end working for his mother. But something went wrong.

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7 minutes ago, Yippeuni said:

Sorry to cut it...

but in my opinion Wook is not that kind a person. He is calculating everything in favor to make peace with everything. So it's 3 out of 100 for him to making mistake that will lead him to the catastrophe like losing HS intentionally. As we see the scene where the bracelet ruined and Wook crying over it. I think that happen because he is "late" again.

I think (maybe) its So who sacrifice her self to be with So (at the first time) to save Wook form getting killed by So (because the love she has for Wook). But in the end HS fall into love trap and love So even more and trying to save him from killing anyone but still get him into the throne as a better king. 


was he really late??? or did he do something that will make haesoo mad at him...  well in my opinion, even if your so calculative in everything or how organize are you, when it comes to love everything will turn upside down it can miscalculate you, disorganize you or even worst... i hope i'm mistaken i don't want him to turn to evil ...


we are less than an hour before the show to start.... STREAMING MODE ON.....

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1 hour ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

Why wouldn't he think that she has intentions above and beyond friendship? A guy with half a brain would have to wonder... why a girl would go to such an extent for him if she wasn't in love with him. Aside from that, it was his criteria for choosing a bride... that it would be someone who could treasure this hideous face. It isn't as if he has no reason to think that she has feelings for him. He has many and he's no fool.

It does beg the question for me... is she already in love with him but she's blissfully ignorant because she thinks that what she has with Uk is love... However what she has with So is the "real thing" but she can't see it. The answer I think is a complex one because there are different types of love. At the end of the day it's the one that outlives all the others that really matters.


Well said. He will have concluded that she likes him and then later when she pushes him away, he will be wondering " I thought we were in a relationship!"

Anyway I just have a sudden thought that the "original" international version is meant to center around Haesoo. Hence the different take on the removal mask part. One gives the message that she wants to leave, the SBS version - him being in love with her. Fair enough, the c version was centered around Ruoxi, the female lead, who appears like 70% to 80% of the time.

However, the edit just reflect on whoever who is bringing in the ratings. No hard feelings, I love everyone on this show, and they should have gone for 30 eps instead of 20.

For the change of heart from the 8th to the 4th. I am still quite dissatisfied with how it was portrayed in the c version, I wasnt very convinced and I hope I will be better convinced by this k version. To digress, I have to refer to my own experience. I broke up with my first boyfriend while I still like him very much. But one fine day after 2 years, I just realised I dont see myself spending my whole life with him. Its strange how feelings change when there was no big event that occurred. After I broke up, I cried for many days. But I never looked back.

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OK...about Wang So killed his brothers based on HS preview...LOL preview....

I'm going to take it based on history and the creative history license owned by the production team. 

In this drama the princes portrayed as different personalities...and the prince who is eyeing the throne is only Yo, I exclude Mo because he is already destined to be one. 

Wook maybe has interest but its not as greater as Yo, his ambition for me is more that a recognition from the king so he can be useful for the King after the scandal (which I don't know what he was exile from the palace before). That's why he shape himself to be a perfect modest gentleman and living a quiet life. 

Eun, Jung, Baek Ah : They're not interested on the throne, they only will surviving inside the palace. With Eun personality in the drama it's obvious that he is not after the throne league, he is more concern about his well being and receiving protection from his older brothers. Jung, our lovely maknae is way too young to join the league. Baek Ah, realizing about his family/clan background he will pick become the side of the person that will protect him and become a real brother to him, in this case So.

Won, he is not care about the throne. He will satisfy being a noble man with lots of money.

And our hero So, he is coming to the palace at the first place only to get him inside the palace again. As he's thinking it's enough to have him being hostage and living in hell. He wants to go back to the palace purely because he only want to be in his own place and be with Mo who he think will be a good brother for him. But the heaven say it different, he is destined to be the one. And the one that stand in his way is Yo and his own mother. And for the killing part, it was said that he kill his half brother..I'm guessing its Wook and its not purely because of the throne in this drama. You all know what is the other cause in this matter. 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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