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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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I'm not sure what to predict for tomorrow. LJK is driving me crazy with that Gwangjeong look:sweatingbullets:

I don't want to see the obsessive WS:tears:.... gosh i get mix feeling tonight...........


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6 minutes ago, Immortal_Angel said:


I was reading the history and I thought 

  Reveal hidden contents

the crown prince was king for a short time and lost his position to 3rd in which lost it to 4th in which reign longest


  Hide contents

I think she's going to push 8th away knowing that she cannot change history so why not stay close to 4th to survive. But because of that it pushed 8th to wanting to fight against 4th so much more due to that fact that she picked 4th over him and that he fell for her when his wife was dying and worst is that he's losing to 4th was once consider an outcast among them and is different from him



His word about who owns people like Wookie said when he saw Hae Soo being tied and he didn't even do nothing and Wang So declared Hae Soo is his already eaten him alive.

I came to let you know, you seems have to be mistaken. Nothing here belongs to you. Not Yeon Hwa even Hae Soo, they are all my people ---- those statement eaten wookie alive.

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46 minutes ago, xiao_baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said:

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh... The preview is making me anxious T_T 

The scared Soo looks like she's warning Wook about So, and I'm guessing that this will bring out Wook's overprotectiveness and push him towards the anti-So bandwagon. 

I guess her interactions with So are going to be based off her fear.. *sigh* why does this feel like the beginning of the end T________T 

Me too, and I haven't even seen the episode yet. Their love story barely started and now it is going to burn and crash already??? Her memory of history is so poor, he wasn't a bad king :bawling:

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4 minutes ago, sharreb said:


I have no idea why they chose not to include this in the original version. My understanding is the international ver is the one they sold months ago. The SBS version is the one they reedited later on. The post makeup scene conversation is epic. Why didn't it make the original cut? 

Thank-you @MoOnLoVeRz for posting this. What I find interesting is HS is surprised, taken Aback and even alittle scared but she does not moved away when WS tried to kiss her. WS wants to kiss her but his eyes is reading her expression and perhaps looking for a cue from her. Looks like he lost his patience and sanity in next episode when he swoops in to his her, no longer waiting for permission. Hmm the good is he's definitely not passive. The bad is coming on too strong. I'm 50-50 with this coming kiss. 


Yeah I was all mushy for the vulnerable WS...so this change that's going to happen in him...I hope he's not really going to be "all-out-bad" right???  I wanted him to be the hero...not the villain...pleeeeassseeee....
when he grabbed on to HS ...I was a little afraid for her...thinking hey WS...she's just a little girl....would you please take it easy here 

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Is there a possibility of Wang Yo killing the brothers and blaming Wang So for the murders? And maybe in the end, Wang Yo will ask Wang So to kill himself or he (WY) shall kill HS and since HS falls in love with WS and can't watch WS die, she jumps in the pond (sort of commits suicide) and returns back to the future and gets saved by WS over there. 


 Sorry unfamiliar with the history.:flushed:


Honestly, I can't bear another sad ending.Saw a few dramas over the past few months and their endings made me going like WHAAATT? WHYYY?





^Oops! Sorry! 




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Oh my.....

The moment when your boyfriend only ask to your release, but your best buddy without hesitation ask to married you. 

My heart~~~ This episode was really Daebak! JJang !! And the preview huaaaaa

\^0^/ \^0^/ \^0^/ \^0^/ 

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6 minutes ago, violet90 said:

also in preview Lady Oh saying that beware of 4th prince feeling.. if HS cannot give all her heat to WS be firm about it??? even Lady Oh can see that 4th will became a possessive and obsessive person about HS.. its in his nature i mean he waited all his life to have a mother love and now he found the other light of his life.. he not going to let it go and will do anything to get her..

when he speak about HS belong to him trust me it get chill cause he mean it.. that's why WS will not going to stop pursuing HS and i think asking her for marriage also his way to secure HS..

but in all seriousness WS never learn to love.. he don't know how to love and be love back.. at this point he just know HS need to be his about HS feeling he not really consider cause he don't know.. HS will be the one who teach him how to love so slowly i think we can accept that WS and HS is a fated lover.. 


 AGREED ! * high five*

he is an abandoned son and treated like shoot by people so that's why man like him who live under the darkness that never seen light for his whole life finally meet the girl who brought a candle in his dark life. 

a possessive and obsessive person like Wang So would lead him to another journey about how to love a person with patience but yeah let we see for that.

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Oh my gosh, I saw a picture of WS kissing HS and I've heard that it's from the preview of tomorrow's episode. Somebody please pinch me and tell me that I'm not dreaming \^o^/ Just looking at that pic makes my heart skip a beat. I can't help but keep smiling and giggling like a crazy person :D That makes me wonder how my poor little heart is gonna handle the kiss scene when it actually happens tomorrow. Someone has said it's gonna be a forceful kiss but I like it anyway. Or rather, I'd love to see this obsessive and possessive side of WS about HS. Once he has made up his mind, I know nothing will hold him back and can't wait to watch his next moves to win her over.

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3 minutes ago, berny said:

The Vision of HS
Was it a premonition...or seeing the future?

WS is not going to turn out bad right ? :tears:  I don't think I will be able to handle that...
HS said to him before she concealed his scar..."that with a scar or not..that you the 4th prince is a good person is what matters" something like that...So why will he be the prince that will turn out to be a bad King ? that just does not make sense.  Did she helped him claim the throne...by making his scar disappeared...then only to become a bad, cruel leader?

* Sorry not so familiar with Goryeo history 

Quite agree...

I think its premonition

I read before (in recent page of this thread) that according to history the only prince that dead in So reign is Eun (Moo and Yo is already passed away, but assume that Moo maybe dead because of Yo, and Yo is dead because of So)

I mean, Soo can choose to 1) avoid So and 2) stay near So so that couldn't happen (are these change history?)

Avoid him just make the premonition come true.... 

and is it possible that the history that HaJin know is different with the real history (that we know), so Soo is brought to Goryeo to make the history that we know happen (like catalyst)

~Refering to Queen Inhyeon Man, that the male lead back to the past after knowing his future and he makes change. The change destiny that he make is the history that we know~


It's just to hard to see So's healing turn to devilization (process to make devil)...

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2 minutes ago, qwenli said:

Actually now I recall in the c version, the force kiss came earlier. Then as a court lady, she said if a prince wants to use force, she can't say no. Thereafter, the 4th started giving her presents like guys in a courtship but she was still entangled with the 8th.

i am looking forward to the next boat scene because I remember IU in very pretty clothes sitting in a boat, but we dun see who is she facing.

i am wondering how she will feel, now she realise who Gwangjong will be

Ah I thk the boat scene you !mentioned she's wearing a pastel blue robe.

6 minutes ago, Ainee Etp said:


I was laughing at this too, how determined he was to ignore (unfriend!) HS, then started to get worried that HS is ignoring him! 

Lady Oh filling up Taejo's brow scene is daebak!

Hehe I couldn't stop grinning when HS ignore him. He keep waiting for her to look at him. Acknowledge him. Like a kid outside the candy store.


12 minutes ago, JotaIsBae said:


Top 5 Popular videos are all from SH!


So good to know. I know I've always said ratings isn't important. But every time after I enjoyed a ML episode I always do a quick prayer hoping the ratings have improved. I'm still hoping for the actors sake it will.

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1 hour ago, qwenli said:

I am rewinding to my recording to watch the beginning.

13th dialogue with so:

I am sorry, I didn't help you. 10th is also feeling bad.

so: u didn't look at me. Why did u look away.

13th: I thought you won't like it.

so: it's so hard to understand people. When people look I am angry, they don't look I am also angry.

just look at me, I hope you do that.



Thank you soo very much - this is one Part I love the most today... I so love it that Baek Ah runs to So and explained himself... saying hi is sorry... like that - the Brothers can be really close and trust each other. So telling Baek Ah that he wished him to just look at him ... I´m so happy!

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On 9/18/2016 at 1:42 AM, luci13 said:

good to see you @meahri_1 flooding the thread with your posts now hahaha been long time no see you and @akinahana89 or maybe I was missing both of your posts as I still have other 20 pages that I couldnt backtrack hahahaha 





Awww, I'm touched that I was being missed, @luci13! lol.

Work has been kicking my butt for the past week. I didn't have time to catch up on the thread and every time I had a moment, thirty more pages would appear. I'm still over 100 pages behind in catching up... I didn't even get to fully watch ep 7 with subs yet either! Huhuhu. T_T Much less work on my overdue reviews...

Anyone want to give me a quick update? What was the ep 7 part 2 special on Wednesday? How was the episode today? What's going on?! I saw some AWESOME still cuts of our So2 and I'm so eager to catch up. If only work could give me a break! (I also saw the re-aired episode 7 got a better rating! ^^)

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